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HIOKI FA1116 ENG 100%

Half the impact mark depth Now with newly developed low-impact probes and precision soft-landing control 30% faster cycle times for gold plating and fine pattern testing 2 Featuring newly designed probes and precision control for half the impact mark depth of previous designs* The Z-axis descent speed for gold plating and fine pattern testing can be set higher than with previous models.


Cygnus Dive Mk2 96%

Wrist mountable giving the diver a free hand Large, brightly colored AMOLED display, highly viewable by diver and camera in poor visibility A-Scan display to assist with measurement verification Auto-Log Data Logging - option, no log button to press stores up to 5,000 measurements with A-scans Multiple Echo means no need to remove protective coatings up to 20 mm (0.787") thick Error-checked Multiple Echo measurements to ensure genuine, verified measurements are displayed Deep Coat mode to measure through coatings up to 20 mm (0.787") thick Single Echo mode with twin crystal probes Probes are connected to the DIVE with a coiled double jacket cable which will extend up to 1 meter (3 ft) Pressure tested to 300 meters (1,000 ft) Rechargeable Lithium-Ion battery giving up to 11 hours continuous operation.


HIOKI 1231 ENG 96%

However, A 4-terminal B having probes for all points would increase test fixture cost.


HIOKI FA1282 ENG 95%

FLYING PROBE TESTER FA1282 Automatic Testing Equipment Horizontal Double-sided Tester 2 probes on the top + 2 probes on the bottom High-precision probing Ideal for use with thin boards and device embedded substrates 2 Horizontal Double-sided Tester 2 probes on the top + 2 probes on the bottom Point 1 High-precision probing Point 2 Max.100 steps/s ultra-highspeed inspection Industry-leading precision (See benchmarks to experience it for yourself!) Industry-leading speed 1.


Application Case Multi-cotes EN 10.06.14 95%

CEJ / tesa multigauging With inductive probes When sub-micron accuracy and productivity are required...


Tools in Space 94%

Infrared telescopes can Gind young stars that are hidden behind clouds of dust and gas, as well as very old and distant stars.” (Page 13) Integral Gamma-Ray Observatory Chandra X-Ray Observatory Exploding Star in Gamma Rays Wind and Reflection Sun in Ultraviolet From a Black Hole in X Ray Soho Observatory Spitzer Space Telescope Steller Nursery In Infrared Space Probes A space probe is an unpiloted spacecraft that leaves Earth’s orbit to explore the Moon, planets, asteroids, comets, or other objects in outer space as directed by on board computers and/or instructions sent from Earth.


HIOKI RM3542 ENG 94%

Contact Time The “Contact Improver” function improves bad contacts between probes and test samples.


2014 06 PR Wireless probes EN 93%

TESA Wireless Inductive Probes Electronic Measuring Equipement ISS SW DE MA m µ 1 , 0 o t up n o i t u l o l a n o i ––Res t c ire d i b s s e l ––Wire nication Commu f movement o m o d e e r ––F 1 2.0 Unique TWIN Communication Protocol Equipped with the TWIN communication protocol, these wireless probes offer unprecedented sturdiness and stability during data transfer.


HIOKI DT4200 ENG 93%

The DT4281 and DT4282 use terminal shutters to keep probes from being inserted into the wrong inlets.


an47fa 92%

AN47-9 Mismatched Delay in Probes ........................................................................................................................


HIOKI 3555 ENG 91%

Simple operation Once the appropriate comparison values for the battery being tested have been entered or recalled from memory, measurement is as simple as touching the pin-type probes to the battery terminals.


HIOKI RM3543 ENG 90%

The “Contact Improver” function improves bad contacts between probes and test samples.


HIOKI RM3544 ENG 90%

Applications Probes suited to manual measurement on production lines Motors, solenoids, choke coils, transformers, wire harnesses Contacts, wire harnesses, relay contacts, switches 4 -TERMINAL LEAD L2104 CLIP TYPE LEAD L2101 Conductive rubber, paint Fuses, resistors, heaters, wires, welds PIN TYPE LEAD L2102 Large motors, large transformers PIN TYPE LEAD L2103 Probes suited to DC measurement of the chassis and bodies of large equipment Temperature rise tests (Motors, choke coils, transformers) 4 -TERMINAL LEAD 9453 CLIP TYPE LEAD L2107 PIN TYPE LEAD 9465-10 Vehicle grounding lines, conductivity of aircraft fuselages PIN TYPE LEAD 9772 LARGE CLIP TYPE LEAD 9467 A Full Line-up of HIOKI Resistance Meters to Suit Your Measurement Range 0.1μΩ 0.01μΩ 0.01μΩ 0.1μΩ 1μΩ RM3544/RM3544-01 RM3548 RM3545 1.2kΩ RM3543 RM3542 1kΩ 3.5MΩ 3.5MΩ 1200MΩ 120MΩ DSM-8104 3 ×1016Ω 3 Robust specifications in a compact package RESISTANCE METER RM3544/RM3544-01 High-accuracy bench-top resistance meter for both manual operation and integration with automatic lines Basic accuracy :


Info YVB Probe ChinaTour 89%

INFORMATION Probe/ Vorbereitung China-Tournee Wann/Wo:


Transcranial Doppler Systems 89%

Offers a complete range of probes including 1 MHz, 2 MHz, 4 MHz, 8 MHz and 16 MHz probes, each with a separate connector.


HIOKI LR8400-92 ENG 88%

Voltage (measured with differential probes) ch2:


HIOKI UA1782 ENG 88%

3 Assistive functionality aids in repair work “I can’t find the location of the defect on the pinpoint view!” Net search view The visualizer automatically creates a list of components that are connected to the same pattern as a defective component, and it also highlights pattern wiring in all layers and mounted components for each point with which the test probes make contact.


HIOKI MR8875 ENG 88%

● Even the standard input unit supports 1,000 V (CAT III) measurement MR8901 P9000-01 or P9000-02 if used with the newly developed Differential Probe P9000 series of small probes.


HIOKI BT4560 ENG 88%

Two types of dedicated probes for different purposes Dedicated probes with four-terminal structure enables stable measurement unaffected by environmental noise or cabling.


Lecroy WaveRunner 62Xi.PDF 88%

A wide variety of active FET probes, current probes, differential probes, HV probes, etc.


3032.0000 88%

3032.0000 BG Date: 23rd April 2014 Signature:


TESA Training Catalogue 88%



Tastkopf Multi Contact (MC) Isoprobe-II 88%

Advanced Contact Technology Berührungsgeschützte passive 10:1-Tastköpfe Touch-protected Passive 10:1 Test Probes Sondes passives 10:1 protégées au toucher Isoprobe II - 10:1 HF A RZ 042 Sicherheits-Hochfrequenz-Tastkopf 10:1 mit hoch flexibler, PVC-isolierter koaxialer Anschlussleitung mit BNC-Stecker.


TESA Training Catalogue descriptive 2015 88%

P16-1507 - Inductive Probes Session 1 English For Description Purpose 1 day Session 2 Session 3  Prerequisites None Sellers and Technical Sellers Inductive probe measuring system, components, key points, mutligauging solution.