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teen academy waiver form 100%

WAIVER OF LIABILITY AND RELEASE AGREEMENT City of Oregon Police Division Teen Police Academy Summer 2019 I hereby acknowledge that I am the parent/guardian of a participant less than 21 years of age, and that said participant has my permission to participate/attend the City of Oregon Police Division Teen Police Academy that will be held at the Oregon Police Training Facility.


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Tresspassing7172015 98%

IN THE CIRCUIT COURT OF THE STATE OF OREGON    FOR THE COUNTY OF MULTNOMAH      ,,​ In the matter of the of:  The State Oregon  Plaintiff    vs    Benjamin Barber  Defendant    )  )  )  )  )  )  )  )  )    Case# 13344695    Motion to Dismiss    The complaint provided to the plaintiff by the organizer(s) that I was trespassing at  a private event holds no bearing to the facts of this case. Despite the fact that this event  did indeed take place on private property, just as many events take place on private  property, does not preclude it from being a place of public accommodation as per in ORS  659A.400(e). The fact of the matter is that the ‘bone a fide’ club advertises to the public  on websites such as calagator.com and meetup.com, and does not require a membership  application or entry fee. Indeed the only distinctions that are being made in these clubs,  are distinctions based on protected classes in an employment sector, thus the ‘private’  nature only serves to circumvent anti­segregation and discrimination laws. [1]    Furthermore the organizer(s) purpose for blacklisting my participation in this  place is to inhibit my rights of free association, as a form of retaliation based upon  previous grievances raised with the Portland City Council on March 25th of this year.  This was  regarding blatant advertising of segregated events and labor discrimination,  and the legality of complicity by the Portland Development Commission on previous  occasions, in violation of section 46 of the Oregon Constitution which reads.  “(1)  Equality of rights under the law shall not be denied or abridged by the State of Oregon or  by any political subdivision in this state on account of sex.”    Rather than treating everyone equally under the strict scrutiny standard of which  the Oregon Law dictates, the PDC in conjunction with the events organizer(s) colluded to  systematically discriminate on the basis of race and gender under the guise of  “diversity”, by publishing a memorandum of understanding with the PDC that they were  going to “proactively support inclusivity and diversity” by “create and implement  strategies to increase hiring of women and communities of color”. Its important to note  that they’re not advocating the removal of discrimination, but rather using discrimination  to make up for what they consider problems “deep into our education system and  society”.[2]  It’s important to note that the Supreme court has indicated in previous cases  including one recently in ​ Texas Department of Housing and Community Affairs v. The  Inclusive Communities Project, Inc.    When courts do find liability under a disparate­impact theory, their remedial  orders must be consistent with the Constitution. Remedial orders in  disparate­impact cases should concentrate on the elimination of the offending  practice, and courts should strive to design race­neutral remedies. Remedial  orders that impose racial targets or quotas might raise difficult constitutional  questions.    Similarly other oregon statutes also expressly forbid many of the actions by the  organizer(s)  including:    Action for Trade Discrimination:    http://www.oregonlaws.org/ors/30.860    Aiding and Abetting Discrimination    http://www.oregonlaws.org/ors/659A.406    Discrimination prohibited    http://www.oregonlaws.org/ors/659A.030    Special Services to customers    http://www.oregonlaws.org/ors/646.080    Price Discrimination Prohibited    http://www.oregonlaws.org/ors/646.040    Inducing or receiving price discrimination    http://www.oregonlaws.org/ors/646.090  Notice that discrimination will be made in place of public accommodation prohibited    http://www.oregonlaws.org/ors/659A.409  For example I had attended another of the organizer(s) event on July 9th, and tried  to clarify some items of confusion by reading the law, and by providing those laws to the  organizers. I indicated both the good parts, the bad parts, and the irrational parts, and  mentioned I was not looking for any monetary compensation, because I believed them to  be pathologically altruistic rather than malicious. Because I believe that people are born  of ignorance until the truth illuminates the contrasts between thoughts and reality, and I  would rather do the right thing by turning the other cheek.[3]    While I suspect this is still the case for many people [4], it is impossible to claim  ignorance, when someone has already tried to inform yourself of your negligence. Being  that there are indeed people who profit off of this enterprise of social outrage and  discontent, and are indeed receiving tax breaks from the same groups they are breaking  the law with, I can only conclude that this is a pattern of racketeering under ORS 166.715.  Furthermore I was warned by the organizer(s) that any attempt to complain, would ruin  my career chances in the future, just as another has come to my house to threaten me  with, on previous occasions leading up to this in the presence of others for previous  attempts to rectify what I thought was wrong through dialogue with other community  members [5]    It is my personal belief that this behavior is reflective of a pattern of racketeering  in Oregon, and I have been investigating connections between the current Kitzhaber  scandal and regime to these actions. I also had a good faith belief that my Civil Rights  were being infringed, and that the state had a compelling reason to protect those Rights,  just as the voters intended it to be from the last election, and just as the Oregon  Constitution and other laws seem to indicate. In order for there to be a conviction, one  has to have mens rea or guilty mind for his actions, and indeed I have not attempted to  infringe on anyone else’s rights, but simply to open a dialogue to discuss matters of  public importance. If the court wishes to pursue this case, I would like to plead not guilty  and request a jury trial, and to waive my rights to a speedy trial, and would like the court  to issue subpoenas to preserve all evidence to all groups listed below, for their  complicity in unlawful trade discrimination.     [1]http://calagator.org/events/1250468750    [2]​ http://www.pdc.us/news­and­events/all­news/all­news­detail/15­06­17/Portland_tech_C EOs_unite_to_take_Tech_Diversity_Pledge.aspx  [3]​ https://goo.gl/vepUD1  [4]​ https://goo.gl/PYHeX7  [5]​ https://archive.is/3Z6e3  Ada Initiative  FMYI  Land Rover  Flux Hackerspace  Instrument  Cloudability  Mozilla  Metal Toad  Google  New Relic  Lytics  Ctrl+H  Worksystems  Jama Software  Portland State University  Simple Inc  PuppetLabs  University of Oregon  O’reilly Media  Uncorked Studios  Oregon State University  Epicodus  Zapproved  Alterconf  Treehouse  Technology Association of  Oregon  Planet argon  Girls Inc.  Intel  ImpactFlow  ChickTech  Lesbians who tech  Portland Development  Commission  Opensesame  Business Oregon Commission  Elemental Technologies  Code fellows  City of Portland  Cozy    Under the authority of ORS 166.725(3)(a)    Specifically for official misconduct ORS 162.405 , due to blatant disregard for the law. I  wish to compel testimony from:    Brad Avakian: Bureau of Labor and Industries  Patrick Quinton: Director of the Portland Development Commission.    Under the authority of ORS 166.725(6)(b)  


