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HIOKI IM3570 ENG 100%

Frequency sweep measurement can be used to measure the resonance frequency and its impedance, and then the peak comparator function can be used to make a pass/fail judgment on the resonance state.


25/12/2015 www.pdf-archive.com

HIOKI DSM-8104 ENG 99%

■ Numerous functions enhance operating efficiency ●U se in combination with the optional SME-8310/8311 Flat Sample Test Fixtures, or with the optional SME-8330 Fluid Resistivity Cell to measure and automatically display surface resistivity or volume resistivity, respectively.


24/12/2015 www.pdf-archive.com

HIOKI RM3542 ENG 99%

RESISTANCE HiTESTER RM3542 Component Measuring Instruments Measure in as little as 0.9 ms* High-Speed Resistance Meters Optimized for Automated Systems The RM3542 and RM3542- 01 Resistance HiTESTERs employ the four-terminal DC method to quickly and accurately measure the resistance of components such as resistors and ferrite bead inductors.


25/12/2015 www.pdf-archive.com

HIOKI BT4560 ENG 99%

Difference in speed Comparison of time taken to measure battery cell internal resistance DC-IR measurement (conventional method) Requires 20 to 30 minutes to around one hour, including charging/discharging AC-IR measurement (using BT4560) Takes just 10 seconds* * When measuring at a frequency of 1 Hz 3 The BT4560 Battery Impedance Meter substantially reduces the time required for inspecting Li-ion battery cells by measuring at low frequencies, providing a fast and accurate measurement of the battery status.


24/12/2015 www.pdf-archive.com

HIOKI IM3523 ENG 99%

This makes it possible to measure the resonant frequency and perform measurement and evaluation under conditions close to actual conditions.


25/12/2015 www.pdf-archive.com

HIOKI 3504 ENG 99%

IEEE-488.2 1987 4 C METER 3506-10 Measure low-magnitude capacitors with high accuracy •Measurement parameters and frequency ranges Range of Measurements (C, D) Measurement Frequencies 120 Hz 1 kHz 1 MHz N/A 3 3 3506 -10 C:


24/12/2015 www.pdf-archive.com

HIOKI 3169 ENG 99%

CLAMP ON POWER HiTESTER 3169-20, 3169-21 Power Measuring Instruments ■ Measure up to two 3-phase, 3-wire systems (displays voltage and current for three lines) Measure up to four single-phase, 2-wire systems ■ 0.5 A to 5000 A range ■ Compact and light weight ■ PC card data storage ■ Power recording for individual waveforms ■ Simultaneous recording of demand values and harmonics ■ POWER MEASUREMENT SUPPORT SOFTWARE 9625 The photo shows the 3169- 21 combined with CLAMP ON SENSORS 9661 and 9669 (optional) for measuring two systems.


24/12/2015 www.pdf-archive.com

HIOKI IM3590 ENG 99%

2 Measure Electrochemical Components and Materials, Batteries, and EDLCs* *Electric double-layer capacitors Cole-Cole plot In measurement of electrochemical components and materials, Cole-Cole plots are used to ascertain electrode, electrolyte ion, and other characteristics.


25/12/2015 www.pdf-archive.com

HIOKI 3143 ENG 99%

Measure even on paved roads.


24/12/2015 www.pdf-archive.com

HIOKI IR4053 ENG 98%

For Photovoltaic Generation Systems INSULATION TESTER IR4053 Field Measuring Instruments Perform PV insulation resistance measurements Safely, Accurately, Quickly Safely and accurately measure PV insulation resistance even during the daytime Built-in PV dedicated function, displays measurements in 4 seconds Five ranges (50/125/250/500/1000V) built in for normal insulation resistance measurement Built-in 1000 VDC voltage measurement for open voltage tests of PV systems that support 1000 V 2 Use the PV dedicated function for accurate, safe measurements in 4 seconds Measurement not affected by generating PV The IR4053, which was designed for PV, can accurately measure insulation resistance without being affected by the generating PV.


25/12/2015 www.pdf-archive.com

HIOKI PW3336 ENG 98%

PW3336/PW3337 POWER METER Power Measuring Instruments High-precision, 3-channel power meter with built-in harmonic measurement Accurately measure devices up to 1000 V/65 A AC/DC with direct input The PW3336 (2-channel) and PW3337 (3-channel) can measure DC and a variety of power connections ranging from single-phase 2-wire to 3-phase 4-wire*.


25/12/2015 www.pdf-archive.com

HIOKI IM7583 ENG 98%

[Continuous measurement mode] Functions, Features and Small Form Factor to Enable Efficient and Intelligent Measurement and Analysis R&D applications • Measure frequency characteristics and level characteristics • Five-model equivalent circuit analysis • Measured value search function Contact check function (DCR measurement, Hi-Z reject) Per form contact checks using DCR measurement on components such as inductors, ferrite cores, and common mode filters.


25/12/2015 www.pdf-archive.com

HIOKI IM3536 ENG 98%

Measure under conditions simulating actual use or in accordance with industry standards Internal DC bias (capacitor only) A DC voltage can be superposed onto the measurement signal while measuring a capacitor.


