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Phore White Paper FRENCH OFFICIAL (1) 100%

phore Crypto-monnaie Proof-Of-Stake 3.0 basé sur l’anonymat avec le Protocole ZeroCoin 7 Novembre 2017 Version Française Page 1 sur 6 Introduction Qu’est-ce que Phore ?


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GadamerHermeneia 2007 64%

(Nietzsche 1964, 2:101) of the past that the historical animal attempts to assemble into a meaning-full scenario (contextuality) called History.vii Yet what is man if not himself a nexusviii drifting toward forgetfulness, if not himself an elusive apparition in the time continuum?ix An-wesenheit as Sum-phore [Nexus].


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Wedding Photographers In Fremantle Are Creating Creative Brides Pictures. 57%

Thanks to Joseph Nicéphore Niépce who invented photographic art in 1826 and paved the way for couples to keep their love memories alive.


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[Inc.BarCharts]QuickStudy-The-Basics 19%

Vision -geusia gustat/o gust/o -opia -opsia opt/o SYNONYMS abdomen abdomin/o celi/o lapar/o air aer/o phys/o pneum/o pneumon/o all panpant/o bile bil/i chol/e bladder cyst/o vesic/o blood hem/o hemat/o sangu/i sanguin/o body corpor/o somat/o -some breast mamm/o mast/o cecum cec/o typhl/o chest pector/o steth/o thorac/o breathe -pnea respir/o respirat/o spir/o childbirth -para -parous -partum -tocia toc/o cornea of the eye corne/o kerat/o death mort/o necr/o thanat/o different allohetero- disease nos/o path/o dry kraur/o xer/o ear aur/o auricul/o ot/o eardrum myring/o tympan/o eye ocul/o opthalm/o opt/o eyelid blephar/o palpebr/o face faci/o op/o prosop/o fat adip/o lip/o steat/o pimel/o feces corp/o scat/o sterc/o fever febr/i pyr/o pyret/o first arch/i arch/e -arche primiprot/o foot ped/o pod/o hair pil/o trich/o half demihemisemi- hearing acous/o acoust/o audi/o audit/o -cusis heart cardi/o coron/o heat calor/i therm/o huge gigant/o megameglo- itching prurit/o psor/o kidney nephr/o ren/o lens of the eye phac/o phak/o life biobi/o vit/o viv/i lip cheil/o chil/o labi/o ligament desm/o ligament/o syndesm/o little, small -ole -ule lung pneum/o pneumon/o pulmon/o milk galact/o lact/o mind ment/o -noia phren/o psych/o mouth or/o stomat/o mucus blenn/o muc/o myx/o muscle muscul/o my/o myos/o nail onych/o ungu/o night noct/i nyct/o nose nas/o rhin/o nucleus kary/o nucle/o oil ele/o ole/o ovary oophor/o ovari/o pain -algia dolor/o -dynia palate palat/o uran/o pregnancy pupil -cyesis cor/o gravid/o pupill/o rectum proct/o rect/o saliva ptyal/o sial/o same homeohomoipsitauto- skin cutane/o derm/o dermat/o sound son/o phon/o specialist -ician -ist -logist stone lith/o petr/o straight ithyorth/o strength dynam/o -sthenia sthen/o sugar gluc/o glyc/o sacchar/o sweat hidr/o sud/o swelling -edema -tumescence tumesc/o tear dacry/o lacrim/o thick pachypycn/o pykn/o time chron/o temp/o tempor/o tongue gloss/o lingu/o tooth dent/i odont/o tumor/mass onc/o -oma uterus hyster/o metr/o uter/o vagina colp/o vagin/o vein phleb/o ven/o vertebral/spinal column rachi/o spin/o spondyl/o vulva episi/o vulv/o water aque/o hydr/o 3 vessel angi/o vas/o GLOSSARY A a-, anababdomin/o ablat/o abrad/o, abras/o acanth/o acar/o acid/o acous/o acoust/o acr/o actin/o acuacu/o, acut/o adaden/o adenoid/o adip/o adren/o aer/o agglutin/o agit/o -agogue -agra alb/o, albin/o albumin/o -algesia, alges/o -algia alloalveol/o ambiambly/o ambul/o ammon/o amni/o amphiamyl/o an/o anaandr/o aneurysm/o angi/o anis/o ankyl/o anomal/o anteanter/o anthrac/o anthrop/o antiantr/o aort/o -apheresis aphth/o apic/o apoaque/o arachn/o arch/i, arch/e, -arche arsenic/o arteri/o arteriol/o arthr/o articul/o aspir/o, aspirat/o -assay -asthenia, asthen/o astr/o atel/o ather/o atmo-atresia atretoatri/o attoaudi/o, audit/o aur/o, auricul/o auscult/o, auscultat/o autoaux/o axi/o axill/o azot/o without, not away from abdomen to remove, take away to scrape off thorny, spiny mites acid, sour, bitter hearing hearing, sound extremities ray, radiation needle sharp, severe toward, near gland adenoids fat adrenal glands air, gas clumping rapidity, restlessness producer, leader severe pain white albumin pain sensitivity pain other, different alveolus around, on both sides, about dim, dull to walk ammonium amnion around, on both sides starch anus up, backward, against male aneurysm vessel unequal stiff, crooked, bent irregular before, forward front coal, carbon, carbuncle man, human being against antrum aorta separation, removal ulcer apex away, separation water spider first arsenic artery arteriole joint joint inhaling, removal to examine, analyze weakness star, star shaped incomplete, imperfect fatty substance, plaque steam, vapor closure, occlusion closed, lacking an opening atrium one quintillionth (10-18) hearing ear to listen self growth, acceleration axis armpit nitrogen, urea B bacteria glans penis bath weight, pressure heavy, dull, hard base, foundation walking deep, depth two books bile life, living early embryonic stage, immature blenn/o mucus blephar/o eyelid brachi/o arm brachyshort bradyslow brom/o bromine containing compound, odor bronch/o bronchus bronchiol/o bronchiole bucc/o cheek -bulia, -boulia will burs/o bursa bacteri/o balan/o balne/o bar/o barybas/o, basi/o -basia bathy-, bathobibibli/o bil/i bio-, bi/o blast/o, -blast C cac/o bad, ill calcane/o heel calci/o calcium -calculia, to compute calcul/o cali/o calyx calor/i heat campt/o bent -capnia, capn/o carbon dioxide capsul/o, caps/o capsule, container carb/o carbon carcin/o cancer cardi/o heart cari/o caries carp/o wrist catadown, under -cataphasia affirmation cathar/o, cleansing, purging cathart/o -cathisia, sitting -kathisia caud/o tail caus/o, cauter/o burn, burning cavit/o, cav/o hollow, cavity cec/o cecum -cele hernia, swelling celi/o abdomen -centesis surgical puncture of a cavity centione hundredth ( 10-2) centr/o center cephal/o head cerebell/o cerebellum cerebr/o cerebrum, brain cervic/o neck, cervix -chalasia relaxation cheil/o, chil/o lip chem/o chemical, chemistry -chezia, -chesia defecation chir/o, cheir/o hand chlor/o green chol/e gall, bile choledoch/o common bile duct chondr/o cartilage chori/o chorion -chroia skin coloration chrom/o color chron/o time, timing chrys/o gold chyl/o chyle -cide killing, agent which kills cinemovement circumaround cirrh/o orange-yellow -clasis, -clasia break cleid/o clavicle clin/o to slope, bend -clysis irrigation, washing coagul/o coagulation, clotting -coccus coccyg/o cochle/o -coimesis col/o colp/o com-, con-coma coni/o conjunctiv/o consci/o constrict/o contracontus/o cor/o corne/o coron/o corpor/o cortic/o cost/o cox/o crani/o -crasia cric/o crin/o -crit critic/o cry/o crypt/o crystall/o cubit/o culd/o cune/o cupr/o -cusis cutane/o cyan/o cycl/o -cyesis cyst/o cyt/o, -cyte embol/o embry/o -emesis -emia emmetr/o berry-shaped bacterium coccyx cochlea sleeping colon vagina with, together deep sleep dust conjunctiva awareness, aware narrowing, binding against, opposite to bruise pupil cornea heart body cortex rib hip skull mixture (good or bad), temperament