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BLACK OAK Distro List:Orders 100%

// Black Death Coven Records IBSC666-040 WINTERLORE S/T Black Metal Pro CD Digipack $10.00 1 Slaughterhouse Records SHR-17 ELEGIAC “Obsidian Moon” Black Metal Pro CD-R (Plastic Sleeve) $4.00 1 Self Release HUMANITAS ERROR EST "Human Pathomorphism” Black Metal Pro CD Digipack $8.00 1 Satanath Records // Black Plague Records // Abstruse Eerie Radiance // The True Plague SAT141/BPR066/AER003 ENOID "Exilé Aux Confins Des Tourments” Black Metal Pro CD Jewel Case $8.00 1 Black Plague Records BPR072 REVENANT VRYKOLAKOS “Chthonic Metal” Black Metal Pro CD-R (Slim Jewel Case) $5.00 2 Self Release THE PROJECTIONIST “Poisonous Disengagement” Black Metal Pro CD Digipack $8.00 1 Appalachian Noise // The True Plague ANR0013 OLDSKULL “Oldskull of Death” Death Metal Pro CD Jewel Case $7.00 1 Inhuman Assault Productions IHC005 DRACONIS “The Cult of The Dragon” Black Metal / Death Metal Pro CD Jewel Case $8.00 1 Injected Senses Productions INJECT004 NETER “Idols"


w E 18801100 86%

It is when the fourth plague is threatened that the Lord says:


[FR] Exalt Profit Calculation Sheet - Crystal Pools 86%

Others Familiars Almandine Goby Food 32 Almandine 13 Crystallized Satchel 3 Almandine Sturgeon Amber Goby 38 Amber 16 Bloody Snapdragon 20 Apatite Bulrush 33 Azurite Cattail 31 Bloodstone Chalcedony Craylet 28 Celestine 11 Unhatched Arcane Egg Clearwater Oracle Contaminate Shroud Cicada 38 Chrysoberyl 16 Unhatched Earth Egg Crystalhide Jester Contuse Crystalplate Wasp 35 Emerald 12 Unhatched Fire Egg Crystalplate Stinger 12 Unhatched Ice Egg Hawksbill Goliath Flatback Sea Turtle Materials 4 Foo's Eye Flurry Flyer 31 Kunzite Jade Peacock 45 Moonstone Leatherback Sea turtle 7 Morganite Battle Items Results Blazing Slash Rune Slash Total Seafood Amber Gulper Blinding Slash Sear Total Meat 9 Apatite Fisher Bright Bolt 4 Arctic Hippalectryon 14 Chalcedony Snipper 7 Unhatched Light Egg Hippalectryon Boulder Bolt 1 Congeal 1 Disorient Dark Bolt 1 Drown 12 Unhatched Lightning Egg Maren Warlock Enamor 12 Unhatched Nature Egg Moonbeam Crayfish Enfeeble 1 Shock 132 85 Total Insects 129 Total Plants 102 Thunder Slash Total Crystal Poll Materials 191 Vile Bolt Total Chests 3 Ward Total Battle Items 5 Wave Slash Total Familiars 3 Zephyr Bolt Total Eggs 0 Shock Bolt Shred Total Runestones 0 Madame Snapdragon 18 Onyx 19 Unhatched Plague Egg Rhodochrosite Crane Envenom Anticipate Total Items 650 Onyx Craylet 34 Pink Chalcedony 11 Unhatched Shadow Egg Sparkling Stinger Flame Bolt Discipline Sparkling Wasp 25 Prehnite 19 Unhatched Water Egg Stonewatch Prince Fossilize Health Potion Sublime Peacock 29 Rhodochrosite 4 Unhatched Wind Egg Windcarve Fugitive Freezing Slash Seafood taken (90%) Frigid Bolt Meat taken (50%) Discount 4 118 42 Arcane Runestone Gust Slash Earth Runestone Hydro Bolt Fire Runestone Jungle Slash Ice Runestone Leaf Bolt Original Price Lightning Runestone Mana Bolt Discount -9600 Nature Runestone Mist Slash Price with discount (24%) 30400 Plague Runestone Pestilent Slash Shadow Runestone Rock Slash Water Runestone Wind Runestone Total Items Taken (nb &


