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distance learning programs 100%

K-LS1-1, 1-LS1.A, 2-LS4-1 K.L.1, K.P.1.2, 1.L.1 1.L.1.1, 1.L.1.2, 1.L.2.1, 1.L.2.2 2.L.2.1 3-8 Adaptations Compare and Contrast Students will interact with an Educator in front of our Penguin Point African penguin exhibit and in front of our 90,000-gallon Shark Reef exhibit.


van dooren rose Storied-places in a multispecies city (1) 96%

They are Little Penguins — in size and name — Eudyptula minor, meaning “good little diver.” These penguins are members of the world’s smallest penguin species:


zoo letter 96%

Tess, a penguin, turns 30 and is now the oldest penguin in captivity!


nwcoast 92%

The town is very friendly and they are happy to have you there The Blue Wren Tea Gardens Camp Site 225 Penguin Road, West Ulverstone Website 03 6425 4463/6425 6224 @ -41.138002, 146.136124 Penguin from Devonport:


The Penguins of the North Pole 85%

The Penguins of the North Pole 1.



021 - 222.71.62 Colectia Penguin Popular Classics – editura Penguin Books Pretul fiecarui volum este de 12 lei (cu reducere:


Renegade Brotherhood 84%

 Hawk  Gh0stRav3n  James  Fatty The Fat  Enenra  Equaliser  Varok Saurfang  Friends  Frystiboks  HOTS  Dreadlord  Keelthas  DiscoOrc  Marcius  Velimath  Voidblade  Rubby  Penguin  Elvi  Warlock  Seyo  Mafia  Paladi  Bambus …We Know… Wings As explained the clan is made up out of wings.


SromeoResume 82%

Course in Typography at School of Visual Arts, New York, NY, Summer 2011 Course in Graphic Design at Parsons, The New School for Design, New York, NY, Summer 2012 Course in Letterpress Design at The Cooper Union, New York, NY, Fall 2012 Certificate Program in Web/Digital Graphic Design at Pace University, New York, NY, Spring-Summer 2013 Course in Figure Drawing at The Cooper Union, New York, NY, Spring 2014 Course in Front End Web Development at General Assembly, New York, NY, Fall 2015 RELEVANT EXPERIENCE Graphic Designer, May 2013 - Present TOR AD/PROMO AND MARKETING, MACMILLAN PUBLISHING, NEW YORK, NY • Design promotional and marketing materials for Tor Books including bookmarks, risers, brochures, postcards, boxed sets, sell sheets and advertisements for newspapers, magazines and conventions • Create web pieces including landing pages, banner ads and email blasts • Develop branding concepts for our yearly showings at Comic Con and design corresponding booth skins, animated presentation and printed materials • Responsible for all production duties including price negotiation with printers • In November of 2014, I was promoted from junior designer to designer Freelance Graphic Designer, July 2014 - Present VARIOUS COMPANIES, NEW YORK, NY • Design advertisements and promotional materials monthly on a freelance basis • Primary clients are Macmillan Children’s Publishing Group and For-Shore Weed Control Junior Graphic Designer/Art Assistant, June 2010-May 2013 PUTNAM ADULT ART, PENGUIN GROUP, NEW YORK, NY • Maintained schedules and tracked budgets for Putnam Art Department • Performed photo research and negotiated rights with image houses • Managed cover edits, routes and reprints • Uploaded finished covers to online feeds and submitted final files to archival system • Acted as a liaison between all Penguin departments, vendors and freelancers • Designed original book covers • In March of 2012, “junior designer” was added to my title and design became the primary focus of my job Film Festival Intern, February 2009-April 2009 RAINDANCE FILM SHOWCASE, LONDON, UK • Provided office support for largest independent film festival in the UK • Assisted festival founder in researching, editing and writing clips for his latest book, 130 Projects to Get You into Filmmaking • Performed photo research and negotiated rights • Wrote articles for the website and news magazine • Helped run classes and assisted at special events • Created, edited and distributed promotional materials Home Design Editorial Intern, August 2008-December 2008 FAMILY CIRCLE MAGAZINE, MEREDITH CORP., NEW YORK, NY • Assumed the editorial assistant’s duties after her departure from the magazine, allowing me to write the March 2009 “Home News” column • Contacted PR representatives to gather product information and samples • Attended press events and helped with other market work • Researched home goods featured in monthly consumer column, wrote corresponding copy


Magic and Mystery in Tibet 80%

D'ARSONVAL PENGUIN BOOKS London English edition, first published 1931 First published in Penguin Books 1936 Reprinted March 1937 Reprinted September 1937 MADE AND PRINTED IN GREAT BRITAIN FOR PENGUIN BOOKS LIMITED BY FURNELL AND SONS, LTD., PAULTRON (SOMERSET) AND LONDON CONTENTS PAGE Introduction by Dr.


BMG Resume Bandes 80%

-2 en Defense, ne peut rien faire The Penguin (Leader) Bulletproof Vest :


e-h-carr-the-interregnum-19231924 77%

I too n fhe nt of 1926, L4 to The tçcarrial, iude The rtish and PENGUIN BOOKS BÄLTIMORE MÀRYLÄND reen Iniord rale t'J '':


References-Musings-Dr Lionel Milgrom-H&Y Magazine-Feb-2018 76%

REFERENCES     For Dr LIONEL’S MILGROM’s article, “Faith, Hope & Charity: Musings from the Malta Homeopathy  Conference [H&Y Magazine, March 2018]:      See  Accuweather,‐blogs/astronomy/the‐moon‐ affects‐the‐solar‐wind/66326    Von Ammon et al [2013]. Long‐term Effects of Homeopathic Treatment in Children Suffering  from Attention Deficit Disorder with and without Hyperactivity. Int J High Dilut Res 12[44]:  119‐120.   Berkeley G. See,   Cartwright  SJ [2016].  Solvatochromic Dyes Detect  the Presence of Homeopathic Potencies.  Homeopathy 105: 55‐65.   Cartwright  SJ  [2017].  Interaction  of  Homeopathic  Potencies  with  the  Water  Soluble  Solvatochromic  Dye  Bis‐Dimethylaminofuchsone.  Part  1:  pH  studies.  Homeopathy  106:  37‐ 46.   Dennett DC. Consciousness Explained. Allan Lane, Ed. The Penguin Press, 1991.   Fisher P [2014]. Homeopathy and Anti‐Microbial Resistance. Homeopathy 103[2]: 95‐96.   Fixsen  A  [2013].  Should  Homeopathy  be  Considered  as  Part  of  a  Treatment  Strategy  for  Otitis Media with Effusion in Children? Homeopathy 102[2]: 145‐150.   Gleiss  A  et  al  [2016]  Re‐Analyses  of  Survival  Data  of  Cancer  Patients  Utilising  Additive  Homeopathy. Comp Ther Med 27: 65‐67.   Goswami A [1995]. The Self‐Aware Universe: How Consciousness Creates the Material World.  Jeremy P Tarcher/Putnam, Penguin Putnam Inc, New York.   IgNobel Prize see,   Hankey A [2014]. Complexity Biology‐Based Information Structures Can Explain Subjectivity,  Objective Reduction of Wave Packets, and Non‐Computability. Cosmos Hist:  J Nat Soc Philos  10[1]:  237‐250.   Hankey  A  [2015].  A  Complexity  Basis  for  Phenomenology:  How  Information  States  at  Criticality Offer a New Approach to Understanding Experience of Self, Being and Time. Prog  Biophys Mol Biol 119[3]: 288‐302.   Kent  JT.  Lectures  on  Homeopathic  Philosophy,  Lecture  XXIV:  Idiosyncrasies.  Sittingbourne,  UK: Homeopathic Book Service, 1990.   Kokomaczyk  M‐O,  et  al  [2011].  Self‐Organized  Crystallization  Patterns  from  Evaporating  Droplets  of  Common  Wheat  Grain  Leakages  as  a  Potential  Tool  for  Quality  Analysis.  The  Scientific World Journal 11: 1712‐1725.   Misfeasance, see http://legal‐   Majorino G, Zecca L [1982]. Period Analysis of the Picardi P‐Test. Cycles 33: 78.   Milgrom  LR  [2002].  Patient‐Practitioner‐Remedy  [PPR]  Entanglement.  Part  1:  A  Qualitative  Non‐Local Metaphor for Homeopathy Based on Quantum Theory. Homeopathy 91[4]: 293‐ 298.   Milgrom  LR  [2008].  A  New  Geometrical  Description  of  Entanglement  and  the  Curative  Homeopathic Process. J Altern Comp Med 14: 329‐339.   Milgrom  LR  et al  [2012]. Emerging Economies Need For Cheap,  Efficient  Healthcare  Makes  Western  Anti‐Homeopathy  Rhetoric  Irrelevant:  Observations  from  the  Canadian  Homeopathy Conference, October 2011. J Altern Comp Med 18[7]: 1‐4.   Milgrom  LR  [2013].  Homeopathy  Research  at  Barcelona.  Homeopathy  in  Practice,  Autumn  2013.   Milgrom  LR  [2014].  “Living  Is  Easy  With  Eyes  Closed…”  On  Blinded  RCTs  and  Specific  and  Non‐Specific Effects of Complex Therapeutic Interventions. Eur J Integ Med 6: 552‐9                 Milgrom LR [2015]. Homoeopathia! Quo Vadis? Homeopathy in Practice, Summer 2015.  Milgrom  LR  [2016].  Genus  Epidemicus:  Are  Notions  of  Entanglement  Relevant  to  the  Homeopathic Understanding of Epidemic Disease? Forsche Komplementmed 23: 290‐300.  Montagnier,  L,  Aäissa,  J et  al  [2009a].  Electromagnetic  Signals  are  Produced  by  Aqueous  Nanostructures Derived from Bacterial DNA Sequences.  Interdiscip Sci Comput Life Sci 1:81‐ 90.  Montagnier L, Aäissa, J et al [2009b], "Electromagnetic detection of HIV DNA in the Blood of  AIDS  Patients  Treated  by  Antiretroviral  Therapy". Interdiscip  Sci  Comput  Life  Sci,  1[4]:245– 253.  NHMRC  [2015].  See‐topics/complementary‐ medicines/homeopathy‐review.  Nurra  L  [2017].  Heroic  times  in  Italian  Homeopathy:  An  Interview  with  Dr  Elio  Rossi  [Part  2/2].‐interviews/heroic‐times‐italian‐homeopathy‐ interview‐dr‐elio‐rossi‐part‐22/.  Palm  J  et  al  [2017].  Effectiveness  of  an  Add‐On  Treatment  with  Homeopathic  Medication  Silatro‐5‐90  in  Recurrent  Tonsillitis:  An  International,  Pragmatic,  Randomised‐Controlled  Clinical Trial. Comp Ther Clin Prac 28: 181‐191.  Pasterlin  LD  et  al  [2016].  Evaluation  of  Cytotoxic  and  Apopototic  Effects  of  Several  Homeopathic  Dilutions  of  Echinacea  Augustifolia  on  Human  Breast,  Cervical,  and  Prostate  Cancer Cells in a Genotoxic Study of E  Augustifolia MT. Homeopathy 105[1]: 8.  Planck M. As quoted in The Observer [25 January 1931].  Planck M, Murphy JV. Where is Science Going? New York, W.W. Norton & Co [©1932]  Popp, F A, Chang JJ, Herzog, A, Yan, Z, Yan, Y. [2002] Evidence of Non‐Classical [Squeezed]  Light in Biological Systems. Physics Letters A, 293[1‐2]: 98‐102.  Sheldrake,  Rupert  [2011]. The  Presence  of  the  Past:  Morphic  Resonance  and  the  Habits  of  Nature. Icon Books, London, UK.   Stapp  HP.  Mindful  Universe,  2nd  Edition.  The  Frontiers  Collection,  Springer‐Verlag  Berlin  Heidelberg, 2011.  Walach  H,  von  Stillfried  N  [2011].  Generalised  Quantum  Theory  –  Basic  Idea  and  General  Intuition: A Background Story and Overview. Axiomathes 21[2]: 185‐209.  Van  Wassenhoven  M.‐framework‐of‐ homeopathy/    *******



Windharp, Poems of Ireland since 1916 Ed Niall MacMonagle (Penguin Ireland) Reviewed by Gabriel Rosenstock “A man who has a language consequently possesses the world expressed and implied by that language.” Frantz Fanon The cover flap refers to Niall MacMonagle as “Ireland’s most trusted commentator on poetry.’ Does Penguin Ireland really know Ireland well enough to make such a claim?


DW Park Map-English 72%

It’s Showtime Character Meet &


Secret Santa 69%

“He’s headed for Penguin City!” gasped Clause.



________ “How Well Do You Know Jotun?” Quiz Penguin Day Original Image:


Day Trips south-west 67% Longleat Safari Park Home to giraffes, zebras, rhinos, camels, lions, tigers and wolves, as well as Stingray Bay and Penguin Island.


Neuroscience:Neurology 67%

Penguin Books, 2007.


Julie Kann Acting Resume FINAL 67%

julie kann 7 O3 • 6 O 9 • 2 O 8 5 ka n njul ie@gmail .com Long-form Improvisation TEAM ROLE COACH The Legend of Bagger Vance Current Team Member Keaton Patti Crazy Legs Current Team Member Michael Hernandez Queen of the Bees Reckless Instant Team, Spring 2O17 Rachel Rosenthal Tito and the Pussycats (Washington, D.C.) Team Member, 2O16-2O17 Mason Improv Association (George Mason University) Founding Member, 2O1O-2O14 Coach, 2O14-2O15 Paul Laudiero sketch Hypothetical Penguin (Web-based) Actor, Writer Film The Blame Game (2O12) Andrenya Hand Me Down Films training UCB Improv 3O1 (2O17) Dave Seigel UCB Improv 2O1 Intensive (2O17) Ryan Karels UCB Improv 1O1 (2O17) Jeremy Bent special skills Singing (Alto), Dialects (British, Irish), Guitar, Ukulele, Piano, Drum kit, Burp on Command, the “goil” sound, Driving Stickshift.


chocolatreecatalogue2017 67%

TRANSFE SHEETS R CHT10404CCX CHT26999B20 CHT27562 CHT10418CCX CHT27005 CHT27007 20 Transfers Stars Pictogram 400x250mm 20 Transfers Ethnic 400x250mm CHT26996 20 Transfers Purple Garland 400x250mm 20 Transfers xMas Tree 400x250mm 20 Transfers Icy 400x250mm 20 Penguin &


Coline 67%

photoshoot Editorial Design intern, PENGUIN random house, DK, Ap.15-May15 Bookfair preparation &


Kolyma Tales - Shalanov, Varlan 66%

PENGUIN TWENTIETH-CENTURY CLASSICS KOLYMA TALES Varlam Tikhonovich Shalamov was born in 1907.