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MIR - restricted investments 96%

Restricted List of Investment subject to section 42 of Myanmar Investment Law (Draft) (For public consultation purpose) (a) investment businesses allowed to carry out only by the Union No Type of Investment 1 Products manufacturing for security and defence purposes determined by the Government from time to time 2 Manufacturing of ammunition for defence purpose and related services 3 Manufacturing of stamps, establishment of post offices by the authorised mail operator represented for the Union, and establishing and leasing mail boxes 4 Air traffic controlling and supervision 5 Piloting (water) services 6 Managing and maintaining natural forest and forest areas except for businesses related to reduction of carbon emission 7 Searching, testing, doing feasibility studies and manufacturing radioactive materials such as uranium and thorium 8 Electric power system supervision 9 Electrical inspection (b) investment businesses that are not allowed to carry out by foreign investors No Type of Investment Remark 1 Printing and publication of periodicals in national ethnic groups’ languages including Myanmar language 2 Fresh water fishing and related services 3 Livestock Singapore.582950.1/SCHP Livestock that involve breeding under 1,000 units of poultry, under 50 units of herds and cattle and under 100 units of 1 08.02.17 For reference purposes only sheep, goats and pigs 4 Processing, manufacturing and sale of animal products 5 Manufacturing and sale of animal feed 6 Establishment of inspection and maintenance sites for animals (Department of Livestock and Veterinary shall inspect animals and issue the permit) 7 Establishment of home for pets 8 Forestry products manufacturing from natural forests, forest areas and land manageable by the government 9 Searching, prospecting and doing feasibility studies for small and medium scale mineral manufacturing and manufacturing subject to mining law 10 Hand-scooped petroleum services up to 1,000 feet depth 11 Printing and publishing of visa stickers and foreign resident certificates 12 Searching, prospecting and manufacturing jade and gems 13 Sending patients to hospitals in foreign countries 14 Tourist guide business 15 Mini market and convenience store (c) investment business allowed only in the form of joint venture with any citizen owned entity or any Myanmar citizen No Type of Investment Restriction 1 2 3 1 Printing and publication of newspaper in foreign languages 2 Factory business that manufacture fishing nets Singapore.582950.1/SCHP 2 Business will be carried out subject to the law, procedures, orders, instructions, rules and regulations issued by 08.02.17 For reference purposes only Department of Fishing.


3D printing 94%

3D printing Researcher Pr.



61-16-124(a) Art needlework (b) Canvas goods manufacture (c) Cigar or cigarette manufacture (d) Clock or watch manufacture (e) Coffee roasting (f) Door, sash, or trim manufacture (g) Draperies manufacture (h) Flag or banner manufacture (i) Glass blowing (j) Knit goods manufacturing (k) Leather goods manufacture or fabrication General:


retail 93%


CV.JRL 93%

Cargo Retrofit / Manufacture Engineering Chapter Display &


complete catalogue without pricing 92%

KMDB reserves the right of sale, as well as the right to manufacture.


ME250FinalReport-Team74 (1) 91%

ABSTRACT  Throughout the Winter 2015 semester, students in ME 250, a sophomore­level course offered at  the University of Michigan, worked in teams to create a remote controlled machine, known as a  Robotic Machine Player (RMP). In ME 250, the main goal of each team is to win a game  designed by the instructors of the course, formally known as M­Ball. Each lab section works  together and forms a “squad” consisting of four teams that collaborate on strategy, designating  each RMP’s roles in working for the squad’s success.  This report serves as an overview of the design process our team underwent throughout the  semester in order to design, analyze, and manufacture our RMP. The report begins with a  summary of the constraints encountered this semester with a brief description of the M­Ball  competition rules and the organization of the ME 250 course. A breakdown of the entire design  process will be given, involving the development of team and squad strategies, collaboration, and  selection. An analysis of the advantages and disadvantages of our squad’s strategy will be stated,  with our team’s specific role accentuated.  After our design problem and constraints have been defined and the role of our RMP is  understood, this report will describe the numerical and functional requirements our team  assigned to our RMP. In addition, three preliminary concepts, illustrations, and detailed  descriptions will be shown. Our team went through a significant process to choose a design that  would meet our requirements. We extensively used computer­aided design (CAD) to show  dimensions, functionality, and other important features while developing the final RMP design.  This report highlights specific analyses taken to confirm the functionality of our final conceptual  design. We calculated a static analysis on components of our RMP, a motor analysis for all three  motors used to power our RMP, and a torque­load analysis on our most critical module (MCM).  The report will list modifications to our design made before manufacturing as a result of these  calculations.  After the analysis portion, this report will discuss the issues, difficulties, and changes made  during the manufacturing processes. To check functionality before the competition, preliminary  tests were done, resulting changes to our design will be described in detail. Also included will be  engineering drawings for every manufactured part of our RMP and a bill of materials. A  summary of the entire design, build, and test processes for our RMP is highlighted in this report,  along with a critique of our final design. An analysis of the advantages and disadvantages of the  design, its performance in the M­Ball competition, the outcome of the competition, and an  overview of the entire semester will also be emphasized.        2.



Manufacturer regularly engaged, for preceding 10 years, in manufacture of natural thin veneer stone of similar type to that specified.


Additive Manufacturing Consulting 91%

Powder Selection  Metallurgical Support including microstructure (powder, parameters and shielding gas effects), mechanical properties  Secondary Thermal Processing such as HIP, Heat Treatment  General AM Process Trouble Shooting  Non – Destructive Testing Methods  Quality Improvements such as process repeatability, overall product consistency, ISO / AS 9001 guidance Additive Manufacturing Application Engineering  Evaluate your component for AM process feasibility (including mechanical requirements)  Compare your component to other PM processes (Die Compaction, Metal Injection Molding, CIP, HIP) to insure you are making the correct processing / fabrication decision  Design for Manufacture (DFM)  Evaluate Powder Technology &


SEMA 2017 - Meet the Buyer Brochure 91%

50129 920Engineering 920Engineering is part of the Liberty Vehicle Technologies (LVT), Supplying into the Automotive market as a Tier 1 vehicle technology business with a heritage in the design and manufacture of vehicle components dating back to 1920.


What Do We Mean By Economic Output 90%

Technically they are, but in the case of this industry companies that manufacture edible ingredients like vitamins or minerals are considered to be a direct component part of the industry.


home checklist 90%



Brochure 89%

Our custom-designed conveyor belt track system 7 Bespoke Colour Coat finishes or Original Manufacture Colour 1 Tyre, Weights, Decals &


IMC-SLINGSHOT-BOOK(print me) 89%

This industry consists of businesses that manufacture motorcycles, mopeds, bicycles, or tricycles.


aussiemade 89%

With technologies like robotics a continent like Australia can manufacture everything for its needs as long as Australia has a diversified homegrown robotics industry.


Reusable Cups Factsheet 89%

Only Every time a drink is served, at least 1 new cup must be manufactured 85 million The sheer volume of disposable items used has a massive environmental impact from manufacture and disposal attendees at live events in the UK each year 9% Have been recycled in the last 60 years E | W | E | W | THE REUSE EFFECT...