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Tr32T(i) Controller 100%



FunctionsIntroAD 97%

It also keeps the parameters to three which makes the code easier to read.


report final 96%

Computation of Tokamak Plasma Parameters Using the Function Parametrization Technique Pranav Gupta Guided By:


CM5024Z, CM5048 93%

various control parameters can be flexibly set, fully meet your various application requirements.



Distributions can be arbitrarily defined, or they can be determined by parameters of a certain statistical distribution.


EnglishPDF 92%

Functional relations between GTE components parameters and run hours are presented.


datastructuresnotes 91%

If the roots are real, they are returned through the reference parameters root_pos and root_neg.


parallel kinematics calibration 91%

It aims at identifying the real geometric parameters, that are mainly responsible for pose deviations.


12 518 Oluwumi Adetan 91%

The three-parameter lognormal and gamma DSD models with shape parameter of 2 are used to estimate the parameters required to investigate the drop sizes which produce a major contribution to the total specific rainfall attenuation for the selected rain rate values.


DBCPsoftmatter2016 91%

Three-dimensional confinement of these systems further restricts the degrees of freedom, breaking the symmetry of the structure and resulting in novel morphologies.1–5 Among the different types of three-dimensional confinements, cylindrical2,3,6–27 and spherical11,28–39 confinements have been extensively studied with the aim of developing diverse technological applications such as the design of nanoreactors40–43 and sophisticated vehicles possessing a rich internal structure for drug delivery,44–51 among others.52–56 The effects of restricting the degrees of freedom in nanoparticles with internal structure in three-dimensions (3D) have been studied in a number of recent experiments, highlighting the effects of spherical confinement of diblock copolymers.57–61 In numerical studies, while confinement of copolymers has been extensively investigated with the assistance of probabilistic methods11,28,62–64 and cell dynamics simulation,34,65–67 still little is known on how confined morphologies are directly related to the parameters of a free energy functional.


V4 Software Overview 91%

Data Monitor/Logger Changes Many new Data Monitor and Data Logger Channels were added, as well as new Internal Parameters.


Progressive Report 89%

Basic concept is here to teaching parameters to a machine so that when an image is given it will seek for specific patterns.


Cocktail formula for Squaring Pi 89%

The way to obtain the Squaring Pi consist of formulas of composition and integration of several closely interdependent parameters, geometric figures and theorems (Pythagoras), from which, we can extract any of these parameters in function of the other ones.


koreko theoryassignment 89%

Problem 2 A strict reviewer needs t1 minutes to check assigned application to DeepBayes summer school, where t1 has normal distribution with parameters µ1 = 30, σ1 = 10.


1481236074-DM Workbook v4 107 89%

Get yourself a cheap, simple synth and start twisting knobs and making noise until you get a feel for what each of the parameters does.


RomanLyapin TheoryAssignment 88%

A strict reviewer needs t1 minutes to check assigned application to DeepBayes summer school, where t1 has normal distribution with parameters µ1 = 30, σ1 = 10.


SST49LF020A 88%

Output Timing Parameters (LPC Mode) .


Flexible Parallel Robots, IEEE 87%

Constant curvature enables a configuration space (arc parameters) which connects actuator space (leg lengths) to rod task space (rod pose).


WT7510 87%