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ASG2-WC-Srinivas-Majeti 100%

Initially after the writing the code for connections and sending and receiving messages , my code seemed to work correctly if I executed all the clients and the server in the same machine but it was not working properly when clients were being executed in different machines.


MIT invents untraceable SMS 99%

Confusing would­be attackers with fake messages Learning from this discovery, several researchers from MIT's Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory (CSAIL) have developed a new system that permits the exchange of text messages between two parties at roughly once a minute.


OneWay Multipart 99%

MagtiCom OneWay Service v.2.2.0 30.05.2012 MagtiCom customers can send MT (mobile terminated) messages to sms-enabled users using MagtiCom OneWay Service.


lovehonda2010 99%



Tatango SMS Advertising Template 99%

Recurring Program Description Call-to-Action TCPA Disclosures Tell customers what kind of SMS messages they're subscribing to (e.g.


assignment1 99%

The attack will be performed against the server by an active adversary, who intercepts client messages, modifies them and sends the modified message to the server.


G9 97%



Invoice redacted 97%

195.00 0.2 39.00 06/19/2015 TD Portal Messages Reading &


Slack Cheatsheet 97%

Direct Messages Private Groups Keyboard Shortcuts Channels Useful “/” Commands Action Mac Previous channel Win Action Command Option Alt Toggle your “away” status /away Close a channel / group / DM /close Option Alt Previous unread Option Shift Alt Shift collapse all inline images Next unread Option Shift Alt Shift Remove someone from the conversation Next channel ⌘ ⌘ Go backward in history Go forward in history Mark channel as read Set message as oldest unread [ Alt Set the topic for the current channel /topic [text] ] Alt Append a ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ to your message /shrug [text] Esc Esc Shift Esc Shift Esc Alt + Click message Alt + Click message Mark all channels as read Conversations Action New line Mention a user (notifies them) Mention a group (notifies everyone) Mac Win Shift Return Shift Return @[name] @[name] @[group_name] @[group_name] Mention a channel (notifies everyone) @[channel_name] @[channel_name] Add an emoji :[emoji_name] Upload a file Paste clipboard as new snippet ⌘ U ⌘ Enter Shift ⌘ V Edit last message (in empty field) Create a snippet /collapse /kick [username] :[emoji_name] Ctrl U Ctrl Shift Enter Shift Ctrl V (in empty field) Get all your SaaS metrics with one-click, right from your Stripe, Braintree, Recurly or Chargify account.


output log 97%

Initialize engine version: 5.2.3p3 (383123ade41b) GfxDevice:


