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tgp office snacks info 100%

Want only a Nutty box and 5 boxes of it?


Wine Infographic 79%

HOW TO CHOOSE A TIPPLE RED Savoury ROSÉ Fruity Cabernet Sauvignon Bordeaux Roasted nuts Strawberry Toast Rioja Spain Earthy Herby Sour cherry Chianti Italy Rich black fruit Spice Chocolate Shiraz Australia Rounded Toffee Plums Merlot Chile Sweet apple juice Grapey Kitchen spice White Zinfandel California Floral Pale Fleeting Provence Rosé South of France Savoury Meaty Mouth filling Syrah Rosé Argentina Rich Honey Lime zest Riesling Germany Quince jelly Golden syrup Searing acidity Icewine Canada Light Appley Mild Pinot Grigio Italy Oatmeal Cream Nuts Chardonnay South Africa Crisp Citrus Mouthwatering Sauvignon Blanc New Zealand Semi Sweet Rosé Dry Rosé WHITE Dark Dry blackcurrant Cedar Sweet Whites Dry White DID YOU KNOW CHAMPAGNE CORK Vs SCREW CAP Champagne only comes from one small region of France, near Paris Screw cap wines age more slowly than wines with the traditional cork stopper Vs PINOT GRIGIO CORKED WINE Pinot Grigio grape when fully ripe is actually pink not golden A corked wine doesn’t mean there are bits of cork floating around, it means the bottle cork stopper was tainted OAK BARRELS Oak used to make barrels naturally contains vanilla – which explains the creamy, nutty flavour of wines aged in barrels SANCERRE PINOT NOIR CHABLIS Sancerre is actually a Sauvignon Blanc Red Burgundy is actually a Pinot Noir Chablis is actually a Chardonnay


SloneysPub BeerList 101117 79%

Beer List On-Tap $6 ($4 Happy Hour Special) Three Notch’d 40 Mile IPA (Charlottesville, VA) The west coast style IPA is juiced with an abundance of American hop varieties giving it a tropical, peachy, pineapple flavor with big citrus, grapefruit, tangerine notes in the nose and in the finish (ABV 6%) Stable Craft Britchin Brown Ale (Waynesboro, VA) A slightly chocolatey and nutty ale that showcases the brewery’s malts (ABV 5.5%) South Street Satan’s Pony Amber Ale (Charlottesville, VA) A medium body, Amber Ale with a malt-forward start and a light touch of caramel and chocolate finish (ABV 5.3%) Old Bust Head Vixen Irish Red Ale (Warrenton, VA) Medium-bodied, with a clean finish, Vixen draws you in a sweet caramel allure up front and gives chase to hints of roasted malts through the taste (ABV 5.3%) Foothills Torch Pilsner (Winston-Salem, NC) A light-colored beer made with locally sourced water combined with Pale malts and earthy Saaz hops (ABV 5.3%) Devils Backbone Vienna Lager (Roseland, VA) With its amber Chestnut colored good looks and smooth malty finish Vienna Lager blends color and flavor without heaviness or bitterness (ABV 5.2%)


Coffee Break Menu 100 77%

HILTON MEETINGS  Breaks to Morning Coffee Smells Please select any two from the following 早餐茶歇 请选择以下两种 Sandwiches and Breakfast Bakes from our Pastry Shop (Please select one type of bread and one type of filling from the following) 三明治和早餐精选面包 (请选择一种面包和下列其中一种配料) Whole meal or white bread, Foccacia, Baguette or Mini Croissants 全麦或白面包,意大利橄榄面包,法棍或迷你牛角包 ~~~ Smoked Salmon Gradvalax 刁草熏三文鱼 Refreshing Cucumbers, Tomatoes and Alfalfa 黄瓜,番茄和绿色小叶菜 Classique Hen Egg and Mayo 鸡蛋碎和蛋黄酱 Tuna “Nisciose” 法式金枪鱼酱 Sliced Ham of Turkey 火鸡肠 or 或 Hilton Selection of Freshly Baked Danish Pastries 希尔顿精选丹麦西饼 or 或 Plain and Butter Croissants Accompanied with French butter, Sunflower margarine and assorted fruit preserves 原味或黄油牛角包 配有法国黄油,植物黄油和各种果酱 or 或 Fruit and Nutty Cup Cakes 水果和坚果蛋糕 or 或 Steam Cuisine in Bamboo Baskets (Please select any one of the following) 竹篮蒸点 Our Chefs will be delighted to assist with any dietary requirement (请选择下列任意一种) Lotus Paste Bun 莲蓉包 Japanese Pork Dumpling 日式猪肉包 Blossom Dumpling 荷花酥 Superior Prawn Dumplings 鲜虾角 Chinese Spinach Dumpling 菠菜角 Japanese Seafood in Rice Flour ‘Cheong Fun’ 日式海鲜肠粉 Crawfish Dumpling 小龙虾角 Chinese Green Tea Bun 中式绿茶包 Healthy Black Fungus Dumplings 黑木耳饺 Vegetable and Pork Dumplings 蔬菜猪肉包 Mushroom and Meat Siew Mai 蘑菇鲜肉烧麦 “Jade Skin” Siew Mai 鲜虾石榴果 ~~~~~~ Hilton Noons For a Short Break Please select any two from the following 下午茶歇 请选择下列任意两种 Berry-Berry Sweet…….


