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Kids Get Active Triathlon Bike Course 100%

Kids Get Active Triathlon Bike Course Run bike from transition area across grass to pavement.


lanesplitting guidelines 94%

- Seams in the pavement or concrete between lanes can be hazardous if they are wide or uneven.


Library 84%

Music Skyfall - Single Adele 1 1.


GBU Mountain News LXXII - August 31, 2014 84%

Transportation On several roads in Napa, Solano, and Sonoma Counties the pavement buckled and cracked.


Unfair Cal Poly SLO Parking Citations 78%

Furthermore, as seen in the next photograph, there are NO markings on the pavement, on the curb, or posted along the curb where this automobile is parked, indicating any other restriction or instructions.


Turkmenistan construction norms and regulations standard SNT in English Строительные нормы Туркменистана СНТ на английском языке 76%

Rules for performance and acceptance of works SNT 3.09.03-2003 in English - Instruction for asphalt concrete pavement mixes for roads and airfields SNT 5.01.01-93* in English - Standard guidelines of cement consumption for making concrete, modular and monolithic concrete, reinforced concrete products and structures SNT 5.01.02-2010 in English - Regulation on the normalization of consumption of material resources in the construction СНТ 2.02.01-2016 на английском языке - Основания зданий и сооружений СНТ 2.02.01-98 на английском языке - Основания зданий и сооружений СНТ 2.01.08-99 на английском языке - Строительство в сейсмических районах.



High heels stab the pavement, solid mocha legs lead up up up and under a white skirt.


Greenco Burundi Newsletter March 2019 73%

Pavement Coffee package design – less is more


ChristianGyde Portfolio 72%

48 - 49 Creative Bloq /news/new-talent-2017-best-graduates-from -londons-top-colleges/2 Typeface designed as a result of reasearch into pavement utility markings.


TelDanCrit 70%

The fragment was discovered in secondary usage as a piece of a wall[fig.3] that was built on top of a square that was paved with flagstone.1 There was some controversy as to whether this piece was located within the wall or as part of the fill over the wall and the pavement due to a statement made by Biran to the Society of Biblical Literature in Washington2;


Record Store Day 2019 - Alle Veröffentlichungen 69%

White LP+MP3) (RSD) Anderson .Paak Bubblin Angel Pavemant Socialising with Angel Pavement (LP+7” RSD) Angelo Badalamenti, David Lynch Twin Peaks:


Template Landskap 67%

Laluan pejalan kaki (imprint concrete pavement) iii.


Parody 1.1 67%

Look up beyond the pavement in front of your car.


Little Britons 67%

They lined up, shoulder to shoulder, along the sides of city streets and then, in a single wave, moved quickly across the pavement past stopped traffic.


The Man Without Fear act1 66%

The strength of the Wave hammers Matt backward and knocks him down – the back of his head THUMPS hard against the pavement.


lyrics 65%

BASEMENTS you cannot give a proper name for nights that end like these these crowded hallways never left us any room to breathe we stayed up until we knew the house had fallen back asleep and we held our breaths took off our clothes and kept good company basements of the houses that didn’t feel quite like our homes yet we played our secret games and we would listen for the footsteps thirteen years of silent music waiting in the wings you’re drawing dragons on your arms, you’re covering your sleeves and ten years pass and skin is easy battles have been fought but you still keep the doors unlocked, fingers crossed that you’ll get caught basements of the houses that didn’t feel quite like our homes yet we played our secret games and we would listen for the footsteps basements they need cleaning lives bereft of proper meaning someday your skin will find it keep on touching keep on dreaming you’re not alone SAFE open bar ten dollar cover you come alone and undiscovered vowels removed from every title prayer hands peace signs new disciples silhouettes and stern expressions “this next song’s called ‘my depression’ i wrote it at three am when i was stoned and i hope you like it” chase or be chased you play too safe won’t you speak up don’t you want change isn’t this how we both got here in the first place the camera pans the party’s petty and throwing shade is the new confetti their critiques are our excuses counting blessings counting bruises undercover and overthinking i shouldn’t smoke when i’ve been drinking can we just talk about it when we’re coming home BREATHPLAY eyes lock i know nothing about you another face in a square tile “it’s a pleasure to meet you” small talk make a bad first impression i will lie about what i do so you don’t ask me questions false start “could you show me your bathroom” i need a minute to myself before i start to touch you clothes off keep your hands where i can see them where has your body been weekend you have kept yourself hidden you will take the express down after tucking her kids in he’ll host as long as you pay off his debt you find the less you belong there the louder the sex will get skin thick but young enough to be your son you’ll be swallowing your pride when he’s swallowing your cum let go this is your little secret are you willing to keep it NAME ALL THE ANIMALS waking up on the weekend to the sound of your sleeping all the pillows are stacked atop your face we drank all of the sake we skipped out on the party we are hungover in our hiding place i stumble to your bathroom this floor could use a vacuum your roommate’s cat watches me piss after our staring contest i return to our lovenest and fail to wake you with a kiss sleep tight, name all the animals jack herer and palo santo watch the smoke as it billows tucked away from this sad state of affairs you could waste all of my time skipping class missing deadlines i’d rather lay here with you than go out there i’ll put on a grouper record as i try to remember the last time that i slept alone you taught me to be patient when floodwater hits the pavement this ark we’ve built we’ll make our home sit tight, name all the animals PLAYGROUNDS duct tape around the mouth before i leave the house no one will bat an eye they never know what i’m talking about i’m stepping on your toes they told me not to look down this isn’t my old playground i will try my best not to hide behind my phone when did we ever learn or is this nothing new when our feelings get hurt we speak in absolutes when did we ever learn or is this nothing new with our hands in the dirt we learn to tell the truth the songs we sing all say “we aren’t kids no more” when nothing’s really changed our feet have just begun to reach the floor they put me in time out but i’ll still eat the glue when i know that you’re not looking i cannot afford to be myself with you


poetry portfolio 65%

Consumed kicked out of my dream, i wake up gasping for air not fully conscious, i roll and grasp at sheets and blankets for support i try to remember what i was dreaming of, but it’s already far off, like trying to recall exactly what happened eight years ago today i think it might just be the pressure of life, the mounting anxieties, the things i’m not dealing with they snuck up on me in my sleep, when i’m most vulnerable, and shook me to the core but since i never fully woke up, i lull back into somnolence with ease and i see the faint outline of you, standing under grey skies with a smile, looking vulnerable, looking real with a hoodie sleeve half-encasing your hand, you take mine, and we walk along the pavement you ask me for a cigarette and i hand you one, somewhat surprised, and i can’t help but laugh when you smoke it so amateurishly we make it to the bay and sit down on the sand.


TheJackalsHostShortStoryZackShiffman 63%

He didn’t remember anything ​until he woke up, lying on the damp pavement.


Trialgle-comercial Tyre-2015 63%

Bus 4 – 17 Truck 18 – 65 City 6 Highway 8 Winter 17 Highway Regional Light Truck Mixed Service Off Road Winter 20 42 44 45 56 63 Legend Application Chart 66 68 Product Segmentation City Matching the requirements of frequent starts and stops, constant low speed corning and pavement side impacts.


2019 10 Cruise-in flyer 62%

Show vehicles park on pavement along the outer portions of the East and North side of the building's parking lot.


Answer1 62%

A bicycle must be equipped with a brake that can make wheels skid while stopping on dry, level, clean pavement.


Script symbols and signs revision 62%

DOCTOR SOLOV Of course we stopped him, and Viktor, he knew he what would happen when he hit the pavement.