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baby sensory launch 100%

Coming to The Milky Way from April...


toddler sense launch mway 98%

Classes will take place in a lovely new dedicated classroom within Li le Stars, at The Milky Way Adventure Park.


toddler sense launch 97%

Classes will take place in a lovely new dedicated classroom within Li le Stars, at The Milky Way Adventure Park.


Halloween-Candy-Carb-Counts 94%

size 38 16 Lemonheads 10 pieces 14 Snickers Bar (2.07 oz) 36 5 Snickers Fun size 10 Blow Pop Super size 34 Snickers Mini 5.5 Bottle Caps Ten pieces Bubble Yum One piece M&Ms, plain 10 pieces 14 M&Ms, plain Halloween mini box 10 Snickers Almond Bars Fun size 11 6 M&Ms, plain Fun size 12 Starburst 2 chews 8.5 Pack (17g) 16 5 M&Ms, plain M&Ms, plain Mini pack Bag (1.69 oz) 15 34 Swedish Fish Sweet Tarts mini packs 5 packs 13 Fun size 14 M&M, peanut Six pieces 7.5 Tootsie Pop One piece 16 Fun size 15 M&Ms, peanut Fun size 11 Tootsie Rolls One piece 10 One piece 7 Twix 2 cookies 37 10 Butterfinger Bar (2 oz) 41 Butterfinger Bite size Butterfinger Butterfinger Butterfinger Mini 7.3 Candy corn 15 pieces 15 Dots 12 pieces 35 Double Bubble Gum One piece 5 M&Ms, peanut M&Ms, peanut M&Ms, peanut butter Mini pack Bag (1.74 oz) Bag (1.69 oz) 13 30 27 Tootsie Roll midgee Twix Fun size Mike and Ike Small box 12 Twix Snack size Snack size 9 Twix Mini Milky Way Bar (2.15 oz) 43 Twizzlers One piece 12 Twizzlers Mini 11 Dum Dum suckers One piece Gummy Bears Eleven pieces Lifesavers Gummi Savers One roll 7 30 13 Milk Duds Milky Way Fun size Heath Bar 25 Milky Way Mini Mounds Snack size 20 Mr.