Lunch & Charc SPRING 74%

sliced thinly, expect a salty, nutty &


Cookie Creations Menu 73%

Almond Drops Delicately fragrant, these shortbread cookies are made using pure rosewater and finely crushed dried rose petals, topped with freshly roasted almond slivers • Nutty Shortbread Drops Buttery shortbread cookies, topped with whole nuts of your choice;


Sova Health Newsletter 72%

*You’re probably thinking, ‘UGHHH not another nutty naturopath selling tea!


3703-15MO Barbuch Newcastle 01 KRS comments (1) 69%

CUMBRIA, ENGLAND Blended Whisky from Cumbria, slightly smoky with fruity, nutty and a hint of spice.


TeatimeGB 68%

  Darjeeling  is  lighter  than  black  teas  and  consists  of  nutty,  floral,  and  fruity   palettes—these  qualities  have  made  it  a  popular  English  afternoon  tea.


Cookie Creations Menu 68%

Almond Drops IRR 400,000 Delicately fragrant, these shortbread cookies are made using pure rosewater and finely crushed dried rose petals, topped with freshly roasted almond slivers • Nutty Shortbread Drops IRR 340,000 Buttery shortbread cookies, topped with whole nuts of your choice;



*$0.50 extra for almond milk (WSF) ESPRESSO $2.75 2oz traditional espresso MACCHIATO $3.00 2oz espresso ‘marked’ with a touch of steamed milk CAPPUCCINO $3.00 MOCHA/WHITE MOCHA 12oz $4.00 16oz $4.50 LUCIE MONROE’S SPECIALTY DRINKS Served the traditional way (6 oz) LUCIE MONROE $4.50 LATTE/FLAVORED LATTE 12oz $3.25 16oz $3.75 2 oz of espresso with your choice of steamed milk - flavor ($.50) *Available iced AMERICANO 12oz $2.75 16oz $3.25 Espresso + hot water FRAPPE $4.50 2 oz of espresso blended with your choice of flavor, cream and ice Vanilla latte with caramel drizzle LUCILLE BALL $4.50 Vanilla/hazelnut latte MARILYN MONROE $4.50 White chocolate latte RASPBERRY HOWLER $4.50 Raspberry/white chocolate latte NUTTY IRISHMAN $4.50 Hazelnut/irish cream latte THE GREAT PUMPKIN $4.50 AFFOGATO $3.25 1 scoop of vanilla ice cream topped with 2 oz of espresso (add caramel drizzle $.50) Pumpkin spice latte **ALL AVAILABLE ICED** ORGANIC RISHI LOOSE LEAF TEAS $2.25 Ask your barista for a recommendation.


H Giruad presentation 2013 small pdf (4) 66%

Introducing ARGONNE 2002 A New and Unique Taste In Champagne “A 3/4th Pinot Noir, 1/4th Chardonnay barrel aged cuvee that is the way I think Krug SHOULD taste… This is pedal to the metal, balls to the walls full bodied, nutty, rich and decadent Champagne, and as rich as wines from this region can be—Grand Cru white Burgundy with bubbles might be a better analogy.” Robert Parker on the Bul- letin Board 02-23-2013, 03:02 PM On June 18, 2012, a truly outstanding wine was tasted and released in Aÿ at the occasion of the Still Wines Tasting (Dégustation des Vins Clairs) of the House of Henri Giraud.


3a1223 854063ac91574ba587b3db66fbfe0c79 65%

salty, nutty, brown butter, crisp BARBARESCO 16/64 SAUVIGNON BLANC, PIED A TERRE Voghera, Piedmont 2009 Nebbiolo:


C & J Flavor List 64%

Vanilla Cupcake - Nutty Buddy - A delicious peanut butter cookie!


Food and Wine 61%

sherry before; nutty desserts: MCC.


The Shock 59%

Man you must be in a lot of pressure to get so nutty to sit in the middle of the street.” “I am fine?” Sarah repeated more forcefully.


high fiber foods 55%

January 16, 2015 20:50 EST Fiber, total dietary(g) Value Per NDB_No Description 20015 Corn bran, crude 79.00 42281 Gums, seed gums (includes locust bean, guar) 77.30 11988 Fungi, Cloud ears, dried 70.10 02015 Spices, curry powder 53.20 02010 Spices, cinnamon, ground 53.10 08244 Cereals ready-to-eat, GENERAL MILLS, FIBER ONE Bran Cereal 47.50 02039 Spices, savory, ground 45.70 20077 Wheat bran, crude 42.80 02036 Spices, rosemary, dried 42.60 02027 Spices, oregano, dried 42.50 08005 Cereals ready-to-eat, KELLOGG, KELLOGG'S ALL-BRAN BRAN BUDS 42.50 02013 Spices, coriander seed 41.90 08363 Cereals ready-to-eat, SUN COUNTRY, KRETSCHMER Toasted Wheat Bran 41.30 02023 Spices, marjoram, dried 40.30 02038 Spices, sage, ground 40.30 02018 Spices, fennel seed 39.80 16055 Carob flour 39.80 08651 Cereals ready-to-eat, GENERAL MILLS, FIBER ONE 80 Calories, Honey Squares 38.50 02005 Spices, caraway seed 38.00 02003 Spices, basil, dried 37.70 14068 Beverages, KELLOGG'S SPECIAL K20, protein water mix 37.50 02042 Spices, thyme, dried 37.00 19165 Cocoa, dry powder, unsweetened 37.00 31019 Seaweed, Canadian Cultivated EMI-TSUNOMATA, dry 36.70 08669 Cereals ready-to-eat, GENERAL MILLS, FIBER ONE 80 Calories, Chocolate Squares 35.20 02028 Spices, paprika 34.90 02009 Spices, chili powder 34.80 12006 Seeds, chia seeds, dried 34.40 02011 Spices, cloves, ground 33.90 USDA National Nutrient Database for Standard Reference Release 27 January 16, 2015 20:50 EST Page 2 of 218 Fiber, total dietary(g) Value Per NDB_No Description 19860 Cocoa, dry powder, hi-fat or breakfast, processed with alkali 33.90 11625 Parsley, freeze-dried 32.70 02066 Spearmint, dried 29.80 19166 Cocoa, dry powder, unsweetened, processed with alkali 29.80 19859 Cocoa, dry powder, hi-fat or breakfast, plain 29.80 08001 Cereals ready-to-eat, KELLOGG, KELLOGG'S ALL-BRAN Original 29.30 11962 Peppers, hot chile, sun-dried 28.70 02006 Spices, cardamom 28.00 08611 Cereals ready-to-eat, KELLOGG's FIBERPLUS Cinnamon Oat Crunch 28.00 12220 Seeds, flaxseed 27.30 02031 Spices, pepper, red or cayenne 27.20 18375 Leavening agents, yeast, baker's, active dry 26.90 11982 Peppers, pasilla, dried 26.80 02029 Spices, parsley, dried 26.70 02004 Spices, bay leaf 26.30 02032 Spices, pepper, white 26.20 11615 Chives, freeze-dried 26.20 16135 Winged beans, mature seeds, raw 25.90 16067 Hyacinth beans, mature seeds, raw 25.60 16085 Peas, green, split, mature seeds, raw 25.50 02030 Spices, pepper, black 25.30 16022 Beans, french, mature seeds, raw 25.20 16047 Beans, yellow, mature seeds, raw 25.10 16052 Broadbeans (fava beans), mature seeds, raw 25.00 16027 Beans, kidney, all types, mature seeds, raw 24.90 16030 Beans, kidney, california red, mature seeds, raw 24.90 16035 Beans, kidney, royal red, mature seeds, raw 24.90 16045 Beans, small