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PI 0914470-6 100%

CAMPO DA INVENÇÃO [001] A presente invenção trata Conceito inventivo de novas composições cosméticas que compreendem dispersões de partículas de polímeros, das referidas dispersões e de seu uso em cosmétíca, em particular para obter um depósito brilhante e agradável de usar.


thesis Morse ThinkingParticularityScotusHeidegger& 95%

Representation, Adequation, Certainty, Challenging Aletheia as a Particular and Dynamic Event of Truth Scotus on Truth:


DissMcPartlandPredictionOntologyAristoOrganon 95%

An entity that inheres in a particular substance must be a nonsubstantial particular which is numerically distinct from any entity that inheres in a distinct substance.


KMeansRE 92%

In particular, we’ll thoroughly discuss about the essentials of the k-means clustering procedure as well as K-Means Clustering Algorithm Fundamentals In general, k-means algorithm provides a solution to the trivial classification problem by splitting up a certain dataset into k - clusters, each one containing a number of the most similar data items (or just “observations”) arranged into a cluster based on a minima distance to the nearest “mean”, which, in turn, is being a “prototype” of the following cluster.


Why is it so difficult to address the Russia issue in Spain 92%

Left-wing sectors, Podemos in particular, are trying to agitate the streets to regain some lost momentum.


ICOs – Regulatory Landscape and Good Practice Principles 91%

Regulatory landscape Under the laws of many jurisdictions, in particular Germany, United Kingdom and the United States, tokens issued in an ICO process have no official status at present.


Aiken Aristotle&Heidegger 1991 91%

In contrast to the earlier Greek and Plato, philosophers change Aristotle of material after the problem considering reached the conclusion is an or ousia, phenomena, immanent and quality that forms the identity of each particular Aristotle's which however, ousia realism, concept, phenomenal constitutes is not of being that the essential inseparable Aristotle, Following the theme of this present of essence nature and that Aristotle whose sophical transcendental.


Full official programme of events 91%

ART and DRAMA GROUP ​The project:​ “​Up EU” “​Update in Europe” Update for the New Economy and Democratic Life inside the European Union Funded by ​E​rasmus+ programme of the European Union “CHAONIA” that will sing in Greek, Italian and Bulgarian The participants get provided with Youthpass Certificate ​learning the added value of this European instrument Monday, 5, June, 2017 Departure for the airport ​-​ Return to home​ ​Organization Art and Drama Group NIMA The cultural group of young persons “NIMA” (thread) activates in the youth employment sector since 2006 in a particular way!


Venue-Food-2 90%

Many events require a particular type of venue.


corre1 89%


JONES et al-1979-Annals of the New York Academy of Sciences 87%

Of particular importance to women in veterinary medicine, however, is the fact that the focus of this profession has been changing;


Actions for turning on Analysis Authorizations Concept 87%

 0TCAACTVT – Determines authorization for particular activity (activity such as display)  0TCAIPROV - grants authorization to particular InfoProviders (InfoProvider Authorization)  0TCAVALID - grants authorization to specific time periods (Validity period of authorization)  0TCAKYFNM (optional, if key figure restrictions are needed) - If a particular key figure is defined authorization-relevant, it will be checked for every InfoProvider, hence we need to be cautious before turning it on.


FEB 2016 - RGH Self-Assessment (1) 86%

After clearly defining each of the specific tasks that a particular job position must accomplish in order to be a true contributor to Robust Good Health in your organization, do you communicate the importance of each of these tasks and the required accountability connected to these tasks to the employee or team member in that role?


Medici Firma Sovereign Wealth Fund Investment Strategies 86%

In particular, it is hard to understand why economic development needs would compel funds to invest domestically when equity prices are relatively higher, which presumably should be a time when capital constraints are less limiting.


FULL STATEMENT 149883 Tilehurst Road Appeal 86%

A2015/73404/TOW) was refused under delegated powers on the 24th February 2016, in which the Council issued the following decision notice which states:“(1) The proposed 10 metre high monopole and associated cabinet box due to its siting, the changes in land levels between Tilehurst Road and the rear gardens of Malden Road and Stoughton Avenue, and lack of street furniture along that particular part of Tilehurst Road, would result in a overbearing and dominant form of development which would harm the visual amenity and character of the area and street scene and would be contrary to policy BP 12 of the Core Planning Strategy and policies DM1 and DM3 of the Site Development Policies DPD."


knowledge-bases 85%

a set of skills a person may have, a set of skills required for a particular job, or a set of abilities a football player may have with respect to a particular team strategy.


EGrant 2018 input 050318 85%

Material produced internally or previous under earlier auspices which can be updated and delivered at very short notice on identified or potentially emerging issues regarding Russian state linked activities in the financial sector worldwide, with defence ministries and industries, and in relation to the natural resource extractive industries, with particular attention to use in emerging technologies ( rare earths, electrification of cars), fisheries and land for agriculture, precious metals and uranium ( available, ready for monthly or quarterly standalone or series production) Available.


ExaminationPaper 85%

CBSE Examination Paper Foreign-2014 Time allowed:


Steps for using tables RSECVAL and AGR 85%

Execute t-code SE16 Input table AGR_1251 Execute If inquiring on a particular role and what values it has assigned to either S_RS_COMP (to capture the cubes tied to the role) or S_RS_AUTH (to capture the analysis authorizations tied to the role), input the Role name in the role field box.