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RE HB1254 100%

Were in fact an OEM to simply ask its Franchised Dealerships to kindly check a seatbelt fixture during scheduled maintenance, this would most likely if not most definitely result in a dealer associa?on such as NADA out of self-interest launching a frenzied pe??on for a mandatory NHTSA safety recall rather than for the OEM to simply receive low-cost and ?mely coopera?on that would most expedi?ously safeguard the lives of consumers - and encourage the OEM to launch responsible, voluntary and merely precau?onary recalls in future.



There obvi- ference to the kid at school being bul- ously wasn’t a market for them yet.” lied for the colour of his hair.


Phelps 76%

His neighbors, farmers in the secluded valley, had many of them grown thrifty and prosperous, cultivating the fertile meadows, and vigor- ously attacking the timbered mountains;


Decoupling Sensor Networks from Rasterization 75%

Though ously believe the exact opposite, our approach cryptographers often assume the exact opposite, depends on this property for correct behavior.


Science SIG-March 2016 73%

3 Archimedes For an inviscid flow of a non-conducting fluid, an increase in the speed of the fluid occurs simultane- ously with a decrease in pressure or a decrease in the fluid's potential energy.


Brennan-Ramsey 64%

It was agreed and a motion was passed unanim ously to rise and report on the process by w hich the City selected the interim C.A.O.


Rosenthal Stutzman Forsyth Ecological Restoration Mosaic Conservation Corridors 2012 64%

This last unproand other infrastructure development characterized by tected stretch of the Vilcabamba-Amboró Mega Corridor limited planning and governance allow access to previwas split by the recently paved Interoceanic Highway, ously remote forests where the Andean highlands meet a cross-continental highway that stretches from Rio de lowland forests, driving unprecedented land clearing and Janeiro on the Atlantic to the pacific ports of Peru.


Quantum Entanglement Quantum Dot Magnetic Field 60%

Obvi ously, when using the Johnson–Payne interaction, the electron–electron interaction plays a role of perturba tion.


Heart of Darkness (full text) 45%

Of‐ ten far away there I thought of these two, guarding the door of Darkness, knitting black wool as for a warm pall, one introducing, introducing continu‐ ously to the unknown, the other scrutinizing the cheery and foolish faces with unconcerned old eyes.


The Dartmouth Review 4.23.2009 Volume 28, Issue 16 43%

“if games used to be good enough—but with reports that an institution does recognize past mistakes and proceeds the Yankees and Mets can’t convince people to conspicu- to repeat them within a half decade expecting to have ously consume luxury seats better outcomes the next at home games, even our time, then one is dealing not national pastime has fallen with ignorance of history, victim to this fervor.


The Dartmouth Review 8.11.2008 Volume 28, Issue 14 42%

James Wright’s tenure has been marked by ously all of the Doomsday bombast floating around.


w E 18820000 28%

And we believe, as we have previ­ ously expressed, that the heavenly creatures-angels and arch- angels, are learning the same lessons by watching man'� ex­ periences.


w E 18931201 28%

“ While the American Board of Foreign Missions is strenu­ ously on the watch to send no missionary who has any inclina­ tion toward the Andover Theology, the pastors and evangelists of the Kumiai churches, which are in close connection with the same board, are advocating and preaching theology perhaps more liberal than the Andover Theology.


w E 18850700-08 27%

but curi­ ously enough so soon as I had left for London— the hook was lost.


w E 18940915 27%

“ for,” lie continues, “ it has been, and will ever be, the purpose of the Apostolic See, and according to its tradi­ tions, to bp condescending to all peoples and to respect gener­ ously their origins and customs.” The Protestants are next addressed, not as heretics, as of old, but as “ dear brethren ” Their separation from the church of Rome in the trying times of Luther and his associates is palliated and excused;


w E 18830500 27%

“ My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge.” Students of science expect to study assidu­ ously the scientific text-books and to put their knowledge in practice.


w E 18840300 27%

Protestantism, which was and is, a revolt against the divinely established authority of the Catholic Church, is seri­ ously alarmed bv the revolt of one of its own very legitimate children— Materialism.


w E 18940901 27%

The purity of the church demanded that he be dealt with rigor­ ously;