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DiscenaaFasano bando2014 100%

VI FESTIVAL NAZIONALE di TEATRO AMATORIALE “Di scena a Fasano” Teatro Sociale – Fasano (Br) – ottobre e novembre 2014 Il Gruppo di Attività Teatrali “Peppino Mancini” di Fasano (BR), in collaborazione con il Comune di Fasano, organizza il VI Festival Nazionale di Teatro Amatoriale “Di scena a Fasano” - Premio G.A.T.


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Chapter 7 - Persons of Interest 93%

"Just recently their head of the family passed away, the widow of Alejandro Sergio Mancini, Mrs.


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tts video maker software 1750 87%

Do you need information about TTS Video Maker?This is my truthful Learn More Review by Jimmy Mancini.Is this worth your money and time!?Furthermore look at my killer TTS Video Maker Bonus Package!


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Ludovico Einaudi - In a Time Lapse - Digital booklet 86%

Recorded at Villa San Fermo (Vi) except “Newton’s Cradle” partially recorded by Gianluca Mancini at the Auditorium Parco della Musica, Rome from the project “The Elements” produced by Fondazione Musica per Roma Sound Recording Engineer and Mix:


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Digital Booklet - In a Time Lapse 84%

Recorded at Villa San Fermo, Lonigo (Vi) except “Newton’s Cradle” partially recorded by Gianluca Mancini at the Auditorium Parco della Musica, Rome from the project “The Elements” produced by Fondazione Musica per Roma Daniel Hope appears courtesy of Deutsche Grammophon Gesellschaft Sound Recording Engineer and Mix:


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36 - 50 - 3 - 152 1514 IT MANCINI Gianfranco an.:


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Real Chart 1965 V1 75%

Helmut Zacharias Tokyo Melody The Drifters Saturday Night At The Movies The Supremes Where Did Our Love Go The Poets Now We're Thru Henry Mancini Orchestra How Soon?


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flyer for blog 71%

The gym will be set up as a showroom similar to any SleepTrain, Mancini's, etc.


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Floral Fantasy Valentine Heart version 1.1-1 71%

