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Combined Organisational Chart 100%

Vocational Portfolio Director, Content Strategy Director, HSSL Portfolio Kevin O'Hearn Hemant Jha Suman Sen Filippo Aroffo Jeff Skinner Peisiew Yeo Marisa Rey Bulen Tom Payne Shalini Jha Rose Gordon Gurdish Gill Alice Aldous Denise Foote Alwynn Pinard Nikhil Wadhera Julian Gibbs Sang Duck Lee Marta Colnago Norma Tomaras Karen Fozard Lisa Coady Sara Braithwaite Marina Seguin MImelda Rocha Tanja Radivoevska Portfolio Manager Senior Portfolio Manager Senior Portfolio Manager Senior Portfolio Manager Business Platform Manager Associate Business Platform Manager Business Platform Manager Editorial Assistant Senior Manager Content Development Courseware Development Manager Content Development Manager Content Development Manager Content Development Manager Portfolio Manager Senior Portfolio Manager Senior Portfolio Manager Local Language Portfolio Manager Portfolio Manager Senior Portfolio Manager Content Strategy Manager Senior Portfolio Manager Portfolio Manager Senior Portfolio Manager Senior Content Developer Senior Portfolio Manager Ivy Seow MCristina Tapia Alessandra Pagani Navneet Kumar Singh Laxmi Barbara Ferrario Adam Wagner Bethany Ng Associate Business Platform Manager Content Developer Portfolio Manager Development Editor Associate Business Platform Manager Learning Experience Designer Portfolio Manager Associate Portfolio Manager Shehla Mirza Naveenta Bisht Content Developer Associate Content Developer Amit Chatterjee Content Developer Vaishali Thapliyal Angelo Pineda Associate Portfolio Manager Associate Business Platform Manager Sachin Kumar Mohammad Salman Khurshid Muhib Ahmadi Content Developer Associate Portfolio Manager Associate Business Platform Manager Tushar Mishra Associate Portfolio Manager Erin Catto Alex Payne Yasmine Amin Seohyun Hwang Amy Rydzanicz Stephanie Giles Senior Portfolio Manager Shivkant Singhal Content Developer Content Developer Content Developer Content Developer V Kailash Isabella Mead Rosie Churchill Lindsay Macdonald Bhanoo Chakrabarti Courseware Developer Content Developer Content Developer Content Developer Associate Portfolio Manager Asad Shabir Nicola Cupit Tammy Mavroudi Saurabh Sharma Content Developer, SCH &


Hedge Fund Allocator summit 98%

09.00am Registration and refreshments 09.30am Guest speaker and investor ‘orientation’ session 10.05am Manager and Investor roundtables (6 managers hosting separate roundtables) Manager roundtable sessions – 3x 30 minute educational meetings with managers and groups of investors and sponsors in attendance.


