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CV Shiban 29-03-2017 100%

Member Representative Personal Details Name Ehab Shiban Address line 1 Zusmarshauserstr.18 Address line 2 Click here to enter text City, Postcode Wertingen Email Nationality Telephone Country Germany German Date of birth 08.08.1980 08941405394 Mobile 01797764861 Institution/Organization Details Hospital/Institution Neurosurgery Department, Technical University of Munich Address line 1 Ismaningerstr.


Sri-Chitra-Prospectus 2017 99%

MCh Neurosurgery (after M.S) 9.


My CV (4) 83%

We are a Major Trauma Centre and so support paediatric neurosurgery, orthopaedics and plastic surgery.


ER1127 73%



plasma alzheimer 67%

(3) Department of Neurosurgery, Stanford University, Stanford, CA, USA;


ER1102 64%

Marcos Barbosa Neuroimagem na remoção de tumores cerebrais Touuards Connectomic Functional Neurosurgery Alexandre Campos (CHLN-HSM) Harith Akram (Institute of Neurology, UCL, England) Carlos Vara Luiz Estimulação Cerebral Profunda na Distonia Sessão de Abertura do Congresso Moderador:


5th KFHJ NS Update Ultimate program2 62%

  Neurosurgery  department,  National   institute  of  neurology,  Tunis Surgery  of  cerebral  AVMs:


Hong Kong Academy College Fellowships and Specialist Titles 55%

Traumatology Rehabilitation Otorhinolaryngology Paediatrics Anatomical Pathology Chemical Pathology Clinical Microbiology and Infection Forensic Pathology Haematology Immunology Pathology Cardiology Clinical Pharmacology and Therapeutics Critical Care Medicine Dermatology and Venereology Endocrinology, Diabetes and Metabolism Gastroenterology and Hepatology Geriatric Medicine Haematology and Haematological Oncology Immunology and Allergy Infectious Disease Internal Medicine Medical Oncology Nephrology Neurology Respiratory Medicine C:\education\quotable qualifications and specialists titles.doc 專科 麻醉科 危重病學 行政醫學 社會醫學 職業醫學 公共衞生醫學 急症科 家庭醫學 婦科腫瘤科 婦產科 生殖醫學科 泌尿婦科 眼科 骨科 復康科 耳鼻喉科 兒科 解剖病理學 化學病理學 臨床微生物及感染學 法醫病理學 血液學 免疫學 病理學 心臟科 臨床藥理學 深切治療科 皮膚及性病科 內分泌及糖尿科 腸胃肝臟科 老人科 血液及血液腫瘤科 免疫及過敏病科 感染及傳染病科 內科 內科腫瘤科 腎病科 腦神經科 呼吸系統科 3 College Physicians Physicians/Radiologists Psychiatrists Radiologists Radiologists Radiologists Surgeons Surgeons Surgeons Surgeons Surgeons Surgeons Specialty Rheumatology Palliative Medicine Psychiatry Clinical Oncology Nuclear Medicine Radiology Cardio-thoracic Surgery General Surgery Neurosurgery Paediatric Surgery Plastic Surgery Urology 專科 風濕病科 紓緩醫學科 精神科 臨床腫瘤科 核子醫學科 放射科 心胸肺外科 外科 腦外科 小兒外科 整形外科 泌尿外科 Examples of quoting Academy/College Fellowships and Specialists Titles An Academy Fellow who is under the College of:



Neurosurgery (cranial and spinal cord) specialists Anesthesiologists Plastic surgery specialists War general surgery specialist Advanced orthopedic specialists Burn management specialists For full description of the role and missions application:


2016 Delta Regional Conference final version (5) 52%

Neuro Services Manager, Baptist Memorial Hospital DeSoto Faculty Ken Bouvier, NREMT– Paramedic Deputy Chief of Operations New Orleans Emergency Medical Services Jeffery Doolittle, MD Trauma Medical Director, Delta Trauma Care Region Jason Dush FF, NR/CCEMT-P, FP-C EMS Manager, Texas Department of Public Safety,, Division of Homeland Security and Emergency Management Stephanie Einhaus, MD Assistant Professor, Department of Neurosurgery Le Bonheur Children’s Hospital University of Tennessee Health Science Center William L.


