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7 4 4 9 (Last 4 digits) JUDGMENT AND PROBATION/COMMITMENT ORDER In the presence of the attorney for the government, the defendant appeared in person on this date.


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[ ] as notified by the Probation or Pretrial Services Officer.


Alabama-Probate-Judge-Letters 96%

(202) 466-3234 (202) 898-0955 (fax) Hon.


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784.03(1)(a)1 Battery Touch or Strike County Reporting Probation (0 Yr 6 Mo 0 Days ) Driver's License Suspended (No Action, Term:


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YRS - Years MOS - Months DYS - Days HRS - Hours DEF - Deferred PROB - Probation SUSP - Suspended SUPV - Supervised UNSUPV - Unsupervised CONC - Concurrent CONS - Consecutive CNT - Count CTY - County REPORT GENERATED FOR COUNTY OF STUTSMAN Community notification is the responsibility of your local law enforcement agency.


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Minimum Penalties for DUI Convictions in Georgia 1st DUI 2nd DUI 3rd DUI 4th DUI Mandatory 24 hours of Jail Time Mandatory 10 days of Jail Time [May be probated to 72 hours] Mandatory 120 days of Jail Time [May be probated to 15 days] $5,000 Fine 40 Hours of Community Service 30 Days of Community Service 240 Hours of Community Service Classified as a Felony* $300-$1,000 Fine $600 - $1,000 Fine $1,000-$5,000 Fine 1-5 Years in State Prison Mandatory Attendance of DUI School 17 Weeks of Alcohol Treatment Courses 17 Weeks of Alcohol Treatment Courses 12 Months of Probation 12 Months of Probation 12+ Months of Probation 12 Month Drivers License Suspension 3 Year License Suspension [1 year before eligible for hardship license] 5 Year License Suspension [2 years before eligible for hardship license] Confiscation of all vehicle tags Confiscation of all vehicle tags Interlock Ignition Device for 6 months after license is reinstated Interlock Ignition Device for 6 months after license is reinstated Photo published in county newspaper where you reside Photo published in county newspaper where you reside *Most DUIs are misdemeanors.


