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1481236039-DM Workbook v4 105 100%

05 DEVELOPING MELODIC STRUCTURES DEADMAU5 TEACHES ELECTRONIC MUSIC PRODUCTION If it doesn’t resolve properly, then all that other shit in the middle doesn’t matter.


1481236060-DM Workbook v4 106 82%

Cat CHAPTER RECAP Turning your melodic structure into a layered arrangement of different instruments is easier than you'd think.


Jay Bird- Up Here Press Release 81%

While still seeking relevance in the Electronic Dance Music world, Jay Bird has favored beauty over hype in his production style, which you can hear in the subtleties of the melodic and instrumental arrangements.


Antonius Roberts Motion-01 77%

movement // 2 the power of movement , as a living body // 3 A suggestion or proposal // 4 Music melodic progression, as the change of a voice part from one pitch to another // 5 to make a meaningful motion, as with the hand, gesture, signal.


03152016 Chopin-Prelude-Paper-Midterm FINAL-COPY 74%

1 This paper focuses on the inner workings of Op.28 No.4 in E minor at the melodic, harmonic, and structural levels.


Liner notes 69%

The soloist, having textual and melodic freedom, presents the main themes of the text, while the chorus is restricted to a fixed response.


Words Words Words Words 64%

Words Words Words Words Words words words words Keeping me alive, keeping me alive Words words words words The smell of them keeping me alive Beautiful words, Melodic words It's like a blanket around my body I like when you say good words to me, they're Keeping me saving me from the voices in my head Enriching the garden that I should have You can't just let it go and suddenly disappear You can't just let it go and suddenly appear Around my mirror feeling good Make the ta ta ta that I use to hook On the phone make the blla blla blla Intend to go out Words words words words Cash in my mouth cash in my mouth Words words words words I love you very much love you very much Broken song, broken words It's like chains on my own desire I like my necklace from rhymes, no worries from this fame First I'm getting my name, it's Keeping me saving me from the voices in my head Enriching the garden that I should have You can't just go and expect me to believe Masterpiece is made by silence without a beat Around my mirror feeling good Make the ta ta ta that I use to hook On the phone make the blla blla blla Intend to go out I'm getting my name You know I'm getting my name That’s why everything so running from me WRITTEN BY GaBso ©


DaytonStoneUndertonesPK2017 64%

Melodic bass lines, dynamic guitar solos, and Dayton’s driving drums create a platform for his soulful vocals and accompanied harmonies to exist on.


La Piragua Lyrics and Translation 64%

Twelve rowers with their tanned skins And the fearsome Pedro Albundia Would tear a beautiful cumbia melodic roar From the paddles at night Doce sombras, ahora viejas ya no reman, ya no cruje el maderamen en el agua, solo quedan los recuerdos en la arena donde yace dormitando la piragua.


Adrenalin PressKit 64%

ADRENALIN BIO ADRENALIN, the alternate ego of Joshua turned electronic music producer/DJ who takes his music from one extreme to the next through Melodic and festival style bass thumping music.


Jay Bird Press Release- Here With You 64%

From his home base in San Jose, California, Jay Bird consistently releases a mix of emotive and melodic electronic music for listeners to immerse themselves in.


1481236257-DM Workbook v4 112 64%

Much like composing a melodic structure, Joel built the drum track for the song by making one very dense and complicated eight bar loop that he liked, then copying it across the track’s timeline and muting or unmuting elements to create dynamics and drama.


Dippel Resume and Portfolio 61%

OPEN MIC NIGHT FRIDAY, APRIL 17, 2015 LAKIN TUESDAY APRIL 28, 2015 Lakin is a young singer/songwriter with a voice sweeter than honey, whose combination of genre-defying musical styles, stunning melodic gifts, beauty, and warmth shine through in her heartfelt lyrics and powerful performances.


10-Triptych (for four voices) 58%

they also serve to highlight particular harmonic and melodic contours.


Pamelahoogeboom-Focus Rock Paper 54%

She has a strong understanding of unifying her work with the slow, melodic, and heavy pull of her subject, and exemplifies this in her content, color, and design choices to give vision to sound.


1481236074-DM Workbook v4 107 54%

You might want to try using it to play one of the melodic ideas in your bin.


The problem with deals 51%

A way to see all our fates?” The softly accented, melodic voice drifted into Nate’s grumpy ear.


BLACK OAK Distro List:Orders 49%

ANGLACHEL “Woman of Nightmares” LISTEN NOW (Full Album Stream) Raw Black Metal/DSBM Pro CD-R (Slipcase) AT DUSK “Live MMXII” LISTEN NOW (Full Album Stream) Lo-fi/Atmospheric Black Metal/DSBM Pro CD-R (Slipcase) + Fabric Patch BLACK SHEET SERVITUDE “Moral Debauchery” LISTEN NOW (Preview Track) Power Electronics/Death Industrial/Noise Pro CD-R (Slipcase) BLACK SHEET SERVITUDE/PHANTASM NOCTURNES “Tower of Silence, Fortress Power Electronics/Death of Death” Industrial/Noise LISTEN NOW (Bandcamp Album Stream) MALDICION S/T LISTEN NOW (Preview Track) Blackened Death Metal/ Thrash Metal MALDICION “Ritual de la Muerte” LISTEN NOW (Preview Track) Atmospheric/Melodic Black Pro CD-R Metal (Wallet Case) + Fabric Patch NAN ELMOTH/ MALDICION "Live at Festum Carnis 2015” LISTEN NOW (Full Album Stream) Folk/Pagan Black Metal/ Raw Black Metal/ Deathrash Pro CD-R (Slipcase) NOCTURNAL AWAKENING S/T LISTEN NOW (Full Album Stream) Lo-fi/Raw Black Metal/ Ambient Pro CD-R (Slim Jewel Case) + Fabric Patch SMILEDOG “Thrown To The Wolves” LISTEN NOW (Preview Track) Hardcore/Punk V/A “Absolutum Dominium” LISTEN NOW (Full Album Stream) California Black Metal Compilation V/A Quantity Available:


ScaleTheSummit PROG June13 48%

Chris is also a fan of more mainstream bands, singling out the melodic chops of Passion Pit, "people always say'that's easy', or'that's simple', and I say, 'weil try and write it thenl"' Formed when he and guitarist Travis Levrier moved to Los Angeles, the band's style coalesced quickly;


Bloodloss Press Pack A 47%

 Expect  to  see  them  grace  venue  and  festival   stages  higher  and  higher  up  the  bill  in  no  time  at  all.”  9/10     Metal  Junkie     “This  is  metalcore  at  its  finest,  each  song  brings  something  fresh  to  the  table,  and  they  all  had  the   relentless  energy  that  would  make  them  a  live  behemoth.”  8/10       Bigger  Than  Satan     “’The  Struggle’  is  simply  already  one  of  the  best  and  most  impressive  releases  from  not  only  a   new  band  but  of  any  albums  of  EPs  already  on  the  Market.”     Neil  Mach     “Bloodloss  live  was  a  mesmerizing  and  absolutely  exhilarating  experience  and  I  thoroughly   recommend  this  act  to  any  metal  fan.”     Issue  Punkzine     “Delicious  riffs,  throbbing  bass  and  hypnotic  beats  mesh  perfectly  with  the  vocals,  at  times   brutal,  at  times  verging  on  melodic.”         Gig  History                   2006  -­‐  2007     5th  November  -­‐  12  Bar,  London   17th  March  -­‐  The  Old  Kings  Head,  London   26th  March  -­‐  The  Star  Inn,  Guildford   31st  March  -­‐  The  Dome,  London   1st  May  -­‐  Lark  in  the  Park,  London   12th  May  -­‐  The  Turks,  Reading   24th  May  -­‐  Lark  in  the  Park,  London   26th  May  -­‐  The  Tubman,  Hastings   9th  June  -­‐  Rock  up  and  play,  Download   28th  July  -­‐  The  Tubman,  Hastings   29th  July  -­‐  Rockoff  Festival,  The  Dome,  London   20th  August  -­‐  The  Woodman,  London   26th  August  -­‐  The  Day  of  Metal,  Hastings   26th  October  -­‐  The  Tubman,  Hastings   4th  November  -­‐  The  Dome,  London   17th  November  -­‐  The  Star  Inn,  Guildford   19th  November  -­‐  The  Iguana,  Egham   14th  December  -­‐  The  Railway  Inn,  Egham   15th  December  -­‐  The  Devonshire  Arms,  London   19th  December  -­‐  The  Peel,  Kingston   31st  December  -­‐  The  Railway  Inn,  Egham      2008     5th  January  -­‐  The  Tubman,  Hastings   7th  January  -­‐  The  Drayman,  London   28th  January  -­‐  The  Drayman,  London   17th  March  -­‐  The  Drayman,  Landon   3rd  May  -­‐  ME1,  Maidstone   18th  May  -­‐  The  Phoenix,  Staines   19th  May  The  Drayman,  London   17th  August  -­‐  The  Hobgoblin,  Staines   19th  August  -­‐  RSVP,  Woking   24th  August  -­‐  The  Phoenix,  Staines   8th  September  -­‐  OHM  Bar,  London   11th  September  -­‐  The  Hobgoblin,  Staines   16th  September  -­‐  RSVP,  Woking   20th  September  -­‐  The  Crypt,  Hastings   27th  September  -­‐  The  Drama  Club,  Bracknell   5th  October  -­‐  The  Phoenix,  Staines   10th  October  -­‐  The  Star  Inn,  Guildford   31st  October  -­‐  The  Hobgoblin,  Staines   23rd  November  -­‐  The  Hobgoblin,  Staines   13th  December  -­‐  The  Carlisle,  Hastings   14th  December  -­‐  RSVP,  Woking   19th  December  -­‐  Astoria  2,  London   21st  December  -­‐  The  Phoenix,  Staines   31st  December  -­‐  The  Hobgoblin,  Staines     2009     8th  January  -­‐  The  Boileroom,  Guildford   16th  January  -­‐  The  Red  Lion,  Gravesend   18th  January  -­‐  The  Bridgehouse  2,  London   25th  January  -­‐  The  Bang  Bar,  Basingstoke   4th  Febuary  -­‐  The  Purple  Turtle,  London   26th  Febuary  -­‐  The  Star  Inn,  Guildford   14th  March  -­‐  Quake  Nightclub,  Woking   15  March  -­‐  The  Camden  Underworld,  London   27th  March  -­‐  The  Red  Lion,  Gravesend   28th  March  -­‐  Bang  Bar,  Basingstoke   2nd  April  -­‐  Sno!


Writing Sample - Hafez Nazeri press release Feb 11 47%

Broadening the instrument’s neck and adding two lower strings to enhance its harmonic and melodic range by 17 chromatic pitches are just some of the advancements made in order to transform the ancient setar into an instrument capable of performance in an ensemble.


Fanpage 45%

I enjoy good melodic death metal, but also progressive stuff like Dream Theater or Opeth, but also more modern stuff and metalcore.


Geomungo Factory Songlines Profile 45%

This deep, muscular sound, both percussive and melodic, is at the heart of Geomungo Factory’s musical world.


emo tree 8( 39%

late 80s first wave second wave ^^^ vvv early 90s v <--v moshcore Hatebreed Emmure Terror <--- <--- mid 90s melodic death metal At the Gates v v v v v v v v v v v v --->