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Land, B. attempted murder in paper 100%

bp A A lll pnleh llnrntal Kurapr I I Yearly ever Kuropean nation line of the pigeon icrmany Austria Prance Itussln Italy and Iortugal have their mill tary pigeon posts It WON the FrancoGerman wnr that first opened the eyes of military au to thn possibilities of this Dur of sealing mesiagcs ing the siege of Paris no fewer than lOOOO olllclnl dispatches were sent by pigeon post as well an 100 VK jirlvate inennges and 100000 francs In postal orders Photography was pressed Into the service of this pigeon post the messages being photograph inlnuto fllini which were no light that a single bird could carry It was calculated that 30000 words if nil the messages carried by pigeons during the lege had been written out ¬ ¬ ithoritlea t Lexington Ky June 20 No passenger train westbound met with n dangerous wreck this side of Ash laud The sleeper and ladles coach were turned over an embankment 1C feet and the passengers escaped death In a remarkable manner A Virginia woman whose name Superintendent Mitchell could not learn was dangerously hurt and returned to Ashland INDIAN GIRL IN NATIVE DRESS Deputy Internal Revenue Collector C In this If Herryman of this city was badly of the luxuries of civilization Instance also the chief violates the cus ¬ bruised as Were five other passengers toms of Ida people who not only ban Pullman Conductor Robinson whose iih from sight and memory every re ¬ home la In Ixmlsvllle had his shoul The mall pouch when minder of their dead but object se ¬ der broken thrown from the moving train struck riously to dwellings built of Umber In short they utterly refute to live the depot platform and bounded back In the neat little tworoomed houses under tbe train throwing the smoker built for them by the government and off and It pulled the other cars off prefer their whitetopped canvas te- ¬ and they were turned over pees 1 Lave seen numbers of these DISCOVERED NO little red pnlnted government houses standing empty and neglected around Samuel A Hoi helmer Dismissed at Fort Sill slowly falling to the ground His Examining Trial while near by a group of tepees loomed up against the rugged background of Louisville Ky June 23 Samuel A mountain Tile picturesque Wichita llofthdmer principal owner of the mountains engirdle the Comanche al ¬ White Mills distillery which was seiz lotment and no more beautiful re ¬ ed by tho federal authorities on Juno gion CAn be seen In all Oklahoma 1 on a charge that It was being run Chief Quanah Is n wily old redskin with an intent to defraud the govern It Is wild on the reservation that he ment of tho tax on Its product was walks both roadsthe paleface road dismissed at his examining trial be of progress and backward trail of the fore a United States commissioner no redskins During his checkered career evidence having been discovered which he has been so fortunate or un fort u ¬ would connect Mr Hoffhelmer with hate OR to acquire seven wives this any knowledge of tho alleged unlaw was according to the old ruling which ful practices at White Mills permitted polygamy among the Ulan John IViboe warehouse foreman at ket Indian or Wild Tribes lint Uncle the distillery and John Unman assistSam line put his foot down on this ant warehouse foreman were howpractice and from now on Ix will ever held over In tho sum of 1500 have to content hlnifclf with one wife each to answer to the federal grand only Clilef Quanah is the father of 30 Jury next October odd children Many of them are well HIS FRIENDS ARE ALARMED educated but the subject of dale sketch carrion oft the paten among the ParSoh Has Mysteriously Gen Brooke ker olive branches Disappeared From Kentucky Nr dlcIarkerQuanahs daughter Is n quarterbreed Comanche andone of Lexington Ky June 22 Friends of the most beautiful and Interesting In ¬ than girls to be found among the Klo ¬ J K Drooke are alarmed over his mys wa and Comanche Indians of Oklaho- terious dlsapperance from this city ma Her somewhat melancholy though He Is the son of Gen Ilnxikc of the beautifully regular features show few United States army and came here six Pa with traces of the stern aquiline Indian weeks ago from Ilttaburg type partaking rather of the soft W W Webster for tho purpose of es curves of the distant SpanlHli strain tablishing an oil refinery Ih left here Mr Webster has Instituted Inherited liy1 the Cotnnnchca from their Friday Mexican ancestry Her complexion Is diligent search for the young man but pure olive showing the Caucasian has been unable to find oven the slight blood of her captive grandmother Her est trace name Needle leaves one to Infer that Wanted at Georgetown either she is anadept with the needle Wllllamsbtirg Ky June 23A man of civilized womanhood or acquired named A she raft and two other men her peculiar name after the manner were arrested here and taken to Georgeof these Indians because of souse in ¬ town where they are wanted In concident connected with her birth In nection with the cutting of Isaac Faust which a needle played a conspicuous The three met were taking up a col part Ofttlmes a chlldti name Isal ¬ lectlon to pay their fare east and had tered In after years on account of seine trouble with Faust who it Is some marked personal characteristic was seriously cut by A she raft Perhaps this young woman with the claimed melancholy Spanish beauty showed Big Entries For the Fall Stakes marked talent for needlework anti so Lexington Ky June 22The en obtained her name She linn a sister tries to the stakes to be decided here who rejoices In the irtore civilized name this fall at the meeting of the Ken This more progressive of lAura asso tucky Trotting Horsebreedera daughter of time chief is assistant cash ¬ elation closed with one of the hand ier In time bonk of Indlahomo while yet somest lists ever received The three another who walks the paleface year old division of the Kentucky Fu way Is teaching school turlty received 82 nominations Includ ¬ The chiefs eldest son Walter a grad ing several hgh class colts uate of Carlisle and a very promising Married Last December man died a short time ago a Paducah Ky Juno 22Percy Kelly Victim of that dread destroyer of the Blanket IntUDIIcconsumption to the and Miss Ellen Torian both of this great grief of the old chief who is de- city were married on December 24 voted to his children and is a father 1892 In Forest City Ark by Rev Dy ¬ as well to alt his tribe To his home er Miss Torlan was a teacher In the the white home ofthla little nation public schools they flock to seek his advice In weighty Senator Blackburn For Gorman matters his house being truly the MecKy June 22 United Lexington Florence B States Senator J C S Blackburn Ca of the Comanches Crofford in Farm and limn hulks Senator Gorman of Maryland la the logical candidate for the demo Brlsrht NeW In Tows crate to name for president With A novel sight was seen this other Gorman we can win rays the sent day which attracted much attention tor in Bath Me A young woman front Woman Fatally Injured Wilton was in the city and had as a Ky June 22While Palntervllle fellow traveler a bright looking coon which was perfectly tame allowing making up a bed at her home near hid owner to carry him about no one Balyeravllle Mrs Ellen Deskins was would a kitten The coon was cap fatally Injured by the accidental dls tured six ttotfc ago and weight 14 large of a revolver falling upon the floor She died a few hours later pound ¬ don ¬ ¬ ¬ ¬ ¬ ¬ >


5D4N 99%


BoyerKelly Michelle CVRes 2016 99%

Fine Feathered Friends Aviaries, Tucson, Arizona Owner, Breeder, Exhibitor, and Educator (2003-present) Owner of breeding farm of exotic poultry, pigeons, pheasants, turkeys, peafowl, ducks, and other domestic and endangered species.


May 9 2015 93%

Osa Birds:


Day 2- Pigeonhole 90%

“If you have more pigeons than pigeonholes, and you try to stuff the pigeons into the holes, then at least one hole must contain at least two pigeons.”.


m95 presskit 90%

With a catalog of less than 12-songs, Malik has still been able to receive support from outlets like Pigeons &


Virtual Show Rules 89%

Large Fowl, Bantam Fowl, Waterfowl, and Pigeons.


Alternativ media 88%

Är du trött på maktens lögner?


CountSummaryRpt CRCO 82%

Count Summary Report Count Name:


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Count Summary Report Count Name:


The Coquitlam Review March 2017 Edition 78%

Whatever task you decide to undertake, whether it be sitting on a rock in the park feeding pigeons, or learning to navigate the stars, is beneficial to society, not only beneficial, further, helpful.


How Civic Appreciation Saved article 77%

Passenger Pigeons were so numerous that they flew about in great flocks by the millions along Pigeon Creek and Cypress Creek.



Bird & Bird Birdand &


Teacher Wall Costings 73%

1 Teacher Walls – Cost exercise conclusion.


Non Intentional Press Release 69%

For there he remained silent on social media for a long time, “[Lou Val] hasn't dropped anything on his SoundCloud in a couple of months, but maybe that's a sign he's hard at work and there are big things on the way.” said Pigeons and Planes on their ‘Rising Toronto Artists You Should Know’ list.


Ellyseus - by Absu 68%

THE ELLYSEUS THE PIGEON. By Absu Poems and Philosophy: