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E x p eren cia S trob el El Lago Strobel es un destino que creo que a la mayoría de los pescadores con mosca le da vuelta por la cabeza Quién no se imagino un “mano a mano” con esos verdaderos buques arco iris que viven en sus aguas Gracias a Leandro Bianchi de Acción de Pesca y a Fabio Enriquez (Operador Lago Strobel) pude conocer este paraíso truchero.


ad SFR20sep-04 99%

9:00 AM National Park Service (NPS) Santa Fe Trail Association Tour  Starts at Wheelwright Museum of the American Indian (WMAI) 9:00 AM – 3:00 PM Matanza Traditional Pig Roast  $12 per person all-you-can-eat, drinks included Museum of Spanish Colonial Arts (MOSCA) 9:00 AM – 3:00 PM Horno Baking  Including flatbread, cookies, and s’more making for all ages  Santa Fe Botanical Garden (SFBG) 9:00 AM – 3:00 PM Herbal Iced Tea Tasting  Sample teas made from herbs grown in the agricultural terraces  SFBG 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM Docent Tours  Ask questions and learn how to incorporate elements of the landscaping into your own backyard  SFBG 10:00 AM Black Mesa Dancers (San Ildefonso Pueblo) WMAI 10:00 AM – 3:00 PM Weaving and Fiber Spinning Demonstrations SFBG 10:00 AM – 3:00 PM Taqueria Gracias Madre Food Truck WMAI 10:00 AM – 3:00 PM Artist Wendy Boivin (Menominee) leads a Hands-on Beading Activity WMAI 10:00 AM – 4:00 PM Children’s Treasure Hunt in the Galleries WMAI 10:00 AM – 5:00 PM Museum of Indian Arts and Culture (MIAC) Native Treasures Collectors’ Sale - FINAL DAY  Laboratory of Anthropology, Meem Hall 11:00 AM Storyteller Joe Hayes WMAI 11:00 AM International Folk Art Alliance (IFAA) Master Artist Gasali Adeyamo leads a Hands-on Tie Dye Workshop for all ages  Milner Plaza 11:00 AM NPS Santa Fe Trail Association Tour  Starts at WMAI 11:30 AM – 1:00 PM Nasario Garcia reads his new children’s book Grandpa Lolo’s Matanza MOSCA 12:15 PM Black Mesa Dancers (San Ildefonso Pueblo) WMAI 1:00 – 4:00 PM Family Mural  Paint your favorite storybook or movie character  MIAC 1:00 – 4:00 PM Storytellers Sunny Dooley (Diné), Stephen Fadden (Awkwesasne Mohawk), and Christopher Chavez (Santo Domingo Pueblo)  MIAC 1:00 – 4:00 PM Artist Martha Arquero (Cochiti Pueblo) leads a Hands-on Pottery Activity  MIAC 1:00 – 4:00 PM Let Us Eat Cake!  Birthday cake for all to celebrate MIAC anniversaries  MIAC 1:00 – 4:00 PM Varsity Marimba Band from Academy for Technology and the Classics  Museum of International Folk Art (MOIFA) 1:00 – 4:00 PM Hands-on Art for ages 3 to 103  Make notched, layered paper photo frames in conjunction with the exhibition No Idle Hands:


2015 August 94%

TBA Secretary Jan Smirnow 561-735-8921 Treasurer Nick Mosca 954-205-3168 Huntmaster:


14 - Esmeralda - La mercenaria libre 89%

—Ya ha ido el señor Mosca mientras nos presentábamos.


2015 January 88%

Jim Sharp 561-966-6986 Secretary Jan Smirnow 561-735-8921 Treasurer Nick Mosca 954-981-7179 Huntmaster:


duedatediesecuzione 85%

Il breve scarto temporale fu indicato, nonostante la presenza sul corpo della povera ragazza di larve di mosca, che secondo la letteratura tanatocronologica hanno bisogno di almeno 25 ore per svilupparsi.


2011 January 84%

FIRST TIME AMBASSADOR REPEAT AMBASSADOR PETE SCHNEIDER Returned a Cell Phone JAN SMIRNOW Returned a Wallet DESSERT CONTEST SUPER STARS Nick Mosca, Cindy Van Deventer, Marilyn Smith, Marge Hamlin, and Heather McNew December birthday celebrants Jack Saint and Carol Presslein both received a birthday dollar at the meeting.


2010 May 79%

Jim Sharp, with an assist by Nick Mosca, presented a great program:


2015 February 78%

Jim Sharp 561-966-6986 Secretary Jan Smirnow 561-735-8921 Treasurer Nick Mosca 954-981-7179 Huntmaster:


2009 November 78%

BIRTHDAYS October birthday celebrants Jan Smirnow and Nick Mosca both received a gold presidential dollar for attending the meeting during their birthday month.


2010 November 76%

ELAYNE AND HEATHER’S CORNER DOOR PRIZES “And the Winners Are…” Carmelo Basilico – Reading Light Carmelo Basilico – Silver Dime Carmelo Basilico – Headlight Marilyn Batts – Kellyco Hat Les Batts – Headlight Paul Hamlin – Estee Lauder White Linen Perfume Spray Ron Ketelaar –Navy Cooler Tim Mooney – Kellyco Towel Tim Mooney – GCTC Logo Glass Jar Nick Mosca – Sea Beans Book Allen Schwartz – Pumpkin Bowl Jim Sharp – Book:


2015 June 76%

TBA Secretary Jan Smirnow 561-735-8921 Treasurer Nick Mosca 954-981-7179 Huntmaster:


2014 December 73%

She brought the famous eleven foot gold chain, Nick Mosca said it weighed at least 2 troy ounces.


