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TransponderCompatibility 100%

Receiving ("see") equipment Transponder Transmitting ("be seen") equipment Non-Txpdr Non-FLARM Mode A Transponder Mode A/C Transponder Mode A/C/S Transponder Mode A/C/S-ES (ADS-B) Transponder [Includes PilotAware connected to a compatible Mode S-ES transponder] Extended Squitter only (Ping1090/ATT-20B) FLARM (inc TRX-1500/2000) (Mainly gliders) PilotAware (P3i + optional FLARM) Varies Panel mount PilotAware £200 Tiny Zaon MRX £300 Tiny TRX-1000 £300 Small GDL-39 £500 Medium Traffic protocol No FLARM WiFi None GDL90 wired GDL90 BlueTooth Availability Distance Direction Relative altitude Proximity alert Collision alert Distance Direction Relative altitude Proximity alert Collision alert Distance Direction Relative altitude Proximity alert Collision alert Distance Direction Relative altitude Proximity alert Collision alert Distance Direction Relative altitude Proximity alert Collision alert Distance Direction Relative altitude Proximity alert Collision alert Distance Direction Relative altitude Proximity alert Collision alert Distance Direction Relative altitude Proximity alert Collision alert Good Good Poor Unknown Good Good Not detected Not detected Not detected Not detected Not detected Not detected Not detected Not detected Cost Physical size Not detected Not detected Estimated No Yes Yes No Estimated No Yes Yes No Estimated No No Yes No Estimated No Yes Yes No Estimated No Yes Yes No Estimated No Yes Yes No FLARM £600 Tiny FLARM wired (optional WiFi) ATT-20B £600 Tiny TRX-1090 £650 Small Funke TM250 £900 Panel mount TRX-1500 £1,000 Medium Zaon XRX £1,000 Medium Ping 1090 £1,200 Microscopic!


Dublin I Up, Youngun 96%

Pubs Sinnotts - Stephen's Green, D2 Proximity to Hotel :


srparadox 93%

Also both clocks can sense the proximity of the other clock by an appropiate sensor ambedded in each clock.


HIOKI UA1782 ENG 78%

“There’s a short defect here somewhere, but I can’t seem to find it…” Proximity check view The visualizer displays checkmarks at solder bridge risk points other than component pins that are physically close, for example between adjacent components or nearby through-holes after flow soldering.


2 75%

1 2 3 4 5 6 IAN PANCER, ESQ.


SherpaESJobControlSheet 72%

~ K ASSESSMENT rd Consideration Exposure to building materials Manual handling Working at Height Use of Steps Confined Space Working in proximity to moving equipment Working in proximity to chemicals Use of cables and electrical hazards Noise exposure Others (Please List) SAFE TO PROCEED WITH VEY?


robo 71%

5G AARNET ABB Group ABU Robocon ACIS ACOUSTIC PROXIMITY SENSOR ACTIVE CHORD MECHANISM ADAPTIVE SUSPENSION VEHICLE Robot (ASV) ALL TYPES OF ROBOTS | ROBOTS ROBOTICS ANTHROPOMORPHISM AR ARAA | This is the site of the Australian Robotics and Automation Association ARTICULATED GEOMETRY ASIMO ASIMOV THREE LAWS ATHLETE ATTRACTION GRIPPER (MAGNETIC GRIPPER) AUTOMATED GUIDED VEHICLE AUTONOMOUS ROBOT AZIMUTH-RANGE NAVIGATION Abengoa Solar Abilis Solutions Acoustical engineering Active Components Active appearance model Active contour model Actuator Adam Link Adaptable robotics Adaptive control Adaptive filter Adelbrecht Adept Technology Adhesion Gripper for Robotic Arms Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog Aerospace Affine transformation Agency (philosophy) Agricultural robot Albert Hubo Albert One Alex Raymond Algorithm can help robots determine orientation of objects Alice mobile robot Allen (robot) Amusement Robot An overview of autonomous robots and articles with technologies used to build autonomous robots Analytical dynamics Andrey Nechypurenko Android Android (operating system) Android (robot) Android science Anisotropic diffusion Ant robotics Anthrobotics Apex Automation Applied science Arduino Arduino Robotics Are ag robots ready Arrick Robotics Arthur C.


Freeing the Six-pack Fact Sheet 70%

o Commonwealth Court held that the prohibition applies only to the licensed business itself thus no prohibition exists on the sale of liquid fuels in close proximity to the licensed premises, even if the sale of gas is being conducted by the licensee.


floorSight WriteUp Final 68%

Bluetooth Low-Energy Proximity Beacon Model:


BTMK Richest 50 67%

The county’s proximity to 1.5%.


Property Inspection Report Redacted 67%

Tree Proximity 3.3.4 Grounds - Vegetation:


13 Muslim International Forum Program 66%

RavilGAYNUTDIN, Mufti, Sheikh, Chairmanofthe Religious Board of Muslims of the Russian Federation, Chairman of the Russia Muftis Council, member of the Council for Cooperation with Religious Associations under the President of Russia, member of the Presidium and co-chairman of the Interreligious Council of Russia, member of the Presidium of the CIS Interreligious Council, member of the Presidium of the Eurasian Islamic Council, member of the World Forum for Proximity of Islamic Schools of Thought, Ph.D (Moscow, Russia).


Tort notes 66%

one C visited a relative killed in the crush eight hours after the incident — this was too long to satisfy the requirement of proximity 4.


JDIT-2016-0906-024 64%

Journal of Diagnostic Imaging in Therapy.


Two Bracknell Boulevard – Office space to rent 64%

These international businesses have chosen Bracknell for its accessibility to a skilled workforce, along with close proximity to the motorway and railway networks which provide excellent access to Heathrow and London.


demogaphics proposal 64%

Cosplayers are encouraged to come dresses as their favorite K-Pop idol or anime character.
 3 -Swot Analysis
 - Established venue for events at Elysium - Few competitors - Consistent branding - Core group of attendees at events - Consistent graphics - Connections - Community - Engagement on social media
 Weaknesses - Vague working team members, not visible Brand distinguished from event name Name of the event “I <3 K-Pop” Lack of brand “human” face Community disengagement Poor Management Website
 Opportunities - Proximity to large school systems - University of Texas, Austin.


Vertice Brochure- Mar19 63%

- Encoders, Proximity Switches, Optical sensors, Potentiometers, Contactors, Rectifiers, Relays, Load Cells - Transformers(Ignition/LV), Ignition Electrodes, Heaters(Cartridge/Band/Tubular) - Oil / Gas Burner Controllers, Cables, Instrumentation Miscellaneous :


Specification Data sheet CM 202 E 63%

(1.60 m) • Probe for core temperature measurement • Temperature probe integral with unit (cannot be lost) • Demand-related energy supply • Integral hand shower with infinitely variable regulation, automatic retracting system and integral water shut-off function • Automatic, active rinsing and drainage of steam generator by pump • De-scaling program • Integral, maintenance-free grease extraction system with no additional grease filter • Cool down function for fast cabinet fan cooling • Integral fan impeller brake • Rear-ventilated double glass doors, hinged inside pane for easy cleaning • Cooking cabinet doors with integral sealing mechanism, no steam escape or energy loss when operated without mobile oven rack • Door handle and slam function • 2 door locking positions • Proximity door contact switch • Seamless hygienic cooking cabinet with rounded corners • Press-fit user-replaceable cabinet seal • Airflow-optimized cooking cabinet • Swivel air baffle with quick-release locks • Halogen cooking cabinet lighting with shock-proof CERAN glass • Microprocessor-controlled cooking process • Buzzer • Free time selection from 0-24 hours • Temperature unit-adjustable in °C or °F • Automatic drain condensate cooling/quenching • Lengthwise loading for accessories • Mobile oven rack with tandem steering casters, 2 casters with wheel locks, wheel diameter 5"


Berg v Zummo 62%

Berg v.


Aquaculture Innovation Center (Tuesday Lab) 61%

This designation is due to the site’s close proximity to the inactive Freshwater Tissue Pulp Mill.


Ambulatory Rheumatology, OA, Gout 61%

In normal cartilage, type 2 collagen is woven tightly, constraining the aggrecan molecules in the interstices between collagen strands, forcing these highly negatively charged molecules into close proximity with one another.


Macaque study 60%

 Compared  to  males,  females  at  2-­‐3  weeks  looked  more  at  conspecifics’  faces  (d  =   .65),  especially  the  eyes  (d  =  1.09),  and  at  4-­‐5  weeks  exhibited  more  affiliative  behaviors  (d  =   .64),  including  gesturing,  looking,  and  proximity  to  familiar  and  unfamiliar  human  caretakers.