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The oldest recognizable musical instrument is a bone flute found in a stone-age cave in Germany in 2008.1 The flute dates back 40,000 years and was challenging to produce at the time.



Today, scholars have developed interest in the extra musical functions of music.


Album Notes CD 1-8 99%

4 Chinese Ancient Music CD 1 - Picture of Primitive Hunting CD 1 - Picture of Primitive Hunting 01 - Chu Shang (Chime Bells from Marquis Yi's Tomb and Orchestra) Arranged by Wang Yuanping Played by the Hubei Orchestra of Chime Bells This piece is based on the musical idea of the qin piece “Li Sao”.


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Max Alper Artist, Producer, Audio Technologist, Educator, Mensch Brooklyn, NY Education Bachelor of Music, Music Composition and Music Technology  CUNY Brooklyn College, Conservatory of Music, Class of 2014 SUNY Purchase College, Conservatory of Music, enrolled 2009­2011 Relevant Experience ­ Manager, Sound engineer, Curator, Community Programming Facilitator at Trans Pecos, a concert and  art space in Ridgewood, Queens. 2013­ Present  ­ Music, Technology, and Performance Consultant, AHRC NYC, June 2014 ­ Present ­ Adjunct Faculty in Audio, Media, Arts, and Technology, Borough Manhattan Community College,  August 2014 ­ Present ­ Vocal, piano, music technology teacher, Norm’s Music, Brooklyn, 2013 – Present  ­ Production management and social media, Representing NYC, a non­profit music and arts management  group focused on the work of participating artists from various social services groups in NYC, January  2013 ­ Present ­ Private Instructor in voice, piano, percussion, production for children age 5 ­ 18, NYC, 2010 ­ Present ­ Teaching Artist for children with special needs, ​ Emerge and See​  Social Groups, NYC, 2012 ­ Present ­ Studio intern at the Brooklyn College Center for Computer Music 2012­2014 ­ Teaching/ Performance Artist, Turtle Dance Music, 2012­2013 ­ Music Instructor/Summer Counselor, Charles River Creative Arts Program, Dover, MA ­ Intern, Newton South High School Preschool Program, Newton, MA    Musical Training ​ College­level Conservatory training; Private lessons including with ​ Morton Subotnick,  Arturo O’Farrill, Joel Thome, Douglas Cohen, Douglas Geers, George Brunner, Du Yun, Suzanne Farrin,  Ursula Oppens. September 2009 ­ Present. Subjects studied include:


MD Resume (July 2015) 98%

ROCK AROUND THE CASTLE MUSICAL COMEDY MURDERS… HBG 150 Training Baldwin Wallace University Conservatory of Music – Berea, OH Bachelor of Arts in Theatre/Concert Production (Minors:


Byronicle 98%

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Introduction to commercial music 98%

Whether it be pop, rock, country, EDM, or dubstep, this course is designed for students of all musical levels and all musical tastes.


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Refer to the Glossary page for definitions and clarity on production music terms Copyright Warning Copyright is infringed by anyone who reproduces a production music musical work or sound recording without a licence, as well as anyone who authorizes the reproduction or procures that the production takes place.


Helen Hayes Awards Policies & Procedures - 2017, FINAL 97%

Outstanding Play Outstanding Director of a Play The Robert Prosky Award for Outstanding Lead Actor in a Play Outstanding Lead Actress in a Play The James MacArthur Award for Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Play Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Play Outstanding Ensemble in a Play Outstanding Choreography in a Play Outstanding Musical Outstanding Director of a Musical Outstanding Musical Direction Outstanding Lead Actor in a Musical Outstanding Lead Actress in a Musical Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Musical Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Musical Outstanding Ensemble in a Musical Outstanding Choreography in a Musical Outstanding Costume Design Outstanding Lighting Design Outstanding Set Design Outstanding Sound Design 3 HAYES CATEGORIES The Hayes recognizes outstanding work by an Eligible Theatre operating under an AEA agreement;


Andy Shapiro - Reed Thesis - for posting Jan2016 97%

Music Industry Business Models in the Digital Millennium:



Mission Statement The mission of the Niagara Falls Music Hall of Fame (NFMusicHOF) is to honor, preserve, and protect the diverse musical culture and heritage of Niagara Falls, New York through education and performance, and to recognize those individuals who have made a significant contribution on the music scene locally, nationally and internationally.


Lesson Plan Day 2 97%

Sal Bonafede Music Year One Wednesday, June 14th, 2017 Music Making Sufi Music Standards 1.1.12.B.1 Examine how aspects of meter, rhythm, tonality, intervals, chords, and harmonic progressions are organized and manipulated to establish unity and variety in genres of musical compositions.


Alan Berklin - A Practical Guide to Musical Composition 96% A Practical Guide to Musical Composition Presentation The following is the table of contents of my book:


Issue 1 96%


MusicAndMemories 96%

Zwegers I6026916 Pigeon hole 260 4-1-2011 Module ACU 1900 Assignment 2b Number of words 3000 1 Everyone has a musical taste of their own and I don’t believe I have ever met a person who would not like to listen to at least some kind of music.