Shwartz99's EMJack Manual 96%

SHWARTZ99's emjack v1.7.4  Manual    Table of Contents  System Commands  /help  /clear  /whois [user]  /emotes  /role [role]  /cmdlist  /icons [classic|default|muskratte|ben]  /afk  /aw, /autowill  /ak, /autokick  /ag, /autogreet  /mark  /fmt [on|off|noimg]  /gm  /dev  /jax  /sc  /eval [command]  Bot Commands  /roulette  /mercenary  /free  /announce  /master [user]  /roulette  Game Commands  /(un)mute [user]  /greet  /say [message]  /w [user] [message]  /ping (all)  /kick [user]  /vote [user]  /hide  /nl  /shoot [user]  /highlight [user]  /leave, /quit  /join (host)  /host [title]  /games  /pm [message]  /will [will]  /dm [message]  /dt [message], /thulu [message]  /fq [user] [message], /quote [user] [message]  /ab [user], /autobomb [user]  /f [arguments]  /fs [arguments]  Automatic Commands  @bot sc  @bot help  @bot how  @bot who should i  @bot roll dice, @bot d[number]  @bot roulette  @bot fight me  @bot hello  Automatic Bot Commands  @bot obey me  @bot be free  @bot kiss  @bot love  @bot grab weapon  @bot mercmd  @bot roll over  @bot beg  @bot bow  @bot kill [user]  @bot sui, @bot suicide, @bot die  @bot vote [user]  @bot shoot [user]  @bot stab [user]  @bot claim        System Commands  /help  Displays help  /clear  Clears chat, logs, or images  /whois [user]  Displays information about a user  /emotes  Gets all of the site emotes and lobby emotes  /role [role]  Gets the information on a role, if left blank, gets information on current role  /cmdlist  Displays a bunch of commands  /icons [classic|default|muskratte|ben]  Changes icon set, if left blank, reverts to original icons  /afk  Toggles Jeeves, who will prevent you from vegging, etc.  /aw, /autowill  Toggles autowill, where your name and role will be written by default  /ak, /autokick  Toggles autokick, where you will automatically kick when the timer is up  /ag, /autogreet  Toggles autogreet, where you will automatically greet users when they enter and leave  /mark  Toggles marking messages in orange by clicking on them and purple by using Shift+click  /fmt [on|off|noimg]  Toggles text formatting to display text formatting with or without images  /gm  Toggles graphical mode on the side  /dev  Toggles logging of debug data  /jax  Displays list of users with EMJack  /sc  Checks script version  /eval [command]  Does a command and returns the string    Bot Commands  /roulette  Toggles roulette knife game  /mercenary  Toggles the mercenary bot  /free  Removes master  /announce  Announces the same message as /mercenary  /master [user]  Makes a user master  /roulette  Toggles a roulette knife game


ONCECHAT Monetization Report 96%

Receive text and video messages to Mobile Profile as tweets - Reason:


iOS 10 95%

Make your messages stand out with bubble effects.


Rapport Engelska (Chocogift UF) 95%

12 12 12 12 Our Goals Spread love and happiness Reach a total revenue 34000 kr Build a strong brand Chocogift UF Be visible on social media Emila Nilsson CEO, Chocogift UF Learn as much as possible about running a business chocogiftuf 2 3 Our Year in Short 26/8 - First prototype completed 13/9 - First order of chocolate 30/9 - First sales opportunity at a Farmers’ Market in Olofström 18/10 - Won the competition “UF-Company of the month” in november 27/10 - Elon in Karlshamn bought 80 boxes and invited us to their customer evening 9/11 - Sold chocolate boxes during open house in Nordenbergsskolan 9/11 - Held a presentation for a “Dragons Den” 10/11 - Were featured in the newspaper 24 Blekinge 17/1 - Hairdresser stocked our product and sold them to customers 18/11 - Sold chocolate in Lönsboda at the Christmas market “Granada” 20/11 - Launched latest chocolate box “Merry Christmas” 21/11 - BLT published an article about the company 3/12 - Christmas market in Tingsryd and Olofström 5/12 - Citybolaget bought 30 boxes of chocolate 7/12 - Launched a new box of chocolate, “Happy New Year” 15/1 - Hosted a competition that reaches over 1450 people 30/1 - Launched our latest box of chocolate “Valentines day” 12/2 - Launched personalized messages 17/3 - first page in “sydöstran” Who are Chocogift UF?


messages messages 95%

6/18/2015 messages:


12Secure Messaging 95%

Enable a user to send messages to, and receive messages from, a patient in a secure manner.


Sportora Set Up Guide - club with multiple teams 94%

If they already happen to have the app downloaded they will receive a Sportora app message in their ‘Messages’ section with an option to accept or decline your invitation.


igrandangolo prog 2018 pp 94%

Ascierto, Paolo Marchetti Novità scientifiche dell’anno Paola Queirolo 15.00 Immunoterapia Discussione interattiva in clinica, non dimenticando il laboratorio Michele Maio, Marianna Nuti Novità scientifiche dell’anno Marianna Nuti Discussione interattiva Take home messages Michele Maio 15.50 L’Imaging:


messages messages 94%

6/18/2015 messages:


messages messages 94%

6/18/2015 messages:


karney 94%