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PhilosophyWithoutBelief 99%

Should we believe our controversial philosophical views?


статья Скопус 98%

Page 30 Interrelation between cultural studies and philosophical knowledge Interrelación entre los estudios culturales y el conocimiento filosófico Alexander P.


Klima JohnBuridansNominalistLogic&c 97%

1 That volume is indeed rather large, maybe intimidatingly so to students, or even to professional philosophers who just want to get an introduction to medieval nominalist thought in general, or to Buridan’s philosophical logic and metaphysics in particular.


GodisDead 2012 NonImprimatur 95%

the wider evidence of Western history, and not simply the evidence from the history of the Western philosophical tradition, suggests that it is in fact the Christian God, and very specifically ‘the God of the Bible’, who has gone missing.


cv 93%

REFEREED PRESENTATIONS Philosophy Without Belief, Society for Skeptical Studies session at the Eastern Division Meeting, American Philosophical Association, January 2017.


PhilosophyNotes1011 92%

Liam Nakagawa Philosophy — Ms.


BEING - S. Foulkes 92%

And yet after several millennia of investigation we have not arrived at a single plausible candidate for a proper Philosophical principle which might account for the presence of Existent bodies by addressing their most fundamental dimension:


H07 8310 SkepticismStoicismandtheJeffersonianModel AIKEN 92%

Three Philosophical Responses to the Crisis in the Humanities David Wyatt Aiken, John Scott Gray and Grant Snider in ORGANISATIONS, COMMUNITIES THE INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF THE HUMANITIES First published in 2007 in Melbourne, Australia by Common Ground Publishing Pty Ltd


VOSjohn duns scotus 91%

THE PHILOSOPHY OF John Duns Scotus ‘The quality of the scholarship and philosophical content of Vos’s latest book is excellent throughout.


Mist&CloudsInHomer'sIliad 2001 91%

To rethink, even in the most modest fashion, the great texts of our western intellectual heritage would seem at once to bring into question the ongoing appropriateness and/or correctness of the interpretive traditions accompanying those texts, and, even more arrogantly and unforgiveably, tantamount to casting an interrogating glance into the integrity of the philosophical assumptions weaving their web behind the various hermeneutical methodologies.


Pages from Michigan Alumnus LF14.38-40 Consciousness 87%

The essential properties of consciousness have been matters of philosophical debate since the 1600s, when French philosopher René Descartes proclaimed that the mind and brain consisted of different substances.


thesis Morse ThinkingParticularityScotusHeidegger& 86%

ii Rather, this is a philosophical study, which will focus less on Heidegger’s references to Scotus than on the deep conceptual connections between their thought.


JulianUgaritica 141015 ss 86%

(2) the God later painstakingly proclaimed first by the nascent Christian Church, then articulated through the philosophical ratiocinations of the Christian schoolmen;


GDO 85%


Aiken Aristotle&Heidegger 1991 84%

WYATT AIKEN JL HE FIRSTEXHAUSTIVELYscientific, speculative inquiry into the notion and nature of essence in the Western philosophical tradition is found inAristotle's Metaphysics.


Stoicism - Full PDF 84%

Stoicism Philosophers &


Serge Benhayon-SYNDEY.PDF 83%

His books are rich philosophical works on the Esoteric in life, love and human society.


Thucydides&Rationalism 2005 83%

Yet in reality, the composition of Logical History is nothing more than "a systematic [...] philosophical exercise in the...rationalization of existential experiences of the world."v Even more significantly, the logically acceptable Paradigm of events re-created by the hermeneutical authors of Logical History inevitably stands in contrast to historically Dr.


selection 82%

[I hate men whose words are philosophical but whose deeds are base.]8 [A] Those other philosophers, I say, were great in learning, greater still in activities of every kind.


GadamerHermeneia 2007 82%

Among other things, an anatomy of historical reconstitution must attempt to clearly disengage the historical activity of authenticating the witnesses of past happenings, i.e., text in the widest sense, from the philosophical process of re-membering past-time happenings into History;