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UMC HIPAA Departmental Self Assessment-2014 distributed 100%

If Yes, explain why it occurs and give recommended improvements/safeguards.


EarlyFactionalismofGOCeng 90%

The Division of the G.O.C. Into Factions      The first division among the Old Calendarists occurred in 1936, when  three  of  the  seven  bishops  returned  to  the  New  Calendarist  State  Church  of  Greece.  The  fallen  hierarchs  were  Metropolitan  Chrysostom  Demetriou  of  Zacynthus, Bishop Christopher Hatziz of Megara and Bishop Polycarp Liosis  of  Diaulia.  The  remaining  hierarchs  of  the  Synod  of  the  Genuine  Orthodox  Church  of  Greece  were  Metropolitan  Germanus  Mavromatis  of  Demetrias,  Metropolitan  Chrysostom  Kavouridis  of  Florina,  Bishop  Germanus  Varykopoulos of the Cyclades and Bishop Matthew Karpathakis of Bresthena.      The second division among the Old Calendarists also occurred in 1936,  when the government‐recognized entity of the “Religious Community of the  Genuine  Orthodox  Christians”  (a  group  of  laymen  theoloigians  without  any  bishops or priests) severed communion with the President of the Holy Synod,  Metropolitan Germanus, and also severed communion with all the remaining  hierarchs of the Synod, and went off alone, forming a parasynagogue.      The third division among the Old Calendarists occurred in September  1937,  when  Bishop  Matthew  of  Bresthena  severed  communion  with  the  Synodal  President,  Metropolitan  Germanus,  and  instead  formed  his  own  party, and took over the leadership of the schismatic “Religious Community  of  the  Genuine  Orthodox  Christians”  which  had  severed  communion  from  the  Church a year earlier. Bishop Matthew left for ecclesiological reasons.      The fourth division occurred in October 1937, when Bishop Germanus  of  the  Cyclades  severed  communion  with  the  President  of  the  Holy  Synod,  Metropolitan Germanus of Demetrias, and instead joined Bishop Matthew.      The  fifth  division  occurred  in  1942,  when  Bishops  Germanus  of  the  Cyclades  and  Matthew  of  Bresthena  severed  communion  with  one  another  due  to  dogmatic  reasons.  Bishop  Germanus  of  Cyclades  condemned  Bishop  Matthew for his writings and publications, which included a statement that if  it were not for the birth of St. John Chrysostom, there would have needed to  be a “second incarnation of Christ,” and another statement that Christ’s teeth  were  supposedly  broken,  etc.  Bishop  Matthew  retaliated  against  this  by  stating  that  Bishop  Germanus  was  guilty  of  blaspheming  against  King  Abgar’s  letter  to  Christ,  and  the  response  from  Christ  to  Abgar,  and  for  mocking the “symbols of the Theotokos” that Bishop Matthew had published  in his book “Garden of Graces.”       The sixth division among the Old Calendarists occurred in 1943, when  Metropolitan  Chrysostom  of  Florina  severed  communion  with  the  Synodal  President, Metropolitan Germanus of Demetrias, due to political reasons.      In other words, by 1943, there were four Old Calendarist bishops, and  four factions! Each of the four bishops was the “president” of his own faction.  Unfortunately,  these  hierarchs  managed  to  preserve  themselves  from  new  calendarism, but they fell into the passion of factionalism, a passion that still  runs  wild  among  the  Old  Calendarist  hierarchs  even  today.  This  is  what  occurs  when  bishops  are  led  by  their  passions,  make  hasty  decisions  to  condemn their brothers, and make themselves leaders of their own parties.      In  1946,  this  factionalism  began  to  come  to  an  end  when  Bishops  Christopher and Polycarp returned to the Old Calendar and joined the Synod  of  Metropolitan  Chrysostom  of  Florina.  Soon  after  this,  Bishop  Germanus  of  the Cyclades also began meeting with the above three bishops for the sake of  reuniting all the factions of the Old Calendarists of Greece. However, he was  placed in prison from 1947 to 1949, and it was not until he was released that  he  joined  formally  with  the  Synod  of  Metropolitan  Chrysostom  of  Florina.  The only bishop who remained separated was Bishop Matthew of Bresthena,  mainly for ecclesiological reasons, but he was much more open to unity than  were those immediately surrounding him.      The  below  photograph  is  of  Metropolitan  Chrysostom  of  Florina  and  Bishops  Germanus  of  Cyclades,  Christopher  of  Megaris  and  Polycarp  of  Diaulia  in  1946,  when  the  factionalism  began  to  end  and  a  united  Synod  began to form again (with the exclusion of Bishop Matthew who did not meet  in person with any of the remaining hierarchs).      Germanus of Cyclades, Chrysostom of Florina, Christopher of Megaris, Polycarp of Diaulia


gann 88%


DIWVolleyball-Color 87%

December 15 - 31 *(Coaches attending the AVCA annual awards banquet may have incidental contact with two-year college prospects being honored at the banquet provided no recruiting conversation occurs.


lec2 86%

This occurs:


kms 86%

Learning - learning results in a change in behaviour that occurs as a result of experience -early theorists described it as a behaviour change to a stimulus (stimulus-response theories:


Poster 86%



CNRL Pipeline Spec Gas (Sweet) SDS 86%

Skin Contact If persistent irritation occurs, obtain medical attention.


Manual 86%

How to play?


QPP Syphilis Campaign 85%

Sexual transmission usually occurs during the primary (2-3 months) and secondary stages (2-6 months).


MSDS # P29136158HV # TCT141110M019-1 - 2015-01-06 (unlocked) 85%

Risk of exposure occurs only if the cell is mechanically, thermally or electrically abused to the point of compromising the enclosure.


Carlson 2015 Permission Form 83%

I agree that I will make no claim or demand against the Carlson Foundation, and the facility where workshop is being held, if an injury or accident occurs during the workshop provided.


Limar.Synchronicity313 82%

Consequently, one may also assume that quantum entanglement between parts of biological molecules occurs as a result of the above interaction.


Directional ralys 82%

To achieve this for all types of faults the relay Page 3 of 8 cannot be connected to operate on true wattmeter type since the torque would not be sufficient when the voltage is small as occurs, for example, with close up faults.


TRC SC 81%


LIfe Science Summarised Guide Notes 81%

double helix Found in nucleus, chloroplast and mitochondrion Deoxyribose sugar Adenine pairs with Thymine RNA Single strand Found in nucleus, ribose and cytoplasm Ribose sugar Adenine pairs with Uracil DNA replication - DNA makes an identical copy of itself It occurs before cell division (mitosis and meiosis) i.e.


HUAWEI B593 81%

 If any exception occurs, for example, if the device emits any smoke or unusual sound or smell, stop using the device immediately, power it off, remove all the cables connected to it, and then contact an authorized service center.


Concerns-Ontario-SexEducation-Curriculum 80%

In preparation, the walls of the uterus develop a lining of extra blood and tissue to act as a cushion for the egg in case fertilization occurs.