Goldian 85%

Shir, Daniel, Itay B., Ron, Hoshen, Guy, Liel, Tohar, Shiveet, Yarden P., Michal, Yareen, Yulia, Noam, Ido, Ofir, Itay BB, Ben, Chen, Adir G., Or, Eli, THE GOLDIAN THE GOLDIAN NEWSFEED Thursday May 1, 2114 ECOLOGY The Plague In the Clansord Galaxy, right next to the Milky Way, a plague has started on Sarlin because of a germ that had been discovered in the food that’s being sold at the Universal Market.


The One Sheet Haggadah 79%

No destructive plague will touch you when I strike Egypt.”3 In the same way, the blood of Yeshua, the Lamb of God, covers our sin.


Untitled 1 78%

Not a great film but it is fun 36 meta A Scanner Darkly (2006) “An undercover cop in a not-too-distant future becomes involved with a dangerous new drug and begins to lose his own identity as a result.” Not only is this a great film with an all star cast but the paint over film animation is unique and stunning 73 meta The Babadook (2014) “A single mother, plagued by the violent death of her husband, battles with her son's fear of a monster lurking in the house, but soon discovers a sinister presence all around her.” Most likely the best horror film of all time The Babadook dances a fine line between the supernatural and mental health 86 meta Bad Taste (1987) “Four dim-witted men from the New Zealand National Air and Space Defense League arrive in a small New Zealand fishing town to investigate a report of landing UFO's and take on a batallionsized army of aliens who have massacred the town's population as part of their plans to use humans as part of their main ingredient for their intergalactic fast-food chain.” One of Peter Jacksons first films this horror perfects gore and guts The Battery (2012) “The personalities of two former baseball players clash as they traverse the rural back roads of a post-plague New England teeming with the undead.” A realistic zombie thriller, slow moving and indi you really care if the characters die The Beach (2000) “Twenty-something Richard travels to Thailand and finds himself in possession of a strange map.


ByzantiumBrochure 76%

She even served in his stead while he was ill with the Bubonic Plague.


HistoryofRilyan.docx 76%

History of Rilyan  ­3000 Z to ­2000 Z    Hrasa Tronhǎkoön  Tnim­Xǎn Romh Qanh Hem­Xǎn­Xǎhan  Tni­Xǎn Romh Qanhur    Z​ ǝr Son Xin Krǝm  Pam Hen Xol Gil Kaŋso Kihe Hen Xol Gil  Sapoŋ Keson Dlevo    Krandwendawoŋgouwopalico  Swurlyondecouwouśouyocorendecouwoui    by Gram Brinson  Gram Brynsǎnutǎ  Pam Gram Prins​ ǝn  Ŋg​ rembrendsendlyapalihuco          ­2900s: Formation of Tronhǎ Seön  Tnim­Xǎn Romh Hem­Xǎhan Tni­Xǎnaj:  Tronhǎ Seön Dyrar  Area 9  Rodu Xǎn Se  Around ­3000, a plague began to spread through the dense,  urbanized, area along the Tsǎr Hajon. The disease – now  believed to be a form of viral hemorrhagic fever ­ ravaged  the area, leaving about thirty percent of the population  behind it dead, in an area already stressed by drought.   Simultaneously, a group of nomads that called themselves  the Ryñiju arrived en masse from the northern savanna. It  is unclear whether they brought the plague to the Hajon  region, but they were certainly immune to it, as the  disease was endemic to their homeland.   The circumstances that led to a group of pastoralists  overtaking a settled agricultural region are virtually a  perfect storm of weakness. The area to the north, the  Ryñiju homeland, had experienced a fertile period due to  the same climactic pattern that caused the drought in the  south, causing a population explosion that made the labor  necessary for an invasion available. In addition, the  drought and subsequent epidemic had stressed the desultory  city­states along the river to a breaking point, causing an  inability to effectively resist the invaders.  This did not mean that there were not attempts, although  everyone involved may have wished that that were the case.  Among the earliest ever pieces of recovered writing is a  tablet decrying the “depredations of the forces of the  children of Mpanh, that rob the yeomanry to kill the  barbarians, and in doing so alienate the peasants and make  the cavalry more savage.” The actions of the remaining  city­states to prevent the invasion likely had no larger  effect than to give the Ryñiju public support. By ­2900,  the entire urbanized agricultural area around the Tsǎr  Hajon had been united under the Ryñiju fist as the Tronhǎ  Seön.   There is something of a coda to this – the Ryñiju innovated  much of future political thought in the region. In  particular, they brought the idea of ruling based on  military strength rather than religious authority. Also,  their single­minded focus on securing further assets led to  the rapid urbanization of the Tronhǎ Seön. However, one  legacy of theirs that did not continue was unity – within,  at most, fifty years, and perhaps as few as ten, the Tronhǎ  Seön was a morass of squabbling petty kingdoms.    ­2700s: City­states develop in  Ligluduot Valley  Ndereisi:  Rendandaafolrereśendlicocalhucouswe  Area 3  Cśesweśe  The Ligluduot Valley (then called the Rendandaafolrere) is  a large valley near the western tip of Rilyan. It is  roughly L­shaped, funnelling rivers into the massive  Tembiswe (later Tibisi), which continues northward before  flowing into the three­hundred­kilometer Hwolsweyombiswe  (later the Xulsiobisi), a massive canyon cutting through  the Sweśekhatarou (later the Sisixatadu), a hilly region in  the middle of Mbuśembirou. The Tembiswe eventually fans out  into a wide delta, and its distributaries flow west into  the ocean. In many ways, it is the heartland of the  Ndalhurou. Since the advent of humanity in the region, the  Ligluduot has been well­populated, due to its fertile land.  Several centuries before the beginning of the period, the  maintenance of gardens and grain storage for lean years  became common practice. Hunter­gatherers would maintain  them in permanent locations while spending most of their  time hunting and gathering.  At some point in the ­2700s ­ estimates say ­2787 ­ the  volcano known as Kogu Dihkutisi erupted, plunging the  western half of the continent into famine. It was not the  first time it had erupted. It would not be the last.  Those tribes that had larger amounts of food stored  survived the volcanic winter better than those that did  not. The tribes emerged from winter into a depopulated  valley ­ but those that survived grew stronger. The valley,  made even more fertile by the addition of millions of tons  of volcanic dust, became even more conducive to the  development of agriculture, and thence came cities.  The first known city­state was that of ​ Ŋgilohwa, whose  etymology is lost to history. It comprised several  kilometers of territory along the ​ Hwolsweyombiswe, later  spreading out into the Rendandaafolrere and fracturing. Its  legacy, the concept of a single authority in a single city  controlling a vast hinterland (though the example of  Ŋgilohwa showed that the reverse was also true), was one  that would continue its primacy for a rather long time.


Dota 2 Ozkavosh Dictionary 68%

OZKAVOSH  Dictionary      Some tips for pronunciation:  Ch sounds come out with a guttural flourish, similar (but much lighter than) similar throat  sounds present in Arabic and German.  You may also try thinking of it as a very hard H sound  (which is how I've noted it below­­lots of capital Hs).    Zh is a normal sh sound with a bit of Z in it.  A  similar sound would be the Gs in a name like  name "Gigi", or the "Zs" sound in the name "Zsa Zsa Gabor". Phoenetically notated below as  "zs".    The word "Ozh" (meaning one's self, such as I, me, myself, and possessives such as mine) is  always emphasized.  Demons are of course very egotistical, selfish, and self­centered.  Ozkavosh  English  Phoentic        Ozh  Self (I, me, my, mine, etc)  OZS  Izh  Other person (you, him, her, etc)  eezs  izhai  Group (not gender specific)  Eesh­HIGH        Ozkavosh  Demons and spirits as a  oh­ZKAH­vohsh  group/species        sa  Near object (this, etc)  sah  vu  Far object (that, etc)  voo  doq  On (upon, on top of, above, etc)  dock  roq  Off (not near, etc)  rock  doz  Below  dahz (like the ice cream)        ahm'[word]  Very (modifier for emphasis or  ahm­  severity)  ashm  More  ash­m  vo’[word]  Negative (modifier for negatives, i.e. voh­  not, etc)  Vom  Less  vohm        acha  Current state of being (am, be, now, aH­HHa  etc)  icha  Future state of being (could, will be,  eeH­HHa (kind of rhymes  etc)  with yeehaw)  ucha  Past stated of being (was, had been, ooH­HHA  hollom  tak    wroth  lash    alatho  etc)  Without (nothing, hollow, etc)  Take (have, own, for a person, etc)    Again (once more, etc)  Part (segment, share, etc)    Forward (ahead, etc)  ulatho  Back (backwards, etc)  tho  At (where you currently are, etc)  sek  thok  fek  ses    hahsh  eyik    zomfa  Come (to self, etc)  Move (go, etc)  Stop (cease, etc)  Hide (unseen, etc)    Feel (touch, etc)  Look at (witness, behold, etc)    Pleasure (happiness, positive  emotions)  Reign (domination, dominion,  kingship, etc)  domosh  Arkosh  voth  hedoq  nith  gluth  omoz  nesh  safras  poz  irush  sol  groth  HALL­ohm  tahk    roth (like “moth”)  lahsh (chew the "a" a bit)    AL­ah­tho  (soft "th", all air,  no voice like “throw”)  OOL­ah­tho (soft "th", all air,  no voice, like “throw”)  tho (Soft "th", all air, no  voice like “throw”)  sec (like "security")  thock (rhymes with "rock")  feck (rhymes with "wreck")  sehs ("sis"/"sister" with an e)    ("harsh" without the r)  "EYE­ick"    ZOHM­fah" (long­O sound)  DOH­mosh (dough like  bread, mosh like mosh pit)    Master (king, etc.)  Are­KOHSH  War (battle, etc)  (rhymes with "goth")  Desirable (delicious, wanted, etc.)  he­DOCK  Land (earth, ground, kingdom, etc)  nihth (rhymes with “sith”)  Eat (devour, consume, etc)  glue­th (rhymes with  “Bluth”)  Darkness (abyss, blackness, hell, etc)OH­mohz (almost rhymes  with “almost”)  Home (sanctuary, safety, etc)  nehsh (like “nest”)  Pain (suffer, wound, etc)  (like "sassafras")    Power (ability, skill, action currently  pohz (like “posh” with a z)  occuring, etc)  Illness (common cold, [with  EE­roosh  modifier] plague, etc)  Hope (light, brightness, the sun, etc) (like “Saul”)  Spread (widen, open, welcome, etc) (like “moth”)  greesh  lieyev  chron  rast  miskath  fol  ensh  ov  sav    kish  sof            Debt (lack thereof, etc)  Payment (gift, tithe, etc)  [Length of] time  Toys, puppets, amusements,  entertainments, etc.  Failure (uncompleted, unfinished,  etc)  Weakling (whelp, peasant, etc)  Know/Learn  One (one, once, etc)  Seven (seventh, anything seven)    Excrement, waste, etc.  [curses beyond mortal knowledge]    ("grease" but with an "sh")  LIE­ee­yehv  “Kron”, rhymes with “on”  Rhymes with “Last”  miss­KATH (as in “Kathy”)  “fold” without the d.  