7148317 166 English CV(CH Liao) 52%

Relevant Experience 2003 Flight Surgeon of of Medical Administration Flight Surgeon 2004 Chief Flight Surgeon of of Medical Administration Chief Flight Surgeon 2005 Resident of Surgery Department Resident 2010 Attending Vs of Surgery DepartmentAttending Vs 2013 Attending Vs of Genitourinary DepartmentAttending Vs 2016 Chief of Outpatient DepartmentSuperintendent 2017 Chief of Neurosurgery DepartmentSuperintendent Publications 1.


AVG can sell your history 51%

(/news/archive/201509/29/mac-os-x-el-capitanreview) MAGAZINE This compa the future o (/magazine future-office MAGAZINE MAGAZINE MAGAZINE How to make your own This shape-shifting material Meet the neurosurgeon who monitor mount is inspired by cuttlefish uses a 3D printer before (/magazine/archive/2015/10/how(/magazine/archive/2015/10/play/mitoperating to/how-to-make-your-ownmorphing-material(/magazine/archive/2015/10/start/3dmonitor-mount) cuttlefish) printing-neurosurgery) MAGAZINE TELEVISIONS Omega-3 can now be made How Hollywood is helping to from algae, not overfished design the perfect TV sardines (/news/archive/2015(/magazine/archive/2015/10/start/omega09/29/digital-colour3-algae-farm-co2) paradox-televisions) MAGAZINE HEALTH Cyberattacks have created an First UK patient receives stem invisible but vast war zone cell treatment for sight loss (/magazine/archive/2015/10/start/infoporn(/news/archive/2015cyberattacks-state09/29/first-uk-patient-stemsponsored-hacking) cell-treatment-sight-loss) COMICS Alan Moore:


Kuala Lumpur AllAboutKnee Sep21-23 2018 (1) 50%

Further special interest are in the field of neurology and neurosurgery and minimal invasive surgery.


Excerpt PDF 46%

Carson had an office, in the old Trump U department of neurosurgery.


813607 JD October2017 (3) 40%

Regional specialist services include Neurosurgery and Neurology, Cardiothoracic Services, Teenage and Young Adults Oncology, Paediatric Oncology, Paediatric Surgery, Neonatal Surgery and Foeto-maternity.


2-15061QT056 40%

heart transp lantation, lung transp latation, non - heart - beating donor, postcar2 diotomy cardiogenic shock, acute myocarditis and neurosurgery ect.


