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A4 Brochure 2016 DIGITAL 91%

Punctuation Covers from the early primary years to senior schooling.


Conlang 88%

2.3 Punctuation .


AQA-PROD3-MarkScheme-2012 87%

There will be a number of errors of grammar, punctuation and spelling.


Written Assignments Rubric 87%

facts from multiple sources 8 9 10 Free of punctuation, spelling, or grammatical errors.


Project report 87%

In an ablation study, they determined that the continuous n-grams with the most impact on performance were those containing punctuation and white space.


HighSchoolRubric 85%

*Posts have significant spelling, punctuation and grammar issues.


TKT Glossary 79%

Apostrophe A punctuation mark (’).


ENGG1110 Assessment+Rubric+for+Final+Report (1) 78%

  Assessment Rubric for Final Report  Team:    Category/  Criteria  Formulation of  the challenge    Exemplary (5) Challenge is developed and  articulated in an excellent manner.  Effective thinking is clearly and  creatively expressed.  Develops logical and consistent plan  to meet the challenge, articulates the  Depth and  reasons. Develops clear connections  thoroughness of  between solutions and supporting  analysis  details. Excels at sophistication in  thought and thoroughness.  Actively seeks out and follows through  Innovativeness  in untested directions. Extends a  and feasibility  novel or unique idea to create a  of proposed  feasible new solution that is  solutions  technically creative.  Language  Wide variety of sentence structures.  Excellent word usage and precise  word choices, spelling, correct  grammar and punctuation, technically  accurate. Sources correctly cited.   Report is clearly structured around  the relevant theme. Each component  of the report is clear and relates to  Overall  others in a well‐planned framework.  presentation  Excellent integration of information.    Style of presentation is professional  and attractive.  Strengths of the report:    Competent (3)  Date:    Needs Work (1) Challenge is clearly developed  with  some supporting details and there is  evidence to support a central theme in  the challenge.  Challenge is poorly developed with  supporting details that are absent  or vague. Simple ideas and unclear  wording reflect a lack of  understanding of the challenge.  Considers various approaches and  develops a plan to solve the challenge.  Less acceptable approaches are rejected  with little consideration or justification.  Uses only a single approach to  consider and solve the challenge.   Presents the solution with  insufficient supporting details.  Experiments with creating a novel idea  to the challenge. Does not explore in  depth. Attempts to connect ideas and  solutions in novel ways.  Reformulates a collection of  available ideas without offering  new insights.  The solution is  unimaginative.  Some sentence variety; adequate usage  of wording, grammar and punctuation  with acceptable technical accuracy.  Some cited sources used.  Writing lacks sentence variety.  Significant deficiencies in wording,  spelling, grammar, or presentation.  Technical wording inaccurate.  Sources poorly cited    The structure of the report  demonstrates some form of organization  related to the relevant theme. Not all  components are logically presented, but  some theme is evident throughout.   Style of presentation is professional.  Report is unfocused and poorly  structured with the main theme  and details presented in a  disorganized and unrelated  manner.   Style of presentation is  unattractive.  Score     Areas for improvement:       


Viv Ainslie CV Jan 2018 76%

VIVIENNE AINSLIE CONTACT PROFILE A highly motivated individual with many years experience in various office roles.  Excellent English, grammar and punctuation skills.


A Short Course on Some Grammar Basics 74%

A Short Course on Some Grammar and Punctuation Basics Put simply, in order to write clearly and effectively, you have to know what the heck you are doing with punctuation and the building blocks of the sentence.


AAR 69%


2015-2016 Report Cards 69%

241 PERFORMANCE LEVEL RATINGS 4 = Exceeds Standards - Independently and consistently exceeds marking period benchmark 3 = Achieves Standards - Meets marking period benchmark 2 = Approaching Standards - Demonstrates progress toward meeting marking period benchmark 1 = Needs Support Demonstrates limited progress toward meeting period benchmark + = Student achievement is currently in upper range of indicated performance range LANGUAGE ARTS LITERACY FOUNDATIONAL SKILLS MP MP 1 2 BEHAVIOR INDICATOR KEY E = Excellent S = Satisfactory I = Improving N = Needs Improvement U = Unsatisfactory MATHEMATICAL DEVELOPMENT COUNTING and CARDINALITY Recognizes and names uppercase letters of the alphabet Knows number names Recognizes and names lowercase letters of the alphabet Identifies letter sounds Knows count sequence to 100 Counts to tell the number of objects in a group Recognizes rhyming words Understands ordinal numbers 1st-10th Produces rhyming words Reads high frequency words Applies phonics and word analysis skills in decoding words Uses multiple strategies to read text (pictures, context, phonics, word knowledge) READING LITERATURE and INFORMATIONAL TEXTS Demonstrates comprehension of a text read aloud Asks and answers questions about key details in text Retells a text, with prompting and support Makes connections to text, with prompting and support WRITING Uses a combination of drawing, dictating, and writing to compose opinion, informative and narrative texts Uses a combination of drawing, dictating, and writing in response to reading Forms letters Spaces letters and words correctly Creates and presents personal response to a patricular author or theme LANGUAGE Uses developmental spelling or phonic-based knowledge to spell Recognizes and names end punctuation Applies conventions of capitalization SPEAKING and LISTENING Expresses and shares ideas clearly Participates in group discussions actively and appropriately ELA COMMENTS MP1:


WiFs No 1 68%

And it is cold for the time of year.” I looked at it and remembered a young lady who wrote a book on punctuation in which she had done a survey, asking people in the street if they punctuated texts properly.


Word.NotebooksContentCopyStyleGuide 68%

Use the following brand personas to guide the creation of copy and the technical guidelines to inform word and punctuation choice.


karney 65%

His code is not case-sensitive, does not contain punctuation and will not function properly if the character ’z’ is used.


WHO style guide-2 62%

Punctuation Formatting Full point (.) Comma (,) Semicolon (;) Colon (:) Brackets ( [ ], ( ), { } ) Dashes Quotation marks (“ ”) Forward slash (/) 31 31 31 31 32 32 32 33 35 35


grade 1.2.3 (15 files merged) 62%

Punctuation Unit 6 : Joining Sentences (page 14-15) Unit 7 :


April2015Resume 62%

Green Tea BIOGRAPHY Hello there, I’m a lover of Scrabble, antiquing, memoirs, vegan fare, and punctuation.


FourByEightBrick15 62%

__________ Address:________________________________________________________________ (street or PO box) (city) (state and zip code) Bricks can be engraved with up to 14 characters (including spaces and punctuation) per line, up to 3 lines per brick.


EightByEightBrick15 62%

__________ Address:________________________________________________________________ (street or PO box) (city) (state and zip code) Bricks can be engraved with up to 14 characters (including spaces and punctuation) per line, up to 6 lines per brick.


Interrobang 62%

For example, as I write more and more in this same font with regular paragraphs and semi-correct punctuation and grammar, you start to see a familiar pattern.


QuestionstoAskYourself 62%

Questions to Ask Yourself  1.