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Questions3 100%

The law, signed by President Andrew Jackson, was meant to re-enforce Indian removal east of the Mississippi, which included the five civilized tribes.


What Do We Mean By Economic Output 92%

Explanation of Economic Impact Terms What is Meant By the Term Direct?


A451-01 Jun14 92%

(a) Describe what is meant by a Local Area Network (LAN).


AV 32 - Mission Possible 92%

John Ramel Rafael he end of classes in March last school year meant it was time to put our books back into the shelves, keep our multi-colored pens and highlighters, and put to rest our trusty printers who were already overworked form the tons of notes and acad-related paperworks we had to finish.


Activities List for BC MC updated 19 Feb 2016 91%

The trip is meant to expose our students to the industry standard machinery and equipment.


WMSTLitJournal14 91%

He meant it.


SOWK 604.002 Policy Analysis Tony Carbone (1) 90%

Government Publishing Office (2010), the act is meant to improve coverage, increase the amount of individuals who have healthcare, reduce pre-existing condition exemptions, and reform the healthcare market.


Chapter 1 - The Gaia Moore Call 88%

That basically meant that if she kept trailing off by herself, alone, and pretty much be what she pushes herself to be, a loner, then she was going to be alone, always and forever and she would eventually die alone.


5ever 86%

[whispers] I meant to say I will love you… FIVEever.


Sub Urban Love Story 86%

“You pick where we go.” He said the second part so that he would sound like he meant the first part.


lets just see port 85%

The deconstruction and defacing of the image of the museum’s facade is meant to orient the viewer and potential museum-goer to the viewpoint of a social critic.


MDJV-Questions-Combined 85%

This material is confidential and meant only for MDJV students of Profit Alchemy, Inc.


ilovepdf ppa esl 2, first term, 170617, 26 pp 85%

llevar broadcast broadcast broadcast- emitir señales de sonido buy bought bought- comprar catch caught caught- coger, atrapar choose chose chosen- elegir come came come- venir cost cost cost- costar cut cut cut- cortar ** do did done- hacer draw drew drawn- dibujar dream dreamt/dreamed dreamt/dreamed- soñar drink drank drunk- beber drive drove driven- conducir eat ate eaten- comer feel felt felt- sentir forbid forbade forbidden- prohibir forecast forecast forecast- prever, predecir forget forgot forgotten- olvidar ** give gave given- dar have had had- tener, haber know knew known-saber, conocer mean meant meant- significar, querer decir meet met met- encontrarse;


ilovepdf esl1, third term, ppa, 170617, 17pp 84%

Have Had Had -tener/haber Hide Hid Hidden -esconder Hurt Hurt Hurt -doler Mean Meant Meant -significar Meet Met Met -conocer/encontr.


Pastoral Interapocalyptacourse 84%

Nuclear or meteor, we are not meant to last.


MDJV-Questions-120321 84%

This material is confidential and meant only for MDJV students of Profit Alchemy, Inc.


