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Valid 1 Missing 1 1.0 Cumulative Percent 1.0 1.0 2 4 3.9 4.1 5.1 3 21 20.6 21.4 26.5 4 33 32.4 33.7 60.2 5 39 38.2 39.8 100.0 Total 98 96.1 100.0 4 3.9 102 100.0 System Total Frequency Missing Percent 1 1.0 1.0 1.0 9 8.8 9.2 10.2 3 34 33.3 34.7 44.9 4 31 30.4 31.6 76.5 5 23 22.5 23.5 100.0 Total 98 96.1 100.0 4 3.9 102 100.0 Cumulative Percent 2 3 2.9 3.1 3.1 3 4 3.9 4.1 7.2 4 11 10.8 11.3 18.6 5 79 77.5 81.4 100.0 95.1 100.0 Total Missing System Total 97 5 4.9 102 100.0 Missing 1 1.0 1.0 1.0 2 4 3.9 4.1 5.1 3 10 9.8 10.2 15.3 4 17 16.7 17.3 32.7 5 66 64.7 67.3 100.0 Total 98 96.1 100.0 4 3.9 102 100.0 System Not felt like eating or had a poor appetite - 5 - Not felt like eating or had a poor appetite Valid Cumulative Frequency Percent Percent Percent Valid 2 1 1.0 1.0 1.0 3 5 4.9 5.1 6.1 4 13 12.7 13.3 19.4 77.5 80.6 100.0 96.1 100.0 5 Total Missing System Total 79 98 4 3.9 102 100.0 Slept restlessly - 3 - Slept restlessly Valid Frequency Percent Percent Valid 1 Missing Cumulative Percent 3 2.9 3.1 3.1 16 15.7 16.3 19.4 3 24 23.5 24.5 43.9 4 22 21.6 22.4 66.3 5 33 32.4 33.7 100.0 Total 98 96.1 100.0 2 System Total 4 3.9 102 100.0 3 4 1 20 21 Rarely 8 25 33 Not At All 5 34 39 15 83 98 100.0% 1 1 1.2% 3.6% 24.1% 30.1% 41.0% 100.0% Prevelance of all Pastors 1.0% 4.1% 21.4% 33.7% 39.8% 100.0% 1-3 Prevelance of all Pastors 1.0% 9.2% 34.7% 31.6% 23.5% 100.0% 1-3 Prevelance of all Pastors 3.1% 4.1% 11.3% 81.4% 100.0% 1-3 Prevelance of all Pastors 1.0% 4.1% 10.2% 17.3% 67.3% 1-3 Prevelance of all Pastors 1.0% 5.1% 13.3% 80.6% 100.0% 1-3 26.5% Count Mentor_YesNo No Yes Felt Sad - 2 Very Often - Felt Sad Often 0 Mentor_YesNo No Yes Total 1 1 2 7 9 Occasionally 3 31 34 Rarely 6 25 31 Not At All 4 19 23 15 83 98 0.0% 13.3% 20.0% 40.0% 26.7% 100.0% 1.2% 8.4% 37.3% 30.1% 22.9% 100.0% 44.9% Had crying spells - 5 - Had crying spells * Mentor_YesNo Crosstabulation Count Mentor_YesNo No Yes Had crying spells - 5 Had crying spells Mentor_YesNo No Yes Total Often 1 2 3 Occasionally 2 2 4 Rarely Not At All 1 Total 1 Occasionally Total Felt you could not shake off the blues, even with support from friends and family - 2 - Felt you could not shake off the blues, even with support from friends and family Valid Cumulative Frequency Percent Percent Percent Valid Often 0.0% 6.7% 6.7% 53.3% 33.3% Total Had crying spells - 5 - Had crying spells Valid Frequency Percent Percent Valid Cumulative Percent 2 Total MENTORING No Yes Total 0 Felt Sad - 2 - Felt Sad * Mentor_YesNo Crosstabulation Valid Percent 1 System MENTORING No Yes Very Often Total Felt Sad - 2 - Felt Sad Valid Felt Depressed - 2 - Felt Depressed * Mentor_YesNo Crosstabulation Count Felt Depressed Felt Depressed - 2 - Felt Depressed Valid Frequency Percent Percent 1 10 11 11 68 79 15 82 97 6.7% 13.3% 6.7% 73.3% 100.0% 2.4% 2.4% 12.2% 82.9% 100.0% 18.6% Felt you could not shake off the blues, even with support from friends and family - 2 - Felt you could not shake off the blues, even with support from friends and family * Mentor_YesNo Count Mentor_YesNo No Yes Felt you could not shake off the blues, even with support from friends Total Mentor_YesNo No Yes Total Very Often 0 1 1 Often 2 2 4 0 Occasionally Rarely Not At All 10 10 1 16 17 12 54 66 15 83 98 0.0% 13.3% 0.0% 6.7% 80.0% 100.0% 1.2% 2.4% 12.0% 19.3% 65.1% 100.0% 15.3% Not felt like eating or had a poor appetite - 5 - Not felt like eating or had a poor appetite * Mentor_YesNo Crosstabulation Count Mentor_YesNo No Yes Not felt like Often eating or Occasionally had a poor appetite - 5 - Rarely Not felt like Not At All Total 15 0 Mentor_YesNo No Yes Total 1 1 0 5 5 3 10 13 12 67 79 83 98 0.0% 0.0% 20.0% 80.0% 100.0% 1.2% 6.0% 12.0% 80.7% 100.0% 19.4% PASTORS WHO SLEEP RESTLESS 45.0% Slept restlessly - 3 - Slept restlessly * Mentor_YesNo Crosstabulation 40.0% Count No Slept restlessly 3 - Slept restlessly 40.0% 35.0% Mentor_YesNo Yes Mentor_YesNo Mentored:


Ryan P Factual Programme Compnents 99%

They usually consist of a wide shot of a building or location that show the viewer where the scene is set and are often accompanied by a voice over stating the location in documentaries or news reports.


Hand Injury 95%

often further operations are required to treat the injury.


Closing Costs Explain 93%

There are often fees associated with obtaining a loan such as the ones listed below.


VideoTransmissionin2016 92%

Video Transmission in 2016  With so many possible ways for us to consume video in 2016 it’s easier than ever for  us to find and watch movies at a moment’s notice. Particularly films that a few years  into their release as they have generally found their way onto a number of different  streaming platforms. Throughout this essay I will explore a number of available ways  to view the film ‘The Muppets’ released in 2011 and explore the different benefits,  technical aspects and costs associated with each viewing platform as well as a brief  insight into the legality and workings of each service.   One of the most common methods of modern media consumption is online  streaming, this is available through both legal and illegal methods, firstly we will look  at legal methods of streaming such as services like Netflix, Amazon instant video  and a number of others. These services often work through a subscription service in  which the use pays a set fee per month which gives them access to to hundreds of  titles in which these services buy the legal rights to stream the titles. Many of these  services offer a perpetually changing catalogue as they lose the rights to certain  titles and obtain or renew the rights to others. The services also offer a variety of  streaming qualities dependant on your available internet and technological  capabilities. The general standard for Netflix streaming stands at 720p for most  devices however Netflix do offer a 1080p resolution when streaming over fast  internet connections and using specific web browsers, notably Apple's  Safari  browser and Microsoft's internet explorer.  Another option in regards to online streaming would be to use an illegal streaming  service which have recently become widely available with the increased use of  smartphones and TV boxes. Services such as Showbox and Popcorn Time are  available as apps for most smart devices and they offer a vast streaming library,  often with the ability to download files for offline viewing. Due to the unlicensed  nature of these services they can often be temperamental in their usage. As  opposed to legal services such as Netflix, Showbox and Popcorn Time use  comparatively smaller servers which can much easily become overused causing  crashes and even temporary down time. Due to this, the technical limitations of these  services are more limited with many of them offering at most 720p streaming quality,  however during peak usage times, higher quality streaming can cause significant  buffering issues. It is also possible to find a variety of websites that offer free online  streaming however like the services noted above these are faced by various  limitations due to the illegal nature of the services. On the bright side however, these  services do offer many recently released films, often whilst they are still showing in  cinemas without any costs attached however many risks and downfalls are  associated with their usage.   For consumers looking to download their content before watching, they’re also a vast  number of options available for this, again both legal and illegal. Legally, there are  services such as, iTunes, the Play Store and Amazon. These services offer full HD  downloads at 1080p for much of their content as well as the option to rent a film for a  reduced price which will expire and delete itself after a set period of time. This option  is generally extremely reliable as it gives you a downloaded copy of the content  which you can watch without a web connection meaning you don't have to worry  about an unreliable internet connection. The downfall of this is the costs associated.  With online streaming services such as Netflix and Amazon Instant Video, you  simply pay a set amount each month for unlimited streaming of a huge selection of  titles, whereas with iTunes and the Play Store you are required to pay for each  individual title and although the renting option can often be reasonably inexpensive it  can be fairly costly to buy each of the titles, but the benefits and legality of the  services are often outweigh the costs.  On the other end of the spectrum many people opt to use torrent clients to download  their video files. This method of downloading is generally considered illegal without  the consent of the content author and film distribution companies are constantly  fighting against torrent sites to have their content removed from the servers or simply  by having sites hosting torrent files banned in various geographical locations.  Torrents work through a torrent client, torrent files are downloaded from the internet  and opened in the torrent client and these files are used like a map to find the  desired video file which the torrent client then downloads from a server. The benefits  of torrent files are the quality and variety of formats in which they can be  downloaded. Many torrent sites list a specific film with a variety of video formats and  qualities to choose from ranging from anything between 240p and 1080p, the  availability of the file in a number of formats is simply dependant on the availability of  the file on the servers. Torrents are often temperamental and can vary in download  times depending on the technical aspects of the host server and the popularity of the  chosen torrent file. Often, the more people who download the file and continue to  seed it after the download, the faster the download speed becomes. Although  torrenting is cost free, the illegality and lack of regulation can cause your device to  become susceptible to a variety of viruses.   Another method and one that has been used for a number of years is to watch the  film from physical media. Most modern films are generally available in DVD and  Blu­Ray formats which are the most common physical media standards. DVD offers  a standard quality video format at 576i whist Blu­Ray increases that to a HD  resolution of up to 1080p. Although buying DVD’s and Blu­Rays can quickly become  costly, they can be watched as many times as desired without fear of them being  removed from any various online libraries making them one of the most reliable  forms of media consumption and presuming the discs are purchased from a  legitimate retailer and are officially produced copies of the films, purchasing physical  media is 100% legal.   In conclusion, there are a variety of mediums available today that make media even  more accessible than ever before, with even more variations likely to rise in the  coming years. Each medium has it’s own merits and disadvantages meaning there is  no definitive answer to which is best. Personal opinion alone is the defining factor in  that decision.


Module 4 – The X – Stuck in Negativity 92%

Getting stuck in this pattern often results in giving up on the idea that life can ever be any better than it is now, and usually leads to relying on assistance from the government, family, or friends - without reciprocation.


Module 6 – The Z Overcoming Obstacles 92%

Therefore, when someone says, “How did so-and-so make this happen?” it is often because this person has developed certain characteristics that have allowed them to succeed.


SebPackham CV 91%

 (August  2015  –  present)     In  charge  of  the  preparation  and  cooking  of  hot  food,  often  running  the  service.


Chronical Guide VtM Pgs 11-15.indd 91%

Far more often encountered are those Toreador whose immortal lives have become dedicated to the Kindred social scene - Toreador are often a large contingent of the city’s Harpies, and having spent years with their bitchy and conniving clan-mates they are more than capable of ruining someone’s reputation with a pithy comeback or a damning piece of gossip whispered in just the right ear.


Module 5 - The Y - Too Quick to Follow 91%

Too Quick to Follow While someone acting from an X pattern often seems determined to remain stagnant by blaming others, those acting from a Y pattern will usually stagnate until someone gives them a reason to change.


Certificate - Coercion and Myth (Christian Rippel) 91%

Introduction Wherever we use to spend time in interaction with society, we are likely to be faced with the phenomenon of certificates, unfortunately often accompanied and implemented by the force of the state.


AISA Presentation 91%

Koss, 79) —  2/3rds of transitional students have deficiencies in reading/writing/composition —  There are both “aliterate” and “disengaged” reading groups—and they rely upon one another Disengaged Readers —  Many disengaged readers receive their negative perceptions from classroom settings where they are not asked for their emotional responses to what they read (Lesesne 11) —  They lack an “authentic response” to the core texts they are often required to read (Lesesne 11) —  There is often the interpretation of a novel (Lesesne 11) Aliterate Readers —  Aliteracy is “best defined as a condition in which one can read but chooses not to” (Sullivan 1) —  Often, students find the reading unpleasurable, for many different reasons (Sullivan 33) —  In our contemporary setting, students can often find internet sources that allow them to skip readings but still be adequately prepared for class (ex.


Realmshatter 90%

These behemoths often roam the wilderness alone or in groups of no more than 3 and they're each a powerful world boss type monster.


me 90%

They're also often reluctant to take others at their word — they reach their own conclusions only after careful consideration of the facts.


Choice-of-clarity Numerology 90%

On occasion when it surfaces in the personality, the behaviour is so unusual to your Sun Sign it often surprises you and startles others.


Plants and Gardens just flowers 07.07.17 90%

Often in the country garden a row of flowers is grown for cutting e.g.


Plants and Gardens just flowers 07.07.17 90%

Often in the country garden a row of flowers is grown for cutting e.g.


JDIT-2014-1030-006 89%

Generally are well differentiated tumors but often present metastases at diagnosis.


Ham 89%

Often these discussions included interviews with high school aged young women who participated in this ‘trend’ (Wilkinson).


medicifirma-infrastructure 89%

Medici Firma Infrastructure has worked with governments around to world to develop the plans and methods for achieving this, often assisting them in harnessing the expertise and financial ability of the private sector.


sample 81 82 83 89%

Imaging often reveals a solitary nodule ('coin-lesion');


Subacromial Impingement 88%

Pain often prevents you getting your hand behind your back.


EOL Overview 20141029 88%

The dying process is very much a part of living - of being alive, however we so often consciously and unconsciously create distance and division - physically, intellectually, and socially, from those approaching end of life, thus positing dying persons into the realm of death while death has yet to occur.


Fidelity On Air case study 88%

A total of 18% of Advisers who watched the workshop answered they use Fidelity for information "very often"


rules and background 88%

A halfling that commands respect in every room he enters despite his small stature although he is known to drink often and talk very much.