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KCWeddingContract-Ms.SarahCaffey 100%

WEDDING CONTRACT  PARTIES:  This contract is between Kasey Cody of KC Photography and the person paying for the  photography, hereinafter referred to as “Client.”   The term “KC Photography” includes its agents,  employees, representatives and/or other personnel, where applicable.    DEFINITIONS:   Through this contract, the term “wedding” shall include the time duration of the  event in which KC Photography has been hired for photographic services.  The term “wedding  party” shall include, but not be limited to, groomsmen, bridesmaids, flower girls, ring bearers, and  the ceremony official.  DATE RESERVATION:  A signed contract and a security retainer are required to reserve the date  of the wedding on KC Photography’s schedule.  The signed contract and security deposit must be  in the possession of Kasey Cody of KC Photography to reserve the date. If a signed contract and  security deposit are not in the possession of Kasey Cody of KC Photography, there is no obligation  on KC Photography to reserve the date or photograph the wedding.   PAYMENT SCHEDULE:  A 25% or 50% security retainer payment shall be made on the agreed  upon date(s) listed below.  Last (50%) payment must be received on or before the wedding date.  These payments are nonrefundable.  Payments may be made in advance if the client wishes to  pay early.  All other fees, including expenses, will be due before wedding on wedding day.  KC  Photography reserves the right to refuse to take photographs of the wedding if payment is not  made in full on the date of the wedding or to not deliver the photographs to the client until full  payment is made.  CANCELLATON:  In the event Client cancels the wedding, any monies paid to Kasey Cody of KC  Photography for photographic services of the wedding are non­refundable.  Such monies shall be  liquidated damages to KC Photography for the breach of contract by Client.   If KC Photography is  able to book a wedding on the date reserved by this contract, the liquidated damages will be  limited to the nonrefundable security retainer paid to Kasey Cody and/or KC Photography for  photographic services and 10% of any other monies paid to Kasey Cody and/or KC Photography  for photographic services of the wedding. The Client shall be responsible for payment of any  expenses incurred by KC Photography up to the time of cancellation.  EXPENSES:  Client is responsible for all travel, accommodation, meal and transport costs unless  otherwise provided. Client is also responsible for any props or other materials purchased by KC  Photography that is to be used specifically and exclusively for this wedding.   PRE­WEDDING CONSULTATION:  A pre­wedding consultation with the bride, the groom, or the  client, is required to finalize the actual shooting time, locations and any other specific requests.  (Unless otherwise agreed upon by client and KC Photography)  HOUSE RULES: KC Photography is limited by the guidelines of the ceremony official or  wedding/reception site management. KC Photography is not liable for any technical limitations due  to any such limitations.  KC Photography is not responsible for negotiations with the ceremony  official or wedding/reception site management for a modification or waiver of any such limitations.    SCHEDULE AND METHODOLOGY:  The methodology of KC Photography is designed to achieve  creative and beautiful wedding photography.   Cheerful cooperation, effective communication and punctuality are essential.  KC Photography  welcomes ideas and suggestions, however reserves the right to refuse to take any and all  photographs that encroach on its creative license, Christian beliefs and/or are offensive,  pornographic or obscene in nature.  Shooting commences at the scheduled and agreed upon start  time.   EVENT GUIDE:  KC Photography highly recommends appointing or hiring a designated “event  guide,” whether it be a family member or wedding coordinator,  to help coordinate desired posed  photographs as we as direct. KC Photography will capture selected individuals in posed or candid  photographs.  KC Photography is not liable for failing to capture such selected individuals if an  event guide does not direct KC Photography or should selected individuals not cooperate or wish  not to be photographed.  KC Photography will act as an event guide if no event guide is appointed  or hired.  SUBJECT RELEASE:  Client hereby consents on behalf of the entire wedding party and guests to  be subjects of KC Photography for photographic purposes.  Any member of the wedding party  and/or guest may request that their picture not be taken.  KC Photography is not liable for any  photograph taken of a member of the wedding party or guest if KC Photography was not informed  by the member or guest that they did not wish for their photograph to be taken.   POSED PHOTOGRAPHY: This agreement includes a period of time, up to two hours, for posed  photographs of the bride, groom, wedding party, families and any other selected individuals, that  cannot be obtained during the ceremony and/or reception.  ​ The parties agree to positive  cooperation and communication for the best possible result within the definition of this assignment.   KC P hotography shall not be held liable for failure to take desired photographs if the desired  photographs were not taken due to the lack of cooperation by the intended subjects of the  photograph.   LIMIT OF LIABILITY DUE TO ILLNESS: In the event that the photographer is injured, becomes too  ill to photograph the wedding or for some other reason cannot photograph the wedding, KC  Photography must secure a replacement photographer. The security deposit will be applied to the  costs associated with securing a replacement photographer.  The replacement photographer is not  held to the terms of this agreement.  If this situation should occur, liability is limited to the return of  all deposits and payments received for the wedding, less the costs associated with securing a  replacement photographer.  LIMIT OF LIABILITY FOR LOSS OR DESTRUCTION: KC Photography takes the utmost care with  respect to exposure, transportation, processing, and editing of the photographs.  However, in the  unlikely event that photographs have been lost, stolen or destroyed for reasons within KC  Photography’s control, KC Photography’s liability is limited to the return of all deposits and  payments received for the wedding.  In such case, Client agrees to hold KC Photography harmless  from any liabilities and/or damages.  Liability for the partial loss of photographs shall be a prorated  amount of the photographs lost based on the percentage of total number of photographs taken, as  determined by KC Photography. KC Photography is not liable for photographs that have been lost  or destroyed due to acts outside the control of KC Photography or due to acts of God.  EDITING:  KC Photography owns all rights to the photographs produced by KC Photography and  may edit in any manner without altering the photographic likeness of the subject in any and all  photographs taken at the wedding.  FILM AND COPYRIGHTS:  The photographs produced by KC Photography are protected by  Federal Copyright Law (all rights reserved) and may not be reproduced in any manner without KC  Photography’s express written permission.  A Reproduction Release signed by Kasey Cody of KC  Photography must be obtained prior to any reproduction of the photographs. KC Photography must  receive full compensation for the resale or publishing of the photographs, unless waived in the  Reproduction Release.  PROMOTIONAL USE:  KC Photography owns all rights to the photographs produced by KC  Photography and may use such photographs in any and all forms of media for promotional,  advertising and all other lawful purpose.  Client on behalf of the entire wedding party and guests,  hereby releases KC Photography from any and all claims for damages from libel, slander, invasion  of privacy and any other claim based on the use of such photographs.