~ ♥ Floral Fantasy Valentine Heart  ♥ ~ Designed by Cheri Mancini  © 2‐24‐2011, updated 1‐23‐2012        The Purple Heart, above, matches the instructions exactly. All other hearts shown are variations.  This is a free pattern for your personal use.  Items made from this pattern may be sold at charity fundraisers, sold at your personal craft booth at  a craft fair, and used as gifts.  Please give designer credit by mentioning my name on an attached tag if you choose to sell your completed item.  This item may not be mass produced for profit purposes.     Note: I would call this an advanced crochet pattern, and the knowledge of bullion stitches and clusters is  necessary as it’s not explained in this pattern.   Supplies:  Size 10 crochet thread. (So far I’ve used Cebelia, Royale, and also pearl cotton to make this pattern.   They all worked equally well.)  Size 7 steel crochet hook (I used a Susan Bates steel crochet hook, size 7)  Four colors of thread are needed, your choice of colors:  The flower center color, the petals color, the  leaves color and the bullion stitch heart color.  I have used yellow, light purple, green, and dark purple in  the instructions, in that order.    The size of the completed heart is a little over 3 inches by 3 inches.  Note: This pattern is unconventional in several ways:    The yellow center ring is flipped over after it is crocheted, and the backside becomes the front side.  I crocheted the base for the petals, and then I worked back toward the yellow center, adding the petals.  I don’t join rounds in certain places.  It makes it easier to find the real stitches that need to be crocheted  into when there aren’t any joining stitches getting in the way.  In several places I fasten the thread to the hook, and then instead of starting with a slst in a certain place  and a chain to the height of the sc or trc cluster,  I directly make the single crochet or the 3 trc cluster  while holding that starting loop in place on the hook with my finger.  It’s really easy, and the work looks  neater without the undesirable look of slip stitches and starting chains.      Note: the two hearts with the pink flowers have one less bullion in each side fan than the pattern calls for.    ~ ♥ Floral Fantasy Valentine Heart  ♥ ~ By Cheri Mancini  Copyright 2‐24‐2011, and updated 1‐23‐2012  Pattern is for personal use only.  Do not distribute without permission.  Pattern is written in American Terms  The Rose  Yellow Center Ring:  Round 1:  Make the yellow center of the rose by wrapping the thread 15 times around the shaft of a size  J metal crochet hook, laying the wraps neatly side by side.  Then gently slide the wraps off the hook  while gently holding them in place with the fingers of your hand that isn’t holding the hook.  Next insert  the size 7 crochet hook through the center of this ring, snag the working thread and pull it through to  the front side, and ch 1.  Make 2 sc over the ring.  Fasten a small safety pin in the first sc, through both  loops.  Make 14 more sc over the ring, for a total of 16 sc around the ring.  After the 16th single crochet,  do not join, just end off the yellow thread.     Next turn the ring over, wrong side up, as the wrong side of the ring will face up and will be used as the  right side, as in some antique patterns.    Light Purple flower base and the petals:  Round 2: With light purple thread, make a starting loop on the crochet hook, and then starting with the  stitch that has the gold pin in it, sc in each sc around, crocheting through both loops of each stitch.  Do  not join.  Remove safety pin from round 1 and mark the last sc of round 2 with the same safety pin by  fastening it through back loop of the last stitch. (This equals 16 sc.)    Round 3: Working in back loops only of round 2, sc in back loop of next 16 sc including the back loop  with the safety pin, which should be the 16th and final sc of the round.  Do not join.  Chain 1.  Round 4: Working in front loops only of round 3:  (In the next sc make a slst, chain 4; In next sc make a  3 trc cluster, chain 4).  Repeat between ( ) 7 times.  Join beside the first slst of the round.  Chain 2.  (This  equals a round of 8 petals and one chain 2 at the very end).   Round 5:  (Notes: The small petals of this round will be staggered in front of the previous round of petals,  and these petals should not directly line up with the petals from round 4. Please see the photo.  Also,  bending the last round of petals backwards while crocheting will help you see the front loops of round 2  which are next to the yellow center.)  Moving closer to the yellow center, and working in the front loops  only of round 2 (note: the back loops of round 2 have already been crocheted into on round 3), slst in  the next free front loop on round 2 which corresponds to the exact center of the first petal on round 4.   (Chain 3, 2dc cluster in next front loop of round 2; chain 3, slst in next front loop of round 2) 8 times,  ending in the same loop that the starting slst is in.  Fasten off the light purple thread after completing  the eighth petal of the round.  (This equals a round of 8 smaller petals, staggered in front of the larger  petals that were previously made on round 4).      The Leaves:  Make a loop on crochet hook with the green thread.  Working into the back loops of round 3 which are  located along the outer edge behind all of the petals, and working into the ones that aren’t directly  behind the center of the petals:   Make a 3 trc cluster leaf in any back loop which is located between two of the large petals (see the  photo and how the “3 trc cluster leaves” show between the petals), chain 5, skip next back loop.     Slst in next back loop (this will be the top center of the heart), chain 5, skip next back loop.    (3 trc cluster leaf in next back loop, chain 5, skip next back loop) 6 times,   Join in the top of the first trc cluster.  Fasten off green. (Equals one indent for the top center of the heart  and seven leaves)    The Edging Stitches before the bullions:  With dark purple thread:  Make a loop on the crochet hook with the dark purple thread.    Starting in the loop just past where the green thread was fastened off:  Over loop make (5 sc, chain 3, 5  sc), then slst in next slst (which is the top center of the heart).    *Over next loop make (5 sc, chain 3, 5 sc), then sc in top of next cluster stitch.    Repeat from * six times ending with the sc in the top of the last cluster.     Bullion Stitch round:  Slst into the next 5 single crochets, and into the first chain 3 loop.  Ch1, slst in same loop again.  Sc in next 4 sc, sc next two single crochets together for a decrease, skipping over the center slst to make  the decrease (the decrease is at the top center of heart), sc in next 4 sc, slst into next chain 3 loop.  Make six 15 wrap bullions in the sc located above the next trc cluster, slst in next chain 3 loop. 


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Training Ride 2 route sheet 68%

turn L on W Tennyson Rd to reach S Hayward BART*** R onto Catalpa Way (T intersection) 0.2 mi L onto Hesperian Blvd (T intersection) 0.8 mi Union City Blvd 1.3 mi L onto Alvarado Blvd (watch for tricky train track after Dyer St) 2.0 mi R onto Deep Creek Rd, after creek overpass 85 ft onto Mancini St 148 ft Service Rd 446 ft R onto Alameda Creek Trail 5.5 mi R onto Mission Blvd 0.7 mi R onto Walnut Ave 1.0 mi R into Fremont BART parking lot 0.1 mi becomes next R becomes 2


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shortCV 63%

Lin D#, Cohen Freue G#, Hollander Z, Mancini GBJ, Sasaki M, Mui A, Wilson-McManus J, Ignaszewski A, Imai C, Meredith A, Balshaw R, Ng RT, Keown PA, McMaster R, Carere R, Webb JG, McManus BM.


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negozi eliquids in relazione a1045 63%

Massimiliano Mancini, promotore e Presidente di FlavourArt ha detto:


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2017-RTK-448 Allentown Police Department Employee Name Annual Salary ADUDDELL, JASON A $60,654.80 ALMONTE, AMAURY M $74,057.02 AMMARY, JASON A $74,057.02 ANDERSON, THOMAS E $80,215.83 ANTON, WILLIAM S $74,057.02 BAJWA, PREET $60,654.80 BAKER, JOSHUA J $74,057.02 BALL, ZACHARY D $58,014.51 BATTONI JR, NEIL $74,057.02 BAUER, DOUGLAS A $55,378.64 BECKER JR, MICHAEL J $80,215.83 BEIDELMAN, MICHAEL S $74,057.02 BEINER, JOSEPH L $74,057.02 BEKY, ANDREW J $74,057.02 BENNER, DAVID W $74,057.02 BERGER, CRAIG G $74,057.02 BEST, BRIAN T $73,781.19 BIROSIK, KEVIN C $74,057.02 BLOOMBERG, ANDREW M $74,057.02 BOCCADORO II, ALFRED S $74,057.02 BOEHM, ALEXANDER J $74,057.02 BONSER II, HAROLD D $60,654.80 BOSTICK, EMILY K $58,014.51 BOWLAND, ANTHONY R $74,057.02 BOYLE, SHAWN P $74,057.02 BRADER, BRIAN S $84,227.57 BRANSTON, BRIAN R $60,654.80 BRENNER, ERIC R $80,215.83 BRIXIUS III, JOHN W $74,057.02 BRUBAKER, JOSHUA DAVID $74,057.02 BUBNIS, ZACHARY R $60,654.80 BUCKWALTER, JOHN C $71,900.02 BULL, PATRICK C $74,057.02 BUSCH, ROBERT T $73,781.19 CARBAUGH III, ROBERT E $74,057.02 CASHATT, TALDEN M $74,057.02 CASTILLO, YAMIL $74,057.02 CHRISTENSEN, MARK B $74,057.02 CLEMENS JR, DENNIS L $74,057.02 CLOUSER, DAVID D $60,654.80 COLE JR, COREY E $74,057.02 COLLINS, LOUIS A $80,215.83 CONJOUR, ALICIA M $80,215.83 CONWAY IV, JOSEPH L $74,057.02 CORREA, CHRISTIE LYNN $78,379.89 CRUZ JR, PEDRO A $74,057.02 CRUZ, ANTHONY S $58,014.51 CUNNINGHAM II, THOMAS R $74,057.02 D'ARGENIO, THURMAN A $74,057.02 DE LA IGLESIA, ALEX M $74,057.02 DEAN, MARK J DENNIS, ADAM H DEVINE, RODERICK DEWALT, JACK M DIAZ GONZALEZ, VICTOR R DIEHL, CHRISTOPHER R DIEHL, MATTHEW A FAUST, JOSHUA R FEGELY, ANDREW J FERRARO, RAYMOND T FEY, RANDY J FIORILLO, STEPHEN C FITZSIMMONS, EDWARD D FLORES, ROBERT FLYTE, DEAN D FRENCH, KYLE A FRITZINGER, LEONARD P GARCIA, LUIZ D GEAKE, MATTHEW D GLENNY, JACOBY P GOGEL, LEWIS D GOGEL, MELISSA L GOOD, MICHAEL R GRANITZ JR, GLENN E GRAVES, JOSEPH R GRESS, JAMES G GROSS JR, DANIEL J GRUBER, ROBBIE D GUZLEY, BRYAN J HAAS, DANIEL S HACKMAN, ANDREW R HALDAMAN, TODD M HAMMER II, MICHAEL J HARRIS, LAURANCE E HEFFELFINGER, KIM E HEFFNER, KEITH L HEICKLEN, ERIC B HEISERMAN III, GEORGE A HENDRICKS, CHRISTOPHER A HENRY, LEIF E HILL, JOHN A HOLLER, ROBERT S HOLUBEK, MARK A HOLVECK, ANDREW R HOOGENBOOM, RUDOLF E HOUGH, KYLE T HOWELLS III, DAVID M IANNETTA, JOSEPH M IOBST, BENJAMIN T JAMES JR, STEPHEN JARROUJ, MARK R JUDGE, ROBERT J $74,057.02 $73,781.19 $60,654.80 $74,057.02 $74,057.02 $78,379.89 $74,057.02 $74,057.02 $74,057.02 $74,057.02 $74,057.02 $74,057.02 $80,215.83 $74,057.02 $74,057.02 $74,057.02 $74,057.02 $74,057.02 $74,057.02 $74,057.02 $74,057.02 $74,057.02 $74,057.02 $84,227.57 $74,057.02 $80,215.83 $80,215.83 $58,014.51 $60,654.80 $74,057.02 $74,057.02 $74,057.02 $58,014.51 $74,057.02 $74,057.02 $80,215.83 $80,215.83 $78,379.89 $74,057.02 $74,057.02 $84,227.57 $80,215.83 $74,057.02 $74,057.02 $74,057.02 $80,215.83 $74,057.02 $74,057.02 $74,057.02 $74,057.02 $74,057.02 $84,227.57 KARNISH, MATTHEW M KESACK, JASON M KISKERAVAGE, THEODORE A KLUSARITZ, LONNY J KNERR, APRIL L KOCHER, BENJAMIN W KOMATICK, ALEXANDER T KOONS, RYAN A KOPPEL, CRAIG E KOURY, JOSEPH M KOZIEL, PAUL M KOZLOWSKI, KARL T KRASLEY, JASON M KREBS, JOSEPH F LANDIS, ERIK M LAYTON, DAVID J LEBERT, CHERIE LEA LEBRON, JOSE L LEONARD III, JOHN E LERCH, NICHOLAS J C LISCHKE, RYAN J LOBACH, DAMEIN J LONG, DATHAN J LYTLE JR, ANTHONY B MADISON, STEPHEN J MANCINI, MICHAEL J MARSTELLER, CORY A MATTHEWS, CHRISTOPHER R MCADAMS, PAUL M MCAFEE, PETER A MCCARTY, CHRISTOPHER S MCCULLOCH, SCOTT D MCDONALD, DAVID T MEDERO, JORGE A MEHMETI JR, BEJTULLAH M MELBER, JAY M MERTZ, CHAD E MILKOVITS III, STEPHEN J MILLAN, REYNALDO L MILLER, DANIEL J MOLL, ANDREW J MOLL, JEREMY J MOORE, BRIAN J MOTZ, JUSTIN M MURRAY, DAMIAN A MURRAY, JACQUELINE MURRAY, RYAN T NEWSOME, JAMIL A OQUENDO, WALTER A OWENS II, ARTHUR G OZOA JR, JOSE L PAMMER, KYLE P $80,215.83 $58,014.51 $60,654.80 $74,057.02 $74,057.02 $74,057.02 $58,014.51 $74,057.02 $74,057.02 $74,057.02 $74,057.02 $80,215.83 $74,057.02 $58,014.51 $74,057.02 $74,057.02 $74,057.02 $74,057.02 $74,057.02 $74,057.02 $58,014.51 $74,057.02 $74,057.02 $58,014.51 $74,057.02 $74,057.02 $74,057.02 $73,781.19 $58,014.51 $80,215.83 $78,379.89 $80,215.83 $80,215.83 $74,057.02 $58,014.51 $74,057.02 $74,057.02 $78,379.89 $74,057.02 $74,057.02 $78,379.89 $74,057.02 $74,057.02 $74,057.02 $74,057.02 $74,057.02 $74,057.02 $58,014.51 $58,014.51 $60,654.80 $73,781.19 $78,379.89 PEREZ, JOHN JOSEPH PHILLIPS, GEOFFREY P PIERSON JR, KIRK M PRITCHARD, ZACHARIAH C ROCA, CHARLES O ROSENBERGER, STEPHEN A RUFF, ERIK B RUSHATZ, TODD M SANNIE, RAYMOND J SBAT, ERIC A SCHLEGEL JR, RONALD E SCOCCA, ANTHONY V SEGARRA, ISMAEL A SELTZER, RICHARD C SHADE, MATTHEW K SINTON, ADAM J SKRILETZ IV, WILLIAM F SKUTCHES, DAVID A SMITH, JONATHAN C SMITH, JORDAN R SNYDER, SCOTT M SNYDER, TIMOTHY M STANKO, JAMES M STAUFFER, ERIC P STEPHENSON, CHRISTOPHER LUKE TANNER, JEFFREY J TORRES, MICHAEL A TOTH, SUZANNE J TUROCZI II, JOHN C VARGO, MATTHEW A VERNON, MATTHEW J VERNOTICA, MICHAEL C VIDAL, ARIEL E VILLA, MIGUEL A WALSH, GARY J WALZ, SCOT P WASILEWSKI, PETER W WEAVER, EVAN J WEGA, SAMSON D WEHR, RICHARD A WEISS, CHRISTOPHER R WESNESKI, JEFFREY WILCOX, JOHANN WESLEY WILLIAMS, MICHAEL D WILLIAMS, WILLIAM E WITTMAN, ZACHARY T YANDERS, TIMOTHY C YETTER, MICHAEL R ALSLEBEN, TONY-STEFAN DORNEY, GLEN A KEISER, JAMES E $74,057.02 $80,215.83 $74,057.02 $58,014.51 $84,227.57 $74,057.02 $74,057.02 $74,057.02 $80,215.83 $58,014.51 $78,379.89 $74,057.02 $74,057.02 $74,057.02 $58,014.51 $58,014.51 $74,057.02 $74,057.02 $74,057.02 $74,057.02 $74,057.02 $80,215.83 $74,057.02 $74,057.02 $74,057.02 $58,014.51 $74,057.02 $74,057.02 $74,057.02 $80,215.83 $74,057.02 $74,057.02 $58,014.51 $74,057.02 $60,654.80 $74,057.02 $74,057.02 $74,057.02 $55,378.64 $74,057.02 $74,057.02 $74,057.02 $78,379.89 $74,057.02 $78,379.89 $58,014.51 $74,057.02 $74,057.02 $96,004.21 $123,165.00 $96,004.21 LAKE, WILLIAM J REINIK, WILLIAM C STRUSS, GAIL M VANGELO, STEPHEN F WIEDEMANN, DANIEL A $96,004.21 $100,803.96 $100,803.96 $96,004.21 $96,004.21


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81/08 Edizione 2013 Documento tecnico redatto dal Gruppo di lavoro nazionale coordinato dall’Inail, Dipartimento tecnologie di sicurezza (Dts) Componenti del Gruppo di lavoro nazionale Vincenzo Laurendi Marco Pirozzi Leonardo Vita Davide Gattamelata Daniele Puri Elisabetta D’Alessandri Giuliana Carbini Sabrina Rapanà Gabriella Mancini Abdul Ghani Ahmad Julia Claudia Antonucci Andrea Bonacci Marco Borghi Tommaso Buffa Rodolfo Catarzi Antonella De Marco Renato Delmastro Paolo Di Martino Patrizia Di Stefano Mario Fargnoli Avio Ferraresi Tiziano Ficcadenti Roberto Guidotti Daniela Mancuso Marco Manzini Alice Mocci Fabrizio Omodeo Vanone Domenico Papaleo Domenico Pessina Silvio Rocchi Valda Rondelli Donato Rotundo Paolo Ivan Turchetta Marco Vieri Inail Dts/VIII U.F.


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Nel solco del littorio (1940) - Ugo Cuesta 56%

GUIDO MANCINI — 4— PARTE PRIMA La Rivoluzione Fascista Dalle origini all’Impero — 5— Il Fascismo è un nuovo modo di vita, un nuovo ordine morale, politico, sociale ed economico creato dal Duce, mediante una Rivoluzione, che, oltre a trasformare l’Italia ha avuto vaste ripercussioni nel mondo.


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lunch to go oct 2014 55%

Swiss Tuna Salad ~ Chicken Salad half ~ 6.95 whole 9.95 Substitute a French Onion crock for 2.25 Grilled Portabella Roasted roma tomatoes, roasted red peppers and scallions sautéed in a basil pesto and laid upon a grilled portabella, topped with provolone cheese and served on a Mancini’s Kaiser 9.95 add broccoli salad or coleslaw for an additional 1.25 Sandwiches above are served with Shakespeare’s broccoli salad or coleslaw Add French fries to any sandwich for 1.95


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La.Gazzetta.dello.Sport.14.12.2015 42%

MONTI, TAIDELLI, SCHIANCHI, STOPPINI, VERNAZZA DA PAGINA 2 A PAGINA 15 L'ANALISI di Luigi Garlando 25 TIRA ARIA DI DUELLO ANTICO Ieri sera, quando si è alzato dalla poltrona dopo aver visto Juve-Fiorentina, a Roberto Mancini non è venuto neppure in mente di portarsi la mano sul mento, alla EpicBrozovic.


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MUSIC ECHO chart runs 38%

Dreamers When you walk in the room - Searchers The wild side of life – Tommy Quickly 30 31 32 33 34 39 57 42 50 49 45 53 92 79 91 59 82 93 57 77 49 48 31 40 83 95 90 39 47 48 47 60 63 79101 67 The twelfth of never – Cliff Richard March of the Mods – Joe Loss How soon – Henry Mancini One way love – Cliff Bennett &


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Artes a Rua - Programa Simples 38%

de Escultura em Pedra, ÉVORA CRIATIVA | TEATRO (vídeo guerrilha) 18 Agosto | Praça 1º de Maio Largo 1º de Maio (contentor) Antigo Matadouro de Évora, CINE-CONCERTO CHARLIE MANCINI ————————————— ÉVORA CRIATIVA | Outras artes Sessões às 18h00 e às 20h00 Rua de Machede, nº 58.


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Corriere della Sera Liberitutti 18 Maggio 2018 36%

Antonio Mancini, detto Accattone perché era l’unico di sinistra della banda e per giunta grande ammiratore di Pasolini L’interprete del e dei suoi libri.


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19-3 35%

Alla fine, determinante è stato l’ultimo acquisto, il centrocampista Mancini giunto da Grosseto, che ha impiegato poco più di dieci minuti per farsi conoscere.


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Lettera-proclamazione-sciopero-16-2-2018 30%

Professori e Ricercatori che firmano la proclamazione dello sciopero Franco Blezza - CHIETI-PESCARA Gennaro Rotondo - NAPOLI Seconda Università Giampietro Gobo - MILANO Statale Rosella Motzo - SASSARI Donatella Paoli - ROMA LA SAPIENZA Walter Greco - COSENZA -Calabria Francesco Alviano - BOLOGNA Alessandro Tognetti - PISA Paola Pizzo - CHIETI-PESCARA Marco Merafina - ROMA LA SAPIENZA Dario Bruzzese - NAPOLI Federico II Daniela Caporossi - ROMA Foro Italico Luciano Lavagno - TORINO Politecnico Francesco Mancini - ROMA LA SAPIENZA Andrea Tallarico - BARI "Aldo Moro"


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1965 Record Releases 29%

Barbara Ann You've Lost That Lovin' Feelin' The Blackwells Why Don't You Love Me Sandra Barry The End Of The Line The Jaybirds Go Now 6 Embassy Label - Sold only at Woolworths stores Kay Barry Terry Embassy Label Terry Brandon Come Tomorrow Embassy Label Joan Baxter You've Lost That Lovin' Feelin' Embassy Label The Typhoons Tired Of Waiting For You / Baby Please Don't Go Embassy Label - 5 Paul Rich And The Beatmen Keep Searchin' (We'll Follow The Sun) Embassy Label - 5 Kenny And The Wranglers Somebody Help Me The Royal Showband, Waterford Huckle Buck 8 Dane Hunter Evergreen Tree Record Mirror review 30 Jan, 1965 Henry Mancini, His Orchestra And Chorus Dear Heart / A Shot In The Dark Buddy Holly Buddy Holly Sings EP (Peggy Sue Got Married) Les Surfs Just For The Boy The Kingpins Two Right Feet The Cheetahs Soldier Boy chart hit - 11 Don Charles Forgetting Me, Loving Him Bobby Rydell Two Is The Loneliest Number Mike Rabin And His Music If I Were You Johnny Garfield Stranger In Paradise Peter Elliott A Woman Needs Tony Osborne and His Orchestra A Shot In The Dark Tony Rivers And The Castaways She Houston Wells Blue Of The Night The Travellers Take Your Sins To The River Frenesi Watson If I Can Help Somebody Danny Street Don't Go To Him Andy Stewart Heather Bells EP (The Long Road Back Hame) Joni Adams Love At Last You Have Found Me The Idols Don't Walk Away Gene Pitney That Girl Belongs To Yesterday EP Lisa Shane Here And Now Jan Panter My Two Arms-You=Tears Record Mirror review 30 Jan, 1965 The Exciters Do Wah Diddy Diddy EP Ken Thorne And His Orchestra From Rogues To Riches from "The Rogues"


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1966 Record Releases 29%

You're Ruinin' My Life Connie Francis The Phoenix Love Theme (Senza Fine) hit Frank Sinatra I'll Never Smile Again Until I Smile At You Tony Rich Save Your Love Mel Carter (All Of A Sudden) My Heart Sings Larry Page Orchestra Waltzing To Jazz 11 Neil Landon Waiting Here For Someone John Bryant Somebody New The Blueberries It's Gonna Work Out Fine 6 The Gabrieli Brass Ride Your Pony Jackson And Smith Ain't That Loving You Tony Crane Even The Bravest Tommy And Terri Party Pooper The Profile Got To Find A Way Brendan Phillips When She's Kissing Me 6 The King Brothers Everytime I See You Brian Green's New Orleans Stompers No Strings (I'm Fancy Free) The Morgan-James Duo Sweet Pussycat 13 Wayne Fontana And The Mindbenders Walking On Air EP 7 Paul Revere And The Raiders Just Like Me Barry McGuire Greenback Dollar The Orchestra And Chorus Of Henry Mancini Moment To Moment Libby Morris One Of Those Songs P.


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