Mark Reed Defendant Superior Court Records 89%

MARK REED’S CRIMINAL RECORD        The following pages are the public records from the Los Angeles Superior Court of cases in  which Republican candidate for Congress Mark Reed was a criminal defendant.    Also included is a status report from the California Secretary of State’s office on Mr. Reed’s  suspended corporation, Mark’s Pool Plumbing, Inc.    Summary pages introduce each set of records.  MARK REED ARRESTED, CONVICTED, ON PROBATION FOR POSSESSION OF A CONCEALED DANGEROUS WEAPON  Currently represented by a Bar Panel attorney from the   Indigent Criminal Defense Appointments Program    Case No. 9SR00526  The People of the State of California vs. Mark Steven Reed, Sr.  Law enforcement Agency effecting arrest: LAPD – Foothill Area  Case filed on 01/29/09  Mark Reed charged with one count of possession of a concealed dangerous weapon [12020(A)(1)], on or about  01/08/09.  Case called for arraignment on 01/29/09. Mark Reed not present. Represented by Deputy Public Defender Peggy  Loveman.  Case called for further proceedings on 08/26/09. Court orders complaint amended to add violation of 12020(A)(1) as  count 02.  Case called for arraignment and plea on 08/27/09. Mark Reed pleads not guilty to both counts.  Case called for “traffic school completion” on 09/30/09. Mark Reed represented by Deputy Public Defender John H. Cho.  Case called for jury trial on 10/26/09. Public Defender’s Office declares a conflict; Alternate Public Defender’s Office is  appointed.  Case called for pre‐trial hearing on 11/04/09. Public Defender declares conflict of interest. Court appoints Bar Panel  attorney Murray Berns from the ICDA (Indigent Criminal Defense Appointments) office of the Los Angeles Bar  Association.  Case called for jury trial on 03/23/10. Mark Reed testifies. Court orders the testimony of the arresting officers.  Case called for jury trial on 03/24/10. Mark Reed pleads Nolo Contendere to count 01. The court finds the defendant  guilty. Mark Reed pleads Nolo Contendere to count 02. The court finds the defendant guilty.  Mark Reed placed on probation for 36 months under the following terms and conditions: “serve 1 day in the Los Angeles  County Jail, less credit for 1 day”; court security assessment of $30.00; “criminal conviction assessment” of $30.00;  $2,297 in attorney fees; restitution fine of $100; total due, $2,457.00. In addition: “not own, use or possess any  dangerous or deadly weapons, including any firearms, knives or other concealable weapons”; “the weapon involved in  this case is ordered confiscated and destroyed by the arresting agency”; “defendant is ordered to pay a probation  revocation restitution fine” of $100.  Case called for further proceedings on 04/16/10. Defense attorney states that Mark Reed has found a gun dealer who  will buy his firearms and asks to have firearms released to defendant for purpose of transporting them to gun dealer.  Request is denied. Los Angeles Police Department will transport the firearms to the dealer. Court orders Mark Reed to  pay $2,297 in attorney fees by 04/19/11.  Case called on 04/16/10 for fines and fees. Mark Reed pays $245.  Case called on 04/19/11 for fines and fees. Mark Reed fails to appear. Case referred to financial evaluator.  Case called on 04/22/11 for proof of restitution. Mark Reed fails to appear. Notice of delinquency is mailed.  Case called on 05/25/11 for attorney fees payment. Mark Reed is present, not represented by counsel. Case continued.  Case called on 08/25/11 for attorney fees payment. Mark Reed is present, not represented by counsel. Mark Reed is told  that if he does not pay the $2,297 in attorney fees by February 21, 2012, the matter will be referred to collections.  On 09/12/11: Mark Reed appears for evaluation. Recommendation: “Defendant to pay total due at the rate of $25 per  month on the 21st of every month beginning 10/21/11 and each month thereafter.”  Case called on 09/21/11 for “miscellaneous.” Mark Reed’s motion to have attorney fees reduced is denied.  Mark Reed paid $25 on 09/21/11, $25 on 10/20/11, $25 on 11/21/11, $25 on 12/15/11.  Case called on 02/21/12 for fines and fees. Mark Reed is not present and not represented by counsel.  Case called on 02/28/12 for fines and fees. Mark Reed is present, not represented by counsel. Payment of $50 is made.  On 03/13/12, Mark Reed and his Bar Panel attorney, Murray S. Berns, file a motion for early termination of probation.  Next scheduled event: 04/02/12, 8:30 a.m., motion for early termination of probation, San Fernando Courthouse  Department 137.  Custody status: On Probation.


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09/2011) Sheet 4 - Misdemeanor Probation Page 2 of 4 DEFENDANT:BRYAN H.


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Half Time Credit Probation Type: Summary Probation Start Date:


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-----Original Message----From: Sent:


What Boards Should Know - Howard Rothschild 84%

• Check References • If hired, check on candidate during probation for proficiency.


CrimRecord 81%

 PROBATION  12  MONTHS       Sentence  Date:


taupier motion in limine re PROTECTIVE ORDER 81%



Probationary Period Offer 77%



ABC School of Barbering Catalog 76%

90 -Probation ........... 91 -Academic Probation ........... 92 -General Academic Probation ...........


sentencing report - carlos 76%

50 MEMORANDUM Defendant submits that Probation Officer Walden has provided a thorough and accurate rendition of the factual and procedural background of his case and takes no issue with the same.


PSR Review Sample 73%

While true that Cosmos made no statement to the probation officer regarding his conduct, as stated above, acceptance of responsibility will also be based upon pre-trial conduct.


All Rise - Dr Marlowe on the Future of US Drug Policy 71%

However, it seemed to us that many of these evidence-based programs —including Project HOPE [Hawaii Opportunity Probation with Enforcement], DTAP [Drug Treatment Alternative to Prison] and the 24/7 Sobriety Project in South Dakota—were focusing on different points in the criminal justice process than Drug Courts have traditionally addressed, such as bail release, prosecutor diversion, or probation.


Pre-Plea Sample 71%

Although bond was set as to both Dunnit and Sherlock, only Dunnit was released due to state probation interest as to Sherlock.


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Illegal Substances Employees' Receiving Gifts Uniform/ Dress Code Harassment and Bullying Absence Reporting Absence Management Employee Induction Employee Appraisal, Training and Development Employee Supervision Maternity Leave Paternity Leave Adoption leave Parental Leave Special Leave Flexible Working Discipline and Dismissal Procedure Grievances PAGE 5 7 13 16 18 20 22 24 26 29 31 34 36 37 38 41 45 48 51 53 56 58 63 66 71 74 78 80 87 3|P ag e Reviewed 16.03.2017 Mayflower Care Home FORMS AND RECORDS HRM-FR-01 Application For Employment 01-03/17 HRM-FR-01a Equal Opportunities Monitoring Form 01-03/17 HRM-FR-01b Equal Opportunities Return Form 01-03/17 HRM-FR-02a Short Listed Rejection Letter 01-03/17 HRM-FR-02b Invitation to Interview Letter 01-03/17 HRM-FR-02c Employment Offer Letter 01-03/17 HRM-FR-02d Employment Rejection letter 01-03/17 HRM-FR-02e HRM-FR-02f Health Questionnaire Interview Record Form 01-03/17 HRM-FR-02g New Staff Member Form 01 03/12 HRM-FR-02h Payroll New Starter Form 01 03/12 HRM-FR-02i Reference Request Letter 01 03/12 HRM-FR-02j Reference Form 01 03/12 HRM-FR-02k Exit Interview 01 03/12 HRM-FR-03a Volunteer Arrangement 01 03/12 HRM-FR-03b Volunteer Service Record HRM-FR-04a HRM-FR-07a HRM-FR-09a HRM-FR-09b HRM-FR-10a HRM-FR-10b HRM-FR-10c HRM-FR-10d HRM-FR-10e HRM-FR-10f HRM-FR-11a HRM-FR-12a HRM-FR-13a HRM-FR-13b HRM-FR-13c HRM-FR-19a HRM-FR-19b HRM-FR-20a HRM-FR-20b HRM-FR-20c HRM-FR-20d HRM-FR-20e HRM-FR-20f HRM-FR-21a HRM-FR-21b HRM-FR-21c HRM-FR-21d HRM-FR-22a HRM-FR-22b HRM-FR-22c HRM-FR-22d HRM-FR-22e HRM-FR-24a HRM-FR-24b HRM-FR-24c HRM-FR-24d Form Young Person Risk Assessment SSSC Registration Register Contract of Employment Amendment to Contract Form Invitation to Probationary Review Meeting Probationary Review Form Completion of Probation Letter Extension of Probation Letter Termination of Employment during Probationary Period Letter Termination of Employment on completion of Probation Letter Personnel File Front Sheet Annual Leave Request Form Night Workers Medical Report Form Night Workers Annual Health Review Form Working Hours Agreement Form Employee Absence Report Form Employee Absence Record Form Invitation to Absence Interview Letter Employee Consent for Medical Report Letter Employee Medical Consent Form Request to General Practitioner for Medical Record Absence Warning Letter Absence - Termination of Employment Letter Employee Induction Form Catering Staff Induction Form Maintenance Staff Induction Form Domestic Staff Induction Form Staff Performance Appraisal Form Mandatory Training Course Agreement Funding Request for Training Training Agreement Personnel Training Record Maternity Leave Application Maternity Leave Response Letter Keep In Touch Days Form ( KIT Form) Maternity Leave Response - Non Payment Letter ISSUE 01-03/17 01 03/12 "