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A. B. Basset. On the motion of a sphere in a viscous liquid 100%

and the solu­ tions of certain problems of two-dimensional motion have been given by S t e a r n .§ In th e present paper I propose to obtain the solution for a sphere moving in a viscous liquid in the following cases :— (i.) when the sphere is moving in a straight line under th e action of a constant force, such as gravity ;


Reverse-Ontology-Matching 96%

Moreover, matching algorithms can be compose so we obtain a solution space populated by many millions of possibilities.


obtaining information about veteran loans1141 94%

You can even obtain a loan if you are self-employed to your work, but you will should just provide a few years of taxation statements.


Writing the General Objective 94%

Name:_______________________________                                          Date:_______________  Choose one Objective Title and one Objective Statement  from the bottom section  to write an objective for your resume.  Ø Objective Titles:  1.  2.  3.  4.  5.  Position Desired  Objective  Employment Goal  Career Goal  Career Objective  Ø Objective Statement:  a)  To work where I can use my experience to benefit the company and allow myself to grow.  b)  To work where I can improve my skills to the best of my ability and contribute to the  company.  c)  To have a position where I can use my skills and hardworking ability to benefits my employers  and be of service to others.  d)  To obtain long term employment with growth potential with a company where I can contribute  my hardworking ability and my positive attitude.  e)  To obtain a people­oriented position where I can use my skills to serve others.  f)  To be employed where I can use my written and oral communication skills to contribute to the  growth of a company and in service to others.  g)  To obtain a position where I can be challenged to develop my leadership qualities.  Ø Sample of an Objective for your Resume:  Objective: To obtain a position where I can use my skills and abilities to benefit my employer and  be of service to others.  Ø Your Resume Objective:  (Objective Title)  (Objective Statement)


Cocktail formula for Squaring Pi 94%

The way to obtain the Squaring Pi consist of formulas of composition and integration of several closely interdependent parameters, geometric figures and theorems (Pythagoras), from which, we can extract any of these parameters in function of the other ones.


Econ 5029 exercices2018 94%

Since this model presents grouped heteroskedasticity problems, in order to obtain a consistent and asymptotically e¢ cient estimate of i0 and i1 , we should apply an appropriate FGLS.


1400-1411 94%

In the present work, the homotopy perturbation method (HPM) is applied to obtain the closed form solution of the non-linear Newell-Whitehead-Segel equation.


2 Application Part 2 94%

For CALIFORNIA EMPLOYEES BACKGROUND INVESTIGATION PURSUANT TO CALIFORNIA LAW With People 2.0 through its Affiliate, Abc Staffing People 2.0 through the above Affiliate, People 2.0’s local authorized agent, intends to obtain information about you from an investigative consumer reporting agency and/or a consumer credit reporting agency for employment purposes.


285-294 93%

In the present research work, the Homotopy Perturbation Method (HPM) is applied to obtain the closed form solution of the non-linear Burgers-Huxley equation.


Utility Audit, RFP, Addendum.docx 92%

RFP says that City requires we obtain and maintain a valid business license;


Biomedical-Semantic-Similarity 92%

In this article we propose a new approach which uses different existing semantic similarity methods to obtain precise results which are very close to human judgments in the biomedical domain.


11 553-937-1-SM 92%

Bulletin of Electrical Engineering and Informatics ISSN:



To obtain a full-time position as a financial analyst.


lec1 92%

They obtain their energy through aerobic respiration.


Phyto 1 92%


business checklist 91%

(See above for contact information) Obtain a Sales Tax (Reseller's) License if your business involves selling products.


An omnidirectional image unwrapping approach ID221 91%

There are many ways to enhance this field of view and obtain a large one, such as replacing classical optics of the camera by a very short focal length lens called fisheye lens [1], multiple-camera devices [2-4] and the rotating camera system [5].


Detro et al 91%

The method proposes to obtain a customizable process model through process mining, which allows to discover process variants, as well the rules to select them.


paper PIMRC SLPT vers10 90%

A major advantage of the inclusion of GM in this tool is that we can now plan design any radio link anywhere in the globe without the need to obtain data from other maps which could eventually be unavailable.


2016-11 MyHEALTH SG T&Cs (Mori + FMU) 90%

or 13.1.2 any claim is in any respect fraudulent or if fraudulent means or devices are used by you or an insured person or anyone acting on your or an insured person’s behalf to obtain benefits under this policy.