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W27 2013 100%

For the purposes of this Order:“a person authorised by the council” means a police constable in uniform, a civil enforcement officer or a person who has been issued by the Council with a written authority “bus” means a motor vehicle which is constructed or adapted to carry more than eight passengers (exclusive of the driver) "business parking permit"


CKACAR Notice SFA 11Dec12FINAL 98%

“Customer Account Review” means a review of a Customer’s knowledge and experience in derivatives for the purpose of opening an account for the Customer to trade in a Specified Investment Product which is listed for quotation or quoted on a securities market or a futures market;


NFIP Regulations 98%

As used in this subchapter— “Act” means the statutes authorizing the National Flood Insurance Program that are incorporated in 42 U.S.C.


105cmr725 98%

Act means Chapter 369 of the Acts of 2012, An Act for the Humanitarian Medical Use of Marijuana.


333-008 Marijuana Retail TEMP DRAFT text 08-18-15x (1) 98%

means land that is located within an exclusive farm use zone as that term is described in ORS 215.203.


KMeansRE 97%

C#.NET Implementation of K-Means Clustering Algorithm to Produce Recommendations.


doc5 97%

(a) aggregated procurement means procurement on the basis of contractual arrangements such as framework agreements or multi-award contracts which are concluded between one or more procuring entities and one or more economic operators, the purpose of which is to establish the terms governing contracts to be awarded during a given period;] [US:


TandCs June 2018 v02 97%

“ADR Notice” means a notice served under Condition I2 (Dispute Resolution) requesting mediation.


doc4 97%

(a) 'electronic communications network' means transmission systems and, where applicable, switching or routing equipment and other resources, including network elements which are not active, which permit the conveyance of signals by wire, radio, optical, or other electromagnetic means;] [EU:


Content Provider Agreement - 2016 Series.PDF 96%

“Agreement” means this Content Provider Agreementsigned between the Parties;


2 95%

© Ateneo de Manila University 7 Mahboob World Englishes In the context of World Englishes, this means that linguistic choices made by the speakers of different varieties of Englishes construe and represent meanings that may be different from other varieties of English.


DOJ Submission of Regulation 95%

means with respect to a semiautomatic shotgun, it does not have a fixed ma Lag zine• fib) "Action"


loveshack-os 95%

--------------------------------------------------Phase#1 code means imagination, orbits, charts, intuition, planning, maps, being careful, safety, clear judgment, invention, discovery, methods, and systems.


The Idea of Life 95%

Whatever our brains think can never be validated or relevant in matter, which also means none of this is valid or relevant and has zero meaning as much as anything else that resulted from thought.


icfchecklist 95%

Extent of impairments 0 No impairment means the person has no problem 1 Mild impairment means a problem that is present less than 25% of the time, with an intensity a person can tolerate and which happens rarely over the last 30 days.


itaxord 94%

2 3 4 5 2 ―amalgamation‖ means the merger of one or more banking 4 companies or non-banking financial institutions, [or insurance 5 companies,] [or companies owning and managing industrial 6 undertakings] [or companies engaged in providing services and not 7 being a trading company or companies] in either case [at least one of them] being a public company, or a company incorporated under any law, other than Companies Ordinance, 1984 (XLVII of 1984), for the time being in force, (the company or companies which so merge being referred to as the ―amalgamating company‖ or companies and the company with which they merge or which is formed as a result of merger, as the ―amalgamated company‖) in such manner that – (a) 1 1 the assets of the amalgamating company or companies immediately before the amalgamation become the assets of the amalgamated company by virtue of the amalgamation, otherwise than by purchase of such assets by the amalgamated company or as a result of distribution of such assets to the amalgamated company after the winding up of 8 the amalgamating company or companies;


Bank of America Bylaws 94%

means any corporation, partnership, limited liability company, association, trust or other entity or organization that is Controlled By the Corporation.


Scheme Document 94%

Actuarial Reports means the report dated 2 November 2015 prepared by the QIA Appointed Actuary, the report dated 4 November 2015 prepared by the QII Appointed Actuary and the report dated 26 October 2015 prepared by the Independent Actuary in connection with the Scheme.


Marijuana Act with Line Numbering 94%

59 (a) “Acquire” or “Acquisition” means coming to possess marijuana by means of any legal 60 source herein authorized, and not from any unauthorized source;


doc3 94%

'cross-border supply of services' means the supply of a service:


Fuzzy-Aggregation-Semantic-Similarity 94%

This means that after the various similarity values have been calculated, the overall similarity for a pair of text expressions is computed using an aggregation function of these individual semantic similarity values.


Producer (AG4) Contract - SL 94%

means, (i) for purposes of Sales, any licensed insurance agent or broker of any state or territory that (a) has been recruited by Coventry, (b) is entering into this Agreement with Coventry to participate in the Sale of Medicare Products, and (c) has successfully completed the training and Coventry’s agent exam certification process related to Selling Medicare Products, and (ii) for purposes of Referrals, any licensed insurance agent or broker of any state or territory that (a) has been recruited by Coventry and (b) is entering into this Agreement with Coventry to participate in the Referral of Medicare Products.


bobcat 94%

Duty to God means: ... And my country means:


ideological-label-meaning 93%

Ideological Label Meaning: