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Program EAPC WRC2018 TrykkNY (1) lq5 100%

66 The European Association for Palliative Care (EAPC) and EAPC RN ................


WorkshopFlyer Draft 1107 89%

Honorary Consultant for WHO Collaborating Center for Community Participation in Palliative Care and Long-Term Care.


813607 JD October2017 (3) 88%

 Radical and palliative radiotherapy for IoW colorectal cancer patients is planned and delivered at UHS  Attend weekly IoW colorectal MDT  Provide palliative radiotherapy expertise for the small number of IoW CUP service who are discussed at the IOW Colorectal MDT (chemotherapy is provided by the medical oncology consultant who delivers treatment for Upper GI and breast oncology on IoW – to be appointed.)  The post holder will provide consultant support for the Isle of Wight acute oncology service.


HavenACR uploadWebVersion 85%

Haven is now busy broadening its programs including Palliative Care, intended to alleviate symptoms and clarify healthcare goals, and Advance Care Planning, intended to facilitate discussions with individuals and their healthcare proxies about future healthcare goals and values.


ESMO-Preceptorship-on-Lung-Cancer-Manchester-2020-Programme.ocr 84%

Fiona Blackhall, United Kingdom Enriqueta Felip, Spain Raffaele Califano, United Kingdom LEARNING OBJECTIVES To To To To To To To To learn about the evidence-base for lung cancer screening and novel diagnostic modalities learn about the management of early stage NSCLC and use of adjuvant treatments understand the role of m ulti-m odality treatment in locally advanced NSCLC and limited stage SCLC learn about the management of patients with actionable driver mutations and novel targeted agents for advanced NSCLC understand the role of im m une-checkpoint blockade for lung cancer and to learn about novel im munotherapies learn about treatment of NSCLC with oligom etastatic disease learn about the systemic treatment of mesothelioma and SCLC learn about the role of supportive and palliative care for thoracic malignancies Wednesday, 11 March 2020 08:15-09:15 60’ Registration 09:15-10:55 100 SESSION 1 Screening and diagnostics for lung cancer 40’ Lung cancer screening Chairs:


2EFD8D22-4D9F-401E-8F52-F10D404E90A9 78%

Palliative care does not disqualify a patient from receiving therapy.


#1 Surgical Management of Congenital Heart Disease 69%

 Absence or hypoplasia or evidence of obstructive pulmonary disease localized to the left PA  Where it is apparent that a combination of a stable arterial shunt to the left lung and vena cava – PA shunt to the right will produce optimum oxygenation Seldom used as a palliative procedure.



Rotherham NHS Foundation Trust’s Cancer Clinics Referral Guidelines Urgent Referral Proformas (2 week wait) Palliative Care, Chemotherapy, Radiotherapy and Other Specialist Services Support Groups Jan 2016 Directory of Rotherham Cancer Services Including:


Murdoch Welcome 67%

We have continued to grow and improve our services to meet contemporary standards and today, the hospital has 363 beds including a 20 bed hospice, a 24-hour emergency department, and a wide range of clinical and diagnostic services including medical, surgical, paediatric, maternity, palliative care and critical and coronary care.


2017-08 Newsletter 2 63%

Nan will be returning to her home next week to be under a Palliative care team.


Hot 100 61%

ATLAS HOT 100 capricious=erratic behavior/mood equivocation=indecisiveness unequivocal=certain idiosyncratic=quirky decimate=destroy decipher=comprehend vacuity=emptiness chicanery=fraudulence abhor=hate/detest temporize=procrastinate maudlin=sentimental lithe=flexible evanescent=short-lived noisome=smelly peripatetic=constantly traveling irascible=short-tempered magnanimous=generous adroit=skillful inept=clumsy anachronism=wrong time period ineffable=indescribable winnow=narrow down felicity=luck acrid=bitter plight=struggle trenchant=sharp/incisive ubiquitous=all-present vacillate=waiver vapid=dull frivolous=trivial prudent=wise prosaic=boring/mundane exacerbate=make worse mitigate=reduce/lessen evince=show belie=misrepresent boorish=rude insipid=dull apathetic=uncaring compulsory=required palliative=lessening pain/symptoms cursory=superficial succinct=brief/terse decorous=proper/decent erratic=scattered/unplanned pungent=strong smelling antediluvian=very old nihilist=extreme skeptic ephemeral=brief itinerant=constantly moving eclectic=diverse elements pugnacious=ready to fight aesthetic=art or beauty benevolent=sympathy/generosity clairvoyant=see/predict future conundrum=problem venerable=honored tenuous=flimsy pragmatic=practical capacious=spacious superfluous=more than necessary brazen=bold bombast=pompous language intrepid=no fear fastidious=overly critical florid=ornate surreptitious=deceptive, secretive talisman=lucky charm dubious=doubtful spurious=false raze=destroy, ruin precocious=too early innocuous=harmless perfidious=betray orator=speaker abate=lessen reticent=restrained impetuous=rash, careless demagogue=pleasing politician bilk=cheat, steal jocular=jokingly jubilation=joy, happiness abstruse=difficult to understand querulous=complaining haughty=arrogant enervate=debilitate hedonism=self indulgence harangue=noisy, attacking speech revere=worship, honor circumlocution=go around ostentatious=flashy, to impress enigma=puzzle, mystery spurious=false deleterious=harmful rescind=retract/repeal plaudit=praise sagacity=wisdom hackneyed=cliche blithe=free-spirited credulous=gullible | 716.299.TEST


7 home nursing services here 58%

palliative home care by Enayati


EOL Blueprint (version 0.93a) (September 1 , 2014)(3) 57%

ESAS changed to allow entry of 13 Modified By Colin Partridge Colin Partridge Date / Version Sept 16, 2013 October 21, 2013 Colin Partridge December 1, 2013 Colin Partridge January, 2014 Colin Partridge January, 2014 • 10 score across each domain in ESAS Forms that need to be approved by government (Palliative benefits) need a check box for “Approved” 0.6 Colin Partridge January, 2014 Colin Partridge Feb-March, 2014 Added descriptions for symptom management pages • 0.8, 0.9 Colin Partridge April, 2014 Key changes:


EOL Overview 20141029 57%

A distance, and often tension, exists between safe places that support a dying situation such as hospice and palliative care and the wider social invisibility and dismissal that adheres to these places.


Fucosidosis-Dr Beck presentation 54%

Nowadays, besides palliative care for the treatment or alleviation of symptoms, bone marrow transplantation is the only therapeutic option for patients affected by fucosidosis.


Chemo 53%

Clinical Oncology (2004) 16:


ER1054 51%

Zumi the Palliative Pig - Krista Dobbie, MD 12:45 Break/Dessert 1:00 Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia - Matt Kalaycio, MD 1:35 Indolent or Aggressive Lymphoma - Paolo Caimi, MD 2:05 Break 2:20 Myeloma - David Vesole, MD 2:50 Myelodysplasia - Yogen Saunthararajah, MD 3:20 Wrap Up 3:30 Adjourn Time for questions and answers are included in each presentation.


Scherpereel Arnaud (3) 49%

He had also a national training in Thoracic Oncology (GOLF courses) and in Palliative Care (DU Lille University 2010).


28th Consensus Conference 47%

가톨릭의대 변재호 국립암센터 서호경 09:25 - 09:50 25min 09:50 - 10:15 25min Palliative chemotherapy &


31st Consensus Conference 46%

조상희(전남의대), 심병용(가톨릭의대) 14:40-15:05 강병욱(경북의대) 25min Conversion surgery after neoadjuvant/palliative chemotherapy 15:05-15:20 15min Intraperitoneal chemotherapy and surgical resection in patients with 황인규(중앙의대) peritoneal carcinomatosis (pros) 15:20-15:35 15min Intraperitoneal chemotherapy and surgical resection in patients with 한혜숙(충북의대) peritoneal carcinomatosis (cons) 15:35-15:50 15min Discussion 등록비 입금계좌 신한은행 100-026-443189 응급실 동문회관 창천교회 신촌역(기차) 이화여자대학교 60,000원 2017년 5월 18일(목)까지 ※사전등록 마감 후에는 현장등록만 가능합니다.


Hong Kong Academy College Fellowships and Specialist Titles 46%

Traumatology Rehabilitation Otorhinolaryngology Paediatrics Anatomical Pathology Chemical Pathology Clinical Microbiology and Infection Forensic Pathology Haematology Immunology Pathology Cardiology Clinical Pharmacology and Therapeutics Critical Care Medicine Dermatology and Venereology Endocrinology, Diabetes and Metabolism Gastroenterology and Hepatology Geriatric Medicine Haematology and Haematological Oncology Immunology and Allergy Infectious Disease Internal Medicine Medical Oncology Nephrology Neurology Respiratory Medicine C:\education\quotable qualifications and specialists titles.doc 專科 麻醉科 危重病學 行政醫學 社會醫學 職業醫學 公共衞生醫學 急症科 家庭醫學 婦科腫瘤科 婦產科 生殖醫學科 泌尿婦科 眼科 骨科 復康科 耳鼻喉科 兒科 解剖病理學 化學病理學 臨床微生物及感染學 法醫病理學 血液學 免疫學 病理學 心臟科 臨床藥理學 深切治療科 皮膚及性病科 內分泌及糖尿科 腸胃肝臟科 老人科 血液及血液腫瘤科 免疫及過敏病科 感染及傳染病科 內科 內科腫瘤科 腎病科 腦神經科 呼吸系統科 3 College Physicians Physicians/Radiologists Psychiatrists Radiologists Radiologists Radiologists Surgeons Surgeons Surgeons Surgeons Surgeons Surgeons Specialty Rheumatology Palliative Medicine Psychiatry Clinical Oncology Nuclear Medicine Radiology Cardio-thoracic Surgery General Surgery Neurosurgery Paediatric Surgery Plastic Surgery Urology 專科 風濕病科 紓緩醫學科 精神科 臨床腫瘤科 核子醫學科 放射科 心胸肺外科 外科 腦外科 小兒外科 整形外科 泌尿外科 Examples of quoting Academy/College Fellowships and Specialists Titles An Academy Fellow who is under the College of:


26th Consensus Conference 46%

Is it palliative or adjuvant setting?


Resume 39%

I have also performed many palliative tendon transfers in both the upper and lower limb.


JDIT-2015-0508-017 38%

Radiotherapy for the spinal metastases is performed with a palliative intent and the need of reirradiation to the same spinal region is sometimes experienced.