crow-realm-overview 92%

The Crow Realm    The Realm of Crow is a small part of the world. It is nestled in a corner of the land to  which few travel. It is a realm of relative peace, with city­states and fiefdoms living together in  harmony. Of course, there are bad people, wild animals, bandits, marauders, monsters, goblins,  and the realm itslef.     The Crow Realm is surrounded on all four sides by natural barriers. To the south there is  a great cliff, dropping down to unfathomable depths. People have climbed down but nobody has  returned. To the north the mountains grow sharp and cold and become covered in ice and  glaciers. People have travelled far north but they have always perished, or turned back in the face  of the cold. To the east there is a set of tall mountains, called the Wings, that act rainshadow to  the dry desert beyond. People have tried to cross the desert but none have returned. To the west  there is the Great Bear Rainforest, a temperate rainforest full of bears. Everybody who goes there  gets attacked by bears. Nobody lives there because of all the bears. It sounds like a joke but you  won’t be laughing when a bear is eating you.     The central geographic feature of the Crow Realm is the Crow’s Throat River, and its  tributaties. It is in the river valleys of these channels that the majority of the realm’s folks live.  There are nine major towns, all situtated somewhere on this watershed. Most of the realm’s  inhabitants are humans, halflings, elves, and dwarves. The elves form the majority in the Alfur  river valley, and dwarves can be found in the mountains.     RIVERS:    Crow’s Throat ­ ​ the main channel of the realm. Runs from the high north to the deep south,  terminating in the huge waterfall south of Blackfeather that falls down forever over the cliff.  Many large and small towns reside on the banks of this river, including four of the major nine. All  other tributaties flow eventually into the Crow’s Throat, so anybody upriver can always meet up  downriver. It is a diverse river, with swift mountain rapids and languid floodplain meanders.     Alfur ­ ​ the ‘first’ major tributary of the throat. Flows from the east through a heavily wooded  valley. Elves form the majority population of this valley and it is their ancestral homeland.     Milky ­ ​ the second major tributary, flowing from the west. The central town of Kerry is found at  the confluation of the Milky and Crow’s Throat Rivers. The Milky river gets its name from the  white­coloured water, which is a result of glacial till suspended in the current.    Sandy ­ ​ a tributary of the Milky river, flowing from the west and south. Named for its sandy  bottoms, it is a wide and slow­moving river. The valley is home to huge forests of beech trees that  support the glassmaking industry. Farther upriver the headwaters are actually in th GBR so are  not travelled to often.     Coldwater ­ ​ the third main tributary of the Throat, flowing from the north and west. Calackas  is the major city of the river and the region. This river valley has a high dwarf population,  especially farther from the river towards the mountains. The river is named for its very cold  waters. Many folk perish in the river each year, making it one of the most dangerous travel  routes.     TOWNS:  Listed in order from downriver to upriver.     Blackfeather  ❖ Largest city in the realm. Economic and cultural capital of humans, halflings, tieflings  and halfbloods.   ❖ Situated on the fluvial Hemlock Island, which is covered in farmland. Farmland covers  other fluvial islands and the river banks.   ❖ Ruled from Castle Krage by the Duchess Violet Duke (​ AKA Duchess Duke, AKA Double D​ ).  ❖ A few villages/hamlets on the riverbanks that identify as autonymous communities but  are governed by the Duchess (​ Mill Creek, Foundry, Gold Landing, Wheatport, Tine Darby)​ .   ❖ Known for its belltowers and bells. Keeps good time. Also home to a multitude of  churches and temples of all religions.   ❖ Largest city on the Crow’s Throat River.   ❖ The floodplain is known as Spring Valley and the Duchess has vague control over the  area.     Irisfield  ❖ Situated in a crook in the Crow’s Throat River north of Blackfeather. Very  farming­oriented community. Lots of trade and travel to Blackfeather.   ❖ Lots of fishing in the river as well. Freshwater shrimp and mussels gathered in the slow  meanders.   ❖ Home to to the Central Bank & Mint, buying precious metals from northern towns and  minting them into coins. Every coin is worth as much as the metal, and the bank has a  huge vault with which to give out loans and back its wealth.     Sol Ban  ❖ Elf capital on the Alfur River. Home to many elves and always a high population of  transient elves roaming through. Humans and other races also welcome and present  (others are about 30% of the pop).   ❖ Home to the Startower. Kinda like a university, where magic, history, science, nature, and  all sorts of disciplines are taught. Students come from all around the realm to learn.  Mostly elf professors but a handful of others (couple humans, one dwarf).   ❖ Cultural capital for the elves but no political sway aside from its immediate surroundings.   ❖ On both sides of the Alfur River. A lot of thin fancy bridges, as well as competing ferry  services. The north side is home to the shipping docks, more inns, more industry, and the  road west. South side is more homes, agriculture, parkland, and the Startower.     Novi Marof  ❖ Smaller than Sol Ban and deeper into the woods. Fewer permanent residents and higher  population of elves (few other races).   ❖ Road runs through the mountains north to Broken Ankle. Common trade between the  two areas.   ❖ A lot of architecture incorporating living wood: treehouses, vine bridges, hedge walls, etc.   ❖ Due to proximity to the Wings, receives a lot of precipitation, mostly rain.   ❖ Lots of berries and fungi grow here. Known for its interesting and delicious cuisine.       Kerry  ❖ Possibly the most central town in the realm. At the intersection of the Milky and Crow’s  Throat Rivers.   ❖ More taverns per capita than any other town. Crazy names and weird special drinks;  owners try to outdo each other.   ❖ Well known for its spring Milk Festival. A whole weekend each year in late spring where  parties are held, cheese is eaten, yogurt is drunk, and milk is quaffed non­stop.   ❖ Booming meat industry, beef, pork, goat, and chicken. Slaughterhouse district on the east  bank of the river.     Jewel  ❖ Largest town in the Beech Valley, on the Sandy River.   ❖ Home to the Lookingglas Glass Company (LGC). Employs a lot of people and owns a lot  of land. Logs beech trees for ash, and sells beech nuts to locals for oil. Factories to smelt  it. Transport and production big part of the industry.   ❖ Due to its proximity to the Great Bear Rainforest, bears are a common sight, as are other  wild animals and monsters.     Greenmarket  ❖ Huge logging community, on the Crow’s Throat River between conflux of Coldwater and  Wolf Creek. Lots of pine trees logged and floated downstream to Irisfield and  Blackfeather, as well as the other towns  ❖ No government, run by cooperatives and the barter system. Big tradition of using the  barter system. Some shops or merchants refuse to take coins entirely.   ❖ Lots of sawmills and craft furniture.     Calackas  ❖ On the Coldwater River near Ice Creek.   ❖ Smaller town with high dwarf population. Lots of mining for copper, iron, coal, and tin.   ❖ Central part of the town is actually quite a ways from the river. Port facilities, docks, and  wharfs found right on the Coldwater, but wide flat roads travel away from the freezing  water to the main town.   ❖ Area­wise the town is small. Works on levels: high towers and deep basements.  Underground connections and elevated causeways, both to avoid outdoor travel during  the cold winters.     Broken Ankle  ❖ Nestled tightly in the mountains near the Crow’s Throat river. To the south there is a road  through the mountains to Novi Marof.   ❖ Lots of mining just like Swift Current. More precious metals though, like gold and  platinum. Also silver and coal.   ❖ Not much agriculture but heavy trade connections with the elves leads to lots of exotic  foods.


Angelasportfolio 88%

Angela Katsaras PORTFOLIO The Milky Way Project Milky Way är en konstinstallation bestående av skulptur, ljudlandskap, ultraviolett ljussättning och interaktiva element inför konstevenemanget Devolotion.


Aether Displacement 83%

Aether Displacement explains why the shape of the Milky Way's 'dark matter' is in the shape of a squished beach ball.


Manometer 81%

Zeroing is easy, using the sliding milky white scale, inbuilt preset spirit level for accurate mounting.


Babu-A3-sleazy-menu-V2 78%

limes £2.00 sweets Bombay Slaw Carrot, cabbage, onion with 100 clove garlic and chilli mayo £2.50 Cucumber and ginger raita Toasted ginger loaf and kulfi Moist ginger-ry loaf, toasted in butter then served with Indian churned milky ice cream, choose your flavours:


guangyuan-zhang TGS-BN 77%

THE PORTRAIT UNDER THE GALAXY Whether you call it a self-portrait or “selfie”, there’s nothing like an awe-inspiring photo of a person under a vast, star-studded Milky Way to really capture an audience’s attention.


Goldian 73%

The Gwakem aliens from Gdavooloos planet, Formila galaxy (which is 12 light years from our galaxy, the Milky Way), first started attacking Neptune after their planet had been destroyed by a gigantic asteroid.


letter 71%

moons that have been discovered in our milky way galaxy, these robots will explore the planets &


crossword-revise (2) 68%

This tree at Pramod Mahajan Kala Park gets its name on account of its sour milky sap (6,5) 3.


Car Buying Checklist 67%

Check Coolant – Is it clear, or milky (leaking headgasket)?


Subject Einar 66%

The dropship Vigdis and my crew are preparing for another covert assignment to the Milky Way - Loki and the Science Council has ordered us to deliver new observation equipment and repair the intelligence testing equipment on the protected planet Uge Stour, as well as <redacted by the High Council>.


Katie's Cafe Menu 62%

$3.25 THE ZARF $11 Cinnamon Ginger Mixed greens, fried zucchini, sprouts, tomato, red Earl Grey Jasmine Green onion, garlic pepper, and red wine vinaigrette on English Breakfast Raspberry Lemon toasted sourdough breadblueberries THE MILKY WAY S:


Récap. Tom Chalenge 62%

Nom Beckers Beckers Bonardeaux Braine Cattelain Cordier Cordier Corman De Greef De Greef Debry Decoster Dehavay Delaite Delcourt Delleuze Demaret Demesse Demesse Denamur Falco Ferroni Geers Ghyselinck Ghyselinck Ghyselinck Giacobazzi Goffart Goffart Hissette Hollande Hollande Jacqmin Janssens Joris Kollman Lambinon Lambrights Lefebvre Legrand Legrand Léonard Malbrancke Manterre Manterre Martin Meunier Meunier Meyvis Meyvis Moyaers Nelis Nicolaes Panayiota Sportigas Parotte Prénom Chantal Chantal Pascale Axelle Jean-Jacques Danielle Olivier Romain Danielle Danielle Amarylis Julie Pascale Philippe Myriam Laurence Anaïs Dominique Dominique Rachel Lèa Geoffrey Nadine Annette Charlotte Charlotte Mirella André-Marie André-Marie Dominique Marie Marie Phlippe Béatrice Isabelle Patricia Viviane Benoit Pascal Delphine Delphine Laurence Valèrie Céline David Alison Amélie Amélie Micheline Micheline Karolien Martial Antoine Yota Bernadette Chien Oméga Mila Tara Stich Lucky Ness Beauty Sona Izara Joggy Ivy Milky Nério Opale Paco Noisette Opale Kenzia Makalu Aston Ness Daiko Ziggy Padmé Nash Lila Ottima Merlin Hirish Nessa Jiteen Fatale Bella Kapy MissK Rey Heloïse Huna Maverick Pearl Stuart June Linka Naya Ice Nero London Zia Lola Ioshi narnia Oz Pharo Ice Tea Optimus Catégorie Large Small Large Small Médium Small Large Large Médium Médium Large Large Large Large Large Large Large Large Large Large Large Large Large Large Large Large Large Large Large Large Small Small Large Large Large Small Large Small Large Large Large Large Large Large Large Large Large Large Large Médium Large Large Large Small Médium Grade 1 1 1 3 1 3 1 1 2 2 2 1 2 1 ?


N° Tom Chalenge 61%

N° 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 32 33 34 35 36 37 38 39 40 41 42 43 44 45 46 47 48 49 50 51 52 53 54 55 Nom Beckers Bonardeaux Debry Decoster Dehavay Demaret Demesse Ghyselinck Legrand Romain Martin Nelis Renery Surson Tihon Corman Malbrancke Meunier Rongy Denamur Delcourt Wagneur Nicolaes Falco Lefebvre Ferroni Cordier Geers Goffart Delaite Manterre Demesse Ghyselinck Legrand Romain Moyaers Lambinon Janssens Meunier Rongy Peltier Petitjean Picron Renard Thijssen Hissette Meyvis Giacobazzi Jacqmin Joris Léonard Manterre Ghyselinck Staquet Vandevoorde Prénom Chantal Pascale Amarylis Julie Pascale Anaïs Dominique Charlotte Delphine Annie Alison Martial Célia Gaelle Cassandra Romain Valèrie Amélie Myriam Rachel Myriam Delphine Antoine Lèa Pascal Geoffrey Olivier Nadine André-Marie Philippe Céline Dominique Charlotte Delphine Annie Karolien Viviane Béatrice Amélie Myriam Julie Elise Marc Wendy Ivo Dominique Micheline Mirella Phlippe Isabelle Laurence David Annette Kistel Florence Chien Oméga Tara Ivy Milky Nério Opale Kenzia Nash Pearl P’tiboy Nero Oz Peps Kinia Non-Didjap Sona Linka London Nawak Aston Paco Patchouli Pharo Ness Maverick Daiko Beauty Ziggy Merlin Opale Naya Makalu Lila Stuart Gribouille narnia Heloïse Kapy Zia Jipsy Maika Lago Pelipa kaliska Darko Thunder Nessa Lola Ottima Bella MissK June Ice Padmé Douchka Matt Catégorie Large Large Large Large Large Large Large Large Large Large Large Large Large Large Large Large Large Large Large Large Large Large Large Large Large Large Large Large Large Large Large Large Large Large Large Large Large Large Large Large Large Large Large Large Large Large Large Large Large Large Large Large Large Large Large Jour Samedi Samedi Samedi Samedi Samedi Samedi Samedi Samedi Samedi Samedi Samedi Samedi Samedi Samedi Samedi Week-end Week-end Week-end Week-end Week-end Week-end Week-end Week-end Week-end Week-end Week-end Week-end Week-end Week-end Week-end Week-end Samedi Samedi Samedi Samedi Week-end Week-end Week-end Week-end Week-end Week-end Week-end Week-end Week-end Week-end Week-end Dimanche Dimanche Dimanche Dimanche Dimanche Dimanche Dimanche Dimanche Dimanche Paiement Mail Mail Mail Mail payé Mail Payé Mail Payé Payé Mail Payé Mail Payé Payé Payé Payé Payé Payé Payé Payé Payé Payé Payé Payé Payé Mail Payé Payé Mail Payé Payé Mail Payé Payé Payé Payé Payé Payé Payé Payé Payé Payé Payé Payé Payé Payé Payé Payé Payé Payé Payé Payé Payé Mail 56 57 58 59 60 61 62 63 64 65 66 67 68 69 70 71 72 73 74 75 76 77 78 79 80 Hollande De Greef Cattelain Schoenaerts Luzzi Parotte Meyvis Schoenaerts Wittouck Lambrights Beckers Braine Cordier Panayiota Sportigas Plunus Toussaint Kollman Hollande De Greef Queriat Staquet Wagneur Goffart Wittouck Delleuze Marie Danielle Jean-Jacques Dominique Sébastien Bernadette Micheline Dominique Wivine Benoit Chantal Axelle Danielle Yota Claire Françoise Patricia Marie Danielle Michel Kistel Delphine André-Marie Wivine Laurence Jiteen Joggy Lucky Macao Miley Optimus Ioshi Maïs Kooper Huna Mila Stich Ness Ice Tea Liliu Macheli Rey Fatale Izara Hyuta Pep’s Ioshi Hirish Ipso Noisette Small Médium Médium Médium Médium Médium Médium Médium Small Small Small Small Small Small Small Small Small Small Médium Large Vet Large Vet Large Vet Large Vet Large Vet Large Vet Dimanche Week-end Samedi Samedi Week-end Week-end Dimanche Dimanche Dimanche Dimanche Samedi Week-end Week-end Week-end Week-end Week-end Dimanche Dimanche Week-end Dimanche Dimanche Week-end Week-end Dimanche Samedi Payé Payé Payé Mail Mail Payé payé Mail Payé Payé Mail Payé Mail Mail Payé Mail Payé Payé Payé Payé Payé Payé Payé Payé Payé


School Supply LIst 16-17 61%

Pop-a-point pencils, Trapper Keepers, 3 ring binders, mechanical pencils, gel/milky pens, pencil sharpeners • • Byen ke lekòl la bay materyèl ak bagay yo bezwen pou aktivity enstriksyon de baz, lòt materyèl ke yo mande nan lis sa-a va pèmèt pitit ou amelyore pwogram edikasyonèl li.


AlgoClear Brochure (1) 60%

Green algae disappears first, sometimes leaving a faint milky sheen at the surface for a few days maximum.


garri processing 60%

Collect the cassava slurry into a clean polythene sack and tie, then bagged cassava slurry can be left in the fermentation rack for one or more days before de-watering, allow the milky water to drain freely from the bags.


space 60%

Nature Publishing Group Analytical chemistry Ancient Greek astronomy Andrews Space Androgynous Peripheral Attach System Andromeda (constellation) Andromeda Ascendant Andromeda Galaxy Andromeda Milky Way collision


FTL 58%

Faster Than Light Composed by Ben Prunty – Arranged by Sphax137 – @sphax137 3 6 10 14 15 17 20 22 25 29 34 39 41 46 47 51 Space Cruise – Title Milky Way – Explore Civil – Explore Cosmos – Explore Debris – Explore Mantis – Explore Engi – Explore Colonial – Explore Rockmen – Explore Zoltan – Explore Federation – Bonus Cosmos – Battle Last Stand Victory Lanius – Explore Hacking Malfunction – Explore Space Cruise Title Allegretto q = 100 Piano 7 ϖ α % α αααα 33 ϖϖϖ Ο >


Real Chart 20 July 57%

Becky Hill Gecko (Overdrive) Sia Chandelier Coldplay A Sky Full Of Stars 8 John Legend All of Me u Mr Probz Waves ¨ Sam Smith Stay With Me ¨ Kove ft Melissa Steel Way We Are Fuse ODG ft Sean Paul Dangerous Love 8 Milky Chance Stolen Dance Pharrell Williams Happy uu Clavin Harris Summer ¨ Jason Derulo Wiggle 8 Idina Menzel Let It Go u Rita Ora I Will Never Let You Down ¨ Tiesto ft Matthew Koma Wasted 8 5 Seconds of Summer Don't Stop EP Example One More Day (Stay With Me) Paloma Faith Only Love Can Hurt Like This ¨ MKTO Classic DJ Fresh vs TC Make U Bounce Kiesza Hideaway ¨ Clean Bandit ft Jess Glynne Rather Be u Ed Sheeran Thinking Out Loud Sigma Nobody To Love ¨ Iggy Azalea ft Charli XCX Fancy ¨ Michael Jackson &


Real Chart 12 July 57%

Becky Hill Gecko (Overdrive) Jess Glynne Right Here Sia Chandelier Coldplay A Sky Full Of Stars 8 Sam Smith Stay With Me ¨ John Legend All of Me u Mr Probz Waves ¨ MKTO Classic Pharrell Williams Happy uu 5 Seconds of Summer Don't Stop EP Clavin Harris Summer ¨ Jason Derulo Wiggle 8 DJ Fresh vs TC Make U Bounce Example One More Day (Stay With Me) Tiesto ft Matthew Koma Wasted 8 Fuse ODG ft Sean Paul Dangerous Love 8 Milky Chance Stolen Dance Matrix &