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08 20Dec15 3184 manuscript REVISED 100%

The poor condition of the Muslims’ education can’t be attributed to the government only, but the society, home, economy, motivation, employment and similar factors.


The Muslim World Denouncing Terrorism 98% Muslims worldwide in social media campaign #NotInMyName against ISIS ING explains who ISIS is and what they want:


13 Muslim International Forum Program 97%

Religious Board of Muslims of the Russian Federation The Finnish Muslim Network Secretariat of the Muslim International Forum Russia Muftis Council World Assembly for Approximation of Islamic Schools of Thought Moscow Islamic Institute SUPPORTED BY:


Challenges of Social Work Practice with Muslims in India 97%

8 Challenges of Social Work Practice with Muslims in India Md Asif Iqbal1 &


ResponseGovtGreenPaper Jun18 96%

Muslims by and large wherever they live find it very difficult to assume a minority status in a majority non-Islamic society.


islampphobia 95%

9\11 was a turning points for Muslims in the western world, muslims knew that they were starting new era called ‘post 9\11 attacks’.


Ramadhan Timetable 2017 94%

The poor Muslims, to relieve their distress.


GMMCPress Release 4th June 2017 93%

They live in harmony, peace and love with their non Muslims brothers and sisters.


Refutation of CSP Dossier FINAL 112417 93%

The Sheikh explained to Mirahmadi who was just starting to learn about the Islamist network worldwide that he was quite concerned about its potential effects on Islam and Muslims in the US.


cult papers updated 92%

Fanaticism within Islam is one of the root causes of its destruction whose fury has resulted in bloodshed amongst Muslims.


Sahih-Muslim-english-translation (1) 92%

Sunni Muslims consider it the second most authentic hadith collection, after Sahih Bukhari.


13 Muslim International Forum Message 91%

STRATEGIES AND SOLUTIONS’ HELSINKI, DECEMBER 10-12, 2017 INFORMATIONAL LETTER The organizers of the Forum are the Secretariat of the Muslim International Forum, the Religious Board of Muslims of the Russian Federation, the Presidency of Religious Affairs of Turkey, the International Union of Muslim Scholars, the World Assembly on the approximation of the Islamic schools of thought, the Union of Islamic Organizations of Finland with the participation of the Grand Mosque of Helsinki.


dibai 91%

In the past, scholars with the title of al-Hafidz were not referred to those who memorized the Qur’an, as memorization of the Qur’an was common and expected of Muslims back then.


why we hate you 90%

Muslims undoubtedly hate liberalist sodomites, as does anyone else with any shred of their fitrah (inborn human nature) still intact.


d13Hoare 90%

He complains of the high birthrate of the Balkan Muslims, writing ‘it seems that Muslims, already outright majorities in some countries and political “kingmaker” minorities in others, are still expanding and will thus continue to enjoy all of the political, social, and economic benefits that this position entails.’ And while Deliso recognises that the Balkan Muslim birthrate may eventually fall, he fears that ‘these processes take considerable time and may take effect only after it is “too late” for the Christian populations to avoid returning to their Ottoman status – that is, second class citizens in their own countries.’ (p.


Owning our Past by Harold Vogelaar 90%

Harold Vogelaar Former Professor of Christian-Muslim Studies and Interfaith Relations Lutheran School of Theology at Chicago Over the years as I’ve engaged Muslims in varied conversations it has become increasingly clear that good relations falter more on matters of politics and power than on faith and practice.


al-Bayah F p 89%

al-Bayfiah • (‫)ﺍﻟﺒَﻴْﻌَﺔ‬ And if you think that fanatics is too strong a term for them, remember that these are the people who attack and kill Muslims (through the magic of takfır (‫ﺮ‬% %‫ﻴ‬% %‫ﻔ‬% %‫ﻜ‬% %‫ )ﺗ‬which allows them to call Muslims kaffir simply because they don’t agree with their idea of what √Islam is or isn’t) all over the world.


LCM Fasting Exams Guidance 89%

Young Muslims, therefore, will need to include the preparation for examinations into their daily routine throughout the month.


Press Release 9Jul 89%

Answers from the prime sources of Islam 07/07/2017 For the victims of terror, their families, and loved ones in the UK and beyond… Opening Statement The perpetrators of violence and terror in the name of Islam, in their number, are insignificant compared to the 1.5 billion Muslims in the world today.


Mahatma Vol5 88%

If the Congress was determined to carry out its ulterior and sinister motive in the states, he would have to come to the rescue of the Muslims in the states.


IMAN NEWSLETTER 23 Aug 2013 88%

Everything is relative and to compare New Zealand Muslims' situation with Muslims of the rest of the world is like comparing apples to bananas.


Hillary Clinton Mails of Democrats to Prof John Podesta 87%

Now fast-forward the film of life by a decade or so, and visualize a Berlin lorded over by Arabs and other Muslims……..The parallels between Europe’s “Arabs” – a catchall word used loosely – and America’s blacks are striking.