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Aether Displacement 100%

"I wouldn't say that our discovery is of that magnitude, but it is significant as the first observation of a previously unknown mode of wave propagation in a liquid -- one that is of the type you would expect to see in a solid."' The galaxy clusters in the following article are not traveling with dark matter.


WMAP Universe 98%

We can see remnants of this hot dense matter as the now very cold cosmic microwave background radiation which still pervades the universe and is visible to microwave detectors as a uniform glow across the entire sky.


6acc30b 98%

00007.0079.000 AIG Property Casualty Company Matter:


J.M. Lattimer and M. Prakash. The Physics of Neutron Stars 97%

They are ideal astrophysical laboratories for testing theories of dense matter physics and provide connections among nuclear physics, particle physics and astrophysics.


Theory of Everything 95%

And to start the cosmic structuring it is needed the union of these two fundamental elements, given as result a new composed cosmic element that is the Cosmic Energy (dark matter, antique aether) Result and conclusion:


RPT Kimia T4 2013 94%

 describe the particulate nature of matter,  state the kinetic theory of matter,  define atoms, molecules and ions,  relate the change in the state of matter to the change in heat,  relate the change in heat to the change in kinetic energy of Students have acquired prior knowledge of elements, compounds and mixtures in Form 2.


Tews 94%

Nuclear-matter constraints from chiral effective field theory Ingo Tews In collaboration with J.



Excited, I no fit lie you (I can’t lie you), No matter what they tell me I want you, Excited, I no fit lie you… No matter what they tell me I need you.


Immortality is Material 94%

2 FIRST PART 3 ETERNAL MATTER We desire an infinite material life.


Atomic model 93%

The great nuclear accumulation of matter (and so great density of energy) in atoms and stars (and other great Astros and particles) creates magnetic fields around them, within which in turn, and according to their potential and speed of rotation, the positive electromagnetic orbits are defined.


Davesne 93%

Navarro Introduction Infinite matter calculations D.


God's View on Order 93%

Ecclesiastes 3:1-8 says, "There is a season for everything, and a time for every matter;


Kurt Gödel. Rotating Universes In General Relativity Theory 92%

The local angular velocity of matter relative to the compass of inertia can be represented by the following vector ω (which is always orthogonal on v):


Panama 207 motion to dismiss defendant Kevin Shorette 92%

The final pretrial conference in this matter was held on June 28, 2012, and the trial of this matter was held on July 2 and 3, 2012.


6 cell theory 92%

The Cell Theory Organization of Matter • Atoms- smallest unit of matter • Examples:


BLMStudyModelSPec 92%

Black Exceptionalism, Black Lives Matter and the 2016 Presidential Election Variables in Trump Vote Analysis Educational Attainment Female Age Voter knowledge (0 and 1;


nuclear-matters 92%

NUCLEAR MATTERS A Practical Guide Form Approved OMB No.


hearing committee-HCJamesQButler31107etal (2) 91%

11/12/04 ) _________________________________) In the Matter of:


RationalReligion 91%

was the ultimate essence of matter.


Article V - Conflict of Interest 91%

When a conflict of interest is relevant to a matter requiring action by the organization’s EC, any member shall call it to the attention of the EC and said person(s) shall not vote on the matter.


DHC - 04.05.2016 91%

The matter first came up for hearing before this Court on 01.12.2015;


World Freeman Society Public Forums NOTICE OF MISTAKE (1 1) 90%

org) Notice of Mistake 1. TAKE NOTICE THAT: In the matter of SURETY for the LEGAL NAME, I believe that there has been a MISTAKE, as the SOLE BENEFICIARY OF A PUBLIC DOCUMENT has been INCORRECTLY IDENTIFIED as an "accused" and/or a "suspect".  2. FORGIVE ME: If I, AND/OR PERSONS AND/OR FRIENDS OF THE COURT AND/OR SUCH OTHER PARTIES ACTING IN MY INTERESTS, have led A COURT and/or STATUTORY BODY and/or A GOVERNMENT SERVICE and/or AGENTS and/or OFFICERS of such bodies, to believe, by responding to “You”, and/or “JOHN SCOTT DUNCAN”, and/or SUCH OTHER IDENTIFICATION, such bodies HAVE ADDRESSED ME AS, that I am the PARTY WITH SURETY in this matter, then that would be a MISTAKE, and please forgive me.  3. If I, AND/OR PERSONS AND/OR FRIENDS OF THE COURT AND/OR SUCH OTHER PARTIES ACTING IN MY INTERESTS, have led A COURT and/or STATUTORY BODY and/or A GOVERNMENT SERVICE and/or AGENTS and/or OFFICERS of such bodies, to believe, by responding to “You”, and/or “JOHN SCOTT DUNCAN”, and/or SUCH OTHER IDENTIFICATION, such bodies HAVE ADDRESSED ME AS, that I am, in ANY CAPACITY, a Pro Se litigant and/or a LEGAL PERSON in this matter, then that would be a MISTAKE, as I DO NOT CONSENT and WAIVE THE BENEFIT to such titles (Waiver of the CHANGE OF NAMES ACT OF ONTARIO). Please forgive me.  4. THEREFORE: As I have no knowledge of who “You” and or “JOHN SCOTT DUNCAN” and/or SUCH OTHER IDENTIFICATION ANY COURT and/or STATUTORY BODY and/or GOVERNMENT SERVICE and/or AGENTS and/or OFFICERS of such bodies [HEREAFTER "YOU"], HAS ADDRESSED ME AS, I RESPECTFULLY ASK; by WHAT AUTHORITY ARE "YOU" ADDRESSING me as such?  5. As the SURETY BOND (BIRTH CERTIFICATE) has been deposited into the COURT [In the custody of Justice Wailan Low, ONTARIO SUPERIOR COURT OF JUSTICE: Court File Number CV­11­430464], WHAT EVIDENCE does the COURT have that I, as a MAN who is not lawfully entitled to the BENEFITS of a BIRTH CERTIFICATE [PPSACA13078], have any SURETY in this matter?  6. As GOVERNMENT is the SOLE SIGNATORY PARTY on the SURETY BOND (BIRTH CERTIFICATE), with SOLE AND FULL SURETY as TRUSTEE for the LEGAL NAME, WHAT EVIDENCE do YOU have that I am a TRUSTEE for the LEGAL NAME. WHAT EVIDENCE do YOU have that I am a TRUSTEE and have ANY SURETY with respect to ANY NAME?  7. WHAT EVIDENCE do YOU have, that I am an OFFICER, an AGENT, a TRUSTEE and/or an EMPLOYEE of the CROWN? WHAT EVIDENCE do "YOU" have of any WARRANT OF AGENCY for the principal?  8. WHAT EVIDENCE do "YOU" have that there has been any meeting of the minds, any PROPER NOTICE given, any considerable CONSIDERATION offered, or that I have ANY INTENT to CONTRACT in this matter?  As such, I am returning your OFFER, DECLINED, for immediate DISCHARGE and CLOSURE.  [ AUTHORISED BY: ] [ AQUILAE Trust Seal]  Copied from: Tír Na Saor (