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OC Diary Brochure 2012 97%

Calendar notes • Current and forward year planners • Australian &


financial advisor1329 97%

Don't confuse planners with stockbrokers — the market mavens people call to trade stocks.


APSA 2015 89%

PLANNING MALAYSIA Journal of the Malaysian Institute of Planners Advisor Md Nazri Mohd Noordin Editor-in-Chief Professor Dato’ Dr.


DB SE Corporate Brochure 88%

get the vip treatment Our professional event planners provide full-service support and work with you from start to finish to organize your event and handle all the details.


dRRT-ex 84%


CV Luisa Manau ESPAÑOL 84%

Diseño de Eventos, Stands, Displays Celular:


New Coach Training Checklist 83%



The Front Range Voluntaryist (February, 2018) - Google Docs 78%

The Roads, Article by Insula Qui    All  people  of  all  political  denominations  follow  a  sort  of  road-cult.  Whenever  the  privatization  of  roads  is  proposed,  they  become  shocked.  Public  roads  have become a  sort  of  idol  for  the  modern  man.  Without  public  roads,  there  would  be  no  civilization.  Roads  are  the  thin  gray  line  that  separates  man  from  anarchy.  Because  of  this,  it  is  important  to  demonstrate  how  roads  can  be  privatized  without resulting in the collapse of  civilization.    First,  we  need  to  realize  that  the  way  roads  are  currently  run  is a form of socialism: roads  are  publically  owned  by  the  government.  Roads  are  a  nationalized  industry.  If it is true  that without the state there could be no roads,  it  should  also  be  true  that  without  the  state,  there  can  only  be  starvation.  If  the  roads  are  too  complicated  to  be  handled  by  private  individuals,  then  how  could  anyone  even  dream of producing a pizza on the market?     To  make  a  pizza  one  needs  to  cure  meat,  ferment  milk,  grind  and  spice  tomatoes,  produce  a  dough.  All  of  these  steps  have  infinite other steps. To cure meat one needs to  herd  livestock,  which  needs  to  be  fed  and  maintained.  Then  the  livestock  also  need  to  be  butchered  and  processed,  which  requires  the  technology  to  butcher  and  process  livestock.  Then  that  technology  needs  metal,  which  must  be  mined.  And  the  mining  of  metal  needs  tools  in  order  to  mine  metal.  Those  tools  need  electricity  to  function  efficiently.  The  complication  of  producing  a  pizza  is  infinite,  far  too  complex  for  anyone  outside the state.    Thus  logically  the  nationalization  of  roads  should  also  imply  the  nationalization  of  all  pizzerias  so  as  to  prevent  a  tremendous  scarcity  of  pizza.  But  even though the market  is logically unable to produce pizza, the     3 market  can  still  produce  bread.  However,  there  is  no  alternative  to  roads.  These  complicated  marvels  of  engineering  are  irreplaceable  and  irreplicable.  There  is  no  way  a  market  system  can  ever  produce  something  so  complicated.  Road  must  be  the  exclusive domain of the central planner.    And  even  though  the  central  planners  are  brilliant,  even  they  often  fail  at  maintaining  roads,  as  evidenced  by  the  constant  lack  of  road  maintenance.  If  even  the  government  can’t  do  anything  about  potholes,  then  it  is  impossible  that  a  private  individual  could.  If  the  government  cannot  keep  and  maintain  roads,  then  how  can  it  be  expected  that  any  company  ever  would.  Furthermore,  if  roads  were  privatized  we  would  all  have  to  go  through twenty toll booths to cross the street.    But  we  cannot  concede  this  point.  The  fact  that  the  government  fails  at  maintaining  roads  does  not  necessarily  imply  that  roads  cannot  be  maintained.  We  have  to  consider  the  other  perspective.  It  could  be  that  the  government  simply  has  no  incentive  to  maintain  the  roads.  This crucial thin grey line  is  neglected  by  the  government.  The  system  of  roads  is  not  properly  maintained  and  the  state  has  abandoned  the  roads.  If  the  roads  are  such  a  vital  part  of  the  economy,  it  could  be  that  we  need  to  privatize  them  to  keep  them  from  the  abuse  they  receive  at  the  hands of bureaucrats.    And  it  also  just  may  well  be  that  the  argument  about  toll  booths  is  disingenuous.  It  could  be  that  having  thousands  of  toll  booths  everywhere  may  result  in  at  least  a  minor  loss  of  revenue. Maybe there are better  ways  to  charge  money  for  the  use  of  roads.  The  strategies  of  subscription services, digital  tracking, and automatic tolls come to mind.    Furthermore, it might also be true that roads  are  not  the  most  complex  marvel  of  engineering.  It  could  be  true  that  people  without  the  boundless  wisdom  of  the  central  planner  can  actually  maintain  and  build  the  roads.


Zoning-Practice-2017-06 78%

ZONING PRACTICE JUNE 2017 AMERICAN PLANNING ASSOCIATION  ISSUE NUMBER 6 PRACTICE PARKING REFORM ZP_June17.indd 1 6 5/23/17 10:58 AM Eliminating Parking Minimums By Ben LeRoy For decades, many American planners unquestioningly applied minimum off-street parking requirements to projects of every conceivable size, type, and context.


poster ISWC2014 arch gadiraju 77%

Extracting Architectural Patterns from Web Data Ujwal Gadiraju, Ricardo Kawase, and Stefan Dietze L3S Research Center, Leibniz University Hannover (Germany) Abstract Approach Knowledge about the reception of architectural structures is crucial for architects or urban planners.


BrandonHenryResumePublic 77%

Metropolitan Planning Organization May 2013 - October 2015 University of South Florida Bachelor of Science in Economics Expected December 2015 Conducted research and data collection for planners Supported public outreach and notification for planning tasks Maintained online tools to support public and interagency engagement Produced and prepared reports, maps, graphics, packets, and outreach materials Ensured quality of outgoing agency reports and publications CASHIER Publix Supermarkets June 2012 - September 2014 STAFF WRITER The Oracle (University of South Florida student newspaper) August 2012 - December 2012 REPORTING INTERN Osprey Observer May 2012 - August 2012 PUBLIC RELATIONS INTERN Florida Public Archaeology Network January 2012 - May 2012 Managed and promoted organization’s social media networks Developed WordPress blog to publicize and document organization’s events and work products Coordinated promotional campaigns throughout campus to increase awareness Performed secretarial duties such as directing clients and students to organization’s resources STAFF WRITER Eagle News (Florida Gulf Coast University student newspaper) August 2011 - May 2012 STAFF WRITER TB*two (Publication of the Tampa Bay Times) 2010 - 2011 PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT COMMUNICATIONS OFFICER &


res 77%


Brochure ADV 2012 76%

no federal or state law or regulation requires financial planners to hold CFP® certification.


Brochure ADV 2013 76%

no federal or state law or regulation requires financial planners to hold CFP® certification.