white, mature seeds, raw 24.90 16019 Beans, cranberry (roman), mature seeds, raw 24.70 02019 Spices, fenugreek seed 24.60 35203 Rose Hips, wild (Northern Plains Indians) 24.10 11432 Radishes, oriental, dried 23.90 20063 Rye flour, dark 23.80 11683 Carrot, dehydrated 23.60 14236 Coffee substitute, cereal grain beverage, powder 23.30 18226 Crackers, rye, wafers, plain 22.90 USDA National Nutrient Database for Standard Reference Release 27 January 16, 2015 20:50 EST Page 3 of 218 Fiber, total dietary(g) Value Per NDB_No Description 02043 Spices, turmeric, ground 22.70 25045 Formulated bar, high fiber, chewy, oats and chocolate 22.50 08688 Cereals, QUAKER, Instant Oatmeal, Cinnamon Swirl, high fiber 22.30 08390 Cereals ready-to-eat, KASHI GOOD FRIENDS 21.70 02001 Spices, allspice, ground 21.60 11978 Peppers, ancho, dried 21.60 11634 Peppers, sweet, green, freeze-dried 21.30 11931 Peppers, sweet, red, freeze-dried 21.30 02016 Spices, dill seed 21.10 20060 Rice bran, crude 21.00 18227 Crackers, rye, wafers, seasoned 20.90 02025 Spices, nutmeg, ground 20.80 16074 Lima beans, thin seeded (baby), mature seeds, raw 20.60 35183 Corn, dried, yellow (Northern Plains Indians) 20.50 08435 Cereals ready-to-eat, UNCLE SAM CEREAL 20.30 02022 Spices, mace, ground 20.20 16024 Beans, great northern, mature seeds, raw 20.20 08393 Cereals ready-to-eat, KASHI GOLEAN 20.10 19171 Cocoa, dry powder, unsweetened, HERSHEY'S European Style Cocoa 20.00 35204 Chokecherries, raw, pitted (Northern Plains Indians) 20.00 28220 MURRAY, SUGAR FREE, Chocolate Bites Cookies 19.60 02033 Spices, poppy seed 19.50 08598 Cereals ready-to-eat, GENERAL MILLS, FIBER ONE, HONEY CLUSTERS 19.20 35232 Wocas, dried seeds, Oregon, yellow pond lily (Klamath) 19.20 08596 Cereals ready-to-eat, GENERAL MILLS, FIBER ONE, Caramel Delight 19.10 16071 Lima beans, large, mature seeds, raw 19.00 08608 Cereals ready-to-eat, KASHI Berry Blossom 18.90 16076 Lupins, mature seeds, raw 18.90 02073 PACE, Dry Taco Seasoning Mix 18.80 08562 Cereals, KASHI GO LEAN Hot Cereal, Creamy TRULY VANILLA, dry 18.50 08657 Cereals ready-to-eat, BARBARA'S PUFFINS, original 18.50 12163 Seeds, pumpkin and squash seeds, whole, roasted, without salt 18.40 12663 Seeds, pumpkin and squash seeds, whole, roasted, with salt added 18.40 08029 Cereals ready-to-eat, POST Bran Flakes 18.30 16083 Mungo beans, mature seeds, raw 18.30 08599 Cereals ready-to-eat, GENERAL MILLS, FIBER ONE, RAISIN BRAN CLUSTERS 18.20 USDA National Nutrient Database for Standard Reference Release 27 January 16, 2015 20:50 EST Page 4 of 218 Fiber, total dietary(g) Value Per NDB_No Description 08668 Cereals ready-to-eat, GENERAL MILLS, FIBER ONE, Nutty Clusters &


Great Crusade Ork Rule Set 4.2 47%

Special Rules Fearless, Furious Charge, Mob Rule, Nutty Gitz (May only be joined by Weirdboy!) Madboy:


ConcentinaFoldsalocalisa 42%

Hemp seed oil adds a deliciously nutty flavour to dressings, sauces and smoothies.


Workbook1 31%

Near  Mint  (NM  or  MVery   -­‐) Good  (VG) COR12"021 David  K Nutty  Rush Cocoon  Recordings 12"


Aug 22 edition 21%

After their cold parting in 1956, Lewis made such favorites as “The Bellboy” and “The Nutty Professor,” was featured in Martin Scorsese’s “The King of Comedy” and appeared as himself in Billy Crystal’s “Mr.