2014 January 71%

Jerry Laur 561-951-1015 HAPPY BIRTHDAY JANUARY Bo Greenwood (1/21) Cindy Mosca (1/4) Jack Petenbrink (1/15) Delores Smith (1/3) Nina Smith (1/13) Irving Smith (1/21) Wayne Stephens (1/3) Ed Weston (1/25) ****************************************************** Central Florida Metal Detecting Club Second Annual Central Florida Sunshine Shootout &


Livro de jogos tradicionais 71%

Mosca............................................................................................................35 23. Estátua Silenciosa .........................................................................................36 24.



“Clarinettisti Anonimi” dell'Accademia Musicale “Riccardo Mosca”di Palazzolo sull'Oglio (BS) Wolfagang Amadeus Mozart:


Klarinetten 71%

Daniela Vescovi (Lehrerin) Elena Mascheretti Luca Finazzi Alessia Lozza Elisa Svanetti Chiara Belotti Alice Manini Stefan Gluhovic/cl.Basso (Lehrer) Venedrì, 29 agosto 2014 ore 20:30 nel parco di Valdaora di Mezzo “Clarinettisti Anonimi” dell'Accademia Musicale “Riccardo Mosca”di Palazzolo sull'Oglio (BS) PARTE I:


Bianca Mosca PP-3 71%

The Crawford Collection { Luxury Bags for Successful Men  Inspired by Claude Crawford Racing Car Driver Husband of Madame Bianca Mosca Inspiration    Louisiana Alligator Taurillon Clemence Palladium Fittings Noble Materials  Handcrafted In A Family Owned Milanese Atelier With 60 Years Of Experience Dedicated To Making The Finest Men’s Bags From Exotic &


GCTC February 2016 Newsletter 70%

Vacant Secretary Jan Smirnow 561-735-8921 Treasurer Nick Mosca 954-205-3168 Huntmaster:


2014 May 69%

TBA Secretary Jan Smirnow 561-735-8921 Treasurer Nick Mosca 954-981-7179 Huntmaster:


2011 June 67%

Our guests - Carlo and Jo ELAYNE AND HEATHER'S CORNER DOOR PRIZES “And the Winners Are…” Nick Mosca - Cap light Allen Schwartz - White's hat Amy Hamedl - Kellyco Towel Nick Mosca - Pen knife Jan Smirnow - Shell night light Tom Lieberman - Gold pan Pete Schneider - Clinique Soap for Men Tom Lieberman - White's Travel cup Kathy Marro - Multi-color Wire ties Kathy Marro - Seven function multi-tester Jo of RK Productions - Mail Box Signaler ***************************************** THANK YOU, GENEROUS DONORS!


GCTC April 2016 Newsletter 63%

Sue Chonoles 561-262-8621 Secretary Jan Smirnow 561-735-8921 Treasurer Nick Mosca 954-205-3168 Huntmaster:


GCTC May 2013 Newsletter 62%

A Big Thank You goes to Nick Mosca and Ed D’Amato for greeting the guest and members at the front desk.


Sembrar ajos 60%

- Mosca de la cebolla:


ER1036 60%

Mangino - Friuli Venezia Giulia Ludovico Muzii - Lazio Pierluigi Bracco - Liguria Federico Vianello - Lombardia Gianluca Grechi - Marche Gianluca Gregori - Remonte Mariano Cantatore - Puglia Giuseppe Santeufemia - Sardegna Antonio Maiorana - Sicilia Stefano Calzolari - Toscana Saverio Tateo - Trentino Alto Adige Marcello Ceccaroni - Veneto Livio Leo - Valle d Aosta Consiglieri Cooptati Pietro Litta Stefano Landi Relatori e Moderatori Mauricio Abrao - San Paolo (Brasile) Leila Adamyan - Mosca - (Russia) Cado Alboni - Modena Bruno Andrei - Parma Mario Ardovino - Avellino Rosanna Ariviello - Napoli Chiara Benedetto - Torino Valentino Bergamini - Verona Stefano Bettocchi - Bari Giuseppe Bifulco - Napoli Giuseppe Bigatti - Milano Francesco Bruni - Negrar (Vr) Alessandro Buda - Milano Camillo Cadente - Napoli Stefano Calzolari - Firenze Massimo Candiani - Milano Mariano Cantatore - Andria (Ba) Marco Camelli - Bergamo Paolo Casadio - Bologna Lucia Casarella - Avellino Jvan Casarin - Oxford (UK) Marcello Ceccaroni - Negrar (Vr) Vito Cela - Pisa Mauro Cervigni - Roma Antonio Chiamerà - Napoli Vito Chiamerà - Palermo Ettore Cicinelli - Bari Roberto Clarizia - Negrar (Vr) Henri Clave - Nizza (Francia) Luigi Cobellis - Caserta Nicola Colacurci - Napoli Carmela Coppola - Carate Brianza (MB) Marina Coppola - Avellino Francesco Cosentino - Campobasso Claudio Crescini - Bergamo Carlo De Angelis - Roma Giuseppe De Francesco - Napoli Pasquale De Franciscis - Napoli Giuseppe De Placido - Napoli Cristofaro De Stefano - Avellino Davide De Vita - Salerno Davide Dealberti - Alessandria Alessandra Di Giovanni - Avellino Pìerfranco Di Roberto - Roma Attilio Dì Spiezio Sardo - Napoli Alfredo Ercoli - Novara Giuseppe Ettore - Catania Caterina Exacoustos- Roma Francesco Fanfani - Roma Fabiana Divina Fascina - Bari Luigi Fedele - Milano Stefano Ferrari - Milano Andrea Fiaccavento - Pesch.