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Somalia 94%

Seed money from ransoms, which garnered a record $135m last year, has helped set up dozens of trucking companies that have reduced transport costs of staples such as rice, even as global inflation bit hard and a regional food crisis helped plunge Somalia further south of pirate strongholds into famine.


The Island Adventure - DM Guide 92%

The Island Adventure Materials ● Overview Picture​ of island with ocean, beach, jungle, mountain ● Maps Map Description Ocean Map A pirate ship sits offshore of a tropical island beach.


sa 91%

We have a level 4 pirate infestation.


2012 January 91%

What made a man or woman a pirate!


sotb2017 schedule complete 86%

Sun of the Beach 2017 - Rostock/Warnemuende 1st Round Pools 2nd round - Top 12 Pools Pool A Steamy Handler Pants Hammer Time HundFlachWerfen Hamburg Alsters Catch 'em All Pool B BubbleGUM Göttinger 7 Becherovka First Drehst'n Deckel Diver's Urquell Pool C Aarhus Ultimate Red Leicester Ultimate Pirate Bay Ultimate Farmers DJ Dahlem Fischkutter DJ Dahlem Diver's Urquell Endzonis Malmö Ultimate Club Fischkutter Aalborg Dinosaurs Hammer Time Griffin's Lehre Endzonis Ultimate Farmers HundFlachWerfen Quattro Stazioni Aalborg Dinosaurs Aarhus Ultimate Göttinger 7 Discflyers Endzonis Medwedjew Malmö Ultimate Club Hammer Time Red Leicester Ultimate Pool D Medwedjew Discflyers Prague 7 Baltimate Fischkutter Pool E Quattro Stazioni Malmö Ultimate Club Tekielas Griffin's Lehre Catch 'em All Tekielas Beachfunaten Pirate Bay Becherovka First Prague 7 Beachfunaten Discflyers Tekielas Catch 'em All DJ Dahlem Göttinger 7 Malmö Ultimate Club Steamy Handler Pants Prague 7 Hammer Time Tekielas BubbleGUM Aarhus Ultimate BubbleGUM Medwedjew Pool F Rubik's Cube Aalborg Dinosaurs Endzonis Beachfunaten Pool O1 Pool O2 Pool O3 Pool O4 1.A 1.B 1.C 1.D 2.E 2.F 1.E 1.F 2.A 2.B 2.C 2.D Saturday Field 1 09:00 09:40 10:20 11:00 11:40 12:20 13:00 13:40 14:20 15:00 15:40 Field 2 Discflyers Pirate Bay Drehst'n Deckel Rubik's Cube Quattro Stazioni Medwedjew Rubik's Cube Steamy Handler Pants Quattro Stazioni Aalborg Dinosaurs Aarhus Ultimate Field 3 Field 4 Drehst'n Deckel Griffin's Lehre HundFlachWerfen Fischkutter HundFlachWerfen Griffin's Lehre Göttinger 7 Red Leicester Ultimate Drehst'n Deckel Prague 7 C1 Pool O2 16:20 2.F Pool O1 2.B 2.E Pool O4 17:00 1.F 17:40 1.A 18:20 1.C 16:00 4.D 2.D 1.E 2.E 1.B 1.E 1.D Hammer Time Red Leicester Ultimate Hamburg Alsters Discflyers BubbleGUM Red Leicester Ultimate Becherovka First Prague 7 Rubik's Cube Baltimate C2 3.F 16:00 4.E C4 2.C 3.E 2.F 3.B 1.F 3.C Pool O2 Pool O3 Diver's Urquell Baltimate Becherovka First DJ Dahlem Catch 'em All DJ Dahlem Hamburg Alsters Ultimate Farmers Diver's Urquell Hamburg Alsters Hamburg Alsters Ultimate Farmers Catch 'em All Baltimate Diver's Urquell Pirate Bay Drehst'n Deckel Baltimate Beachfunaten Fischkutter 09:00 09:40 10:20 11:00 11:40 12:20 13:00 13:40 14:20 15:00 C3 4.A 16:00 4.F 4.B 16:00 5.B 17:00 5.D 17:40 W-C4 18:20 W-C12 09:00 W-C7 09:45 L-Q12 10:30 L-Q10 11:15 W-Q8 12:00 L-S14 12:45 L-S10 13:30 W-S6 14:15 2.A Pool O3 Pool O1 Field 5 Becherovka First Medwedjew BubbleGUM Ultimate Farmers Steamy Handler Pants Aarhus Ultimate HundFlachWerfen Pirate Bay Göttinger 7 Steamy Handler Pants C10 4.C L-C2 W-C2 3.A W-C1 L-C4 C6 Pool O4 C11 5.A L-C3 W-C3 L-C1 5-C 3.D W-C11 L-C7 W-C6 3.O4 L-C10 L-Q11 W-Q12 L-Q9 W-Q6 W-Q8 W-S14 L-S13 W-S10 L-S9 L-S4 W-S5 C7 C5 C9 C12 C8 Sunday 09:00 3.O1 09:45 1.O2 10:30 1.O4 11:15 L-Q5 12:00 W-Q3 12:45 W-Q1 13:30 L-S5 Final Placement Games Semis Field 1 Q8 (9-16) Field 2 Q9 (17-24) Field 3 Q10 (17-24) W-C8 L-C6 2.O1 1.O3 2.O3 1.O1 L-Q6 L-Q7 W-Q4 L-Q1 W-Q2 W-S11 L-S6 W-S7 Q4 (1-8) W-C9 L-C5 2.O4 3.O2 2.O2 L-C11 L-Q8 WQ9 L-Q2 L-Q3 W-S12 L-S11 W-S8 L-S7 L-S2 W-S3 Q3 (1-8) Q2 (1-8) Final 15:00 W-S1 W-S2 L-C9 W-Q10 W-Q11 L-Q4 W-Q5 L-S12 W-S13 L-S8 W-S9 W-S4 L-S3 Q7 (9-16) S13 (25-28) S12 (21-24) S10 (17-20) S11 (21-24) S5 (9-12) S6 (9-12) P13 (25-26) P8 (15-16) P2 (3-4) L-S1 L-C12 Field 5 Q12 (17-24) Q6 (9-16) P12 (23-24) P7 (13-14) 14:15 3.O3 S4 (5-8) P11 (21-22) P6 (11-12) W-C5 S9 (17-20) S3 (5-8) S1 (1-4) L-C8 S14 (25-28) S8 (13-16) S2 (1-4) Field 4 Q11 (17-24) W-C10 Q5 (9-16) Q1 (1-8) S7 (13-16) Quarters P14 (27-28) P9 (17-18) P3 (5-6) P10 (19-20) P4 (7-8) P5 (9-10)


