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Lesson 1.1 100%

the gender of Spanish nouns In everyday life, we use the words gender and sex:


8 98%

Though it is generally acknowledged that English is devoid of a typical gender system, the authors of step4 the article believe that the learners of English ascribe subconsciously gender to some English nouns transferring gender either from L1 or L2.


Apostrophes 93%

singular nouns (one person, place or thing) plural nouns (two or more persons, places or things) (For singular and plural nouns, add an apostrophe and –s) child’s toy children’s game man’s hat men’s club goose’s feathers geese’s feathers (plural nouns ending in –s, add apostrophe) ladies’ clothing foxes’ den buses’ wheels teachers’ meeting boys’ bat girls’ basketball doctors’ building lady’s clothing fox’s den bus’s wheels teacher’s meeting boy’s bat girl’s basketball doctor’s office singular proper nouns ending in –s (add an apostrophe and –s) plural proper nouns ending in –s Mr.


total vocab(1) 93%

Combo 1-7 access (ac·cess) pronunciation:


Grammatical Notes 89%

Nouns . ... Nouns .


Slingfox SC Notes 87%

Singular o “JOE, as well as his friends, IS going to the beach.” § Collective Nouns:


rusescript 87%

The Ruse by Mike D'Angelo Black screen.


ruse 87%


ruse 87%


eskimo 87%

444 Appendix 4 Comparison of Nouns Number, Possession, Modalis Case.....


Post M. 2007 . A Grammar of Galo. PhD Di 84%

Relator nouns, numerals, classifiers and qualifying nouns .......................................................................................................................


Defining the Star of David 84%

WORD:​ Star of David ​ DEFINITION:


Dunn M 1999 82%

In chapter 8 there Is a description of nominal morphology, which pays particular attention t~ deverbal noun subtypes, such as participles and action nouns.


Spanish 82%

vaquero, cowboy (from vaca, cow) -és —indicates place of origin — holandés, Dutch -eza — makes abstract nouns from adjectives — pureza, purity Common Little Words I Want To Know:


Spanish 79%

vaquero, cowboy (from vaca, cow) -és —indicates place of origin — holandés, Dutch -eza — makes abstract nouns from adjectives — pureza, purity –ote — emphasizes size – besote – big kiss Common Little Words I Want To Know / Las palabras cotiandas que quiero saber Until Maybe Cool Funny Tired So far Have just done To do again Ordinal #’s Months Seasons Question words …For some amount of time …For a while From … to … (TIME) Right now Hasta (until later – hasta luego / until tomorrow – hasta mañana / until then – hasta entonces) Tal vez, Quizá Qué padre Chistoso Cansado Hasta ahora Acabar de + infinitive (Acabar – to finish/end) Volver a + infinitive (Volver – to return/go back) primero, segundo, tercero, cuarto, quinto, sexto, séptimo, octavo, noveno, décimo (NOTE:


supplementary 79%

We built these vectors by extracting the top-ten most-similar words for all the nouns/adjectives/verbs in a mention.


noun and quantifiers 75%

Countable nouns can be counted and have singular and plural forms.


a short survey of diminutives in slovak and english 74%

A means by which a language can be considered ‘cute’ is the usage of diminutive forms of nouns, verbs, adjectives, or adverbs.


Project report 73%

(2016) with some Feature set Baseline (majority class) Proper nouns included Character (2,4)-grams Character (4,8)-grams Token (1,2)-grams (lemmatized) Token (1,2)-grams (raw) Proper nouns removed Character (2,4)-grams Character (4,8)-grams Token (1,2)-grams (lemmatized) Token (1,2)-grams (raw) Function words POS skip-grams POS skip-grams + function words Precision 0.06 Recall 1.00 F1 score 0.12 0.97 0.99 0.98 0.98 0.97 0.99 0.98 0.98 0.97 0.99 0.98 0.98 0.98 0.99 0.97 0.95 0.85 0.91 0.93 0.97 0.98 0.97 0.95 0.77 0.89 0.90 0.98 0.98 0.97 0.95 0.79 0.90 0.91 Table 1: