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Y3843984 Poster 100%

Mean accuracy and RT in children and adults by MA group Adult LMA Accuracy RT HMA Accuracy RT Child LMA Accuracy RT HMA Accuracy RT Correct Incorrect Overall Incorrect Incorrect Related Unrelated 89.4% 557ms 89.8% 567ms 92.7% 930ms 85.8% 1102ms 90.3% 589ms 87.1% 636ms 85.9% 1093ms 81% 1236ms 81% 606ms 84.3% 654ms 81% 1158ms 78.2% 1276ms Right Hemisphere Right Hemisphere Anterior Posterior Anterior Posterior 92.5% 573ms 91.3% 618ms 91.5% 1027ms 84% 1196ms Midline Midline Anterior Posterior Anterior Posterior 0.0 -0.5  N400-effect:


[B15M1] Fractures in Children - Dr. Troncillo [Group 4] 85%

5-8 years old Remodeling in bone decreased AP diameter of bone Ligamentous laxity increases likelihood of hyperextension injury Anterior capsule is thickened and stronger than posterior capsule Periosteal hinge remains intact on the side of displacement Treatment:


Internal Thermosense In Vertebrates 83%

• Anterior Hypothalamus • Spinal Cord • Abdominal Viscera • Great Veins Internal Thermoreceptors • Anterior Hypothalamus • Predominantly found in Pre-Optic Area (POA) • Posterior Nuclei of Hypothalamus receives projections from the POA • Predominantly warm-sensitive, in opposition to external thermoreceptors • “Anterior senses, posterior acts” • Thought to integrate information about local brain temperature and other body temperatures and to control the level of output for thermoregulatory responses based on cues Internal Thermoreceptors Thermal sensitivity range of transient receptor potential ion channels in mammals.


Licenza 83%

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bibliografia-tesi 81%

The functional shift of the mandible in unilateral posterior crossbite and the adaptation of the temporomandibular joints:



b�mc las cuspides linguales 0 palatinas La arcada superior es mayor en todo su contorno que la inferior por eso la cubre, tanto en sentido transversal coma anteroposterior, excepta en la zona posterior que termina en piano recto 3 laci n d m ma n d i b u lares.


Sub-Optimal as Optimal 79%

Bayes’ theorem says that the probability that a particular hypothesis is true given the data (the posterior probability) is equal to the probability that one would see those exact same data if the hypothesis were true (the likelihood) times the probability that the hypothesis is true (the prior probability), divided by that same product for all other possible hypotheses that could explain the data, i.e.


Convocatoria GEO DES 3ra 79%

FOTOCOPIA AUTENTICADA DELA CÉDULA DE IDENTIDAD Se debe presentar una Fotocopia del Carnet de Identidad autenticada por la Dirección Académica, con fecha posterior a la publicación de la presente convocatoria.


Caratteristiche tecniche 77%

Caratteristiche principali : Data di fabbricazione:


01 TEC Broadband Cat Spanish 77%

RJ45 BLANCO PC 2111009-3 2111011-3 Inserto ciego SL BLANCO PC 1116412-3 Herramienta SL PC 1725150-1 Rack metálico de 7ft x 19”, 45 UR PC 1933559-1 Organizador Horizontal, Finger Duct, Frontal/Posterior con tapa, 2UR PC 1375158-1 Organizador Horizontal de Alta Densidad (HD) Frontal/Posterior, 2UR PC 1933533-1 Organizador Vertical, Finger Duct, Frontal/Posterior con tapa, 78” de altura PC 1375259-1 Organizador Vertical de Alta Densidad (HD) Frontal/Posterior, 84” de altura, Duc.


serigrafi 769 a 2012-11-13-793 76%

Artesanal en la decoración de cerámicas, o en la impresión y posterior grabado al ácido de metales para objetos decorativos Educativa;


CRQS HC BAG Dec12 portugues 75%

Impressão PÁGINA 3 VERDE ÂMBAR VERMELHO Corte correto sem nenhum sinal de perda na informação anterior ou posterior Corte ligeiramente desalinhado Corte severamente desalinhado Descrição questão Desalinhamento e orientação do corte do filme Desalinhamento Solda Horizontal Medida da Classificação Corte correto sem nenhum sinal de perda na informação da impressão anterior ou posterior Corte ligeiramente desalinhado, mas toda Corte desalinhado onde alguma informação as informações da impressão permanecem da impressão não está claramente visível claramente visíveis e a arte frontal ou está ausente.


Relatividad general parte A 75%

Inició así lo que se denomina “determinismo” puesto que las condiciones iniciales determinan toda evolución posterior.



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0023637 Manta Ray ST 74%

1-1 Viewing Windows Integral Retaining Arm Posterior Spikes Integral Retaining Arm helps prevent screw back-out.



SELECCIÓN DE POSIBLES GANADORES En el momento inmediato posterior de que el participante fué inscrito en el canal, el sistema le mostrara lo incluirá en la lista de usuarios válidos registrados y podrá ser seleccionado para participar por el incentivo.


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M ediante o acesso e utilização deste Site, o utilizador declara ter lido, compreendido e aceite os Termos e Condições abaixo descritos, sem necessidade de qualquer acto ou consentimento posterior.


regulamento pechakucha 71%

As propostas temáticas deverão ser enviadas até ao dia 20 de março, para posterior análise por parte da Comissão Organizadora e respetiva notificação aos candidatos.


ANESTHESIA for Labor and Delivery 66%

o Fibrinogen (Factor I) o Factor VII o Factor VIII o Factor X famotidine) Metoclopramide o increases gastric motility and lower esophageal sphincter tone, and has central antiemetic effects ANATOMY OF LABOR PAIN Pain Pathways During Labor Pain in the 1st stage of labor o from uterine contractions and cervical dilatation o Visceral pain – dull, diffuse, periodic o Pain intensity is related to the strength of uterine contraction T11 – T12 (latent 2nd stage – somatic pain o well-localized, sharp, constant o Pain results from distention of birth canal, vulva and perineum by the fetal head o Pain is mediated by the Posterior roots of S2 – S4 nerves Anesthetic Implications • Effectiveness of Pudendal Nerve • Epidural coverage of S2-S4 Pain Pathways Factors that may influence the perception of labor pain  duration of labor  maternal pelvic anatomy and fetal size  use of oxytocin  parity  participation in childbirth preparation classes  fear and anxiety about childbirth  attitudes and experiences of pain  coping mechanisms Anesthesia Goals  Satisfactory pain relief  Non-interference with labor  Minimal risk to either mother of fetus  Provision of satisfactory conditions for delivery  Early interaction between mother and newborn Anesthesia for Labor and Vaginal Delivery     Psychologic and Non -pharmacologic techniques Parenteral agents Inhalational Regional anesthetic techniques Non-Pharmacologic Techniques Labor Analgesia            Lamaze Hypnosis Biofeedback Muscle therapy TENS Sterile water blocks Acupuncture Therapeutic touch Massage therapy Muscle tension release Reflexology     Accupressure Hydrotherapy Herbal cocktails Aromatherapy Parenteral Agents • Opioids o Meperidine (Demerol) o Fentanyl o Morphine o Nalbuphine • Sedatives / Tranquilizers o Phenothiazines o Benzodiazepines o Dissociative medications (Ketamine) • Intravenous Anesthetics o Barbiturates o Propofol Inhalational Analgesia Pudendal Block o o o o o o Provides adequate analgesia for spontaneous delivery and outlet forceps delivery injection of local anesthetic on both sides of the vagina.