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J340C&B 91%

EXCERPT FROM Alaska Native Sovereignty:


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ilovepdf esl 1, sec term, ppa, 170617, 20pp 79%

2nd term Irregular verbs II be bite break can come deal do draw ** was/were been-ser/estar bit bitten-morder broke broken-romper could - - - -poder came come-venir dealt dealt-tratar did done-hacer drew drawn-dibujar fall fell fallen-caer feed fed fed-alimentar fight fought fought-pelear find found found-encontrar forgive·forgave·forgiven-perdonar get got got-conseguir give gave given-dar go went gone-ir ** have hear hide know learn leave let lose ** had had-haber/tener heard heard-oír hid hidden-esconder knew known-saber/conocer learned / learnt learned / learnt-aprender left left-dejar/irse de let let-permitir lost lost-perder make pay read say see sell shut sit ** made paid read said saw sold shut sat made-hacer/fabricar paid-pagar read-leer said-decir seen-ver sold-vender shut-cerrar sat-sentarse sleep smell speak spoil stand swear take tell slept smelt spoke spoilt stood swore took told slept-dormir smelt-oler spoken-hablar spoilt-estropear stood-estar de pie sworn-jurar taken-tomar, llevar told-decir/contar ** weep wept wept-llorar write wrote written-escribir ESL 1.-2nd term Regular verbs II achieve·achieved·achieved-lograr, conseguir add added added-añadir earn earned earned-ganar dinero help helped helped-ayudar laugh laughed laughed-reírse lie lied lied-mentir ** obey obeyed obeyed-obedecer offend offended offended-ofender phone phoned phoned-telefonear pray prayed prayed-rezar purchase purchased purchased-comprar push pushed pushed-empujar ** repair repaired repaired-reparar reply replied replied-responder solve solved solved-resolver talk talked talked-conversar, hablar type typed typed-escribir a máquina visit visited visited-visitar * Two readings:


JCF CV 4 PDF 79%



Correction chart.doc 76%

Hitting Hateful Talking Apologize to the one offended and say 3 nice things about them.


WARD 76%

Each word has the same pitch - moderately high.] Oh God 11/02/2016 say ‘Fucking dick fuck off’ Fucking dick fuck off 13/02/2016 say ‘Ohhh fuck’ Ohhh fuck 16/02/2016 say ‘I’m kinda offended’ [You are a Blairite politician on Radio 4 responding to John Humphreys.] I’m kinda offended 17/02/2016 say ‘Boom boom’ [Two notes a tone apart.


17 0220 S1 Enforce 73%

Si::cretary U.S.