EnteringintotheRealmofNon-Existence 82%

        Entering into the Realm of Non­Existence        T. E. Ehrenfreund                 I. Introduction    There is being and there is nonbeing. There is something and there is nothing. There is action and  there is stillness. Symbolically, there is light and there is darkness. Analogically, there is sun and there is  moon. We are within the Realm of Existence, of simply ​ being​ . Herein, we live perceptively according to  what we can deduce and derive from this Realm. Our entire lives in all aspects of any kind or degree are  bound by this reality we know as being. Therefore, to imagine or ponder a reality opposite to ours (that of  non­existence, nothingness, or “unreality”), is a truly difficult task. Outside of the faculty of our mind’s  intellect, pensivity, imagination, thought processes, or any other capabilities it may have (or yet have to  unlock or utilize), we cannot truly comprehend such a concept we have not ourselves experienced or even  have the ability to experience. Likewise, the concept of eternity or “timeless time” can be grasped to an  extent theoretically and philosophically; but in actuality, to grasp it in fullness is not possible due to a lack  of experiencing truly this reality of everlasting time. Non­existence can be symbolically or illustratively  called “the absolute blackness” or “the total void”.  Non­existence, along with many other phenomena, is a mystery. Contrary to popular and  mundane opinion, a mystery is not the absence of the knowledge of something, but (at least for the sake of  this paper) it is defined as that which can be understood to a certain degree via reason, logic, and the like,  but cannot be truly grasped in its entirety due to the aforementioned limitations that exist with us residing  in our present, finite, limiting reality of being. Using illustrative terms such as “the absolute blackness” or  “the total void” are useful in so far as they appeal to our experiential aspect of our thinking: we have  perceived darkness with the cessation of light, and therefore understand ­­from experience­­ the concept  of darkness or blackness. From this, we can infer that the adjective “absolute” modifying the noun  “darkness” signifies this darkness in an exponentially greater degree. The same applies to the term “the  total void”. However, almost all illustrations of mysteries or concepts outside of our finite perception  bound to this Realm of Existence, have their limitations; these terms of “the absolute darkness” and “the  total void” are of no exception. For, the concept of non­existence is not one of physical attributes; hence,  it cannot be truly called “the absolute ​ blackness​ ”. Neither is the concept of non­existence relating to  anything spatial. For non­existence is the absence of all that we perceive, experience, or have yet to  experience within our current Realm of Existence or State of Being. Indeed, any analogy, or illustration  that tries to add ease or leverage to our minds to try to grasp this concept of non­existence, will inevitably  lead us astray in understanding or even to start to understand just a fraction of what non­existence truly is.  For it is totally and utterly outside of the current reality we find ourselves trapped within, and of which we  derive our ability to theorize, perceive, explain, imagine, etc. One could joke and say that the reality of  non­existence, ​ to us​ , is simply non­existent! Although this is the case, as mentioned before, we can at  least attempt or try to endeavour on the “un­endeavour­able” in understanding what it is theoretically.   That being said, one should not be mislead in thinking this paper is the answer to the total and  true apprehension, or even the beginning of an apprehension, of this mysterious Realm of Non­existence.  Rather, this paper is only to act as a vehicle of the manifestation of thought provocation into this subject.  In other words, it is to be a spark to ignite you, the reader, into thinking deeper within your own reality  and existence in the terms and ideas laid of for you in this paper. It is for you to begin to ask the next  questions of this “puzzle”, and perhaps create your own insight into our existence.         II. The State and Realm of the Non­existence    Previously this paper has only just touched on the introduction of defining what non­existence  actually is. It is fair, then, to expound in greater detail and explanation (to the extent that our finite,  existence­bounded minds allow for), as to what is meant by the State or the Realm of Non­existence.  Using statements such as, “There is being and there is non­being.” and “There is something and there is  nothing.”, set the tone in defining what is meant by the realm and the State of Non­existence.  The two terms “State” and “Realm” may be assumed as synonyms but in the context of this  paper, they are not. Rather, they compliment one another and are contingent upon each other. The  definition of the word “state” itself is the way of living or existing. It could also be defined as the mode,  expression, way, condition, quality, or even essence of the existence of a particular something.  Subsequently, in this case, the State of Non­existence would be defined as non­existence in and of itself  and in all that it is comprised of qualitatively. Since by even attempting to define this term does so within  the bounds of our reality of existence, the definition of the State of Non­existence, contextually, is simply  the absence of all that is or consists of the Realm of Existence or Being we now reside and have our being  and existence within. It is not only the total absence of the Realm of this Being but also its very ​ state​  (as  defined in the definition of state itself). For the Realm of either being or non­being, existence or  non­existence in its quality or essence subsists, comprises, and ever gives birth to their inherent ​ Realms.  Bringing realm into the conversation, we must of necessity also try to define what is meant by “realm”.   The term “realm” itself is defined as being a sphere, domain, and area. With that being said, what  is meant by realm in the context of this paper? Simply stated, realm is the “framework” or “expanse”  wherein subsides and is totally made up of and comprised of its state. Resorting to Hellenic philosophical  terms, state is “ουσια”, or the very essence of either being or nonbeing; realm is the figurative, theoretical  “dwelling­place” which is comprised of this state. However, as warned before, using such terms invoke  the existence in which we find ourselves in now, and tempt us to think in material, spatial, and finite  terms, rather than theoretical and hypothetical terms. Similarly, when using these terms of “state” and  “realm”, out of necessity the word “existence or being” or the verbs “to exist, to be, to subside, etc.” are  used. This is due to the realm or framework in which we find ourselves in which is constantly existing. It  is in this limitation that even the very defining of these terms in relation to something that is non­existent,  is difficult in achieving.   In order to allow one’s mind to understand this, using what we know within our current realm of  being, the following illustration could be used. Let us allow our brains to think as far back as we are able  to, then progress chronologically through all of the thoughts of all that you have experienced in any way  up until this present point of reference. Now, stand up, and make a full rotation around the room or space  wherein you find yourself. Open your eyes while still holding onto the thoughts you collected, and  observe your surroundings. Proceed to go outside if you are not already there. While there, continue to  observe your immediate surroundings. Let each of your five senses perceive and take in all it can around  you. Take into account all of the plant life, animal life, and human life around you. Now look up into the  sky. Whether it be night or day, you can see the heavens surround you. It may have, at some point in your  life, brought you to ponder what lies beneath. Perhaps you have seen pictures of satellite photography in  space, or computer simulations of space and what we currently know about the universe. A plethora of  stars and planets, and many unknown celestial realities of our universe lay beyond that sky you now see.  Close your eyes, clearing your mind of all distractions, and only think of all of what has been previously  mentioned. Simply think of your current existence and everything you have ever experienced therein. All  of the people you have met, and all of the people you have yet to meet. All of what you know, and all of  what you have yet to know. All that you know exists or is said to exist, and all that we have yet to find  existing. Within the darkness of your mind, imagine as if all of these things ceased to be. As though, when  opening your eyes, you would find all that you knew to cease to be ­­ including yourself, your thoughts,  your actions, your memories, and all within the existence of the universe and realm we reside in. Of  course, now having opened your eyes, you still find yourself in the same place and state you were as