2015t 98% US$ 3,500 US$ 3,500 US$ 3,500 US$ 3,500 US$ 3,500 US$ 3,500 US$ 3,500 US$ 3,500 AFRICA INSTITUTE OF MANAGEMENT Changing Lives through Management Training and Experience 2015 TRAINING CALENDER HR010 HR011 HR012 HR013 HR014 HR015 HR016 HR017 HR018 HR019 HR020 HR021 HR022 HR023 HR024 HR025 HR026 RAM001 RAM002 RAM003 Advanced Human Resource Management Skills for a Public Service Manager 3 Weeks 4 – 22 May Nairobi – Kenya 1 – 19 June Dakar – Senegal 3 – 21 August Kampala – Uganda Talent Management in Public and Private Sectors 3 Weeks 2 – 20 February Kampala – Uganda 1 – 19 June Arusha - Tanzania 7 – 25 December Dar-es-Salam – Tanzania Strategic Human Resource Development 3 Weeks 5 – 23 January Kampala – Uganda 6 – 24 July Monrovia – Liberia 2 – 20 November Nairobi – Kenya Advanced Labor Relations and Conflict 3 Weeks 6 – 24 April Kampala – Uganda Management 7 – 25 September Gaborone – Botswana 5 – 23 October Mombasa - Uganda Advanced Computerized Human Resource 3 Weeks 4 – 22 May Kampala – Uganda Management 6 – 24 July Kigali - Rwanda 5 – 23 October Entebbe – Uganda Pension Fund Management and Design 3 Weeks 5 – 23 January Kampala – Uganda 4 – 22 May Abu Dhabi – UAE 3 – 21 August Ghana – Accra Advanced Records Management for Human 3 Weeks 2 – 20 March Kampala – Uganda Resource Department 6 – 24 July Arusha - Tanzania 2 – 20 November Durban – South Africa Advanced Human Resource Management and 3 Weeks 2 – 20 February Kampala – Uganda Succession Planning for Senior Managers 1 – 19 June Pretoria – South Africa 5 – 23 October Nairobi – Kenya Advanced Performance Based Human Resource 3 Weeks 5 – 23 January Kampala – Uganda Management 6 – 24 April Lusaka – Zambia 3 – 21 August Jinja – Uganda Skills Auditing and Training Needs Analysis for 3 Weeks 4 – 22 May Kampala – Uganda Human Resource Management 7 – 25 September Arusha - Tanzania 7 – 25 December Kampala – Uganda Competence Profiling for Desired Staff 3 Weeks 2 – 20 March Entebbe – Uganda Motivation and Performance 1 – 19 June Nairobi – Kenya 5 – 23 October Ghana– Accra Designing and Implementing an Effective 3 Weeks 2 – 20 February Bloemfontein – South Africa Performance Management System for the Private 1 – 19 June Durban – South Africa and Public Sectors 7 – 25 December Pretoria – South Africa Best Practices in Human Resource Management 3 Weeks 5 – 23 January Kampala – Uganda 6 – 24 July Mombasa – Kenya 2 – 20 November Mbarara – Uganda Planning for and Managing Retirement 3 Weeks 2 – 20 March Kampala – Uganda 3 – 21 August Nairobi – Kenya 7 – 25 December Mbabane - Swaziland Managing Employee Relations at the Workplace 3 Weeks 6 – 24 April Kampala – Uganda 4 – 22 May Jinja - Uganda 7 – 25 September Mombasa – Kenya Effective Mentoring and Coaching Skills for 3 Weeks 2 – 20 March Kampala – Uganda Enhanced Performances 1 – 19 June Wind hoek - Namibia 2 – 20 November Lagos - Nigeria Computer Assisted Strategic Human Resources 3 Weeks 5 – 23 January Kampala – Uganda Planning 3 – 21 August Lusaka – Zambia 5 – 23 October Maseru - Lesotho RECORDS AND ARCHIVE MANAGEMENT ( RAM) Records Management for Secretaries and Data 2 Weeks 5 – 16 January Arusha – Tanzania Clerks 5 – 16 October Nairobi – Kenya 7 – 17 December Abu Dhabi– UAE Records Management and Archive Management 2 Weeks 2 – 13 February Kampala – Uganda 2 – 13 March Dubai – UAE 4 – 15 May Pretoria – South Africa Performance Measurement in Registries 2 Weeks 6 – 17 April Lilongwe – Malawi Plot 29 Stretcher Road (Ntinda), P.O.


resume(last sumarized)1 98%



JulesChappeletCV-english 98%

Jules FR-23YO FR-23YO Videographer | Project Manager Chaina’Zik Festival Born on the 26th September 1994, Chainaz - France 2011 - 2017 in Annecy (French Alps).


WAM Bulletin 5.11.16 97%

Morgan Asset Management (JPMAM) is one manager that has beefed up its institutional multi-asset sales efforts.


WITPro Parallels111114 ExecSummary v3-full 97%

Mel Beckman, President, Beckman Software Engineering Yury Averkiev, Program Manager, Enterprise Solutions, Parallels, Inc.


output log 97%

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WF CaseStudy Final (1) (1) 97%

“ Recognizing these challenges, and the fact that health care often happens between physician visits and care manager phone calls, BCBSNE realized that they were not always engaging with their members at the levels they wanted to, in order to deliver the high value care they desired.


Erin Valentine CV 2013-14 97%

Stage Management Expected graduation April 2014 Theatrical Stage Management Experience Production Position Director Company Date When the Rain Stops Falling Stage Manager Megan Watson Studio Theatre Upcoming May 2014 Love’s Labours Lost Assistant Stage Manager Kevin Sutley Studio Theatre Upcoming Feb 2014 Three Sisters Stage Manager Clinton Carew Broken Toys Theatre Nov 2013 Making Love with Espresso Edmonton Stage Manager Lorenzo Pagnotta (playwright/ producer) Kith as Kin Aug 2013 The Woman in the Red Dress Stage Manager Holly Cinnamon Nextfest Jun 2013 Eugene Onegin Apprentice Stage Manager Tom Diamond Edmonton Opera Apr 2013 Scars Are Healing Wrong Stage Manager Liz Hobbs Punctuate!