ring secrete, separate separate crisis, dangerous cold hidden, concealed crystal, transparent elbow, forearm cul-de-sac wedge, wedge-shaped copper hearing skin blue ciliary body, circular pregnancy bladder, cyst cell -emphraxis en-, endoenanti/o encephal/o enter/o eosin/o epiepididym/o epiglott/o episi/o equierethism/o erg/o erythem/o erythr/o eschar/o esoesophag/o esthesi/o, -esthesia eti/o eueuryexexaexcit/o exoextra- tear digit (finger or toe) ten (101) one tenth (10-1) half people tooth skin to dry surgical fixation, fusion ligament second, secondary right two through, throughout a twin, testis conjoined twin enlarge,expand double thirst apart, to separate distant long pain back running to lead duodenum power, strength pain bad, difficult, painful E ec-, ectoechin/o echoeco-ectasis, -ectasia -ectomy ectr/o -edema ele/o electr/o gluc/o glyc/o gnath/o gnos/o gon/o gonad/o goni/o -grade -gram granul/o -graph graph/o -graphy gravid/o -gravida gustat/o, gust/o gynec/o gyr/o glucose, sugar glucose, sugar jaw knowledge genitals, semen gonads angle step written record granules instrument for recording writing process of recording pregnancy pregnant woman taste woman, female circle, spiral H haph/e touch hapl/o simple, single hect/o hundred (102) helc/o ulcer heli/o sun helminth/o, worm -helminth cause hemihalf good, normal, well hem/o, hemat/o blood wide, broad hepat/o liver out, away from heredoheredity quintillion (1018) heterodifferent, other to arouse hex-, hexasix outside, outward -hexia condition outside heptaseven hidr/o sweat F hirsut/o hairy faci/o face hirud/i, hirudin/i leech -facient to cause, make happen hist/o tissue fasci/o fascia holoentire, complete febr/i fever homeolikeness, constant, femor/o femur sameness -15 femtoone quadrillionth (10 ) homosame, similar ferr/i, ferr/o iron hormon/o hormone fet/o fetus humer/o humerus fibr/o fiber, fibrous hyal/o resembling glass, glassy fibul/o fibula hydr/o water, hydrogen fil/o, fil/i, thread, threadlike hygr/o moisture filament/o hymen/o hymen flav/o yellow hyperabove, excessive, beyond flex/o, flect/o bend hypn/o sleep flu/o, flux/o to flow hypounder, deficient, below fluor/o fluorine hypothalam/o hypothalamus follicul/o small sac, follicle hypsihigh forebefore, in front hyster/o uterus -form specified shape, form frig/o, frigid/o cold I funct/o performance iatr/o treatment, physician fung/i fungus, mushroom ichthy/o fish fusc/o dark brown -ician specialist icter/o jaundice G ide/o idea, mental images galact/o milk idi/o individual, distinct, galvanodirect electric current unknown gamet/o gamete ileum gam/o marriage, sexual union ile/o ili/o ilium gangli/o, ganglion immun/o protection, immune ganglion/o infrabelow, beneath gastr/o stomach inguin/o groin ge/o earth, soil interbetween gel/o to freeze, congeal intrawithin gemell/o twins iod/o iodine -gen, gen/o producing, generating ion/o ion -genesis production, formation ipsisame -genic produced by, forming ir/o, irid/o iris geni/o chin isch/o suppress, restrain genit/o reproduction ischi/o ischium ger/o, geront/o aged, old age is/o equal gest/o, gestat/o to bear -ist specialist -geusia taste ithyerect, straight gigabillion (109) gigant/o huge -itis inflammation gingiv/o gums ixod/i ticks glauc/o gray, bluish green gli/o glue, neuroglia J -globin protein jaund/o yellow glomerul/o glomerulus jejun/o jejunum gloss/o tongue juxtanear D dacry/o dactyl/o decadecidemidem/o dent/i derm/o, dermat/o desicc/o -desis desm/o deuter/o dextr/o didiadidym/o -didymus dilat/o dipl/o dips/o disdist/o dolich/o