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A four page note on patenting 100%

Invention means a novel, non-obvious and useful processes, products, machines, manufactures, and compositions of matter.


Skys Zenith 97%

3 Languages Clawspeak ■ Dragontongue ■ Earthtongue Flametongue ■ Forest-tongue ■ Old Realm ■ Pelagial ■ Riverspeak Seatongue ■ Skytongue Charms Charm Cost Duration Type Keywords Effect First Presence Excellency 1m+ Instant Reflexive Combo-OK Add Dice to Presence First Performance Excellency 1m+ Instant Reflexive Combo-OK Add Dice to Performance First Socialize Excellency 1m+ Instant Reflexive Combo-OK Add Dice to Socialize Second Bureaucracy Excellency 2m+ Instant Reflexive Combo-OK Add Successes to Bureaucracy Second Linguistics Excellency 2m+ Instant Reflexive Combo-OK Add Successes to Linguistics Infinite Presence Mastery 2m+ 1wp One Scene Simple None Reduce Excellency Cost Infinite Performance Mastery 2m+ 1wp One Scene Simple None Reduce Excellency Cost Infinite Socialize Mastery 2m+ 1wp One Scene Simple None Reduce Excellency Cost Combo-OK, Compel, Social Respect Commanding Attitude 5m One Scene Simple Phantom Conjuring Performance -- Variable Permanent Heart Compelling Method 6m One Scene Supplemental 10m 1wp Instant Simple Memory Reweaving Discipline Obvious Exalted p.


Unit 1 Reflection 93%

It was fairly challenging to figure out what exactly it was about me and my life that made science the obvious choice.


002 July 2014 82%

“I had the idea of wanting to end up in this programme when I left the Sea Harrier and was fortunate enough to get an exchange with the US Navy out in China Lake, California, where I flew the Super Hornet, conducting operational tests, so coming on the F-35 and flying in operational tests was an obvious step for me – one I clearly aspired to and have been lucky enough to do.” The Tidball family – wife Kirstie and sons Sam, 17, Matt, 15, and Ben, 12 – are USA veterans as prior to the Eglin deployment Lt Cdr Tidball spent 18 months at Edwards AFB working with the Joint Operational Test Team.


EWMC Content KeepItBrief 81%

When we look at statistics on average page view times, scroll rates, and heatmaps for websites we’ve designed, the value of a clear, short message that speaks instantly to your target audience is obvious.


PrimarySourcesAPEuroTetzel (1) 81%

The reason for writing the sermon is obvious;


Worry 80%

Worry They were leading her to a new cell, that much was obvious.


Rapport Data Camp 79%

3 Deep Learning for Music Genre Classification 2 THE DATASET 2.1 About the Dataset It is hard to come by a dataset that is exploitable for obvious copyright reasons.


Greenco Burundi Newsletter April 2019 79%

All this may sound obvious in the developed world, but in the hills of Burundi, where more than half the population is unemployed and working conditions are generally poor, it is a small revolution.


SPA2016 WWW info 79%

What, Where, When Treat Yo’ Self   Spa and Party Info    Before the Spa  ● Hydrating this week is key.  Try to drink a little extra water each day this week as we prepare.  ● Sleep on Friday night.  Seems obvious but let’s get real we are fun people.  ● Please carpool. There is a rideshare page. If you are driving please arrange for a Designated  Driver.     What to Bring to the Spa  ❏ Bathing Suit  ❏  ​Flip Flops   ❏ Bathrobe (decorate yours to make sure it doesn’t get lost!)  ❏  ​Lock for your locker (Note: Women may want to consider sharing lockers)  ❏  ​BYOB (No Glass Containers)  ❏ Water Bottle (We are providing cups but they are moop­y and bad for the environment)  ❏  ​Other Toiletries (We will be providing soap, shampoo, conditioner, lotion, and scrubs)    At the Spa — See Schedule for more details  ● Food  ○ Stop by the kitchen for complimentary gourmet snacks all night long.   ● Hydration Station  ○ Let us keep quench your thirst with many exciting hydration options  ● Roving Frozen Treats  ○ Are you keeping your potassium up? Our roving Frozen Fruit Treat ladies will make sure  you are keeping up experince refreshing and delicious.   ● Inward Outpost    ○ With both a workshop space, as well as a dedicated sanctuary, this is the area to come  to get away from the hustle and bustle of the rest of the party.  Need to center yourself or  take a moment to gather your thoughts? This is the place.  ○ Inward Outpost will also be offering massages all night long, stop by for a mindful  rubdown.  Massages offered on a first­come first­serve basis  ● Pool Room Stage  ○ Sweet deep and sexy vibes will be curated around the main pool area by exceptional  Dj’s all night long.  ● Sweat Room Stage  ○ Need to get your dance on? Working on your bass face?  Check out the dancing and  sweating going on in the second floor dance area to get your body movin’ and grovin’.          Spa Facilities  ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● Russian Bath  Turkish Bath  Sauna  Steam Room  Showers (Overhead and Swiss)  Cold Plunge Pool  2 Hots Tubs  Heated Swimming Pool    Spa Benefits  ● Russian/Turkish Baths  ○ Stress Reduction  ○ Detoxification  ○ Rejuvenation  ○ Immune System Stimulant  ○ Health and Wellness Promotion  ● Venik Platza is the massage of self or ​others with bunches of dried branches and leaves in  order to improve ​circulation. The dried branches are moistened with very hot water before use.   ○ The Southampton Spa utilizes oak branches for this purpose. The essential oils of the  Oak venik transform oily skin into smooth, supple skin and acts as a strong  anti­inflammatory agent.  The aroma from soft, fragrant oak leaves soothes the mind,  washing stress away.  ○ Venik is also known to improve circulation, strengthens metabolism, decrease the growth  of bodily pathogens, and prevent premature skin aging.  ● Cold Plunge Pool  ○ As the blood is detoxified, fresh blood is circulated, rich in valuable nutrients. The cold  water plunge returns these reinvigorated cells to the internal organs resulting in a  refreshed connection between body, mind and spirit.    Spa Etiquette  ● Valuables can be left up front with the attendant, while other belongings can be stored in a  locker (plan to share with a buddy!). Please bring your own lock!   ● It is common courtesy to at minimum rinse your body before entering the spa to remove topical  products such as lotions, oils, and sparkles, as well as to cleanse the skin before partaking in  the shared facilities.  ● Remember: Hot, cold, relax: Once you have spent time in the sauna heating up, you can to cool  off by sitting in room temperature, taking an ice shower, a cold plunge, or a swim in the pool.  ● Cold drinks slow down detoxification. Drink hot tea to keep your inner body temperature up.          Spa Safety Info    ○ Don’t “push” yo’ self; Treat yo’ Self!   ○ Listen to your body. In the hotter saunas it’s obvious but sometimes in the less hot places like  hot tubs and steam rooms we tend to forget to get out occasionally because we are having so  much fun.   ○  ​There are heating elements in each room that should be avoided.  The least obvious is the 3 on      the bottom of the wall in the steam room.  They are small half circles that come off the wall at  the bottom of the left hand wall in the steam room and are very hot.  Please do not over crowd  any of the rooms for this reason and mind the maximum capacity signs on the door of each  room.     ○ Typical stay  should not exceed 3­6 minutes  ○ Do not drink alcohol while bathing. Alcohol and heat combined put more stress on the heart.  ○ Do not eat too much; your blood will be too busy with your skin to help with digestion.        ○ Do not do vigorous exercises during your day in the spa.  ○ Different bodies handle heat and cold differently. Do only what feels right for your body,  not what seems to be right for others.   ○ WARNING: THE RUSSIAN/TURKISH BATH EXPOSES USERS TO ELEVATED  TEMPERATURES. IF USED IMPROPERLY OR BY PEOPLE WITH EXTREME  HEALTH ISSUES, EXPOSURE TO HEAT CAN BE HARMFUL TO HEALTH, CAUSING  OVERHEATING, HYPOTHERMIA, AND EVEN DEATH.  ■ THE FOLLOWING GUIDELINES MUST BE FOLLOWED:  ● LEAVE SAUNA IMMEDIATELY IF UNCOMFORTABLE, DIZZY OR  SLEEPY  ● STAYING TOO LONG IN SAUNA CAN CAUSE OVERHEATING AND  EVEN DEATH.  ● CHILDREN UNDER 10, THE ELDERLY AND THOSE TAKING  ALCOHOL, DRUGS AND MEDICINE ARE ESPECIALLY AT RISK  ● CHECK WITH DOCTOR IF PREGNANT, OR UNDER MEDICAL CARE        ○ IF YOU SUFFER FROM A SERIOUS ILLNESS OR HAVE AN ACUTE HEART,  CIRCULATORY OR RESPIRATORY PROBLEM, CONSULT A PHYSICIAN BEFORE  USING OUR FACILITIES.    (Information provided by ​​)      Schedule of Activities  ● Dj Linup  ○ ○ ● Main Room  ■ ■ ■ 12­1 — Jeff Omega   ■ 3:30­5 — Conway Jennings  1­2:30 — Who's Who   2:30­3:30 — Mambisa   Sweat Room  ■ 12­1:30 — Jesse Johns   ■ ■ 1:30­2:30 — Nate Dark  ■ 3:30­5 — Architect  2:30­3:30 — Michael Nighttime   Inward Outpost — Workshops   ○ 12:30­1:25 Protect Yo' Neck with  Ashley Stafford  ■ Learn partner and individual self care techniques for your shoulders and neck.  Convenient to do in your home or office, you can easily implement them into your  everyday life!  ○ 1:30­2:25 Meet Your Power Animal with Jeremy Friedman  ■ Shamanic Practice for Wellness and Growth: Who is your power animal, and  what inner wisdom are they keeping for you? Connect with these guides through  shamanic ritual practice, and learn take­home tools that you can easily use on  your own!  ○ 2:30­3:25 Body Empowerment Workshop with  Jess Koob  ■ Come take a few minutes and learn to love ourselves. To let go of the pain and  the self doubt, and embrace ourselves as is.  ○ 3:30­4:25 Crystal Mist Healing Workshop  ■ Join us for a workshop focused on integrated energy healing, where we will take  turns practicing on one another. Come with an open mind; leave with a revitalized  spirit.  ● Other Events  ○ 12:00 ­ 2:00 [Main Pool] Underwater Time Trial:  ■ Are you part mermaid? Is Aquaman your favorite hero? Or perhaps you just like  to get wet? Well it only takes a minute to show off your flippers, kicks, and  strokes with this underwater race.  Stop by the pool and we'll record your time as  you swim through our short course.  The player with the fastest run wins limited  edition Bangarang gear… or a bubble gun (for blasting at friends the rest of the  evening).  1st, 2nd & 3rd place prizes awarded at 2am.  ○ 2:00 [Steam Room] Breathing workshop with Rob Potter


Stalker Alert 78%

It’s really obvious.


Stalker Alert UPDATED 78%

It’s really obvious.


The Junkie and the Pea Shooter 78%

The son has obvious bruises and needle tracks covering his arms.


CD-Verkaufsliste 17.9.15 77%

Chapter Two Out Of Line, Out Of LineOUT 221, OUT 223 CD, Album, RE + CD, Comp 9,90 € sealed Mint (M) Hexakosioihexekontahexa Out Of Line, Out Of LineOUT 370, OUT 371 CD, Album + CD, Album, Enh 8,90 € in perfect condition - in fact MINT - no obvious signs of use!


H07 8310 SkepticismStoicismandtheJeffersonianModel AIKEN 76%

#3), it would seem equally obvious that most of these traditional attempts will end in failure.


About einstein and frued 76%

Thus, in the inquiry now proposed, I can do little more than to seek to clarify the question at issue and, clearing the ground of the more obvious solutions, enable you to bring the light of your far-reaching knowledge of man's instinctive life to bear upon the problem.


Sun and Steel 76%

I was free to choose, but the freedom was not as obvious as it might seem.


ParentandChild 20170904 19-20 75%

“We partnered with them, because they have the expertise with urgent care The Golisano for children on the east coast, so when we | Nicklaus Children’s were looking for a partner, they were the Health Center obvious choice,” Salman says.


Double Bottom at the Top 2 75%

Everyone jumps in on the obvious break.


Crusher Holds Handout 3.5mb 75%

Where and how to position your board There are many ideas and variations for mounting a fingerboard from the obvious to the ingenious and a quick search online will reveal a wealth of information and forum discussions on how climbers have already done so.


CERN Rebuilding a Quantum Tower of Babel 75%

In fact, I have heard it said that the only people that can understand these other dimensions are mathematicians and young children The obvious question becomes the what and why behind this madness.


UDF Final 75%

It was glaringly obvious, as the signup table was patriotically decorated in red, white and blue.