Stephanie (2) 97%

Developing, maintaining and uploading content using WordPress Ensuring content is appropriately categorised and tagged and site sections are appropriately cross-linked Ensuring new content is uploaded on time and presented correctly Attraction Event Management Social media engagement Driving engagement and subscriptions Monitoring subscription activity SEO and PPC (Left to pursue self-employment option) LLAH EINAHPETS AudioGo July 2010-May 2014 Publishing Marketing and Sales Executive/ Assistant Marketing Manager Manage production processes, ensuring project tasks are delivered to agreed specifications and deadlines, by:


Quantopia Network White Paper Ver. 1.42 97%

Quantopia​ ​Network Professional​ ​Asset​ ​Management​ ​for​ ​the​ ​General​ ​Public with​ ​Asynchronous​ ​Price​ ​Discovery​ ​of​ ​Self​ ​Generated Smart​ ​Tokens August​ ​03,​ ​2017 Draft​ ​1.42 Table​ ​of​ ​Contents Table​ ​Contents Quantopia​ ​Network​ ​Introduction Background What​ ​the​ ​Network​ ​is​ ​Solving Mathematical​ ​Proof Case​ ​Study 2 2 2 2 2 Wealth​ ​Management​ ​Mechanisms Elevator​ ​Pitch Investing Investor​ ​Protection 3 3 3 3 Quantopia​ ​CM​ ​as​ ​a​ ​Solution Industry​ ​Analysis Porter's​ ​Five​ ​Forces Competitive​ ​Advantages 4 4 4 4 Third​ ​Party​ ​Auditor Become​ ​a​ ​Fund​ ​Manager Deloitte What​ ​Information​ ​is​ ​Needed 5 5 5 5 Token​ ​Information General​ ​Token​ ​Information Portfolio​ ​Manager’s​ ​Compensation 6 6 Smart​ ​Token​ ​Price​ ​Discovery Automatic​ ​Smart​ ​Contract​ ​Generation Use​ ​of​ ​Bancor​ ​Protocol Asynchronous​ ​Price​ ​Discovery 7 7 7 7 What​ ​is​ ​Quantopia​ ​Capital​ ​Managers Since​ ​the​ ​beginning​ ​of​ ​the​ ​hedge​ ​fund​ ​industry,​ ​they​ ​have​ ​only​ ​been​ ​accessible​ ​by "Accredited"​ ​investors(the​ ​ultra​ ​wealthy).​ ​To​ ​be​ ​an​ ​accredited​ ​investor​ ​you​ ​need​ ​to​ ​have​ ​an income​ ​of​ ​greater​ ​than​ ​$200,000​ ​or​ ​a​ ​net​ ​worth​ ​of​ ​over​ ​$3,000,000.​ ​Quantopia​ ​Capital Managers​ ​aims​ ​to​ ​flip​ ​the​ ​industry​ ​on​ ​its​ ​head​ ​by​ ​allowing​ ​anyone​ ​to​ ​invest​ ​in​ ​a​ ​fund manager​ ​no​ ​matter​ ​what​ ​their​ ​net​ ​worth​ ​or​ ​income​ ​is.​ ​Quantopia​ ​allows​ ​successful​ ​traders with​ ​verifiable​ ​historic​ ​profitability​ ​to​ ​create​ ​their​ ​own​ ​token​ ​that​ ​investors​ ​can​ ​buy.​ ​These tokens​ ​are​ ​based​ ​on​ ​the​ ​Bancor​ ​Protocol:


Quality Assurance Policies Completed 97%

It is the responsibility of the Care Home Manager to implement the various policies, procedures and records, in conjunction with appropriate Staff, and to ensure that such procedures are understood and observed.


Mazen Zbib - 2015 97%

IT MANAGER IBIN AJAYAN TRADING GROUP, DOHA, QATAR ( Feb 2009 – Present A leading commercial group in the Gulf region consisting of eight diverse companies employing over 1900 staff.


Mazen Zbib - feb 2016 97%

IT MANAGER IBIN AJAYAN TRADING GROUP, DOHA, QATAR ( Feb 2009 – Present A leading commercial group in the Gulf region consisting of eight diverse companies employing over 1900 staff.


My Resume-2 97%

Nv Reddy +966500135182,+966595073922 Country Manager – Saudi Emircom Company nvreddy25 WORK EXPERIENCE SKILLS Country Manager Saudi Emircom Company COMMUNICATION - Clarity and diction 01/2005 – Present Riyadh,KSA Associated with this SI Major since their KSA branch inception Heading a team of 240 professionals Achievements/Tasks 360 degrees Branch Management Strategy Planning, Team build up &


Operation Agreement John Industries LLC 97%

A Manager-Managed Limited Liability Company ARTICLE I Company Formation 1.1 FORMATION.


The Fundamentals of Management 24 - 25 Oct 2012 97%

25 October 2012 Concorde Hotel Kuala Lumpur INTRODUCTION PROGRAMME OUTLINE The task of being a manager can be intimidating and challenging.


Mazen Zbib CV 97%

Risk / Best Practice Database Administration Network Administration ERP Administration PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE Group IT MANAGER IBN Ajayan Projects, DOHA, QATAR ( Jan 2015 – Present A Project Management, Event management, Mall Management, facility management, Camp management, Construction and consultancy services company.


Anirban Roy 97%

Leadership Career Timeline Directorate General of Civil Aviation, New Delhi as Senior Manager– Operations (HR) 2001-2006 Tata Retail Enterprise, Mumbai as Senior Manager – Human Resource (Operations) 2006-2008 Mega Watt Corp.


Uitreikplanning Definitief 96%

De uitreikplanning is bekend. Voorkom wachten, kom gespreid.


Shaun Neal CV May 2016 96% PROFILE Hello, I am an experienced manager having worked in Office, warehousing, distribution, factory and retail environments.


Regional Administrative Community Manager 96%

            Regional Administrative Community Manager     Community  Administrative  Management  Firm  seeks  qualified  candidates,  experienced  in  the  duties  listed  below,  to  fill  the  role   of  Regional  Administrative  Community  Manager.  This  position  is  based  in  Hanover,  MD  and  requires  effective  team  management  skills and the ability  to  collaborate   and  build   relationships  with  various  individuals  and  entities.  The  ability  to  travel  and  to  attend  occasional  evening  meetings  is  required.  When  applying  for  this  position,  please  include both a cover letter and resume.    Job Summary     Supervising  community  administrative  manager  (CAM)  associates,  client  relations  and  overseeing the community management services for communities within assigned portfolio.     Job  Duties:  ​the  duties listed below are not meant to be all­​inclusive, and ACM reserves the right  to add, alter, or delete duties, with or without notice.    ● Coordinates  community  management  teams  activities  and  assigns  CAMs  to  client  communities.   ● Analyze specific problems, advise on solutions, and monitor outcomes.   ● Conduct  visits  to  communities  within  assigned  portfolio  to  assess  CAM  and  contractor  performance.   ● Assist  in  the  preparation  of  the  annual  operating  budgets,  reviews  monthly  management  reports, monthly forecasts and variance reports.    ● Oversees  the  coordination  of  community  clients  with  outside  agencies,  having  jurisdiction within the assigned region.   ● Reviews  and  approves  all  expenditures  exceeding  $2,500  per  contracted  and  budgeted  amount.   ● Works  with  the  community  manager  and  property  manager  to  provide  oversight  to  all  maintenance  functions,  including  the  development  and  monitoring  of  preventative  maintenance programs.   ● Collaborates  with  property   manager  to  evaluate  contracts.  Provides  recommendations  to  appropriate Vice President of Community and Property Management.   ● Directs  CAM  to  appropriate  ACM  Department,  and/or  approved  professional  service  provider for resolving challenging community governance issues.   ● Serves as initial contact to oversight agencies.   ● Evaluates  community  managers’  performance,  including  the  completion   of  annual  performance reviews. Works with supervisor on staffing needs and employee relations.    ● Assesses  training  needs  of  community  managers  and  works  with  supervisor  to  ensure  delivery of programs.   ● Completes annual management audit of all assigned properties within portfolio.   ● Evaluates on​going marketing within the assigned Region.   ● Meets with CAMs to address conflicts and mediate disputes.   7484 Candlewood Road ​•​ Suite H ​•​ Hanover, Maryland 21076 ​•​ Hanover (410) 997­7767, Fax (443) 883­3745  Baltimore (410) 955­1326 ​•​ Washington (301) 596­0307 ​•​ Toll Free 800­463­1086 ​•​ Website  ​ “​We MANAGE to make a difference”               ● Participates in annual client property inspections.    ● Leads  monthly  staff  meetings  and  participates  in  management  meetings  with  executive  team members and owners.   ● Attends meetings or inspections with owners, investors, and government agencies.   ● Completes and/or reviews all required reports. Education and Job Requirements:   ● Associate’s degree required, BS/BA preferred   ● 3  or  more  years  experience  in  community  management,  managed  a  minimum  of  750  units.   ● Requires ability to physically inspect community property. 1 of 2   ● Requires a valid driver’s license and the ability to travel to multiple communities.   ● Requires ability to read, speak, and comprehend the English language.     Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities:     ● Proficiency  in  ACM  assigned  equipment  and  software,  including  MS  Office  Suite,  and  various web​based services.   ●  Excellent customer service skills.   ● Strong leadership and motivational abilities.   ● Exceptional communication skills and ability to interact with wide range of people.   ● Strong attention to detail.   ● Ability to multi​task and perform in a fast​paced, evolving work environment.   ● Demonstrated and the ability to read and analyze:   ○ Community governing documents   ○ Community insurance policies   ○ Community Client service contracts   ○ General Accounting to include Profit and loss reports and budgets       7484 Candlewood Road ​•​ Suite H ​•​ Hanover, Maryland 21076 ​•​ Hanover (410) 997­7767, Fax (443) 883­3745  Baltimore (410) 955­1326 ​•​ Washington (301) 596­0307 ​•​ Toll Free 800­463­1086 ​•​ Website  “​We MANAGE to make a difference”