Like “ensure”.  ahv  sahv      (rhymes with "scoff")    Shadow Demon lines  Ozkavosh    Hero Chosen:  Sa nith icha gluth.    The battle begins:  Ozh domosh acha.    Movement:  Alatho.  Ozh thok alatho.  Hollom fek.  Acha zomfa.  Hollom icha fek ozh.    Hero attacks:  Voth doq izh.  Omoz sek.  Izh vo'acha ses.  Ozh icha tak izh.  Izh vo'acha nesh.    Get Ready Here I Come:  English      This land will be consumed.      My reign begins now.        Forward    I go forward  Without delay.    With pleasure  Nothing could stop me.        War on you.  Darkness comes  You cannot hide.    I will have you.  You are not safe.        Phoenetic      Sah nith ih­HHa glueth.      OZS doh­MOSH aHH­a.      AL­ah­tho.  OZS thok AL­ah­tho.  HALL­ohm feck.  Ah­HHA zohm­FA.  HALL­ohm ih­HHA feck OZS      Voth dock eezs.  OH­mohz sec.  Eezs voh­ah­HHA sehs.  OZS ih­HHA tahk eezs.  Eezs voh­ah­HHA nesh.      Ozh acha doq izh.    ABILITIES  Disruption:  Eyik ozh omoz.    Soul Catcher:  Izh icha safras    Shadow Poison:  Ahm'irush tak izh.  Vo'sol.    Demonic Purge:  Hahsh ozh poz.  Ozkavosh tak izh    Ability failure:  Kish    Level up:  Ozh omoz groth.  I am upon you.        Behold my hell.        You will suffer.        The plague has you.  No hope.      Feel my power.    Demon­kind takes you.      [2]      My shadow spreads.  OZS ah­HHA dock eezs.        EYE­ick OZS oh­mohz.      Eezs ih­HHA sah­FRAHS.      Ahm­ee­ROOSH tahk eezs.  Voh­SAUL.      Hahsh OZS pohz.  Oz­KAH­vosh tahk eezs.            OZS oh­MOHZ groth. (like  “moth”)        Kill another hero:      Eyik vo'hollom.  Behold oblivion.    EYE­ick vo­HALL­ohm  Izh sol fek.  Your day is over.    Eezs soul feck  Vo'sol izh.  There is no hope for you.    Voh­SAUL eezs.        Shadow Fiend Rivalry:      Ozh icha tak lash, Nevermore  I will take my share, Nevermore.  OZS ih­HHA tak lahsh...  Izh greesh vo'lieyev,  Your debt is not yet paid,  Eezs greesh voh­LIE­e­yev.  Nevermore.  Nevermore.          Doom Bringer Rivalry:      Ahm'vo'izh fek sa chron,  Not even you can stop me this  Ahm­voh­IZS feck sah kron,  Lucifash.  time, Lucifer.  Lucifer.  Izh vo'poz doq nith, Lucifash.  You are powerless here, Lucifer.  Izs voh­POHZ dock nith, Lucifer.  Ozh vo'chron izh rast,  I am no longer your toy, Lucifer.  OZS voh­KRON izs rast, Lucifer.  Lucifash.        Shadow Demon dies:      Sof izh.  [Curse] you.    SOHF eezs.  Ozh vo'fek.  Omoz groth ozh.    Shadow Demon dies w/  Aegis:  Ozh poz icha gluth wroth.  I cannot be stopped.    The abyss welcomes me.      OZS vo­FECK.  Oh­MOHZ grawth OZS.      My power will rise again.    OZS pohz ih­HHA glueth wroth.  (like “moth”)  English      You look delicious.  I will eat your soul.  My hunger!        My domain!  Mine. Mine! MINE!!      You are mine!  I consume you.      So hungry!  More!  More!      I [am more powerful than] the  master!    Keep your debt.  The souls are  mine.  I am yours no longer.      I will never return to your pit,  Lucifer.  Phoenetic      Izs EYE­ick he­DOCK.  OZS​  ih­HHA glueth izs saul.  Izs he­DOCK.        OZS​  nihth!  Ozs! OZS! OZS!!      Izs ah­HHA OZS!  OZS​  glueth izs.      Voh­he­DOCK glueth!  ASH­m!  ASH­m!      OZS​  ahm­POHZ ar­KOSH          Shadow Fiend lines  Ozkavosh    Hero attacks:  Izh eyik hedoq.  Ozh icha gluth izh sol.  Izh hedoq.    ABILITIES  Shadow Raze:  Ozh nith!  Ozh.  Ozh!  OZH!!    Requiem of Souls:  Izh acha Ozh!  Ozh gluth izh.    Level up:  Vo’hedoq­gluth!  Ashm!  Ashm!    Shadow Demon Rivalry:  Ozh ahm’poz arkosh.  Vo’hadoq greesh.  Sol icha  Ozh!  Ozh acha vo’izh.    Doom Bringer Rivalry:  Ozh icha vo’wroth thok izh  omoz, Lucifosh.  Voh­ha­DOCK greesh.  Saul  ih­HHA ​ OZS​ !  OZS​  ah­HHA voh­IZS!      OZS​  iH­HHA voh­roth thok izs  oh­MOHZ, Lucifosh. (Lucifer with


path walkthrough eng 68%

A couple of years ago children were playing plague and mixed random medicine together.


portfolio cr2 67%

JACK LENG SELECTED WORKS 2007-2011 Book Jacket - “Green Plague” 13.5x8 in.


FinalReview 67%

Final Review of British Literature    Restoration Literature  ● “A Modest Proposal” ○ Author: ​ Jonathan Swift  ○ Summary  ● “The Diary of Samuel Pepys” ○ Author: Samuel Pepys  ○ Bio/Summary  ● “A Journal of the Plague Year” ○ Author: ​ Daniel Defoe  ○ Summary    Romantic Literature  ● Wordsworth ○ Bio  ○ Poems:  ■ “Lines Composed a few Miles Above Tintern Abbey”  ■ “London, 1802”  ■ “The World is Too Much with Us”  ■ “Daffodils”  ● Coleridge ○ Bio  ○ Poems:  ■ “Kubla Kahn”  ■ “Rime of the Ancient Mariner”  ● Shelley ○ Bio  ○ Poems: [​ Word​ ]  ● Keats ○ Bio  ○ Poems: [​ Word​ ]   ● Byron ○ Bio  ○ Poems: [​ Word​ ]    The Picture of Dorian Gray​ //Oscar Wilde  ● Major themes  ● Major symbols/motifs  ● Major plot points    Brave New World​ //Aldous Huxley  ● Major themes  ● Major symbols/motifs  ● Major plot points    Cold Reading  ● ● ● ● ● ● ●       Rhyme pattern  Meter  Theme  Literary devices  Symbol  Period  Resources:  ● Poetry Vocabulary #1  ● Poetry Vocabulary #2


Petition to save our town 67%

Petition to stop antisocial behaviour in the Upper Hunter Region mmary and background ioned for d Name Upper Hunter Valley of NSW Australia has had a plague of antisocial and destructive behaviour in the past few years and people are sick of we created a community watch group but that's not enough.


petition 67%

Petition to stop antisocial behaviour in the Upper Hunter Region Upper Hunter Valley of NSW Australia has had a plague of antisocial and destructive behaviour in the past few years and people are sick of it, we created a community watch group but that's not enough.


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Prefix Lethe's Asphodel's Sebastianus' Dragonus' Mycandrilles' Marcellus' Tiberius' Ambrosius' Ursus' Primulus' Valentinus' Oranius' Minucius' Mercurialis' Sergius' Caldus' Magnus' Vergilius' Angelus' Gratius' Arpagius' Pilatus' Camillus' Caesius' Sextus' Scribonius' Aulus' Africanus' Porcius' Suffix of the Elysian Fields of Cold of Heat of Gloom of Qualm of Misery of Despair of Dusk of Dolour of Shrieks of Night of the Spirit of the Phantom of Solitude of Judgement of the Shadows of Mercury of the Soul of Acheron of the Unknown of Cerberus of the Hydra of Tartarus of Transition of Stone of Demons of Wings of Peril of Angst of Escape of the Snake of Bondage of Dread of Languor of the Abyss of the Dream of Destruction of the Deep of the Inferno of Torsion of Torment of the Apparition of Anguish of Agony of the Plague of Torture of Decay of the Sphinx of the Gods


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Lista de Monstruos 01/09/14 Nombre Rareza Cantidad Ancient Gear Ancient Gear Explosive Ancient Lizar Warrior Ansatsu Batteryman Charger Bazoo The Soul Eather Beaver Warrior Bicular Black Potan Chaosrider Gustaph Chrysalis Dolphin Ciber Fénix Creeping Doom Manta Cyclone Boomerang Dark Bug Dark Spider Dash Warrior Common Common Common Common Common Common Common Common Common Common Common Common Common Common Common Common Common 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 2 1 1 6 1 1 1 1 5 1 Des Lacooda Djinn Presider Of Rituals Energy Bravery Fire Ant Ascator Flying Kamakiri #1 Fox Fire Gernia Getsu Fuhma Giant Kozaky Giant Turtle Who Feeds On Flames Giga-Tech Wolf Ground Spider Gundari Heavy Mech Support Platform Hero Kid Illusionist Faceless Mage Karate Man Koa ki Meiru Sea Panther Kojikocy Kycoo The Ghost Destroyer Lord British Space Fighter Malevolent Mech - Goku En Marionette Mite Master Kyonshee Mother Spider Mysterious Puppeteer Mystic Horseman Mythical Beast Cerberus Opticlops Oshaleon Pandabork Patrician Of Darkness Plague Wolf Pyramid Turtle Quickdraw Synchron Regenerating Mummy Regulus Relinquished Spider Reptilianne Gardna Common Super Rare Common Common Common Common Common Common Common Common Common Common Common Common Common Common Common Common Common Common Super Rare Common Common Common Rare Common Common Common Common Common Common Common Common Common Common Common Common Common Common 3 1 3 1 1 2 4 1 1 1 1 3 1 1 3 1 1 5 1 1 1 2 2 3 1 1 1 1 1 3 1 1 3 2 1 6 6 3 1 Pág 1 de 2 01/09/14 Nombre Rareza Cantidad Reptilianne Medusa Reptilianne Scylla Reptilianne Servant Reptilianne Viper Roboyarou Rose Fairy Royal Keeper Samsara Kaiser Shien s Advisor Shien s Squire Shreddder Skull Red Bird Solitaire Magician Sonic Bird Spiritual Forest Spyder Spider Swap Frog Swordsman Of Landstar The Forgiving Maiden Trap Master Common Common Common Common Common Common Common Common Common Common Common Common Common Common Common Common Common Common Common Common 1 2 3 1 1 2 3 1 1 1 1 1 3 1 1 5 1 1 1 1 Tuned Magician Unicycular VW-Tiger Catapult Woodland Archer Common Common Common Common 5 1 1 4 Pág 2 de 2


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If only we give our obedience, our votes, our hard work and our patience then we will be delivered of the social ills that plague our communities.


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Move away from group when you get Volatile Rot (Plague Damage).


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Plague of Shadows Xeodrifter Environmental Station Alpha Luftrausers Super Exploding Zoo Batman Arkham Knight Galak-Z Resident Evil Revelations 2 Super Mario 3D World SOMA Skyward Sword Bayonetta 2 Inside Mario Kart 8 Planet Coaster Rise of the Tomb Raider The Bug Butcher Yoshi's New Island Hyper Light Drifter Kirby Planet Robobot Momodura RUTM Paper Mario Color Splash Splasher Titan Souls Scanned by CamScanner Scanned by CamScanner Scanned by CamScanner Scanned by CamScanner


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7 In 1612 Mather the Elder gave a speech thanking God for 8 The Mayflower compact was based upon oppression and the smallpox plague that decimated the _________.


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The dude is NOT on steroids and, apparently, avoids tanning booths like the plague.