Game 399 gameRules 84%

A title C · 18 Robinson starting cards B number of free cards B · 11 aging cards C hazard values of the steps (green, yellow,red) (8 normal, 3 difficult) F · 30 hazard/knowledge cards - 10 pirate cards FIGHTING CARDS 22 life points E Robinson starting cards and aging cards 3 storage boards G A B C D title fighting value possible special ability # of life points for destroying this card E Aging cards:


Plan special hiver 2013 RP 83%



Pirate's Treasure Caribbean Sea 83%

Pirate Treasure: ... Pirate's Treasure:


sq3 83%


Avatar Director, DOP, Sound Designer 83%

Avatar (2009) Director/Producer/Writer:


DDPirates 82%

Caverns & Flagons  Pirate RPG based loosely on Pathfinder Ahoy!


77 - PT's Reply re motion to sever 80%

25  Plaintiff claims that the “pirate KJs’” conduct in turn pressures the “legitimate 26 KJs” to “skirt or ignore the law and become pirates” by engaging in 27 infringement in order to compete with the “pirate KJs.” (See Id.


Angel Canal A5 programme 2016 80%

E FRERY ENT TH 30 R YEA s y ride donke ship pirate astles sandc stalls r sailin i funfa mances boa g t races r perfo ips li v e r music t t boa ly s l tr e a e r t theatre t boa a p u n t c h t &


PT's Motion to Dismiss 79%

Plaintiff claims that the “pirate KJs’” conduct in turn 24 pressures the “legitimate KJs” to “skirt or ignore the law and become pirates” by engaging 25 in infringement in order to compete with the “pirate KJs.” (See Id.


68 - PT's Motion to Sever 78%

Plaintiff claims that the “pirate KJs’” conduct in turn 4 pressures the “legitimate KJs” to “skirt or ignore the law and become pirates” by engaging 5 in infringement in order to compete with the “pirate KJs.” (See Id.


Simon Fern Dissertation 78%

Despite referring to popular discussion, most have never heard of the Barbary War – its discussion has been traditionally confined to the United States Naval Academy, 19th century adventure novels, and occasional elementary school ‘pirate days’.


Rehabilitation Disney 75%

Rehabilitation Disney HRjunior 23 oct.


Itny 75%

Time Lap 12:00 PM 1:00 PM Fiesta Lap 2:00 PM Wizard Of Oz (Relay Theme) 3:00 PM 12th Man Lap 4:00 PM Duct Tape Lap 5:00 PM Hawaiian Lap 5:30 PM 6:00 PM U-Dub VS Cougar (or your alumni) 7:00 PM Western Lap 8:00 PM Super Hero Lap 8:30 PM Red Light / Green Light 9:00 PM Star Wars Lap 10:00 PM 11:00 PM Neon Glow Lap 12:00 AM 1:00 AM 1:30 AM 2:00 AM 3:00 AM 4:00 AM 5:00 AM 6:00 AM 7:00 AM Crazy Sock Lap Decades Lap Event / Entertainment Opening Ceremonies Survivor Lunch Pirate Band | Act 1 Emerald City Critters **2:30 PM:


2107 Burlington Tournament 73%

2017 – End of Season Fastball Tournament Teams: