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43-Risco G. Budji 100%

Metoda penelitian meliputi penyarian dengan metoda maserasi menggunakan cairan penyari methanol dan heksan.


Surrogate j.1530-0277.2007.00474 95%

Known toxic constituents include lead, which may lead to chronic toxicity, and methanol, which leads to acute poisoning.


Coumarin FOCH 7023 94%

The optimal sample preparation for foods containing cinnamon was investigated and found to be cold extraction of 15 g sample with 50 mL of methanol (80%, v/v) for 30 min using magnetic stirring.


Tequila jf048637f 91%

FTIR allowed a rapid screening of density and ethanol as well as the volatile compounds methanol, ethyl acetate, propanol-1, isobutanol, and 2-/3-methyl-1-butanol using partial least-squares regression (precisions ) 5.3-29.3%).


Herstellung von Biodiesel im Schullabor 87%

- Natriumhydroxid (5g) - Methanol (110ml) - Rapsöl (500ml) - Destilliertes Wasser - Waage - Heizplatte/Magnetrührer - 200ml Becherglas - 800ml Becherglas - Thermometer - Scheidetrichter Durchführung:


Unrecorded Review DAR 83%

methanol or diethyl phthalate).


Unrecorded policy DRUPOL974 77%

methanol) can improve health outcomes associated with surrogate alcohol consumption.


55-Ridawati, Alsuhendra, dan Ruby Sastanovia 75%

The results of this research showed that methanol can be used to extract the flavonoids of gambir.


30-248-1-PB 72%

For this experiment, the mobile phase was set to a gradient of DI water and methanol to optimize the retention times.


BACARDI Erpresserbrief Bacardi wird erpresst 1 von 2 69%

es wurden bei unterschiedlichen namentlich nicht genannten lebensmitteleinzelhaendlern und -discountern in deutschland 10 stueck ihres produktes bacardi superior zum zeitnahen abverkauf platziert die von uns mit jeweils 200 ml hochreinem methanol (siehe beiliegende probe und sicherheitsdatenblatt) praepariert wurden.


SEPTEMBER 09 2017 65%

-The Central Ground Water Board (CGWB) has inked Memorandum of Agreement (MoA) with Indian Institute of Science (IISc), Bengaluru for Development of ground water flow models and preparation of aquifer management plans for parts of Karnataka -Scientists from Cardiff University, UK have discovered a new way to produce methanol from methane using oxygen from the air.


Young Scientist USA 2014 62%

Physical Science Influence of the Rare-Earth Elements Concentration on Catalytic and Physicochemical Properties of Pentasils in Toluene Alkylation with Methanol .


T-805 Acrylic Lacquer Thiner (TTS, 7-2-15) 60%

methanol toluene acetone · Hazard statements H225 Highly flammable liquid and vapor.


lamour JBMR-A 2011 58%

Modified coverslips eda, peda, deta, aptms, adms, respectively, were obtained by immersion of the clean glass in a solution of 2% EDA, PEDA, DETA, APTMS, ADMS, respectively, and of 94% methanol, 4% H2O, 1 mM acetic acid.


Wenzl Analysis of heat-induced contaminants 56%

Finally, chromatographic separation is performed by Water Water and 1propanol [2H3]acrylamide Methacrylamide + [2H3]acrylamide butyramide Methacrylamide 2,3dibromo-N,Ndimethylpropionamide Different extraction methods Alkaline extraction Methanol Water, nhexane, acetonitrile Water, nhexane, acetonitrile PLE extraction with acetonitrile, 35 °C Defatting, NaCl solution, RT Water, RT, CW/DVB SPME fibre [2H3]acrylamide [13C1] acrylamide [13C3]acrylamide [2H3]acrylamide [2H3]acrylamide [13C3]acrylamide [13C3]acrylamide Coffee, crispbread, potato crisps, milk chocolate Various food Potato chips, various food Various food Various food Cereal-based food Baby food Potato crisp, potato chips Defatting, water, RT [13C1]acrylamide Various foodstuff [13C3]acrylamide Water, RT 2,3-Dibromo-N,Ndimethylpropionamide Mushrooms Water, RT Water, RT [2H3]acrylamide Crispbread potato crisps Bakery and potato products Various foodstuff Tomatoes Extraction/pretreatment Internal standard (ISTD) Matrix Table 1 Methods for the determination of acrylamide in food Derivatization GC-PCI-MS, SIM LC-MS/MS, SRM LC-MS/MS, SRM Detection L/L extraction with ethyl acetate, SPE:


Rapid quality control of spirit drinks and beer using FTIR 54%

During validation with an independent set of samples, strong correlation with the reference values and great accuracy were demonstrated for the spirit parameters density, ethanol, methanol, ethyl acetate, propanol-1, isobutanol and 2-/3-methyl-1-butanol (R2 = 0.90–0.98), as well as for the beer parameters ethanol, density, original gravity and lactic acid (R2 = 0.97–0.98).


Stoffdatenblatt 52%

Methanol -> Acetylen;


Biochemie Zusammenfassung Muller 52%

spielen wichtige Rolle bei der Säure-Base-Katalyse pKa jedoch stark umgebungsabhängig Asp Katalyse bei der HIV-Protease Ser, Nukleophil bei Serin-Proteasen (pKa von Methanol ungefähr 16) Insulin-Hexamerkristalle lösen sich bei pH>6 auf Asp:3,9;


Musshoff JAT Seitenzahl 51%

Journal of Analytical Toxicology, Vol.


Breast Augmentation by The Effect of Phytoestrogen[1] 50%

In order to analyse the ingredients of this product, it was grounded with a mortar and crushed with a homogenizer filled with 1 liter of 100% methanol, whereupon the effective substances within it were extracted.


All Russian Federation VRD standards in English, departmental regulatory documents of the RF in English 50%

Guidelines for Determining Methanol Consumption Rates Used in Calculations of Maximum Allowable or Temporarily Approved Concentrations of Methanol Released by Facilities Operated by JSC Gazprom Description in Russian:


Lamour ColSurfB 2009 47%

Modified surfaces were obtained by immersing clean glass coverslips into a solution 2% n[3-(trimethoxysilyl)propyl]ethylendiamine (EDA) (Acros Organics, 97%), 94% methanol (Carlo Erba Reagents, 99.9%), 4% deionized water, 1 mM acetic acid (Carlo Erba Reagents, 99.9%) [24], during approximately 24 h, at room temperature in an ambient atmosphere.


2018 Central Valley Mini Stocks Rulebook V2 45%

Oil and Fuel Any regular pump gas is allowed No methanol, alcohol, or ethanol is allowed Any engine and transmission fluid is allowed Cab and Body All glass and flammable material must be removed from the cab and body.