2014 Portfolio Manzoor 96%



Travel Photography Digest December 2017 95%

Travel Photography Digest, December 2017          AJC Lauds Guatemala Decision to Return Its Embassy to Jerusalem Photo Exhibition “Jerusalem Portraits” Celebrates Recognition of Jerusalem As Israel’s Capital by US Administration What is wrong with the Middle East?


Droit a l'image 94%

Contrat droit à l'image Photographe/Modèle Prestation &


Digital Photography Mastery Report 94%

A Short Report About Digital Photography Mastery Learn How to Take Photo Like The Professional!


IIF-IMB Photography Fashion Summer 93%

photography and fashion whan photography meets fashion summer course IIF in english 2015 2016 This unique course brings together the key concepts of both photography and fashion to provide students with introductory knowledge and skills in fashion photography.


THE GRIND ISSUE 2 LQ 93% Richard Martin - Visual Art Roy Moller - Poetry Aimee Fox - Photography Eva Abercrombie - Visual Art Becky Catterson - Visual Art Paul Docherty - Poetry Cate Inglis - Visual Art Declan Malone - Visual Art Michael Morrison - Flash Fiction Alishia Farnan - Photography Sam Kolinsky - Poetry Marina Tselepi - Photography Iain McCall - Visual Art James Duffy - Poetry Craig Scott - Poetry Tracy Ryan - Illustration Ben McAteer - Illustration Kim Campell - Visual Art Thomas Clark - Poetry Michael McCann - Photography Emi James - Flash Fiction Alan Gray - Photography Liam Dunn - Illustration Jim Ferguson - Poetry Stewart Craig - Photography Camila Cavalcante Pereira - Photography Natalie Stypa - Poetry Charis Edward Wells - Photography Caitlin Higgins - Photography Craig Thomson - Illustration Robert Sanders - Flash Fiction Ronnie Macintosh - Poetry Su Grierson - Photography Kat Gollock - Photography Sophie Wills - Photography Morgan Downie - Illustration and poetry RICHARD MARTIN (LEFT) (SHIPPED OUT GLASGOW) Fifty yards from flat Clyde a hyper squirrel darts between a parked black cortege of City Council refuse bins.


GK1 93%

N.412 January 2017 • $5.00 GEKUN 25years Photographers jobs The charm of different occupations NEW ELEGANCE Turin has a photography Climbing enthusiasts Rock climbing is The term photography is derived from the Greek words phos (light) and graphis (painting, drawing) or graphê, the word together means "to light drawing."


Photo Gallery 92%

Photo Gallery, April 8, 2018                  Flower Photography Size Matters:


THE GRIND ISSUE 2 LQ 92% Richard Martin - Visual Art Roy Moller - Poetry Aimee Fox - Photography Eva Abercrombie - Visual Art Becky Catterson - Visual Art Paul Docherty - Poetry Cate Inglis - Visual Art Declan Malone - Visual Art Michael Morrison - Flash Fiction Alishia Farnan - Photography Sam Kolinsky - Poetry Marina Tselepi - Photography Iain McCall - Visual Art James Duffy - Poetry Craig Scott - Poetry Tracy Ryan - Illustration Ben McAteer - Illustration Kim Campell - Visual Art Thomas Clark - Poetry Michael McCann - Photography Emi James - Flash Fiction Liam Dunn - Illustration Jim Ferguson - Poetry Stewart Craig - Photography Camila Cavalcante Pereira - Photography Natalie Stypa - Poetry Charis Edward Wells - Photography Caitlin Higgins - Photography Craig Thomson - Illustration Robert Sanders - Flash Fiction Ronnie Macintosh - Poetry Su Grierson - Photography Kat Gollock - Photography Sophie Wills - Photography Morgan Downie - Illustration and poetry RICHARD MARTIN (LEFT) (SHIPPED OUT GLASGOW) Fifty yards from flat Clyde a hyper squirrel darts between a parked black cortege of City Council refuse bins.


smartphonephotography 92%

SMARTPHONE PHOTOGRAPHY PRESENTED BY DOMINIC GOSS Smartphone Macro Photography Now Made Easy "What I like about photos is that they capture a moment that's gone forever, impossible to reproduce."


Oh Comely Feature No Hyphen 91%

the fearless explorer words and photography bethany watson photographer lucy cullingworth on travelling the world and her stateside inspirations Describing herself as a ‘spur of the moment’ photographer, Lucy Cullingworth dreams of capturing the world in all of its glory.


Print Release – Use License 91%

Client name:____________________ Date:___________________________ Contract for Photographic Services Print Release – Use License All images © 2015 Liane Rae Photography, All Rights Reserved.


gk 91%

photography Photo a rt The logic of photography is to express the diversity of existence, the creators choose a special way to show us their own existence of a possibility, in the rational logic meaningless place poetic meaning.


RedditPhotographyContract 91%

•​ Wedding Photography, LLC ​• CONTRACT FOR PHOTOGRAPHY SERVICES This Agreement is executed by and between ​xxxx xxxxxxxx​ (“Photographer”) and xxxx xxxxxxx ​(“Client, whether individual or joint”), referred to collectively as the Parties.


Gallery of Photographers 91%

Most photography are those photographers create creative and technical their own images through geniuses whose work the exploration and demonstrates not only a exploitation of the work total control over their of photographic pioneers.


Photographic Tools 90%



A Couples Guide To Documentary Style Wedding Photography 90%

Couples Guides A Couples Guide To Documentary Style Wedding Photography By Simon Donnelly Documentary Style Wedding Photography Often coupled with natural and traditional styles, documentary wedding photography is also known as Reportage or Photo-journalistic Wedding Photography.


CV 89%

A Level Photography, Graphic Communication, &



            E­Mail:  Fitchburg MA, 01420                LinkedIn: ​    TARGET CAREER OBJECTIVE  To become a cinematographer and video editor in the field of video production  EDUCATION  Fitchburg State University, Fitchburg MA      Graduation            May 2016  Bachelor of Science in Communications Media ­ Concentration in Film/Video Production            Overall GPA: 3.1    WORK EXPERIENCE  Moody Street TV Production Intern          1/19/16 ­ Present  Waltham, MA. Production grip for BU All Access, equipment runner, assistant editor, overall studio grip. Logged extensive  amounts of sports footage including selects and highlights for the Boston University Terriers, and the Boston Breakers.  Attended several of these events and operated GoPro cameras at benches, as well as transported equipment.  The Safety Institute Videographer & Editor          7/10/12 ­ 12/15/14  Rehoboth, MA. Filmed, edited, and narrated several videos promoting community safety and advocacy, ranging from topics of  vehicle/child household safety, medical trauma, and death remembrances, to topics of town legislature and sports injuries.  FSU Recreation Services Sports Photo/Videographer          8/11/13 ­ 5/14/15  Fitchburg, MA. Filmed and edited several high­action intramural sports videos during college, and took photos of sports  Stop & Shop Cashier, Bagger, Produce Clerk          6/20/10 ­ 1/15/14    TECHNOLOGICAL SKILLS  Cameras: Canon 7D, 60D, Sony EX­1, Panasonic HMC40, GoPro Hero 4. Appliances: SAC40 tripod, dolly w/ track  Lights: Arri 650/750 kits, Kino Flo. Annex equipment: c­stands, silks, scrims, nets, gel rolls, chimeras   Sound: 702 sound devices, Tascam DR­40, Sennheiser Shotgun Mic, Lavaliers, Robopoles  Software Knowledge: Final Cut Pro X, Avid Media Composer, Avid Pro Tools, FxHome Effectslab Pro, Adobe Photoshop, Final Draft,  Frameforge 3D, Microsoft Excel, Word Processor    SELECTED PRODUCTION EXPERIENCE  “Diamonds in the Rough”  Director of Photography, Sound Design, Gaffer          1/10/15 ­ 5/14/15  Documentary about martial arts, uphill battles, and the story of a man who overcame life’s obstacles  “One Mil”  Producer, Director of Photography, Gaffer, Editor, Writer          3/30/15 ­ 4/8/15  Short film about three friends who stumble upon one million dollars, inevitably changing their lives forever  “Nature’s The Rock Shop”  Director of Photography, Sound Design, Editor          2/20/15 ­ 2/25/15  Promotional video for a local artifact shop  “Modern Men”  Director of Photography, Editor            ​ 4/10/15 ­ 4/13/15  Short film about an awkward freshman who humorously finds himself trapped in a male locker room  “Hit Squad” Director of Photography, Editor, Special Effects Artist          4/21/15 ­ 6/20/15  High­action thriller about females fighting crime and domestic violence  “Athletes Turn Champion”  Producer, Director of Photography, Narrator, Editor          1/13/15 ­ 1/20/15  Promotional video for a local gym and training facility  “Our Only Home”  Special Effects Artist, Narrator, Clip Participant          ​ 8/15/11 ­ 8/30/11  Award winning, international film project about saving the planet, and raising environmental awareness    AWARDS AND ACHIEVMENTS  Dean’s List           2013­Present    Website: ​​  Vimeo: ​​  References available upon request  COMMUNITY/CIVIC INVOLVEMENT  President of GOYA (Greek Orthodox Youth of America) Conducted meetings and served meals to the parishioners  Annual Greek Festival Volunteer  Served food to the public in a cultural atmosphere         9/1/10 ­ 5/20/12         8/17/06 ­ Present


wedding-contract-2016 89%

Alexi Hubbell Photography     227 Aspen Dr. Durango, CO, 81301, 970­769­0189    Wedding Photography Contract    __________________________​  & _____________________________                                                             Bride    Groom      Bride ­ Telephone: ​ ___________________​ Email:__________________________________    Groom ­ Telephone: ​ __________________​ Email: _________________________________    Primary Mailing Address:​  ___________________________________________    ____________________________________________________________________          This contract  is for photographic  services to be provided by ​ Alexi Hubbell Photography  (​ AHP​ ),  the  photographer,  for  the  wedding  of  the  above  named   parties  scheduled  for  __________  __,  2016 ​ at __ AM / PM, in ____​ __________ ,_______________​ . Coverage is scheduled for a  __­hour  (​ __   ​ minutes)  block  of  time.  All  photographs  will  be  shot in  digital  format.  Digital  photos  will  be  delivered  as  JPEG  files  made  available  on  a  private  online  gallery  for  viewing  and  a  custom  USB  flash  drive.  The  online  gallery  will be  ready  about 4­6 weeks  after the wedding.     Fees:  The fee for ____ hours of wedding day photographic coverage is ​ $​ _________​ _(includes travel  expenses  past  60  miles  round  trip  and  Colorado  State  Sales  Tax  (2.9%))​ .  This  includes  a  wedding  online  gallery  with  print  ordering,  digital  processing  of  the  camera  RAW  files  and  all  density  and  color  corrected  high­resolution  wedding  images  in  JPEG  format,  and  the  USB  flash  drive  with  25,  4” x 6” prints picked  by  the  photographer. The  client  may  also  chose  to  recieve  wedding  rehearsal  coverage  at  no  additional  cost.  Additional  products  including  extra flash  drives,  prints, canvas, albums and  more can  be  ordered  a  la  carte  in  a  client  ordering  sessions  at  your  convince any date  from the time  final  digital files are  received by  the  client(s), to 90  days  after. After 90 days, images may   be  removed  from  the  photographer’s  files  unless  product  order(s)  are  made.  If product  order(s)   are  made,  files  will  be  stored  on a backup  hard  drive  for  1  year  from the event  date.           Terms:  Upon your signature, ​ AHP  will reserve the time and  date  agreed upon, and will not make  other reservations for that time and date. For this reason, the Reservation Deposit of   $_​ 250.00​ _(plus  2.9%  sales   tax)  ​ is  non­refundable,  even  if  the  date  is  changed  or  the  wedding  cancelled  for  any  reason,  including  Acts  of  God,  fire,  strike  and/or  extreme  weather.  The  Reservation  Deposit  is  applied  towards  the  contracted  wedding  photography  package totaling ​ $​ ________(after tax)  ​ The balance of ​ $​ _________ ​ is to be paid in  full,  four  weeks  (30  days)  prior  to  the  day  of  the  wedding.  Photography  will  not  commence  before  the  invoice  is  paid  in  full.  Approximately  four  weeks  prior  to  the  wedding,  clients  must finalize with the photographer  a  schedule of hours, location(s) and  (if desired) an Event Guide.     The  client(s) will be responsible for designating an Event Guide, if desired.  The role of the  Event  Guide  is  to  identify  people/objects  of  whom/which  specific  photographs  are  desired,  as  well  as  to  make  certain  that  these  subjects  are  available  when  needed.  It is  recommended  that  the  client(s)  develop  a  list  of  desired  poses,   locations,  and  subjects  (family  and  friends;  items;  etc.)  and   share  this  with  the  photographer  well  before  the  wedding.


CV 89%

Ana was born in Lisbon, but grew up in África (Angola and Mozambique).In 1980,with 17 years old went to the United States and studied photography in Maryland and Washington DC,returning to Lisbon 8 years after.She photographs mainly interior architecture, food, travel and stock photography.



Sanford, FL 32773 MAJOR PROJECTS Director of Photography on By The Tail, Master’s Thesis short film, Budget ~ $45,789.59 - Designed camera plots and Shot list for 5-day principle photography shoot - Led the Sony F65 camera team and lighting team Digital Imaging Technician and 1st AC on Polaroids, Master’s Thesis short film, Budget ~ $25,309.45 - Digital Imaging Technician on 3-day principle photography shoot.


CV Jul 2017 89%

Graham Hebron Freelance Curriculum Vitae My extensive technical knowledge and practical experience in Photography &


Houtman Abrolhos 88%

The Abrolhos Collection 2012-2013 Catalogue KARL MONAGHAN PHOTOGRAPHY 155 Marine Tce, Geraldton Ph 9921 3001 Page 2 WWW.OUTBACKPIX.COM Karl Monaghan Photography is your local, award winning professional photographer located in the heart of the Geraldton CBD.