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Morrison 98%

Join Oregon author William L.


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Philadelphia Eagles Roster 98%

COLLEGE 51 Acho, Emmanuel LB 6­2 240 24 4 Texas 17 Agholor, Nelson WR 6­1 198 21 R USC 16 Ajirotutu, Seyi WR 6­3 215 27 6 Fresno State 94 Allen, Beau DT 6­2 333 23 2 Wisconsin 50 Alonso, Kiko LB 6­3 238 24 3 Oregon 68 Andrews, Josh G 6­2 311 23 1 Oregon State 19 Austin, Miles WR 6­2 215 30 10 Monmouth 18 Bailey, Rasheed WR 6­2 205 21 R Delaware Valley 93 Bair, Brandon DE 6­6 290 30 3 Oregon 76 Barbre, Allen T 6­4 310 30 8 Missouri Southern State 2 Barkley, Matt QB 6­2 227 24 3 USC 34 Barner, Kenjon RB 5­9 185 26 2 Oregon 98 Barwin, Connor LB 6­4 264 28 7 Cincinnati 38 Biggers, E.J.


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Umpqua Valley Wineries Changing The Face Of Wine (21) 98%

You will find nearly 300 wineries in the state of Oregon, so you can appreciate an Oregon wine tasting regardless of whether you are a resident, passing via or want an elegant getaway in wine country.


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1314-ReportCard-1186 (1) 98%

OREGON REPORT CARD 2013­14 Aloha High School DISTRICT Beaverton SD 48J SUPERINTENDENT Jeff Rose PRINCIPAL Ken Yarnell GRADES SERVED 9­12 18550 SW Kinnaman Rd Beaverton, OR 97007 (503) 259­4700 www.beaverton.k12.or.us/aloha/home.html For more report card measures including detailed demographic information visit www.ode.state.or.us/go/RCMeasures FROM THE PRINCIPAL Dear Parents and Community Members, We are committed to regular communication with parents and the community about our school. Toward that goal, here is our school report card, produced by the Oregon Department of Education.


