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1 Pasek Solo Soprani Giallo SS403 5 89,00 zł 445,00 zł 2 Pasek Solo Soprani Rosso SS397 6 89,00 zł 534,00 zł 3 Pasek Solo Soprani Arancio SS395 6 89,00 zł 534,00 zł Page 1 Sheet1 4 Pasek YY Coveri Beige (zamsz) YY1927/35 6 99,00 zł 594,00 zł 5 Pasek YY Coveri Cuoio (zamsz) YY1927/35 5 99,00 zł 495,00 zł Pasek Charro C073370U40 Brown/Ma CH733MAR rron RON 5 89,00 zł 445,00 zł Pasek Charro Dark Brown / Moro C065255U40 CH652MOR O 5 89,00 zł 445,00 zł Nero C108278U40 CH1082NE RO 6 89,00 zł 534,00 zł Yellow C108078U40 CH1080GIA LLO 3 89,00 zł 267,00 zł 6 7 8 9 Pasek Charro Pasek Charro Page 2 Sheet1 10 11 12 13 14 15 Pasek Charro Pasek Charro Pasek Charro Pasek Charro Pasek Charro Pasek Charro Black C108078U40 CH1080NE RO 3 89,00 zł 267,00 zł Grey C108078U40 CH1080GRI GIO 3 89,00 zł 267,00 zł Taupe C108078U40 CH1080TA UPE 3 89,00 zł 267,00 zł Brown C112893U40 CH1128MA RRON 5 89,00 zł 445,00 zł Black C115993U40 CH1159NE RO 6 89,00 zł 534,00 zł Black C112893U40 CH1128NE RO 5 89,00 zł 445,00 zł Page 3 Sheet1 16 Pasek YY Coveri Blue YY1934/40 5 89,00 zł 445,00 zł 17 North Pole Brown NP02211U35 6 120,00 zł 720,00 zł Orange/ Brown C115993U40 CH1159OR ANGE 5 89,00 zł 445,00 zł Black C108578U40 CH1085NE RO 3 89,00 zł 267,00 zł Pasek Charro Black C096959U40 CH969NER O 6 89,00 zł 534,00 zł Pasek Charro C096959U40 CH969ROS Black/Red SO 6 89,00 zł 534,00 zł 18 19 20 21 Pasek Charro Pasek Charro Page 4 Sheet1 22 Pasek Betty Boop White BB-White BP006BIAN CO 3 69,00 zł 207,00 zł 3 69,00 zł 207,00 zł 23 Pasek Betty Boop Red BB-Red BP006ROS SO 24 Playboy Black PL4283BLK 4 49,00 zł 196,00 zł 25 Playboy White PL4283WH T 6 49,00 zł 294,00 zł 26 Playboy Black PM0107 28 49,00 zł 1 372,00 zł 27 Playboy Black PM0109 9 49,00 zł 441,00 zł Page 5


Scavenger Hunt - Sheet1 97%

A $2 bill A 50% off discount coupon to anything Point Value 10 3 3 A ball gag 10 A billiards eight ball A Blindfold A box of condoms A business card of a lawyer A chip from any casino outside of Oklahoma A chip from any Oklahoma Casino A copy of 50 shades darker (DVD or book) A copy of 50 Shades of gray (book or DVD) A custom match book from any bar in town A flash drive 5 5 5 3 5 10 10 10 5 3 A flyer to any other NYE event A list of safety tips from any sexual abuse advocacy group A pair of black boxers A pair of black panties A passport 10 5 5 10 A playboy from 2000-2010 A playboy from the 50's 4 14 5 A playboy from the 60's 12 12 10 A playboy from the 70s A playboy from the 80s 10 8 3 7 5 7 10 3 5 Share any post from the black tied fete page Take a selfie and check in at Patricia's Take a selfie with a car worth over $60,000 Take a selfie with any performer for Black Tied Fete Take a selfie at the Adult Superstore A selfie taken eating any phalic object A selfie taken with a Tulsa Police officer Make a post about how excited you are for black tied in the event on facebook Post a 30 second video of you performing some sexy dancing Add BlackTiedFete as a friend on Fetlife A picture in any adult dungeon Make a donation to any non-profit/charity that advocates for abused or battered spouses A picture kissing a bald man's head Take a photo of an unidentifiable body part (if we can identify no points will be given) Crudely photoshop your best friend's face onto the body of someone of the opposite gender, post it, and tag them in it Make and post a meme with one of your photos Take a selfie with any city (or higher) elected official 3 10 5 A playboy from the 90s A porno on a VHS tape A receipt for exactly .50 cents in gas 6 10 5 10 3 3 3 A takeout menu A vibrator A whip Any advertisement for Patricia's 3 10 10 10 Any baggage tag printed by an airline 10 10 5 5 Any latex article of clothing Anyone on a leash Bring in a bar owner with you 10 10 15 10 5 Come with a lipstick kiss on your neck/face Currency from any country other than the US 5 3 Edible Underwear 10 5 5 handcuffs Leather chaps or pants (pleather counts) 10 10 Personal Lubricant Proof that you've been to another show at Furshop Proof that you've bought a ticket to another LockHeart Productions show 10 10 Take a selfie and Check in at Studio 7 5 A picture of you on a stripper pole Picture of you on/in a go-go dancer's platform/cage A picture outside the Tulsa Driller's stadium Take a selfie at 'The Church' (lizard lounge) in Dallas w/ chandelier behind you Take a selfie and check in at The Beehive Take a selfie of YOUR fetish Total Digital Points Possible 5 5 3 15 5 5 269 Rope between 3 and 15 feet in length The business card for any restaurant owner Ticket stubs to any major music festival (or other proof of ticket purchase) 7 7 3 3 A single black high heel Total Physical Points Possible 5 5 3 352 Total possible points for the 2nd hunt 621 *** Do Not Mark Below this line - For Black Tied Fete Staff uses only ** Grader:


The Hustle 93%

“Playboy around?” Spider wiped a layer of snot from under his nose.