LED Supply CO LAAS 82%

Until now, upgrading your lights also meant spending your time, upfront capital investment, and a whole lot of complication.



4/6/2016 8:33:35 AM Im ok 4/6/2016 8:33:58 AM Life u know 4/6/2016 8:35:46 AM So Im guessing u and the bf r gonna stay together 4/6/2016 8:38:46 AM Him n i been doesnt ng prohects together..regardless if him n i arent together 4/6/2016 8:38:59 AM Doing projects 4/6/2016 8:39:37 AM Thats not what I meant 4/6/2016 8:40:01 AM As far as staying together as couple..idk 4/6/2016 8:41:25 AM Yea thats what I meant 4/6/2016 8:43:29 AM We been together so s sometimes hard to walk away 4/6/2016 8:44:04 AM Things sucks like sex life..i just dont know 4/6/2016 8:49:15 AM Feels like ur not willing to meet me cause of that 4/6/2016 9:05:37 AM I would never try to hurt u Jose.


AV1 Stories & Exercises 81%

Though I couldn’t make out the words, I got the impression they weren’t meant for children.


Extraneous Consideration to select the VC of LNUPE 81%

Was it the much publicized slogan 'Acche Din Aane Wale Hain' actually meant for?


MDJV-Questions-120328 81%

This material is confidential and meant only for MDJV students of Profit Alchemy, Inc.


Autocorrect 81%

And I meant to write baby.


My Perfect Soulmate 80%

However, we typically prolong what are meant to be temporary relationships and mistakenly settle into them permanently.  There are relationships that should last for a particular amount of time to shut out a karmic chapter of life.