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In UANs, distributed sensor nodes are deployed over vast spatial environments and linked together using acoustic communication.


TNet Protocol 99%

Ledger Consensus through Voting in the Trestor Network Trestor Foundation∗ July 1, 2015 Abstract This whitepaper describes the Trestor Network (T-Net) consensus protocol, which achieves consensus on the account ledger among network nodes in a decentralized manner.


BFSDFSTutorial 98%

Nodes that have already been visited by the robot will not be considered successors either.


p2 1-1 98%,, ABSTRACT Vehicular Ad hoc Network (VANET) is a special case of Mobile Ad hoc Network (MANET) with two key differences which are the high and constrained mobility of its nodes.


Mining-Linked-Data 97%

This information includes the identification of the most prestigious nodes, the key predicates, the reachability of the nodes, and more statistics concerning the linked datasets.


ASG2-WC-Srinivas-Majeti 96%

Assume that you are upgrading your overlay messaging nodes using the knowledge that you have accrued in the current programming assignment;


Process Wars 96%

A binary tree is balanced if for each node it holds that the number of inner nodes in the left subtree and the number of inner nodes in the right subtree differ by at most 1.


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As long as a majority of CPU power is controlled by nodes that are not cooperating to attack the network, they'll generate the longest chain and outpace attackers.


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As long as a majority of CPU power is controlled by nodes that are not cooperating to attack the network, they'll generate the longest chain and outpace attackers.


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The two children nodes of the root node assert that statements s1 and s2 are always executed together, and so are statements s3 and s4, though not necessarily one after another;


JDIT-2014-1028-005 93%

However in 2014, an 11C-choline PET/CT scan indicated a second recurrence with new lesions, in two para-aortal lymph nodes.


NetworkPaper (1) 93%

 As  a  result,  professionals,  hobbyists  and  students   introduced  to   the  field  can  be  significantly  overwhelmed  by  the  constantly  changing  relationships among those technologies.   Introducing  a  simpler  way  of viewing and clustering  technologies  within  the  field  of  computer  science  would  help   people   get  a  clearer  picture  of  the   application  and  trends  of  the  technologies  people  are  using.  As  an  example,  someone  being  introduced  to   Python  for  the  first  time  might   understand  the  syntax  and  basic  applications,  but  won’t  be  able  to  recognize   how  Python  interacts  and fits in the grand scheme of technologies.   For   the   characterization  of  such  technologies  we  used  Stack  Overflow  as  a  source  of  data  directly  related  to   the  field   trends.  Stack  Overflow  is  a  popular  internet  platform  for  people  to  ask  and  answer  technologically  relevant  questions.  We  used  their  API  to  gather  the  tags of each post  and  construct  a  similarity   network  based  on  the  frequency two tags are seen together.          We chose to visualise our results by constructing  a  node  map  using   the   network  analysis  library  networkX and the visualization package ​ Gephi​ . The  visualization  contains  each  note as  the  tag  and  all  the vector­nodes as the related technologies.  Methods and Techniques  We   constructed  a  network  out   of  the  1000  most   1 popular​   tags  and  examined  the   characteristics   of  our  network.  Each   network  node  reflects  a  technology  tag  and  each  connection  represents  a  directional  dependency  to  other   tags.  In   order  to  measure   the  dependency  we  computed  the  conditional  probability  of  each  tag   appearing  with  another.       This  metric implies that each tag combination has 2  relationships that it  can  be  characterized with. One  is  the  relationship of tag1  to tag2  and,  conversely,  the  relationship   of  tag2  to   tag1.  We  chose  dependency  over  the  jaccard  distance  of  two  tags  due  to   hub  nodes  being  connected  to  so  many  other  nodes,  and,  as  a  result,  the  strength  of  the  connection becomes diluted.     As  an example,  python’s connection to  pandas has  an  index  of  0.08 (8% of all python posts are  about  pandas)  but  pandas’   connection  to  python  is  0.9,  meaning that  90%  of  all  pandas  posts  also include  the “python” tag.       In order  to consider a connection between two tags  as  valid,  we  set  a  threshold  of   d(1,2)   >  5%.


IHMSC.2017.132 93%

When training nodes of each tree, the used train set is taken out from the total train set with certain random proportion, and these taken out train set will not put back to the total train set.


Instruction Manual 92%



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However, the communications across relay nodes cannot be guaranteed to be anonymous.


Adaptive Percolation Daniel Burkhardt Cerigo 92%

this incorporates determining when flow is possible, their rates, the ability for a network to sustain a spanning path when nodes or links are removed etc.


resume-2015-summer eng 91%

Hong Lin Front-end/JavaScript &


08 red black tree 91%

• For each node, all simple paths from the node to descendant leaves contain the same number of black nodes.


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19 6 A reputation system for nodes 21 6.1 6.2 6.3 Node interactions .


Majorxtcedits 90%

The change would not require an entire new program for the nodes, just the changing of certain parameters within the client.


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Algorithm7-13 90%

Every node v ∈ V has capacity cv (note that the nodes s and t are included in V ).