dolor/o dors/o drom/o, -drome duct/o duoden/o dynam/o -dynia dys- embolus embryo vomiting blood condition the correct measure, proportioned stoppage, obstruction inside, within opposite, opposed brain intestines (small intestines) red, rosy, dawn above, over, upon epididymis epiglottis vulva equality, equal irritation work flushed, redness red scab within esophagus sensation, feeling outside, out spiny, prickly reverberating sound environment dilation, expansion surgical removal congenital absence swelling oil electricity 4 K kal/i potassium kary/o nucleus kel/o tumor, fibrous growth ken/o empty kerat/o horny tissue, cornea keraun/o lightning keton/o ketones kilothousand (103) kinesi/o, movement -kinesia, -kinetic klept/o theft, stealing koil/o hollow, concave, depressed kraur/o dry kym/o waves kyph/o humpback L -labile lacrim/o lact/o lal/o, -lalia lamin/o lampr/o lapar/o laryng/o later/o laxat/o lecith/o -legia lei/o -lemma lepid/o lepr/o -lepsy lept/o letharg/o leuk/o levo-lexia lien/o ligament/o ligat/o lim/o lingu/o lip/o -lipsis -listhesis lith/o lob/o logad/o log/o, -log, -logue -logist -logy loph/o lord/o lox/o -lucent luc/i lucid/o lumb/o lumin/o lute/o luxat/o ly/o lymph/o -lysis unstable, perishable tear, lacrimal duct milk speech, babble lamina clear abdomen, abdominal wall larynx side to slacken, relax, loosen yolk, ovum reading smooth confining membrane flakes, scales leprosy seizure slender, thin, delicate drowsiness white left speech, word spleen ligament binding, tying hunger tongue fat omit, fail slipping stone, calculus lobe whites of the eyes word, speech, thought specialist study of ridge curvature, bending oblique, slanting light-admitting light clear loin light yellow dislocate dissolve, loosen lymph dissolution, breakdown M softening breast madness, obsessive preoccupation -masesis mastication, chewing mast/o breast maxill/o maxilla medi/o middle mediastin/o mediastinum medic/o heal, healing medull/o medulla, marrow megamillion (106) mega-, megalo- large -megaly enlargement mel/o limbs, limb -malacia mamm/o -mania melan/o meli-, melitmen/o mening/o ment/o mer/o mesometametall/o -meter method/o metr/o -metry micromi/o milli-mimesis mis/o -mnesia mogimonomorph/o mort/o -motor muc/o multimuscul/o mutilat/o my/o, myos/o myc/o myel/o myring/o myx/o black honey, sugar menses, menstruation meninges, membranes mind part middle after, beyond, change metal instrument for measuring procedure, technique uterus process of measuring one millionth (10-6), small less, smaller one thousandth (10-3) imitation, simulation hatred of, aversion memory difficult one shape, form death movement, motion mucus many, much muscle to maim, disfigure muscle fungus bone marrow, spinal cord eardrum mucus orch/o, orchi/o, orchid/o -orexia organ/o ornith/o orth/o osche/o oscill/o -osis osm/o, -osmia osphresi/o, -osphresia oste/o ot/o ov/o, ov/i ovari/o ox/o, -oxia oxy- appetite organ bird straight, normal, correct scrotum to swing condition, status, abnormal increase sense of smell, odor, impulse sense of smell, odor bone ear egg, ovum ovary oxygen sharp, quick, sour phot/o phren/o phyc/o phyl/o -phylaxis phyll/o -phyma physic/o physi/o phys/o -physis phyt/o, -phyte picopicr/o piez/o, pies/i, -piesis pil/o pimel/o pin/o pineal/o pituitar/o plagi/o plan/o plant/o -plasm plasm/o light mind, diaphragm seaweed, algae race, species, type protection leaf, leaf-like tumor, growth physical, natural nature air, gas growth, growing plant one trillionth (10-12) bitter pressure hair fat, fatty to drink pineal gland pituitary gland slanting, oblique P flat, level, wandering pachythick sole of the foot -pagus conjoined twins formation, growth palat/o palate plasma, formative pale/o old palin-, palirecurrence, repetition substance palliat/o soothe, relieve -plasty surgical correction/repair palp/o, palpat/o to touch gently platybroad, flat palpebr/o eyelid ple/o more palpit/o, palpitat/o flutter, throbbing -plegia paralysis panall plesi/o nearness, similarity pancreat/o pancreas pless/i striking pant/o all, whole pleur/o pleura papill/o nipple-like, papilla plex/o network (nerves or papul/o papule, pimple vessels), plexus paraalongside, near, beyond, plic/o, plicat/o to fold, pleat abnormal -ploid, -ploidy number of chromosome -para, -parous to bear, bring forth sets parasit/o parasite plurimore, several parathyroid/o parathyroid -pnea breathe -paresis partial paralysis pneum/o lung, air -partum childbirth, labor pneumon/o lung, air patell/o patella pod/o foot path/o disease -poiesis formation -pause cessation poikil/o variation, irregular pector/o chest poli/o gray (matter) ped/o foot, child polymany, much pedicul/o louse pon/o fatigue, overwork, pain pel/o mud -pore, por/o opening, passageway pelv/i pelvis -porosis porous, decrease in -penia deficiency density pent-, penta- five -posia drinking -pepsia digestion posit/o arrangement, place perthrough, throughout postafter, behind percuss/o to tap poster/o behind, towards the back periaround, surrounding potenti/o power, strength perine/o perineum -prandial meal peritone/o peritoneum -praxia action, activity per/o deformed, maimed prebefore, in front of perone/o fibula presbyaging, elderly perspir/o breathe through primifirst pest/i plague, pests -privia loss, deprivation petaquadrillion (1015) before -petal moving toward, seeking proproct/o rectum, anus petr/o stone, petrous region pros/o forward, anterior of temporal bone prosop/o face -pexy fixation prostat/o prostate gland phac/o lens prote/o protein phag/o, -phagia eating, ingestion prot/o first phak/o lens proxim/o near phalang/o phalanges prurit/o itching phall/o penis psamm/o sand, sand-like material phaner/o visible, apparent pselaphes/o touch pharmac/o drugs pseudofalse phas/o, -phasia speech psor/o itching phe/o dusky psych/o mind phen/o appearance psychr/o cold -pheresis removal -phil, -philia affinity for, tendency -pterygium abnormality of the towards conjunctiva phim/o muzzle pteryg/o wing-shaped phleb/o vein -ptosis prolapse, drooping -phobia, phob/o fear, aversion ptyal/o saliva phon/o, -phonia voice, sound -ptysis spitting -phore, phor/o bearer, processor pub/o pubis -phoresis bearing, transmission pulmon/o lung phosphat/o phosphate puls/o, pulsat/o to beat, beating N one billionth (10-9) numbness, stupor nose birth sodium death new kidney nerve neutral mole, birthmark to cause harm, injury or pain noct/i night nod/o knot -noia mind, will nom/o custom, law nomenname noninine norm/o normal, usual nos/o disease not/o the back nucle/o nucleus nullinone nutri/o, nutrit/o nourish nyct/o night nanonarc/o nas/o nat/o natr/o necr/o neonephr/o neur/o neutr/o nev/o noci- O obstetr/o octa-, octiocul/o odont/o -oid -ole ole/o olfact/o olig/o -oma om/o omphal/o onc/o onych/o o/o oophor/o ophry/o ophthalm/o -opia, -opsia opisth/o op/o -opsy opt/o or/o testis midwife eight eye tooth resembling little, small oil smell scanty, few, little tumor, mass shoulder navel tumor, mass nail egg, ovum ovary eyebrow eye vision backward, behind juice, face to view eye, vision mouth 5


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