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Exploring spaces Oct 10.4 100%

One then writes down the nerve of the cover, transforms this nerve into a bridge nerve, and appeals to a result which we call the bridge nerve theorem to deduce that the fundamental group of the bridge nerve is a quotient of the fundamental group of the space.


VanElzakker-VNIH-CFS-in-press.PDF 98% Chronic fatigue syndrome from vagus nerve infection:


VanElzakker - IACFSME2014 98%

Chronic fatigue syndrome from vagus nerve infection:


Appendix C - UK mainstream media data in date-time order to 060418 95%

Here's what you need to know about Sergei Skripal statuses/97103372986605 1587 statuses/97103519488191 2832 statuses/97104080039724 2368 statuses/97105708689226 9568 statuses/97108441241796 1985 BBCNews 41 24 itvnews 41 52 SkyNews 43 39 BBCWorld 265 192 SkyNews 35 25 statuses/97111529682309 5296 statuses/97112768702355 8657 statuses/97113081445179 3920 North Korea used VX nerve agent to kill leader's brother, says US statuses/97118550123868 5697 Former Russian spy Sergei Skripal was found unconscious in Salisbury centre after being exposed to a mysterious substance.


Physiology 95%

Increase heart rate 2- Controls internal organs without participation of mind 3- innervates smooth muscles of viscera, cardiac muscles and exocrine glands ً‫ ده شغال على الحاجات اللً انا اقدر اتحكم فٌها بس ان‬somatic‫اظن كده الفرق بقى واضح ان ال‬ ‫مثال ارفع اٌدي او امشً او ما شابه‬ ‫ بٌشتغل على االجهزة الال ارادٌة فً الجسم ٌعنً مثال فً حالة الخوف بٌحصل‬Autonomic‫لكن ال‬ ‫ و بٌزٌد افراز العرق كل ده بٌحصل بشكل ال ارادي‬cardiac muscle‫ فً ال‬Contractions 2|Page Central Control of ANS 1234- Hypothalamus Medulla oblongata Spinal cord Cerebral cortex (Some parts Especially the limbic system) Anatomy of autonomic Nervous system  ANS (Autonomic nervous system ) carries nerve impulses from CNS (Central Nervous system –brain or spinal cord-) to effector organ by 2 neurons :


CTS 94%

Complications of CTD are infrequent but can include wound infection (1%), bruising, stiffness, recurrence of CTS and rarely nerve injury causing pain, numbness and weakness.


Appendix W - Pro Kremlin troll accounts and tweets to 060418 93%

Deadly #Sarin nerve agent went missing from a US military testing facility.


Appendix F - UK tabloid media data in date-time order to 060418 93%

Russian spy was poisoned with a NERVE AGENT, investigators believe 25 thetimes 2 A breakthrough has occurred on the suspected double poisoning of a Russian double agent 9 and his daughter in Wiltshire, the home secretary said today thetimes 9 If Russia is proved to be behind the attack on Sergei Skripal and his daughter Yulia it would 8 mark a new high in hostilities with Britain thetimes 19 thetimes 11 thetimes 6 thetimes 6 Sarin is the most likely nerve agent used to attack the Russian spy Sergei Skripal 9 A police officer called to assist Sergei and Yulia Skripal after the attack in Salisbury is also seriously ill in hospital after being exposed to the highly toxic chemical 13 thetimes 5 A police officer called to assist Sergei and Yulia Skripal after the attack in Salisbury is also 8 seriously ill in hospital thetimes 6 thetimes 14 Russian spy Sergei Skripal was easy to find at pub, restaurant or railway club 9 Sergeant Nick Bailey has been named as the police officer who was injured with a nerve agent when he went to the aide of a former Russian double agent and his daughter in a 11 Salisbury shopping centre thetimes 12 Theresa May has pledged to take action against Russia if the state is responsible for the “appalling and reckless” nerve agent attack on a former Moscow spy and his daughter dubious-oligarchs-bjkbnhzk5?CMP=Sprkr-_-Editorial-_-thetimes-_-Unspecified-_-TWITTER thetimes 5 6 thetimes 13 6 thetimes 4 1 thetimes 10 11 thetimes 6 19 Tomorrow's front page:


Hand Injury 89%

Should nerve injury be suspected or possible then wounds require surgical exploration and the nerves repaired.


Appendix D - Russian media data in date-time order to 060418 89%

daughter were exposed to nerve agent, police confirm "His case dominated British headlines for so long"



The spinal cord is often thought of as just a cable that transmits nerve messages, but it is actually a direct part of the brain.


FCO Skripal twitter sample 23.3.18 83%

SKRIPAL TWITTER ROUNDUP 23.03.18 Chris Hernon    Stephen Davies letter still getting play New ‘proof’ there was no nerve agent is that Nick Bailey isn’t dead or seriously incapacitated Backlash against Russia and those who congratulated Putin - Lithuania considering expelling Russians ‘Proof’ Search on ‘Stephen Davies Salisbury’ Jimmy @JimmySecUK Corbyn supporters are now slandering and mocking Detective Sergeant Nick Bailey for the crime of not being sufficiently injured whilst serving the public.


PNS H15ur 82%

PNS Nervsystemets organisation nervvävnad blandning av nervvävnad &


FCO Skripal twitter sample 30.3.18 80%

All � � @ErnstvAll Die Logik im Fall #Skripal (Cartoon Schwarwel) Tore @potifar66 Police went in and out of #Skripal door for 3 weeks, before they found the “nerve agent” - at the door.