The Hustle (1) 93%

"Playboy around?"


Original Handouts 1-10 90%

CARLYLE EXPEDITION EMBARKS FOR ENGLAND Led by the fabulouslywealthy playboy Roger Carlyle, the Carlyle Expedition departed this morning for Southampton aboard the crack British steamship Im-perial Standard.


All Roads Lead to Denerim 86%

Between a xenophobic Dalish, a reformed playboy, a mage prodigy with a bad temper, and others, getting through the Blight without strangling one another (or Alistair, for that matter) will be hard enough.


Parody 3.2 85%

_1 Roger Berry Khaleesi Says!____________________ 2 Leah Umansky The Passionate Playboy to His Prey of the Week!__________________________ 16 Prey of the Week's Reply to the Passionate Playboy!________________________ 17 Janice Canerdy For Robert Baratheon!


2013 BHPOA Auction Catalog 80%

Playboy Mansion Tour A unique and priceless opportunity awaits you and 3 guests with a tour of the Playboy Mansion grounds.


I Won't Dance Audition Brief 72%

He is suave, sophisticated, a 1930s ‘playboy’.


WALL OF CIGAR - PRICE LIST JANUARY 2014 - Compressed 67%

我们的雪茄店为雪茄爱好者提供的不仅是最优质的雪茄并且广泛收集全球不 同国家的雪茄,从而满足每位客人的独特需求和爱好。 “Good Products and Great Service in a relaxing and casual atmosphere!” Page 3 CIGAR LIST CONTENTS Our Exclusives Padron 7 Balmoral 8 Macanudo 9 Great Wall 10 Rocky Patel 11 13 Montecristo 14 Romeo Y Julieta 15 Hoyo de Monterrey 16 Partagas 17 H.Upmann 18 Bolivar 19 Trinidad 20 Punch 21 Page Cohiba 4 Premium Cuban Premium Dominican Davidoff 23 Zino Platinum 24 Ashton 25 Vega Fina 26 Don Diego 27 Playboy 28 Santa Damiana 29 Premium Nicaraguan &


cp160092en 66%

Court of Justice of the European Union PRESS RELEASE No 92/16 Luxembourg, 8 September 2016 Press and Information Judgment in Case C-160/15 GS Media BV v Sanoma Media Netherlands BV, Playboy Enterprises International Inc., Britt Geertruida Dekker The posting of a hyperlink on a website to works protected by copyright and published without the author’s consent on another website does not constitute a ‘communication to the public’ when the person who posts that link does not seek financial gain and acts without knowledge that those works have been published illegally In contrast, if those hyperlinks are provided for profit, knowledge of the illegality of the publication on the other website must be presumed.


Price List OCEAN GLASS 65%



yingchen-liu-TGS-BN 64%

He had grown up a youth of high intelligence, liberal to a fault, fond of pleasure, alcohol and women,[3] and later led a playboy lifestyle.


yingchen-liu-TGS-BN(BEAT) 64%

He had grown up a youth of high intelligence, liberal to a fault, fond of pleasure, alcohol and women,[3] and later led a playboy lifestyle.


investigate 63%

“His now seemingly defunct website once provided details of his extravagant life – including images of INVESTIGATEMAGAZINE.COM April 2010 27 He even hired a model who’d posed in Playboy to pretend to be attracted to him as he squired a cluster of pals around the Caribbean in a rented yacht he hopes we’ll think he owns his cars, his yacht and the Playboy models he surrounded himself with.” That’s the last story published on Schmitz in New Zealand, back in mid-February, but it was enough to get a German documentary TV crew on a plane and stalking the country lanes of Coatesville in search of the elusive King Kimble.


Untitled 1 58%

A L'Interieur (2007) “Four months after the death of her husband, a woman on the brink of motherhood is tormented in her home by a strange woman who wants her unborn baby.” Not necessarily good, but a horror like no other American Psycho (2000) “A wealthy New York investment banking executive hides his alternate psychopathic ego from his co-workers and friends as he delves deeper into his violent, hedonistic fantasies.” The best thriller of all time Arthur (2011) A childish and light hearted film, in which Russell Brand plays a rich alcoholic playboy.



Stonebiter`s Playboy Purston (Kerry Blue Terrier) HSV LU-Friesenheim (swhv) 12 97 BLANCO, Paula "Dancer"


mbt3 52%

Ze had zowaar kunnen poseren in de Playboy met haar goddelijke lijf voorzien van een stel prachtige tieten.


On-Attempting-to-Vote-Catholic-in-2016 50%

This leaves the Republican nominee Donald Trump, a notorious libertine, whose nomination was celebrated by Hugh Hefner (founder of Playboy magazine) as a major victory for the sexual revolution, suddenly re-invented as the standard-bearer for the pro-life, pro-family cause!


fuckthis 48%

He was the server playboy, so she told him to stop flirting with any other girl for at least two weeks (maybe more?) to prove his loyalty.


Scott Kane Stukel - 2L - Writing Sample 42%

“any word, name, symbol, or device, or any combination thereof [used] to identify and distinguish his or her goods.” For example the iconic Nike “swoosh” ( ), Playboy “bunny” ( ), and BMW “propeller” ( ) logos are all protected under trademark law as well.


Newsletter - Summer2011 42%

Jim’s KC Playboy Strip named one of 16 best steaks in U.S.