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V35029 Impact-Oceania Round Installation-Manual 100%



PBJ Newsletter April 2013 98%

cleaning twice a year, some pools require more frequent filter cleanings depending on bather load and the environment around your swimming pool.


aqua watch manual 98%

AQUA WATCH SWIMMING POOL ALARM IMPORTANT OPERATING INSTRUCTIONS MANUAL HELPFUL HINTS AND TIPS This product has been designed to aid in the detection of unwanted intrusions into unsupervised pools.


Safety-Cover-Measuring-Form 97%

ANY pools with waterfalls or attached spas REQUIRE A-B Measurements for quoting.


sotb2017 schedule complete 97%

Sun of the Beach 2017 - Rostock/Warnemuende 1st Round Pools 2nd round - Top 12 Pools Pool A Steamy Handler Pants Hammer Time HundFlachWerfen Hamburg Alsters Catch 'em All Pool B BubbleGUM Göttinger 7 Becherovka First Drehst'n Deckel Diver's Urquell Pool C Aarhus Ultimate Red Leicester Ultimate Pirate Bay Ultimate Farmers DJ Dahlem Fischkutter DJ Dahlem Diver's Urquell Endzonis Malmö Ultimate Club Fischkutter Aalborg Dinosaurs Hammer Time Griffin's Lehre Endzonis Ultimate Farmers HundFlachWerfen Quattro Stazioni Aalborg Dinosaurs Aarhus Ultimate Göttinger 7 Discflyers Endzonis Medwedjew Malmö Ultimate Club Hammer Time Red Leicester Ultimate Pool D Medwedjew Discflyers Prague 7 Baltimate Fischkutter Pool E Quattro Stazioni Malmö Ultimate Club Tekielas Griffin's Lehre Catch 'em All Tekielas Beachfunaten Pirate Bay Becherovka First Prague 7 Beachfunaten Discflyers Tekielas Catch 'em All DJ Dahlem Göttinger 7 Malmö Ultimate Club Steamy Handler Pants Prague 7 Hammer Time Tekielas BubbleGUM Aarhus Ultimate BubbleGUM Medwedjew Pool F Rubik's Cube Aalborg Dinosaurs Endzonis Beachfunaten Pool O1 Pool O2 Pool O3 Pool O4 1.A 1.B 1.C 1.D 2.E 2.F 1.E 1.F 2.A 2.B 2.C 2.D Saturday Field 1 09:00 09:40 10:20 11:00 11:40 12:20 13:00 13:40 14:20 15:00 15:40 Field 2 Discflyers Pirate Bay Drehst'n Deckel Rubik's Cube Quattro Stazioni Medwedjew Rubik's Cube Steamy Handler Pants Quattro Stazioni Aalborg Dinosaurs Aarhus Ultimate Field 3 Field 4 Drehst'n Deckel Griffin's Lehre HundFlachWerfen Fischkutter HundFlachWerfen Griffin's Lehre Göttinger 7 Red Leicester Ultimate Drehst'n Deckel Prague 7 C1 Pool O2 16:20 2.F Pool O1 2.B 2.E Pool O4 17:00 1.F 17:40 1.A 18:20 1.C 16:00 4.D 2.D 1.E 2.E 1.B 1.E 1.D Hammer Time Red Leicester Ultimate Hamburg Alsters Discflyers BubbleGUM Red Leicester Ultimate Becherovka First Prague 7 Rubik's Cube Baltimate C2 3.F 16:00 4.E C4 2.C 3.E 2.F 3.B 1.F 3.C Pool O2 Pool O3 Diver's Urquell Baltimate Becherovka First DJ Dahlem Catch 'em All DJ Dahlem Hamburg Alsters Ultimate Farmers Diver's Urquell Hamburg Alsters Hamburg Alsters Ultimate Farmers Catch 'em All Baltimate Diver's Urquell Pirate Bay Drehst'n Deckel Baltimate Beachfunaten Fischkutter 09:00 09:40 10:20 11:00 11:40 12:20 13:00 13:40 14:20 15:00 C3 4.A 16:00 4.F 4.B 16:00 5.B 17:00 5.D 17:40 W-C4 18:20 W-C12 09:00 W-C7 09:45 L-Q12 10:30 L-Q10 11:15 W-Q8 12:00 L-S14 12:45 L-S10 13:30 W-S6 14:15 2.A Pool O3 Pool O1 Field 5 Becherovka First Medwedjew BubbleGUM Ultimate Farmers Steamy Handler Pants Aarhus Ultimate HundFlachWerfen Pirate Bay Göttinger 7 Steamy Handler Pants C10 4.C L-C2 W-C2 3.A W-C1 L-C4 C6 Pool O4 C11 5.A L-C3 W-C3 L-C1 5-C 3.D W-C11 L-C7 W-C6 3.O4 L-C10 L-Q11 W-Q12 L-Q9 W-Q6 W-Q8 W-S14 L-S13 W-S10 L-S9 L-S4 W-S5 C7 C5 C9 C12 C8 Sunday 09:00 3.O1 09:45 1.O2 10:30 1.O4 11:15 L-Q5 12:00 W-Q3 12:45 W-Q1 13:30 L-S5 Final Placement Games Semis Field 1 Q8 (9-16) Field 2 Q9 (17-24) Field 3 Q10 (17-24) W-C8 L-C6 2.O1 1.O3 2.O3 1.O1 L-Q6 L-Q7 W-Q4 L-Q1 W-Q2 W-S11 L-S6 W-S7 Q4 (1-8) W-C9 L-C5 2.O4 3.O2 2.O2 L-C11 L-Q8 WQ9 L-Q2 L-Q3 W-S12 L-S11 W-S8 L-S7 L-S2 W-S3 Q3 (1-8) Q2 (1-8) Final 15:00 W-S1 W-S2 L-C9 W-Q10 W-Q11 L-Q4 W-Q5 L-S12 W-S13 L-S8 W-S9 W-S4 L-S3 Q7 (9-16) S13 (25-28) S12 (21-24) S10 (17-20) S11 (21-24) S5 (9-12) S6 (9-12) P13 (25-26) P8 (15-16) P2 (3-4) L-S1 L-C12 Field 5 Q12 (17-24) Q6 (9-16) P12 (23-24) P7 (13-14) 14:15 3.O3 S4 (5-8) P11 (21-22) P6 (11-12) W-C5 S9 (17-20) S3 (5-8) S1 (1-4) L-C8 S14 (25-28) S8 (13-16) S2 (1-4) Field 4 Q11 (17-24) W-C10 Q5 (9-16) Q1 (1-8) S7 (13-16) Quarters P14 (27-28) P9 (17-18) P3 (5-6) P10 (19-20) P4 (7-8) P5 (9-10)


Onga Great White Cleaner Owners Manual 96%

Install vacuum port door fitting Square Bottom Pools Only If the transition radius between your pool’s floor and wall is small and the PoolShark will not climb the pool walls, then you have a square bottom pool.


Lab1+Lab2 Dates SS2016 amended 96%

Kinematic Measurement Systems (SS2016) Dates Lab 1:


Onga Great Wgite Cleaner Brochure 95%

Great White Inground Pool Cleaner ® The bottom line The Great White is well-suited for dish-, incline-, and hopper-bottom pools.


AquapHina Terms and Conditions 95%

Aquaphina Terms and Conditions: Giveaway Item:


LM3 chlorinator brochure 94%

LM3 40 Plumbing 40 / 50mm Maximum Water Temperature through Electrode 40 degrees Minimum Salt Level 4,000ppm Maximum Salt Level 13,000ppm Maximum Operating Pressure 29psi Power Requirements 240V Minimum Flow Rate 50litres/minute Vessel Dimensions 380mm (H) x 195mm (W) x 115mm (D) Product Code Chlorinator Description Capacity Cool Climate 6000 Capacity Temperate Climate 4000 Capacity Hot Climate 3000 W387000 LM3 15TS 90,000 60,000 45,000 W387100 LM3 20TS 120,000 80,000 60,000 W386100 LM3 24TS 144,000 96,000 72,000 W386200 LM3 30TS 180,000 120,000 90,000 W386300 LM3 40TS 240,000 160,000 120,000 LM3 series chlorinators should be installed on residential pools only.


Banchory Sports Village FAQs 94%

 The pool should be longer Pools need to be 25 Metres to accommodate competitions.


Onga Hammerhead Cleaner Brochure 93%

Elegantly simple and highly reliable, this dependable design has been proven in more than 2 million pools worldwide.


Genius Character Sheet 90%

Character Sheet Genius: the Transgression Name:


Eco-ChlorSM-TDS 90%

*See warranty for terms and conditions Eco-Chlor SM Salt Water Chlorinator Now also available with digital timer Features • Technologically Reliable • Low heat generation • Ease of operation • Adjustable cleaning cycles • Environmentally Friendly • 3000 to 35000 ppm Salt (can be used in sea water) • LED indicator lights • Low salt disables output • Electronic flow sensor and fault light • Best high salt level regulating devise available (Switch Mode) • Fully weather protected • Can easily be turned down in winter for cold water operation • SuperChlor mode for boosting chlorine levels during peak times • Touch pad controls that provide easy setting • Fully automatic operation – even when the owner is away • Easy installation to new and existing pools • Reliable and durable for long lasting performance • Reliable time clock with back-up timer optional • Reversing times can be set to 10, 7.5 or 5 hours • Cell has union connections for easy exchange of cell • Advanced high grade U.V.


HobsonPorter - Woodford Newsletter - October 89%

Duration 18 months Flagship project Construction of 2 new swimming pools Improved relocated car parking Up to 30 workers on site at one time Significant re-roofing works to existing building Timelapse Construction Footage C LIC K HER E TO V I E W TH E L ATE S T F OOTAGE Project Manager’s Blog - Kevin Harrison We are making good progress at Woodford Leisure Centre, both internally and externally.


Spielplan1 Köniz 88%

20min - 1 Timeout à 1min pro Team pro Spiel Timeouts werden NICHT nachgespielt KEIN Timeout in den letzten 5 Minuten - wenn die Zeit abgelaufen ist wird der laufende Punkt fertig gespielt ein Punkt beginnt mit dem erzielen des vorangehenden Punktes führt ein Team, gewinnt dieses steht es unentschieden, wird noch 1 Punkt gespielt - die Ranglisten in den Pools werden nach den Kriterien in folgender Reihenfolge bestimmt:


CClear RP-Chlorinators-Operating-Manual-PDF-Format(1) 88%

This unit is for use in Domestic Swimming Pools only where the correct size unit produces enough chlorine in approx 8 hours.