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OR Agency Disclosure Pamphlet 97%

OREGON REAL ESTATE INITIAL AGENCY DISCLOSURE PAMPHLET OAR 863-015-215 (4) This pamphlet describes the legal obligations of real estate licensees in Oregon.


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2017 DesignAwards CFE SubmissionInformationPacket 97%

2017 design awards CALL FOR ENTRIES SUBMISSION INFORMATION PACKET ASLA Oregon presents 2017 DESIGN AWARDS a celebration of design SUBMISSION CATEGORIES General Design - Over $500,000 Construction Budget General Design - Under $500,000 Construction Budget Event Sponsor:


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ShawnieResume 97%

Photo I V Show ( 201 0) Sprague High School Salem, OR 8thAroundOregonAnnual( 201 0) Corvallis Arts Center Corvallis, Oregon 7thAroundOregonAnnual( 2009) Corvallis Arts Center Corvallis, Oregon BushBarnArtShow ( 2008,2009,201 0) Salem, Oregon Awards:


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AFH Director Resume 97%

Alexharrisdirector@gmail.com Education: Graduated (2013) Bachelors of Science   Bachelor of Science in Communications (Video Production) from Southern Oregon University    Work‐Related Experience:  • Master Control Operator at Rogue Valley Community Access Television    ( 2007‐2009 )  • Directing RVTV’s Weekly In‐Studio Live 3‐Camera Television Shows      ( 2007‐2009 )  • Assistant Camera Prep‐Tech at T‐Stop Camera Rentals      ( 2014 )    Drama      Shake The Sky  Chimera Episode One (2017)  Webseries Pilot    Action      Shake The Sky  Denizen (2016)    48 Hour Film Project  Thriller    Trippy Tran / Escape West Films      Past Directing Work:  Millennial (2017)       Short Film  A Symphony of Acceptance (2016)  Acting Student’s Thesis  Drama      Shake The Sky  We Are Legion (2016)    Short Film  Crime      Shake The Sky  Safety First (2015)    48 Hour Film Project  Action      Shake The Sky / Siren    Royskopp™ “Running to the Sea”  Music Video    Action      Shake The Sky  Unhappily Ever After (2015)  Sketch Video    Comedy     Cognitive Ignorance  A Silent Affair (2014)          48 Hour Film Project  Drama      Shake The Sky  Plot Ten (2013)          48 Hour Film Project  Thriller      Shake The Sky  Ghostbox (2012)        48 Hour Film Project  Drama      Shake The Sky  The Obtainer (2012)     Spec TV Pilot  Action      Shake The Sky    Rocky Parody Video* (2011)  Viral Marketing Video  Comedy     S.D. Deacon Construction  Scratch It (2011)    Short Film  Dark Comedy    Shake The Sky        Dauntless Legends* (2010)  Student Capstone Film  Action      Shake The Sky / SOU  Vampire Showdown (2009)    Short Film    Action      Southern Oregon University  Ambivalence (2009)  Student Short    Drama      Southern Oregon University  Penance for the Slain (2009)  Student Feature    Crime      Southern Oregon University  Honest Betrayal (2008)  Student  Short  Drama      Southern Oregon University          Awards:  • 2013 Query Pros Winner: Best Action / Adventure Screenplay: “Burner”  • 2011 Astral Award: Society of Marketing Professionals (Rocky Parody Video)  • 2010 Southern Oregon Film Festival: Best Picture & Best Actor (Dauntless Legends)    References:  Trevor Doyle  ‐ Producer | Sales Agent | Distributor with Frozen Flame Pictures™  (971)‐201‐8075  Leonardo Ibanez    ‐ Director of Photography | Key Grip | Camera Operator    (626)‐529‐4930  Spencer T. Watson  ‐ Actor:  http://www.imdb.com/name/nm5028287/      (323)‐632‐4161       


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Summer Fall 2016 97%

Proudly serving lab professionals at all stages of their careers vathani.logendran@gmail.comvathani.logendran@gmail.com American Society for Clinical Laboratory Sciences Oregon Constituent Society Newsletter Summer/Fall 2016 Issue 3, Vol.


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333-008 Marijuana Retail TEMP DRAFT text 08-18-15x (1) 96%

DRAFT SB 460 and HB 3400 (Residency/Local Opt Out) Rules 8.18.2015 OREGON ADMINISTRATIVE RULES OREGON HEALTH AUTHORITY, PUBLIC HEALTH DIVISION CHAPTER 333 DIVISION 8 MEDICAL MARIJUANA 333-008-0025 Marijuana Grow Site Registration (1) A patient may register a marijuana grow site with the Authority.


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Spring 2016 Issue 95%

Proudly serving lab professionals at all stages of their careers vathani.logendran@gmail.comvathani.logendran@gmail.com American Society for Clinical Laboratory Sciences Oregon Constituent Society Newsletter Spring 2016 The Centrifuge Issue 2, Vol.


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DocumentFragment 58199646 95%

1/5/2018 11:13 AM 18CV00740 1 2 3 4 IN THE CIRCUIT COURT OF THE STATE OF OREGON 5 FOR THE COUNTY OF WASHINGTON 6 7 8 13 (Veterinary Malpractice / Negligence;


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PDF Colts 091514 95%

• 1st in rushing yards per game (159.5 per game) • 1st in rushing yards per attempt (5.10 per play) • 1st in plays of 20+ yards (105 total) • 1st in passing plays of 20+ yards (85 total) • 1st in touchdowns of 20+ yards (24 total) • 1st in receptions of 25+ yards (53 total) • 1st in scrimmage yards per touch (8.6 per touch) • 1st in passing yards per completion (14.03 per completion) • 1st in passing yards per attempt (8.55 yards per attempt) • 2nd in average total offense (417.4 per game) • 2nd in rushing plays of 20+ yards (20 total) • 2nd in points per game (28.0 per game) • 2nd in touchdown-to-interception ratio (3.4 TDs to INTs) • T-3rd in interception percentage (1.8% of attempts) • 5th in first downs per game (22.3 per game) • T-7th in total turnovers (22 total) • 9th in net passing yards per game (257.9 per game) Chip Kelly Head Coach Chip Kelly was named head coach of the Philadelphia Eagles on January 16, 2013 after a successful four-year reign manning the sidelines at the University of Oregon.


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pnwcta-buy-sell-directory-2017 95%

Visit us in Oregon and experience the McKenzie Farms customer advantage.


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2014 Shelter Statistical Summary pg 2 and 3.xlsx (2) 94%

Cat Adoption Team Cat Rescue, Adoption and Foster Team (CRAFT) Clackamas County Dog Services Clatsop County Animal Control Columbia County Animal Control Columbia Humane Society Coos County Animal Shelter Curry County Animal Shelter/Pennies for Pooches Dallas Animal Control Displaced Pets Eastern Oregon Humane Society/Pet Rescue Family Dogs New Life Shelter First Avenue Shelter (aka Lane County Animal Serv) Florence Area Humane Society Friends of Pets of Klamath Basin Golden Bond Rescue Oregon Greenhill Humane Society/First Avenue Shelter Harney County Save a Stray Harney County Veterinary Clinic (Burns Animal Control) Heartland Humane Society Hermiston Police Dept.


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DeAngelo Resume September 2016 94%

(503) 407 - 6647 SELECTED WORK EXPERIENCE TNT’S “THE LIBRARIANS” April 2016 - September 2016 Clackamas, Oregon Accounting Clerk • Expedited the initial processing of invoices, purchase orders, check requests, company card receipts, and petty cash receipts.


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CARFAX Vehicle History Report for this 2009 AUDI A4 2 94%

Price Calculator™ Adjust the value of this 2009 Audi A4 2.0T Qua Prestige based on the information available in this report 1) Retail Book Value 2) CARFAX Price Adjustment™ + $790 0 $ Enter retail book value here 3) Adjusted Retail Value Begin by entering  the retail book value Above retail book value Ownership History  Owner 1 The number of owners is estimated Year purchased 2009  Type of owner Personal Estimated length of ownership Owned in the following states/provinces 6 yrs. 4 mo.  Oregon  Estimated miles driven per year ­­­  Last reported odometer reading 4,506  Title History  Owner 1 CARFAX guarantees the information in this section Guaranteed https://www.carfax.com/showroom/#/report/WAUMF78K79N016840 1/8 4/2/2016 CARFAX Vehicle History Report for this 2009 AUDI A4 2.0T QUA PRESTIGE: WAUMF78K79N016840 Salvage | Junk | Rebuilt | Fire | Flood | Hail | Lemon No Problem Not Actual Mileage | Exceeds Mechanical Limits Guaranteed No Problem GUARANTEED ­ None of these major title problems were reported by a state Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV). If you find that any of these title problems were reported by a DMV and not included in this report, CARFAX will buy this vehicle back.Register | View Terms | View Certificate Additional History  Owner 1 Not all accidents / issues are reported to CARFAX Total Loss No Issues Reported No total loss reported to CARFAX.


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barlow2014 92%

MAJOR ARTICLE Vaccinated Children and Adolescents With Pertussis Infections Experience Reduced Illness Severity and Duration, Oregon, 2010–2012 Russell S.


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Biodynamic Flyer 2013 92%

Hosted by The Oregon Biodynamic Group Schedule THURSDAY February 28th Tour of Winter Green Farm A simple meal will be served prior to the tour.


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2014 Shelter Statistical Summary pg 1.xlsx (2) 92%

2014 Oregon Animal Shelter Statistics Yearly Comparison A Project of the Oregon Humane Society Oregon Humane Society, Portland, Oregon 503.285.7722 Year 2014 2013 2012 2011 2010 2009 2008 2007 2006 2005* 2004 2003 2002 2001 2000 1999 1998 1997 1996 1995 1994 1993 Dogs Received 33,722 33,062 35,342 38,627 31,745 33,886 35,929 34,465 37,587 12,804 36,955 40,073 41,024 41,934 44,436 44,694 51,493 50,324 46,843 44,060 48,148 43,723 Cats Received 34,183 34,073 33,631 40,373 42,304 47,171 46,466 46,853 41,866 15,454 45,152 44,657 45,479 42,814 46,554 43,150 45,861 47,788 47,681 44,197 40,836 45,185 Total Animals Received 67,905 67,135 68,973 79,000 74,049 81,057 82,395 81,318 79,453 28,258 82,107 84,730 86,503 84,748 90,990 87,844 97,354 98,112 94,524 88,257 88,984 88,908 Dogs Euthanized 2,251 2,252 3,002 5,027 3,729 4,860 6,769 6,515 8,578 2,314 7,818 9,585 10,210 13,044 14,159 17,391 19,713 20,759 17,923 15,997 20,093 20,132 Total Cats Animals Euthanized Euthanized 6,435 8,686 6,794 9,046 8,376 11,378 15,091 20,118 15,152 18,881 18,183 23,043 20,474 27,243 20,403 26,918 17,321 25,899 7,056 9,370 25,135 32,953 24,200 33,785 22,922 33,132 26,019 39,063 26,346 40,505 25,670 43,061 27,719 47,432 30,903 51,662 28,527 46,450 27,561 43,558 25,152 45,245 33,445 53,577 Euthanization Rate 13% 13% 16% 25% 25% 28% 33% 33% 33% 33% 40% 40% 38% 46% 45% 49% 49% 53% 49% 49% 51% 60% Total Total Animals Animals Adopted Redeemed 41,665 10,997 35,686 10,031 40,001 9,969 40,804 11,395 37,504 10,662 37,577 11,269 37,856 11,283 35,257 10,558 37,723 12,950 16,212 5,034 32,944 11,535 35,488 10,859 34,791 11,629 31,291 11,435 33,302 11,352 33,039 10,964 32,436 11,076 32,061 11,827 31,380 11,079 30,128 11,950 29,803 10,350 25,866 9,244 # of Shelters Reporting 58 50 56 60 51 44 44 34 36 All numbers reflect live animals received.


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2012 AIDS Walks Sponsorship Packet 92%

Beyond serving as the largest and most visible gathering to raise awareness and education about HIV/AIDS throughout Oregon, AIDS Walk Portland also serves as a model of costefficiency -- with over 80% of all funds brought in going directly to support programs of CAP and partnering agencies.


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ww characters 91%

    Charlotte  is  meeting  her  “good  friend”  Lucy  Benjamin  in  Oregon.


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MeghannCuniffresumeDJ 91%

News editor, senior news reporter ▪ June 2004 – December 2005 Oregon Daily Emerald - Covered campaign speeches by John Edwards, Ralph Nader and President George W.


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