Practice Brochure 80%

microsurgery All other conditions of the hand requiring surgery Wrist • • • • Wrist pain and arthroscopy Distal radial fractures Scaphoid / carpal fractures including complex non–unions Arthritis and ligament instability Elbow • • • • • Tennis and golfer’s elbow Cubital tunnel syndrome Arthritis surgery Instability surgery Elbow fractures and complex fracture dislocations Subacromial impingement / bursitis Rotator cuff tears Shoulder dislocation and instability Arthritis and shoulder replacement Peripheral nerve • Peripheral nerve compression • Peripheral nerve injuries Trauma • • Bony and soft tissue hand trauma General orthopaedic trauma  your previous x–rays and scans  insurance and Medicare details  a method of payment Length of your visit We will try and ensure your visit runs as smoothly as possible.


[B15M1] Fractures in Children - Dr. Troncillo [Group 4] 80%

closed reduction or pinnings are used) Type IV (purple) Type V Axillary nerve – most common nerve involved in this kind of fracture PEDIATRIC SHOULDER AND UPPER EXTREMITY FRACTURES o o o o o o o PROXIMAL HUMERUS FRACTURE CLAVICULAR FRACTURE SUPRACONDYLAR FRACTURE LATERAL CONDYLE FRACTURE MEDIAL EPICONDYLE FRACTURE RADIAL HEAD SUBLUXATION FOREARM FRACTURE PROXIMAL HUMERUS FRACTURE    CLAVICULAR FRACTURE     Accounts for 5% of fracture in children Eighty percent of humeral growth occurs at proximal physis Primary vascular supply is the anterolateral ascending branch of anterior humeral circumflex artery Mechanism of Injury:


courseOutline 79%



InformedConsent-WithAnnotations-JTK-Draft03 77%

The back of your hand does not contain any of these nerve endings.


Resume 76%

The Higher Orthopaedic Training programme was a six year training programme in general orthopaedic and trauma surgery allowing subspecialisation in the later years in hand, upper limb and peripheral nerve surgery.


OL4 working with dstl 76%

Storage of Explosives Regulations 2005, Control of Explosives Regulations 1991, Firearms Act 1968, Criminal Justice Act 1967, rocket candy, in situ portable DIY improvised nerve gas generator, neurotoxin, DSTL Chemical Biological &


ANESTHESIA for Labor and Delivery 75%

o Fibrinogen (Factor I) o Factor VII o Factor VIII o Factor X famotidine) Metoclopramide o increases gastric motility and lower esophageal sphincter tone, and has central antiemetic effects ANATOMY OF LABOR PAIN Pain Pathways During Labor Pain in the 1st stage of labor o from uterine contractions and cervical dilatation o Visceral pain – dull, diffuse, periodic o Pain intensity is related to the strength of uterine contraction T11 – T12 (latent 2nd stage – somatic pain o well-localized, sharp, constant o Pain results from distention of birth canal, vulva and perineum by the fetal head o Pain is mediated by the Posterior roots of S2 – S4 nerves Anesthetic Implications • Effectiveness of Pudendal Nerve • Epidural coverage of S2-S4 Pain Pathways Factors that may influence the perception of labor pain  duration of labor  maternal pelvic anatomy and fetal size  use of oxytocin  parity  participation in childbirth preparation classes  fear and anxiety about childbirth  attitudes and experiences of pain  coping mechanisms Anesthesia Goals  Satisfactory pain relief  Non-interference with labor  Minimal risk to either mother of fetus  Provision of satisfactory conditions for delivery  Early interaction between mother and newborn Anesthesia for Labor and Vaginal Delivery     Psychologic and Non -pharmacologic techniques Parenteral agents Inhalational Regional anesthetic techniques Non-Pharmacologic Techniques Labor Analgesia            Lamaze Hypnosis Biofeedback Muscle therapy TENS Sterile water blocks Acupuncture Therapeutic touch Massage therapy Muscle tension release Reflexology     Accupressure Hydrotherapy Herbal cocktails Aromatherapy Parenteral Agents • Opioids o Meperidine (Demerol) o Fentanyl o Morphine o Nalbuphine • Sedatives / Tranquilizers o Phenothiazines o Benzodiazepines o Dissociative medications (Ketamine) • Intravenous Anesthetics o Barbiturates o Propofol Inhalational Analgesia Pudendal Block o o o o o o Provides adequate analgesia for spontaneous delivery and outlet forceps delivery injection of local anesthetic on both sides of the vagina.


Skripal roundup 21.3.18 75%

Britain were most likely source of 'Novichok' nerve agent.


EG March 18 media appearances 75%

Commentary (July 2017– ) 2018 EAG – BBC One TV Talking Politics London 15th January – “How Real is McMafia” – interview on the impact of suspect Russian money ion London, as an outside broadcast lead in to a study discussion delivered by Luke Harding ( self not involved in that) EAG - LBC radio – several interviews in March 2018 in relation to the Skripal poisoning, Russian culpability and reaction to UK, US and European measures 14 March – LA Times 13 March – Kremlin Watch Briefing 09 March – The Times 08 March – Business Insider UK 07 March – BBC 2 (The Victoria Derbyshire Show) 06 March – Business Insider UK 2017 10 December – The Daily Express 03 December – Business Insider UK 01 December – The Times October – Royal Danish Defence College


VM-IfS Media Appearances & Commentary (July 2017- ) 75%

Commentary (July 2017– ) 2018 04 June – Business Insider UK 04 June – Gazeta Wyborcza,75399,23489128,miasta-szpiegow-zbyt-dlugolekcewazylismy-rosyjskie-zagrozenie.html,75399,23489273,miasta-szpiegow-londongradplac-zabaw-agentow.html 22 May – Atlantic Voices 20 May – Business Insider UK 14 March – LA Times 13 March – Kremlin Watch Briefing 09 March – The Times 08 March – Business Insider UK VM–IfS Media Appearances &