25/12/2015 www.pdf-archive.com

HIOKI 3455 ENG 98%

HIGH VOLTAGE INSULATION HiTESTER 3455 5KV Field Measuring Instruments COMPACT PERFORMANCE Test Voltage 250V to 5kV Insulation Resistance Measurement Up to 5TW Measure insulation of high-voltage equipment (such as transformers, cables, and motors) Automatically calculate and display PI (Polarization Index) and DAR (Dielectric Absorption Ratio) Step voltage testing, temperature compensation, temperature measurement, and leakage current display Data storage and USB interface CAT IV 600V 2 Wide Range Test Voltage Settings n Features Generate Test Voltages Across a Wide Spectrum The 3455 can generate test voltages ranging from 250 V to 5 kV.


24/12/2015 www.pdf-archive.com

HIOKI RM3545 ENG 98%

Testing a relay Testing battery terminal welds B1 B1 B2 B2 B1 B1 A2 A2 A1 A1 CH2 A1 A1 CH1 B2 B2 A2 A2 Probes suited to manual measurement on production lines CLIP TYPE LEAD L2101 (Bundled accessory) CH1 PIN TYPE LEAD L2102 PIN TYPE LEAD L2103 RM3545 CH1 CH2 RM3544 4 -TERMINAL LEAD L2104 A Full Line-up of HIOKI Resistance Meters to Suit Your Measurement Range 0.01μΩ 1μΩ 0.1μΩ 0.01μΩ 0.1μΩ RM3545 RM3544 RM3548 RM3543 RM3542 1200MΩ 3.5MΩ 3.5MΩ 1.2kΩ 120MΩ 1kΩ DSM-8104 3 x 1016Ω 4 Simplifying high-accuracy resistance measurement Standard features of the high-accuracy Resistance Meter RM3545 and RM3544 Convenient wide range options RM3545 RM3544 Measurement resistance range [Ω] Overview of the RM3545 Integrate into automated inspection systems RM3545 RM3544 Overview of the RM3544 Measure from 0.000mΩ to 3.5000MΩ 0.01μΩ max.


25/12/2015 www.pdf-archive.com

HIOKI DM7275 ENG 98%

Measure 7-½ digit DC voltage and temperature simultaneously 1-year 9 ppm* Accuracy :


24/12/2015 www.pdf-archive.com

HIOKI 3561 ENG 98%

Measure high-voltage battery packs up to 300V (with the BT3563) • Ideal for high-precision cell voltage measurements (accurate to 0.01% of reading) • Measurement circuitry employs enhanced current regulation • Fast 10 ms response and 8 ms sampling time for high-speed measurements (with the BT3563 and BT3562) • Ranges from 3 mΩ to 3000 Ω (with the BT3563 and BT3562) support coin-size to large-cell batteries 2 Resistance and voltage measurements BATTERY HiTESTER BT3563 BT3562 3561 Measurement Parameters and Applications l High-voltage battery pack testing l Battery module testing l Large (low-resistance) cell testing l High-speed mass production testing of coin batteries l Fuel cell stack measurements l Battery research and development measurement applications Lithium-Ion and Secondary Batteries Cell phones E-books BATTERY HiTESTER BT3563 BATTERY HiTESTER BT3562 BT3563 BT3562 300V 60V Up to Up to Voltage measurement ranges:


24/12/2015 www.pdf-archive.com

HIOKI RM3543 ENG 98%

RESISTANCE HiTESTER RM3543, RM3543-01 Component measuring instruments Resistance Meter for Ultra-low and Low Shunt Resistance Measuring 0.1 mΩ with a High Accuracy of ±0.16% and High Resolution of 0.01 μΩ* The RM3543 and RM3543- 01 Resistance HiTESTERs can measure DC resistance such as a low shunt resistance with high speed and high accuracy using the DC four-terminal method.


25/12/2015 www.pdf-archive.com

HIOKI FT6031 ENG 98%

S(P) electrode/H(C) electrode resistance value MEASURE Auxiliary grounding electrode check Ground potential value ▲ ▲ Ground potential check After The FT6031-03 uses hard, rust-resistant rods made of stainless steel.


25/12/2015 www.pdf-archive.com

HIOKI MR8740 ENG 98%

Up to 16 channels (MR8741) Measure minute changes in voltage at a high level of precision.


25/12/2015 www.pdf-archive.com

HIOKI SM-8213 ENG 98%

Controls and Connectors Front Panel Display Screen POWER Switch V.OUT Lamp RX Terminal SELECT Switch DOWN Switch UP Switch CHARGE Switch MEASURE/DISCHARGE Switch RANGE Switch VOLTAGE Switch Rear Panel VOLTAGE SELECTOR*2 AC LINE TIME LAG FUSE GND Terminal Input/Output Terminals HV-EN Connector (Interlock) RS-232C Connector *2.


25/12/2015 www.pdf-archive.com

HIOKI LR8410 ENG 98%

Kaneko Kensetsu Corporation Evaluating the performance of an environmentally friendly home “We wanted to measure numerous remote locations simultaneously with a single measuring instrument.” Wireless data collection is useful in this type of measurement application.


25/12/2015 www.pdf-archive.com