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A Tremendous Revolutionary, Irvin Ken 100%

Politicians, ministers and the public gathered at the specified time.


Politicians 97%

The problem with discipling politicians who violate our laws is that the law must be followed in order to do so.


10 Paul Chehade -Make Lobbying (also Lobby) Illegal 94%

Just because they have the means and money to hire lobbyist they then have the means to induce politicians to be in their favor for upcoming laws and regulations.


Kiese.Matthias Stylised Facts on Cluster policy 90%

Since such an explanation instead calls for theories that embrace a consideration of the functional logic driving politicians and bureaucrats as independent variables, public choice reasoning appears to be an obvious choice here.


home ministry.odt 90%

Please inform people about how sooner politicians can end politicians era in future .


MORI Veracity Index November 2016 - Charts 88%

For each would you tell me if you generally trust them to tell the truth, or not?” Nurses Doctors Teachers Judges Scientists The Police Clergy/priests Hairdressers Television news readers The ordinary man/woman in the street Civil Servants Lawyers Pollsters Managers in the NHS Economists Charity chief executives Trade union officials Local councillors Bankers Business leaders Estate agents Journalists Government Ministers Politicians generally 93% 91% 88% 81% 80% 71% 69% 68% 67% 65% 56% 52% 49% 48% 48% 46% 43% 43% 37% 33% 30% 24% 20% 15% % trust to tell the truth Base:


Sortition as a democratic system for the designation of a real people's representation proposition I - II v 2018 03 11 87%

One should also be aware of the pitfalls of the so called "participation"-systems, as politicians are often describing them, where the citizen (eventually drawn by lot) can work and think alongside politicians, but it is still the politicians who maintain the ultimate decision power (*16).



Through meetings with politicians, and high profile supporters such as Prince William, we have made progress on the policy key asks set out in May 2013.


Alan Piper Leaflet 6 85%

With career politicians.


Manifesto2010 85%

Some politicians say:



And now the police, the politicians and the clergymen wish to murder the memory of Travyon Martin by pleading for everyone to “remain calm” or to “raise your voice, not your hand” in hopes of maintaining “peace and order”, which depends on a systemic violence directed towards the downtrodden and exploited.


Inspire SpringSummer15 FINAL PG13-15 81%

Rather than just thinking about how I was going to cope, I began to think about the people who would come after me.” This mindset led to Eric attending a conference at Stirling University, where top oncologists and politicians talked about the great strides that had been made in the fields of blood cancers, bowel cancer and breast cancer.


Medici Firma Sovereign Wealth Fund Investment Strategies 79%

Funds that have stated domestic development goals are more likely to invest at home, especially if politicians are involved.


lokpal bill 78%

establishment, 6 politicians in selection Broad based selection committee with 2 politicians, 4 committee, ensured that only pliable &


ISOS Invitation November 2014 76%

Each ISOS features talks and Q&A with leading experts, economists, academics and politicians.


CND proposal to FCO 76%

the local partner then needs to do or commission an assessment of the agents or promoters of corruption and influence, eg key businessmen or politicians, as well as opposition politicians and clean businessmen, journalists etc who can be allies.


ResponsetoSAarticle. 76%

To anyone that’s been paying attention, it’s obvious that nothing is getting better. In fact,  the biocrisis we are experiencing is progressively worsening with each passing moment. As  governments, politicians, and NGO leaders scramble for a way to reorganize the social and  political superstructure while leaving the economic base intact, the world’s most marginalized  indigenous peoples have already felt the impact of rising tides. Whilst politicians of both states  and social movements repeat platitudes, smile at their constituents and face off against each  other, some realists are looking to a climate changed future less as something that can be  avoided and more as something that will need to be policed. The pentagon has been preparing  for food riots, insurrection, and civil unrest ever since the evidence for climate change has been  solidified. Not only will Joe Riotcop smash his baton into your skull while you try to secure a loaf  of bread for your family in the near future, but right now our “leaders” are feeding you false  solutions that promise nothing but more growth for the sake of growth, “the ideology of the  cancer cell”, as Edward Abbey put it.  Carbon trading is nothing more than a way for the biggest polluters to look like they are  doing something about climate change and make a fortune in the process. Governments  arbitrarily give out carbon credits, usually to the biggest polluters, and they are traded as a  normal commodity. Two of the largest carbon trading schemes that have already been  implemented are REDD (Reducing Emissions from Deforestation and forest Degradation) and  CDM (Clean Development Mechanisms). Their joint implementation is a way of privatizing,  selling and profiting more from our natural resources.   Since its inception, capitalism has been on a collision course with all life on this planet,  and we have reached the impact point. To suggest that we limit carbon emissions through  legislation, put solar panels on rooftops, or utilize carbon pricing as a solution is pure naivety. If  the people most affected by climate change truly had a voice, and through the electoral process  could force the massive changes needed to shift the economic policies of the most powerful first  world nations, then we wouldn’t even need to muck about with electoral politics and could  simply throw the bastards out. Both revolution and sweeping economic changes across the  globe brought about by the good will of the bourgeois and the political class are equally  probable; ie, not very. We are situated within the collapse of civilization, it is just happening to  slow for us to notice. The current world economic crisis (more severe in some places than  others) marks the end of the neoliberal phase of capitalism. ‘Business as usual’ (financialisation,  deregulation, privatisation...) is thus no longer an option: new methods of accumulation and  protectionism will need to be found by governments and corporations to keep capitalism  chugging along. This will be the green economy. The placebo to replace the bitter pill of  almost­doomed revolution.


d5Hoare 76%

Opposition to the US intervention in Iraq united the British Conservative politicians Malcolm Rifkind, Douglas Hogg and Douglas Hurd;


Bid for MoD funding 140317 74%

in a series of meetings with their UK counterparts they passed on invaluable information about how they are dealing with Russian military operations in Eastern Ukraine Meetings with senior politicians and military commanders (both in London and at NATO), and Full Spectrum Effects Coordination Cell (FSECC), to explain the threat of Russian active measures Briefing of journalists has led to stories in newspapers and online, including the lead front-page story in The Times on 17 Dec 2016 Discussions with NATO allies have led to formation of groups looking into active measures in France, Spain, Greece Extensive amount of published material on the threat (see Appendix A) 2.


abolish rent zine 74%

While it is not of necessity that the bourgeoisie rule the tenants’ movement through petty bourgeois social movement managers (not to mention politicians), except in moments in which the course and intensity of proletarian struggle overturn this, this set of affairs is the tendency.


Restoring+Trust 72%

Politicians should lead by example!


Puppets of Faith Theory of communal strife (1) 72%

While the prospect of the new Hindu reality spoiling their party was something galling to the pseudo-secular politicians, for the media world all this seemed godsend „breaking news‟.


25101030-The-Black-Iron-Prison 71%

On this particular program they had two opposing politicians in, debating the then upcoming election.



Another important thing will be to write to the local politicians asking to stop shark fishing.


why we hate you 68%

Shortly following the blessed attack on a sodomite, Crusader nightclub by the mujahid Omar Mateen j, American politicians were quick to jump into the spotlight and denounce the shooting, declaring it a hate crime, an act of terrorism, and an act of senseless violence.