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USAID-Soros 90%

These are only a few out of many US supported projects that have improved the lives of Macedonians, while at the same time, being non - ideological in their nature.


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HolyFathersReBaptismEng 71%

The Position of Bp. Kirykos Regarding Re‐Baptism  Differs From the Canons of the Ecumenical Councils      In  the  last  few  years,  Bp.  Kirykos  has  begun  receiving  New  Calendarists and even Florinites and ROCOR faithful under his omophorion  by  re‐baptism,  even  if  these  faithful  received  the  correct  form  of  baptism  by  triple  immersion  completely  under  water  with  the  invocation  of  the  Holy  Trinity.  He  also  has  begun  re‐ordaining  such  clergy  from  scratch  instead  of  reading  a  cheirothesia.  But  this  strict  approach,  where  he  applies  akriveia  exclusively for these people, is different from the historical approach taken by  the Holy Fathers of the Ecumenical Councils.       Canon  7  of  the  Second  Ecumenical  Council  declares  that  Arians,  Macedonians,  Sabbatians,  Novatians,  Cathars,  Aristeri,  Quartodecimens  and  Apollinarians are to be received only by a written libellus and re‐chrismation,  because  their  baptism  was  already  valid  in  form  and  did  not  require  repetition. The Canon reads as follows:      “As for those heretics who betake themselves to Orthodoxy, and to the  lot of the saved, we accept them in accordance with the subjoined sequence and  custom; viz.: Arians, and Macedonians, and Sabbatians, and Novatians, those  calling themselves  Cathari,  and  Aristeri,  and the  Quartodecimans,  otherwise  known as Tetradites, and Apollinarians, we accept when they offer libelli (i.e.,  recantations in writing) and anathematize every heresy that does not hold the  same beliefs  as the catholic and  apostolic  Church of  God,  and are  sealed first  with holy chrism on their forehead and their eyes, and nose, and mouth, and  ears; and in sealing them we say: “A seal of a free gift of Holy Spirit”…”      The same Canon only requires a re‐baptism of individuals who did not  receive the correct form of baptism originally (i.e. those who were sprinkled  or who were baptized by single immersion instead of triple immersion, etc).  The Canon reads as follows:      “As  for  Eunomians,  however,  who  are  baptized  with  a  single  immersion,  and  Montanists,  who  are  here  called  Phrygians,  and  the  Sabellians,  who  teach  that  Father  and  Son  are  the  same  person,  and  who  do  some  other bad  things, and  (those belonging  to)  any  other heresies (for  there  are  many  heretics  here,  especially  such  as  come  from  the  country  of  the  Galatians:    all  of  them  that  want  to  adhere  to  Orthodoxy  we  are  willing  to  accept as Greeks. Accordingly, on the first day we make them Christians; on  the second day, catechumens; then, on the third day, we exorcize them with the  act  of  blowing  thrice  into  their  face  and  into  their  ears;  and  thus  do  we  catechize them, and we make them tarry a while in the church and listen to the  Scriptures; and then we baptize them.”      Thus  it  is  wrong  to  re‐baptize  those  who  have  already  received  the  correct form by triple immersion. The Holy Fathers advise in this Holy Canon  that  only  those  who  did  not  receive  the  correct  form  are  to  be  re‐baptized.  Now then, if the Holy Second Ecumenical Council declares that such heretics  as  Arians,  Macedonians,  Quartodecimens,  Apollinarians,  etc,  are  to  be  received  only  by  libellus  and  chrismation,  how  on  earth  does  Bp.  Kirykos  justify  his  refusal  to  receive  Florinites  and  ROCOR  faithful  by  chrismation,  but instead insists upon their rebaptism as if they are worse than Arians?      The  95th  Canon  of  the  Quinisext  (Fifth‐and‐Sixth)  Ecumenical  Council  declares  that  those  baptized  by  Nestorians,  Monophysites  and  Monothelites  are  to  be  received  into  the  Orthodox  Church  by  a  simple  libellus  and  anathematization of the heresies, without needing to be re‐baptized, and even  without needing to be re‐chrismated! The Canon reads:      As  for  Nestorians,  and  Eutychians  (Monophysites),  and  Severians  (Monothelites),  and  those  from  similar  heresies,  they  have  to  give  us  certificates (called  libelli)  and  anathematize  their  heresy,  the  Nestorians,  and  Nestorius, and Eutyches and Dioscorus, and Severus, and the other exarchs of  such heresies, and those who entertain their beliefs, and all the aforementioned  heresies, and thus they are allowed to partake of holy Communion.      Now  then,  if  the  Quinisext  Ecumenical  Council  allows  even  Nestorians,  Monophysites  and  Monothelites  to  be  received  by  mere  libellus,  without requiring to be baptized or even chrismated, and following this mere  libellus  they  are  immediately  free  to  receive  Holy  Communion,  how  is  Bp.  Kirykos’s  approach  patristic,  if  he  requires  the  re‐baptism  of  even  Florinites  and ROCOR faithful?!!! Is Bp. Kirykos not trying to outdo the Holy Fathers in  his  attempt  to  be  “super‐Orthodox”?  Can  such  an  approach  taken  by  Bp.  Kirykos be  considered Orthodox  if the  Holy Fathers in their  Canons request  otherwise? Are the Canons of Ecumenical Councils invalid for Bp. Kirykos?      Certainly  the  Latins  (Franks,  Papists)  are  unbaptised,  because  their  baptisms  consist  of  mere  sprinklings  instead  of  triple  immersion.  Likewise,  various  New  Calendarists  are  also  unbaptised  if  they  were  not  dunked  completely  under  the  water  three  times.  But  can  such  be  said  for  those  Orthodox  Christians,  and  even  Genuine  Orthodox  Christians  (be  they  Florinite, ROCOR or otherwise), who do have the correct form of baptism?      In the Patriarchal Oros of 1755 regarding the re‐baptism of Latins, the  Orthodox Patriarchs make it quite clear that their reason for requiring the re‐ baptism  of  Latins  is  because  the  Latins  do  not  have  the  correct  form  of  baptism, but rather sprinkle instead of immersing. The text of the Patriarchal  Oros  actually  refers  to  the  Canons  of  the  Second  and  Quinisext  Councils  as  their  reasons  for  re‐baptizing  the  Latins.  The  relevant  text  of  the  Patriarchal  Oros of 1755 is as follows:    “...And we follow the Second and Quinisext holy Ecumenical Councils,  which  order  us  to  receive  as  unbaptized  those  aspirants  to  Orthodoxy  who  were  not  baptized  with  three  immersions  and  emersions,  and  in  each  immersion  did  not  loudly  invoke  one  of  the  divine  hypostases,  but  were  baptized in some other fashion...”    Thus we see in the above Patriarchal Oros of 1755, that even as late as  this  year,  the  Orthodox  Church  was  carrying  out  the  very  principles  of  the  Second and Quinisext Ecumenical Councils, namely that it is only those who  were  baptized  by  some  obscure  form  other  than  triple  immersion  and  invocation of the Holy Trinity, that were required to be re‐baptized.    How  then  can  the  positions  of  the  Holy  Ecumenical Councils  and  the  Holy  Pan‐Orthodox  Councils  be  compared  to  the  extremist  methods  of  Bp.  Kirykos and his fellow hierarchs of late? Is Bp. Kirykos’ current practice really  Orthodox? Is it possible to preach contrary to the teachings of the Ecumenical  and Pan‐Orthodox Councils and yet remain Orthodox? And as for those who  believe that there is nothing wrong with being strict, let them remember that  the Pharisees were also strict, but it was they who crucified the Lord of Glory!  The Orthodox Faith is a Royal Path. Just as it is possible to fall to the left (as  the New Calendarists and Ecumenists have done), it is also quite possible to  fall  to  the  right  and spin off on  a wrong  turn far  away from  the tradition of  the  Holy  Fathers.  It  is  this  latter  type  of  fall  that  has  occurred  with  Bp.  Kirykos.  In  fact,  even  Bp.  Matthew  of  Bresthena  was  quite  moderate  compared  to  Bp.  Kirykos.  For  Bp.  Matthew  of  Bresthena  knew  the  Canons  quite well, and required New Calendarists to be received only by chrismation,  or in some cases by only a libellus or Confession of Faith.   


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Africanus hope this works 50%

"You're Macedonians are needed on the inner flanks."


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2048 s14 ms 22 42%

sharing/breaking bread/teaching/praying)/episode of Ananias and Sapphira/needs shown by appointment of the Seven/developing organization/persecution/evangelism 7 (a) (i) Acts 10:9–16 Key Points on roof/trance/sheet/all kinds of animals and birds and reptiles/get up Peter, kill and eat/ surely not Lord/never eaten anything impure or unclean/do not call anything unclean that God made clean/three times (ii) Acts 16:9 Key Points man of Macedonia standing and begging him/come over to Macedonia and help us Notes maximum level 3 (5 marks) if only answered part (i) maximum level 1 (2 marks) if only answered part (ii) (b) Examples no favouritism with God/salvation to all including Gentiles/Paul called to preach to Macedonians/both Peter and Paul obedient to what God said to them in the visions/visit to Cornelius/spread of church 8 (a) Acts 16:24–40 Key Points Paul and Silas praying and singing hymns/prisoners listening to them/earthquake/doors opened/chains fell off/jailer awoke/drew sword to kill himself/do not harm yourself/all are here/what must I do to be saved/believe in Jesus/spoke to those in his house/baptized jailer and family/magistrates let them free/we are Roman citizens/let them come here themselves to free them/magistrates came and apologized/asked them to leave city/exhorted brethren and Lydia and left city (b) Examples recognised name of Jesus but use of name not sufficient/required to be believer to exorcise/inhabit people/powerful/can injure/power of Jesus stronger © Cambridge International Examinations 2014 Page 5 9 Mark Scheme GCE O LEVEL – May/June 2014 Syllabus 2048 Paper 22 (a) Acts 17:1–9 Key Points went into synagogue/three weeks/arguing Christ must suffer and rise from dead/Jesus is the Christ/many Greeks and some leading women believed/jealous Jews attacked house of Jason where Paul and Silas were staying/not there so dragged Jason out to authorities/charged them with acting against decrees of Caesar and claiming another King – Jesus/Paul and Silas left city at night (b) Examples success – message preached/conversions including Greeks failure – opposition from authorities and Jews/rejection of message/friends attacked/driven out weighing up – to what extent 10 (a) Acts 17:22–31 Key Points you are very religious/altar to unknown god/God made world/does not live in shrines/nor served by human hands/as though he needs things/he gives to all life and breath and everything/live on earth to seek and find God/we are God’s offspring/deity not like gold/commands everyone to repent/fixed day on which to judge/by man he has appointed/given assurance by raising him from the dead (b) Examples Athens audience were Greeks/no reference to OT or Jewish background/started with their unknown god and linked to God and Jesus.


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An immense strategic empire 39%

Thus, for example in Rome are the classics Cornelios, the Julii and Junius, while among the Successors find Macedonians and Egyptians.


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Dorians 35%

As George Finlay writes 'Some suppose them to have occupied the regions they now inhabit before the days of Homer, and that they are the lineal descendants of the race to which the ancient Epirots and Macedonians belonged as cognate tribes.'2 The introduction to M.


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Adam NL 32%

Portrait Identity Adam Sephard co-CEO/Chairman Transhumanist Name:


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Adam Sephard 2018 31%

Retrato Nombre: Título: Religión:


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