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Six Discourses of Lacanian Psychoanalysis 100%

the Psychotic's Discourse; ... the Psychotic's Discourse;


Americanpsychopdf 81%

Bateman slowly slips into one of these major psychotic episodes and breaks down throughout the movie.


Running Thru Clouds partial print 80%

J.DeLilys 711B South West Fourth Street ~ Grants Pass, Oregon 97526 ~ 541-956-1531 Agent or Publisher 589 Hope Street New York, New York July 15, 2013 Dear Literary Agent, Diagnosed borderline psychotic at seventeen, I tear through the veils that hold me back, dip my toe into the ethereal, unseen stream, place my pen to the paper, and write my first poem, a love poem…and a great, long journey of words begins.


Review of Basic Neuroscience 80%

Pathological hyperactivity of the mesolimbic pathway accounts for active psychotic features (hallucinations, delusions, aggression…).


Minneriket Press Release 66%

In Minneriket, he has fully released the passionate darkness of his mind into a musical format that is both disturbing and fulfilling, a near-psychotic break in the glassy thin turbulent shell of today’s world.


pmb-tsitlucco 63%

Sadistic Touch (rank 3), Psychotic Urges (rank 3), Unending (rank 3) and Demonic (rank 2) Knowledge, Loop of Time, Ectoplasmatic Excellence (rank 2) and Stress Resistance, in this build is only rank 1, but if I had some spare rubies I'd definatelly go at least rank 2.



At the next appointment with the Psychiatrist he recommended withdrawing off my old medication and changing from an anti-depressant to an anti-psychotic.


The Wrongful Conviction of Charles Manson by Leonetti 58%

He engaged in disruptive behavior during his trial because he was psychotic and unmedicated.


For-uhm Boredz Ebook One 57%

curb feelers psychotic foot soldier 061 how did they know it was us?


JB FormalLetter 56%

ONE hour before the interview(s) took place, I had been evaluated by the Dallas County Jail’s own clinical psychiatrists and placed on suicide watch because I was diagnosed as being “psychotic and incoherent” due to polysubstance abuse – that is, intoxicated from PCP.


Most Commonly Prescribed Medications 54%

Second Generation (atypical) Antipsychotics This class of drugs is used to treat psychotic conditions such as schizophrenia.


B vitamins and schizophrenia 49%

Eligible samples were those in which >90% of participants had a diagnosis of a nonaffective psychotic disorder (such as schizophrenia, schizoaffective or schizophreniform disorder), regardless of age, ethnicity or sample size.


Motion to Revoke 46%

by their psychotic whore mother."


freedom 44%

We are embattled, psychotic/neurotic, and broken down, no doubt ("upset", as the author explains), but we are all heroic, and very, very good.


Chronical Guide VtM Pgs 36-40.indd 44%

They also populate the Sabbat in lesser numbers, where they frighten even their packmates with their psychotic displays.


Weather Warfare - The Invisible U.S. Military Offensives in Weather Weaponry K. H. Snow (2002) 43%

The fifth deception by ABC News is the suggestion that these life and earth destroying technologies – pursued with a scientific hubris that is psychotic and obscene -- will also serve peaceful uses.


Wizardy Herbert and the Mobius Slipknot 40%

He began noticing a common thread among the kids, aside from the shared trait of exhibiting clinically psychotic episodes.


bill of rights preview 2017 40%

A mind and body shall be in harmony with the beat of nature whence in optimal health and neurotic and/or psychotic whence strenuously hurt.


Mitchell P2D2 36%

It is common for patients to experience their first psychotic episode during a hormonal change or traumatic event17.


PsychologicalRisks 36%

Acorn Books, 2002) 129-30, which describes a case of woman who beat her three year old son to death shortly after an abortion which triggered a "psychotic episode"


writing portfolio 33%

I know I would love nothing more than my head to hit the pillow and darkness wash over me into a blissfully blank 8 hours, only to rise feeling fresh and free from my psychotic inner storyboard.


alex kenis-cascodes 30%

especially when the average -3dB roll off point of a guitar's high end is around 5kHz, and the lowest note is around 70Hz (or down to 50Hz for you freaking psychotic bass-junkie down-tuned 7 string players).