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thesis Morse ThinkingParticularityScotusHeidegger& 100%

The Possibility of Anti-Metaphysical Truth in Heidegger and Scotus Truth in Metaphysics:


Aiken Aristotle&Heidegger 1991 93%

WYATT AIKEN 30 recondite frequently that language peculiar discourse actually of ontology, very corresponds metaphysical but closely also it is a because own to Aristotle's terminology.2 I The Language of the Onto-metaphysical at the outset to of any establish pensable then very a consistent to sustain, precise, albeit linguistic language poetic the thing-that-is-there Nichts), is-there and is (das Was-sein), Discourse.


Fernando Mancebo Rodriguez 90%

AUTHOR'S COMPLAINS During the last thirty years of studies and construction of my cosmic and metaphysical theories, I have been able to check as all the basic principles of the same ones coincide, are complementary and explain in a quite clear way the structuring of the cosmos or universe, so much in its physical part as in its metaphysical one.



it doesn’t know about metaphysical things.


BEING - S. Foulkes 85%

The point is that any theory which hopes to be ‘fully comprehensive’ - one whole Philosophy, as it were - must respond to Metaphysical questions first if it ever hopes to reach the more ‘pragmatically productive’ domain of knowledge which can inform actions taken in the world.


Big Bang Fallacy. 85%

The Big Bang Fallacy by Neil Pius Castelino.


Klima JohnBuridansNominalistLogic&c 84%

The result is the subsequent discussion of Buridan’s logical, and closely intertwined metaphysical and epistemological ideas.


TESI Borghini Necessity&SufficiencyUniversals 80%

I believe this view can shed some new light on an old, and undeservedly forgotten, metaphysical picture, which is best suited to accommodate the way in which we gain knowledge of reality.


swenson-Ability Foreknowledge and Explanatory Dependence 80%

Just as we have logical, conceptual, metaphysical, and natural necessity, we also have corresponding types of explanatory dependence.


swenson-Ability Foreknowledge and Explanatory Dependence 77%

Just as we have logical, conceptual, metaphysical, and natural necessity, we also have corresponding types of explanatory dependence.


thesis-Madeira PedroDaDopnsecasIsagoge 75%

Katholieke Universiteit Leuven Hoger Instituut voor Wijsbegeerte Kard.


laggiu' dove tutto e' possibile 75%

The art is, especially, the metaphysics that we can perceive in Böcklin and of which de Chirico becomes heir and witness not only in periods of clear böcklinian inspiration, in widely documented exhibitions, but also afterwards when the first metaphysical season is referred to.


Jean Faurot Phenomenology 72%

The Phenomenology of Spirit Type of philosophy:


DissWhitworthScotusSenseCognition 68%

.7 1.1 Some Underlying Metaphysical Principles .


SP Eng 67%

Metaphysical Poetry Dominions Luminous Mind Black Swan Dog Awareness Perfect Genuineness Satyagraha Ellis Bell Covenant Dreamcatcher Page-23 Bibliography Page-30 PAGE 2 Part One - The Veil of Maya World of Illusions When eating a fruit, think of the person who planted the tree,” (Vietnamese proverb) The world of illusions describes the world of matter, material world, with its own thought patterns, cosmology, civilizations and political life.


Guido Alt CV 59%

Curriculum Vitae Guido Alt AOS:


Metaphysical Law And Murder 55%

Metaphysical Law And Murder Allegedly they cannot hurt a conscious human being who hasn't joined their club or programs.


matriarchy pamphlet draft 53%

Christianity is a very (morally anyway) neurofeminine ideology that's simultaneously over-capitulative and yet very self-serving, especially its Catholicist variants, although, nevertheless, probably a true enough account of metaphysical spiritualist phenomena when taken as a whole, to which the author subscribes themselves no particular denomination therein.