ASVS 2017 - Poster List 36%

PP05-03 05-03  325 Diabetic Foot SARI FEBRIANA Indonesia Relations procalcitonin and other factors with lower extremity  amputation in infected diabetic foot in the emergency room RSCM in  January 2013 - June 2016 Sari Febriana1, Patrianef Darwis 2 1Surgery training program department of surgery, Universitas Indonesia, Jakarta  Pusat, DKI Jakarta, 10430, Indonesia 2Universitas Indonesia, Jakarta Pusat, DKI Jakarta, Indonesia, 10430 PP06-01 06-01  014 Others XIAONING TONG Japan A third-time open heart surgery for a marfan`s syndrome with prosthetic  Xiaoning Tong1, Hideyuki Harada2 valve dysfunction after mitral valve plasty and bentall procedure PP06-02 06-02  017 Others HIROYUKI NAKASE Japan Comprehensive Neurosurgical Management for Deep-seated Brain  AVMs Hiroyuki Nakase, Shuichi Yamada, Ichiro Nakagawa, Fumihiko  Dept. of Neurosurgery, Nara Medical University, Kashihara Nara, Japan Nishimura, Matsuda Ryosuke, Yasushi Motoyama, Park Young-Su  PP06-03 06-03  029 Others SHANTONU KUMAR  GHOSH Bangladesh AVM in scalp: diagnostic dilemma- a case report Shantonu Kumar Ghosh1, Alpana Majumder2 1Department of Vascular Surgery, National Institute of Cardiovascular Diseases,  Dhaka 1207, Bangladesh 2National Center for Control of Rheumatic Fever & Heart Diseases, Dhaka 1207,  Bangladesh I.Joalsen1, G. Sianturi2 M.Niasari3 1Division of Thoracic,Cardiac and Vascular Surgery, Abdul Wahab Sjahranie General  Hospital- Mulawarman University, Samarinda, East-Borneo, 75123, Indonesia 2Division of NeuroSurgery,Abdul Wahab Sjahranie General Hospital- Mulawarman  University, Samarinda, East-Borneo, 75123, Indonesia  3Department of Pathologic Anatomy,Abdul Wahab Sjahranie General Hospital-  Mulawarman University, Samarinda, East-Borneo, 75123, Indonesia  1,2 Department of Vascular Science , Narayana Hrudayalaya Health City, Bangalore,  Karnataka , India-560099 Chief Vascular Surgery El Camino Hospital Silicon Valley California, USA Cardiovascular Surgery, Kushiro Kojinkai Memorial Hospital, Kushiro, Hokkaido,  0850062, Japan PP06-04 06-04  046 Others IVAN JOALSEN  MANGARA TUA Indonesia Spontaneous (True) Aneurysm of the Superficial Temporal Artery: A  case report of 72 years old male PP06-05 06-05  060 Others JOONG HWAN OH South Korea 1 Yong Loo Lin School of Medicine, National University of Singapore, Singapore  Quantative analysis of digitaized books in the field of vascular surgery :  Joong Hwan Oh, MD, Kwan-wook Kim, MD, Chang-Won Kim, MD,  119228, Singapore culturomics Soon-Chang Hong, MD, Chun Sung Byun, MD 2 Vascular Surgery Service, Department of General Surgery, Tan Tock Seng Hospital,  Singapore 308433, Singapore PP06-06 06-06  081 Others JASMINE GE Singapore Jasmine GE1, Zhiwen Joseph LO2, Jennifer Yuan LI2, Sherilyn  Effectiveness of multi-disciplinary perioperative geriatric consultation for  LIEW1, Ruth YAP1, Sriram NARAYANAN2, Sadhana  Yong Loo Lin School of Medicine, National University of Singapore, Singapore  Vascular in-patient population CHANDRASEKAR2, Glenn Wei Leong TAN2, Esmiller FROILAN2,  119228, Singapore Natesan SELVAGANAPATHI2   Jang yong Kim1, Cheng Quan, Young Hwa Kim, Gyeong Jae Koh,  Jin Go, Mi Hyeong Kim, Kang Woong Jun, Jeong Kye Hwang,  1Department of Surgery, Catholic University of Korea, Seoul, 06591, korea Sang Dong Kim, Sun Cheol Park, Ji Il Kim, Yong Sung Won, Sang  2Department of Surgery, Catholic University of Korea, Seoul, 06591, korea Seob Yun, In Sung Moon2 PP06-07 06-07  122 Others BYUNG SUN CHO South Korea The Clinical Significance of Morphological Changes on CT scan of  Isolated Superior Mesenteric Artery Dissection treated with  Conservative Treatment PP06-08 06-08  139 Others TAE-SEOK SEO South Korea The effect of catheter diameter on left innominate vein stenosis in  breast cancer patients after totally implantable venous access port  implantation Tae-Seok Seo, MD1 Myung Gyu Song, MD1, Yun Hwan Kim2,  Sung Bum Cho2, Hwan Hoon Chung, MD3, Seung Hwa Lee, MD3 Department of Radiology, Korea University Guro1, Anam2, and Ansan3 Hospital,  Korea University College of Medicine PP06-09 06-09  175 Others FARHINA SALAHUDDIN Pakistan Case report: REMEMBERING THE BASICS Iatrogenic injury to  Superficial femoral artery (SFA) mistaken as Great Saphenous vein  (GSV) Dr.MOHAMMAD FAHAD TARIQ BERLAS1, Dr.FARHINA  SALAHUDDIN2 Department of Vascular Surgery,Shaheed Mohtarma Benazir Bhutto Trauma Centre  Civil Hospital , Karachi, Pakistan, 74200,Pakistan PP06-10 06-10  177 Others SUNG SU PARK Case Report: Adventitial Cystic Disease of the Femoral Vein Park SS1, Jang LC1 1Department of Surgery, Chungbuk National University Hospital, Cheongju,  Chungcheongbuk-do, 28644, South Korea ASVS 2017 Poster List 26Oct_for program book_Ina_(For printing)_SW South Korea Poster List